Isekai Wisdom Chapter 19 Five of Us



「 Together with Bloom-san? No, never! 」

Starf-ojousama hides behind me as she says that.

She’s gotten afraid of Bloom now

「 Calm down. We’re just looking for companions to join us in the dungeon. Don’t you think it’s a lovely coincidence? 」

「 Didn’t you just apply for a dungeon internship after hearing our conversation here? 」

「 There’s three of you, there’s two of us, and that’s five. Doesn’t that fit the requirements to go to the dungeon? It’s almost like fate! 」

To think that there’s someone who says that “it’s fate” so casually.



「 You mentioned that there are three of us, which is true, but you seem to be lacking 」

「 Mohr’s with me, see? Did you forget about my follower? 」

No, I remember, but…

It’s got to be Clay Mohr, who follows Bloom, the noble.

「 But, Mohr-san isn’t here, you’re just moving forward without asking her? 」

「 She’s my attendant. She can’t defy me. I decide, she acts. That’s all 」


Then, I should act like a follower in response.

「 Ojou-sama, what’s your response? 」

「 No! Never! No!!!!!! 」

With that said, that’s tough luck…

「 Wait! Wait! Are you sure about this?! 」

「 But didn’t you just say that followers can’t disobey their masters? 」

She said never twice. She must hate it.

「 But, you have no other way to get into the dungeon right now. If you don’t accept us, you’ll have to waste months waiting for the dungeons to open for the seniors 」

That’s a fair argument.

Gununu, Ojou-sama’s making a noise, sounding like she’s about to vomit blood in agony.

「 I understand, we’ll let Bloom-sama join 」

「 「 Ojou-samaaaaaaaa!! 」 」

I embrace Ojou-sama who made up her mind.

「 Sao-san and Caliber-san’s training is important. I don’t want to delay you with this selfish act of mine 」

「 Ojou-sama’s so kind~ 」

She loves her subordinates! I’ll serve her for the rest of my life.

「 I understand. Then, Sao-san, Caliber-san, Starf-san, Bloom-san, and the missing Mohr-san will form a party and start dungeon training. 」

Whip-sensei ended the conversation.

Are you not even praising Ojou-sama’s sacrifice?

「 But, there’s one problem 」

「 What is it? 」

「 Clay Mohr-san hasn’t completed her required course yet so I can’t grant her permission for free training 」

Hey, now.

She’s currently taking a test right now to determine her completion level, and if she passes that test, she’ll receive permission for free training, Either way, we won’t know the results until next week

「 That’s no problem. Mohr will pass, and we’ll go to dungeons 」

But she’s not even here.

I feel sorry that she’s dragged by Bloom’s unfounded confidence, but once again, we’re glad that we have Starf-ojousama as our master.

In the end, we had to wait, but if two months shortens to a week, then it’s much better.

Mohr successfully passed the test and got permission for free training.

However, she didn’t get the freedom to choose what to do in free training.

She’s just accompanying us to train in the dungeon.

「 You decided without me knowing? 」

「 Live strong 」

It’s less than a day’s travel from the royal capital, there’s a small village and a dungeon there.

It’s a small-scale dungeon.

The dungeon’s already explored long ago, the boss monsters have been defeated, and there’s nothing dangerous or appealing about it.

We used a carriage to go there, but since Bloom and Mohr-san are with us, so we can’t indulge in sex.

Nee-san and Ojou-sama are also getting their asses itchy from remembering how we used to fuck in the carriage on the way from our hometown to the royal capital, but they endured it.

As long as there are outsiders, the carriage is also a public space.

There’s a gap in the solidarity among the members.

A guy is waiting for us in the student training dungeon.

「 Welcome you chicks to the cauldron of hell! I’ve been hired by the capital to manage this dungeon and ensure the safety and guide the students who use it

「 Please take care of us 」

He must’ve heard from Whip-sensei

She told us to follow the person in charge.

「 I heard about you from Whip-san, she wants me to rub it in that there’s a bunch of cocky guys this year. However, it seems that we got a good crop this year 」

「 Good crop? 」

「 Yes, I must admit that it’s quite the talent to finish your course and challenge the dungeon this early in the year! Still, there’s at least one out of every 20 students who’s that talented every year! 」

Is that so?

Right, they welcome students every year. They should be able to see the pattern.

「 Even so, there aren’t many years when the best and the brightest get together enough to form a party! At best, you get one or two, but not enough to form a party, so they wait for their seniors to open the dungeon. We only get enough people to come like this once every five years 」

「 So you’re saying we should brag? 」

「 Yes, you better start your competitive spirit while you still can. That’s what the dungeon is for! 」

This dungeon uncle is showing a malicious smile.

「 Now matter how much of a genius you are, you’re still on the student level. If you go out in the world, you’re only leading in the pointless competition. And going through the dungeon lets you feel the intensity of this world 」

This dungeon, which is still very similar to a real dungeon, however, well equipped for practice, is practically a departure from the lessons offered in the past.

So this is the baptism in real combat for the students.

「 If you’re about to die, then I’m there to save you! So don’t worry, and get your ass kicked! You’ll experience your pride shattered in your first year. Then you can consider the fruits of your first training! 」

「 Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to get lumped with someone mediocre 」

Bloom ojou-sama bites back the insult of the old man.

「 We’ll conquer this dungeon on the first try and show you our skills and talent! Then you’ll admit that we’re not just one in ten, but one in a hundred geniuses 」

I speak to the dungeon caretaker.

「 You want to correct the youthful mistakes, don’t you? 」

「 Yeah 」

Then, we finally got into the dungeon.

「 Wow, it’s a dungeon! 」

Maze! Traps! Tentacles! Aphrodisiacs!

Female adventurers getting caught in the goblin’s next, getting gang-raped.

Then, once they got enough, they’ll make a human ranch and fuck them side by side.

Butt traps on the wall.

A room where you can’t leave until you have sex.

None of that here!

「 Quite the normal dungeon 」

Yeah, it’s a dungeon for students, so you don’t put too many sharp attributes on it.

We’ve encountered monsters in the interior but at best they’re a little more than small slimes, so they’re quite the weak bunch

These aren’t enemies approved for early course completion, that we just destroy them as soon as we encounter them.

「 Hmph, this won’t even count as a warm-up! Was he just bluffing when he mentioned that this is training for real combat? 」

The most energetic of the group would be Bloom-jousan, who instantly burns the slimes she sees with her magic, regardless of whether they’re coming or running away.

「 Bloom-sama’s vocation is a magician after all 」

Mohr-san explains.

「 Back at home, she’s a child prodigy who read all the common magic books by the time she’s ten. The lord is blessed with many children, but among them, Bloom-sama’s the most talented and adored. When I got assigned to become her bodyguard, they kept reminding me too much to keep her safe

「 I see 」

「 Despite that, I feel miserable, I lost to you as soon as we entered the school and I disgraced myself in front of Bloom-sama. I’ve had a hard time getting things going since then, and I’m the last one in the group to get approved for early completion.

「 But that’s amazing enough, right? 」

Completing the program early is a sign of honor because it means that you’ve accomplished something that normally takes a year to finish.

「 No. I can’t be worthy of being Bloom-sama’s follower until I beat you 」

「 Why me? 」

「 Why do you think Bloom-sama’s always trying to get in the way of your Master? She’s trying to get you 」

Huh? Why?

My talents and skills are for Starf-ojousama

Also, her tits, ass, and pussy, and the right to impregnate her belong to me.

「 She admired your fighting spirit that much. I couldn’t even move on to our match. It’s not just Bloom-sama, those who saw it would want you more than me 」

「 But, I’m Starf-ojousama’s bodyguard. 」

「 That’s my only saving grace. While Bloom-sama is still at a loss as she doesn’t know how to take someone else’s belongings, I’ll somehow get stronger and surpass you. I’ll get Bloom-sama to admit that I’m the most suited to be by her side! 」


Mohr-san’s got her objectives and she’s working on them.

A hard-working girl is beautiful.

That thought made me see Mohr-san as beautiful for the first time.

「 …… 」

「 Buchuuu?! 」

When I noticed, I’m already hugging and kissing Mohr-san.

Her lips were a little salty from sweat.

「 Ah, hmm, chupa, muhaa?! What? What are you doing?! 」

「 That was just cute, so I unconsciously did 」

「 Don’t kiss so suddenly just because you find someone cute!!! Aaah, my first kiss is this man?! 」

Isn’t that great?

Your first kiss is taken so passionately.

「 Bloom-sama hasn’t noticed, right? She’s in the front, destroying all the small fries 」

「 Then we can go for more, right? 」

Getting carried away, I tried to grab Mohr-san’s ass, but she guarded.

「 Stop joking! If you do it again, I’ll tell the teacher and get you expelled!! 」

「 Guee?! That’s a problem! 」

Those threats work just right.

Having gone to the trouble of recognizing Mohr-san as an attractive woman, I had no choice but to calm down my pervy heart.

「 Anyway, I’ll definitely surpass you! I’ll use this dungeon for training! Prepare yourself! 」

I realize that people have their own struggles.

By the way, I find that this party is a solid group.

Nee-san’s a knight, Mohr-san’s a swordswoman, Bloom’s a magician, Starf-ojousama’s a cleric with her healing magic.

Isn’t this a textbook balanced group?

「 Not really, the only downside we got is that we don’t have a thief or ranger 」

Hearing my monologue, Mohr-san points out.

「 A thief who can unlock things in the dungeon, and see through traps is indispensable for dungeon crawling. Well, you got the rod master or whatever nonsense it is, so if you can do that then it’s perfect, right? 」

Mohr-san shows a malicious smile. I replied;

「 I can 」

「 Huh? 」

Just in time, there was a door in front of us, and it was locked, so I started picking.

I unlocked it in 40 seconds.

「 How?! 」

「 Rod Master’s good at getting poles into holes 」

When it comes to copying thieves, I can also steal.

Your heart I mean.