Isekai Wisdom Chapter 11 The Young Lady’s Arrival



「 Well then, let’s introduce you to my daughter. We can’t do anything if we stay here 」

「 Indeed 」

「 Come 」

Nee-san and I follow the Feudal Lord.

Then, we entered the mansion.

For the next few years at least, we must protect the Lord’s daughter as her bodyguard and look up at her just like the Lord.

And so, we need to meet up today.

Aside from our Master’s personality, if our first contact makes a bad impression, it’ll be the worst next few years.

So, I’m going to overcome this safely no matter what.

「 My daughter is now busy preparing to enter the Royal School. You’re going with her so once you’ve made your greetings, help her get ready and get yourselves ready as well 」

「 「 I understand 」 」

And so, we went inside the mansion, up the stairs, and back down again.

This mansion’s huge you know?!

Just moving around is already a pain.

「 Okay, we’ve arrived in my Daughter’s room 」

The Feudal Lord says while wheezing!

Even you run out of steam when moving around your mansion.

「 Starf, your father is here. Can I come in? 」

『 Father? Come in 』

I hear a cute voice beyond the door.

Given permission, we opened the door.

「 Welcome to my tea party, Father 」

She speaks elegantly. She’s quite a young lady, a gorgeous woman.

Her shining blonde hair ringlets coil nicely and the shirt she’s wearing is shiningly white.

She’s not wearing a dress at home, but still, the ribbons and frills were discreetly placed around the edges of her clothes to show her lady-like appearance.

「 Cute! 」

Nee-san got charmed in an instant.

As expected, a village girl’s financial resources won’t allow her to afford such cute and beautiful clothes.

What was the young lady doing in her room? Sitting at the center, elegantly enjoying a cup of tea.

However, around her are several maids running around busily.

「 What’s with all the space? 」

The Lord is still.

「 I’m preparing to move to a new house to attend the Royal School. Most of the things are prepared in the house, but some of them I find troublesome when changed so I had to bring more with me 」

「 That’s… 」

「 The truth is I’d like to sort it out myself, but I’m told that I was so slow that I won’t get it done before our departure so I’m standing here. They told me not to move because it would mess the work 」

She’s giving me the typical young lady episode encounter.

This is quite the young lady. Someone who can’t do anything that is.

「 It’s the maid’s job to keep things in order. The master must not interfere as it’ll take away their work 」

The feudal lord says.

「 It’s most desirable to be the chief, to be at the top, to be in charge. You have to go to the capital to learn the ways of the nobles 」

「 Yes, Father 」

She listens to her father.

Although we’ve only met for a short time, it seems that this young lady’s good upbringing was manifesting itself in her calm personality.

She wasn’t the typical spoiled and selfish young lady. It’s lucky for us that she didn’t grow up with that kind of system.

「 So, Father, what’s your business with us while we’re busy moving? Everything is busy as you can see 」

The maids that are.

「 Didn’t I tell you before? That I had bodyguards prepared for your stay in the royal capital. They’ve come to meet you today 」

「 You were serious about that? 」


This young lady is making a fed-up look.

「 I’m happy that you’re concerned for my safety but I’ll feel suffocated if I have guards at all times. You’re bringing a muscle man as a bodyguard anyway 」

「 That was your worry? Then you don’t have to, because I have selected the best to ensure your safety and comfort at the same time. You two, greet her 」

The Lord urged us so my sister and I kneeled.

Mother taught us how to be polite in advance.

「 The son of Mashet of Elmira Village, Sao 」

「 Likewise, the daughter, Calibyer 」

Nee-san bit her tongue.

The village we’re raised in was called Elmira village.

It’s refreshing because I didn’t have to memorize that when I was in the village.

「 My, my, my my my! 」

Why did her reaction change?

It seemed like her tension rose up.

「 What a cool man and a cute friend!! These people are going to accompany me? Are you serious, Father? 」

「 Indeed. I’m happy that Starf is pleased 」

Are you sure about this, Feudal Lord?

Well, I guess we should be happy that his reluctance has changed to favoritism.

「 I’m Zerisaf Ogobaga’s Daughter, Starf do Elminal Zerisaf. It would be fun to have such wonderful people like you with me. You seem to be in close age so I’m sure we’ll get along 」

「 I wonder about that 」

We’re of the same age, but it’s still commoner and noble.

I don’t know how many topics we can share because of the difference in the world we live in.

「 I’m glad that Starf liked you. Now you’re all going to the royal capital together 」

「 Huh? Could it be that we weren’t about to go to the royal capital? 」

「 Well, if my daughter didn’t like it at all 」

This bastard

He intends to break his plans depending on his daughter’s mood. I guess nobles just play around with commoners

「 I married late. Starf is the only one who managed to come before I couldn’t make any more, so the future of our family depends on her alone. She’s so precious to my family and me as well 」

「 Haa 」

A child born when you’re that old is almost a hybrid of a child and grandchild, so you’d definitely cherish them.

「 So, I’m telling you this Sao 」

「 What? 」

「 Don’t misunderstand just because Starf called you a lovely gentleman. Men are always misled by the kind words of beauty. You’re getting confident, aren’t you? 」

He says while gripping my shoulder.

「 That girl is kind to anyone. She’s a good girl. Don’t think that you’re the special one, okay? Besides, commoners and nobles are forbidden to have romance, you hear? 」

「 I understand! My heart won’t say no matter what she says! 」

「 How dare you not get happy with Starf’s praise! 」

Now this father’s attacking me unreasonably

What do I do then?

「 Now that the greetings are out of the way, let’s help her move. I’m used to manual labor. 」

Nee-san started rolling up her sleeves.

You can’t imagine that she didn’t have that personality in childhood.

「 You don’t have to. Caliber-san, was it? Why don’t you sit here and have tea with me? 」

The young lady urged her.

「 However, we’re just servants of my lady 」

「 Sorting them out is the maid’s job. You mustn’t violate their authority. On the contrary, your role is to protect me, right? Then you must not leave my side, even for a moment 」

「 We’re already starting our jobs? 」

「 We need to have a conversation to get along first. We need mutual understanding as we’ll be together in our lives. Maids, please bring her a teacup 」

The maids got more jobs now

Then, maybe I should also sit down and talk to her since I’m a bodyguard too, right?

Like, my great history with women.

「 Why don’t you help them load the luggage to the wagon? 」

「 You’re already putting me to work, aren’t you? 」

「 The maids are in trouble since they have no male helper. Be in charge of the physical labor 」

You don’t want a man to get close to your beloved daughter, even if it’s her bodyguard. You old man.

Well, I’m going to help out with the luggage even if he doesn’t ask me to.

If you help out the maids, they’ll let me touch their ass sometimes.

「 Then, go over there and carry the wooden crate pile there 」

「 Four stacks?! 」

Can’t help it then.

I’ll just unload this downstairs and load it to the wagon waiting outside.

Hyoihyoihyoi. Oh?

I mistook the maid for luggage and carried her in my arms (princess carry)

No wonder I was thinking it’s so light.

While I was carrying the luggage, my sister and the young lady seem to be getting to know each other well.

Well, I already thought that good communication with your escort target would make it advantageous to your actions later on.

So, Nee-san’s good.

I finished the preparations quickly, but still, it took several days, and the day of departure has arrived.

「 Well then, Father. Starf will be heading to the royal capital 」

「 Umu, I’m looking forward to seeing you again when you’ve grown into a fine lady. Listen to your teachers and strive in your studies 」

「 Yes 」

「 Don’t forget to send me letters. If you find anything lacking, then I’ll send it right away. Some places in the capital aren’t safe so don’t approach them carelessly. If you’re in danger, then rely on Caliber and Sao right away. That’s their job. Also, follow your daily rhythm and go to bed early. Lack of sleep can damage your skin. Also, don’t leave any food on your plates, regardless of whether you like or hate it. 」

「 We’re going now 」

The young lady cut off the Lord from speaking as who knows when he’ll stop and she got inside the carriage.

As expected of a young lady, she doesn’t have just one carriage but several filled with attendants and luggage.

Furthermore, there are some more cavalrymen to escort them.

Journeys of a nobleman are quite the grand one.

「 Which carriage should I ride? 」

「 Sao-san and Caliber-san will ride with me 」

The young lady called me, I turned around seeing her already on board, inviting me from the window.

Nee-san’s also in it.

「 No way, in Ojou-sama’s carriage? With all due respect… 」

「 He’s my bodyguard, so he has to be next to me or he can’t keep me safe. The convoy itself will be kept safe by the cavalrymen accompanying us, so you should focus on my safety 」

I guess it can’t be helped then.

Nee-san’s already inside, so if I force to get in another carriage, that’ll reduce Ojou-sama’s defenses, and that’s putting the cart before the horse. So I’ll just do as she says.

「 Excuse me. Woah, this is spacious 」

As expected of a feudal lord’s daughter’s carriage.

The interior is spacious.

I thought that the carriage would have the capacity of a box seat on a train but this looks like a limousine.

A horse-drawn limousine?

「 We still have space even if it’s just the three of us. Sao-san, sit over there 」

「 O-Okay? 」

Even so, the basic structure is cross seat style so I’m sitting on one, and in front of me are my sister and Starf-ojousama is on the other, next to each other.

The sound of the coachman whip and the vibration of the carriage rattling forward.

We’re finally moving.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to our birthplace for good.

「 I will study in the capital so I can follow Father’s footsteps and become a great lord 」

The young lady talks about her aspirations.

「 It’s not just about what’s written in the books, but also hearing from the eminent professors living in the royal capital, and deepening the knowledge through the company of friends who came together for the same purpose. Sao-san and Caliber-san, I hope you help me achieve it. Alright? 」

「 As you will 」

She’s got a good responsibility as a nobleman. What a good girl.

I was cautious that it could be the pattern where the nobleman is selfish, but this one is definitely good.

「 Well then, I’d like to ask Sao-san and Caliber-san to teach me something right away 」

「 Us? 」

I don’t think a commoner can teach anything to a feudal lord’s guidance.

I wonder what kind of knowledge she wants from us.

「 Both of you are siblings, and yet you have sexual relations, right 」

「 Guhoo! 」

That kind of knowledge?

Speaking of which, she was chatting with Nee-san until we left.

Could it be that she told her that?

「 I got too excited that I… 」

Nee-san can’t keep a secret!

Are we sure about this? ! Are you sure you’re not going to leak security information?

「 I heard that Sao-san wasn’t just having a relationship with her sister, but also an unspecified amount of women. I’d like to know what’s your trick 」

The young lady said.

「 Could you teach me about sex? 」