Isekai Wisdom Chapter 20 Loyalty in the name of Love



Our dungeon training is going well.

Bloom’s as confident as she seems to be and her offensive magic is powerful.

Enemies encountered are usually killed in turn one with powerful magic.

Well, the only enemies in this dungeon are small slimes, but even so, the strength of the magic could wipe them out regardless of their numbers.

Furthermore, Bloom never ran out of breath while performing a series of big moves.

It’s evidence of her outstandingly high amount of basic magic power.

「 We don’t get a turn 」

「 She’s just all by herself 」

We’re just following from behind, nothing to do.

Well, we still had to deal with the slimes that popped up from behind our team.

「 Zee zee 」

Then, she’s running out of breath.

Mohr-san is.

「 You’re worn out, don’t stick out too much on your own 」

Just as Mohr-san declared earlier, she’s trying to inflict a series of hardships on herself that she blindly goes to fight, that’s why her breathing is rough.

Starf-ojousama can cast a recovery spell on her if she’s out of stamina, but she even refuses that, pushing herself too hard.

「 We’re in a party right now so if you’re going to go off on your own, you’re still giving us trouble, see? 」

「 Shut up! I’ll defeat my enemies alone. You won’t have any prey 」

Trying to monopolize experience?

That’s a violation of the antitrust law.

「 But, I feel like this kind of fighting style isn’t suited for a swordsman 」

Nee-san and I are both getting bored since we entered the dungeon.

「 Swordsman is a class that specializes in handling swords, it’s less versatile. The most effective time to show its true value is when it’s a one-on-one battle, but in other situations, the swordsman is characterized by its lackluster performance. This continued fight situation is likely to kill the swordsman the most 」

「 You seem to know a lot, Nee-san 」

「 I just read that recently 」

So it’s from a school book

「 So pitiful. Caliber-kun’s familiar with classes that are not her own, but Mohr-san, can’t even conduct herself in her own class 」

Bloom scolds her.

「 Do you really think you can be my bodyguard with that attitude? If you can’t, then I’ll send you back home right now. If you don’t like it, then show it 」

「 I’m sorry, Bloom-sama 」

I’m sure she’s being reckless because she’s trying to fulfill her duties.

Yet, Bloom’s attitude is just cruel from how I see it.

「 You okay Mohr-san, want me to fondle your tits? 」

「 Shut up! Why do you have to rub my breasts because I’m tired? 」

Now that you mention it.

「 Bloom-sama’s right. I have to remain competent to be her follower 」

「 Uhm, how about recovering first? 」

「 I don’t need it! I have to push myself to the limit to get to the next level! 」

Mohr-san pushes Starf-ojousama’s good intentions and kept going.

She tries to value her spirit, but everyone can see that it’s fruitless.

And it’s clearly due to the lack of consideration from the one giving her orders.

The big relationship problem lay before us.

「 And we were supposed to be studying dungeon crawling together here 」

I didn’t realize that having a problem with your companions would make it so much harder to achieve your goal.

「 Kuku, I’m a genius ain’t I? We’ve reached the deepest part of the dungeon, look 」

Huh, already?

It was too soon that I’m surprised.

I think we only went down about two or three floors at most, right?

「 Look at that monster waiting for us? 」

「 Huh, it’s not a slime? 」

「 It’s a Minotaur. It’s an orthodox boss monster in dungeons. If you beat him, that means that the dungeon is conquered 」

It’s got a head of an ox and a body of a giant.

Such an odd-looking thing awaits us at the dead end.

「 It’s a dead-end it seems. Is this really the goal? 」

「 Kukukuku!! I’ll take the honor of defeating him! I’ll get that dungeon manager’s tearful face after looking down on us 」

Bloom’s laugh isn’t cute.

You’re a woman.

And she’s too careless to run in immediately.

「 Please wait! Bloom-sama! Let’s do a formation first! 」

「 A novice like you will only slow me down! At least you can be there to watch me in my splendor! 」

Rejecting Mohr-san’s worries, Bloom jumped to the ground.

The boss monster could see all her flashy movements.

「 Victory goes to the first move! Firestorm!! 」

A flaming stream was released within a spell.

It’s been unleashed on dozens of slimes and burned every single one of them, but…

「 Wha?! 」

The minotaur just took the flames head-on and repelled without getting a single burn.

「 It’s quite different from slimes who are basic. The fire is strong enough to kill a slime in a single blow, but only enough to burn the hairs of the minotaur’s body! 」

It only did some beauty hair loss treatment on the boss.

「 Damn! Then, I’ll use higher-level magic! 」

As expected, Bloom still had more aces up her sleeve.

She took some distance and started chanting her spell.

「 Kuh! My mana’s not enough!? Was it because I kept using it on the way? 」

Bloom’s mana got drained from bullying the slimes.

Thanks to that, she took too much time for her daring moves…

「 Mu… Wah! Don’t come here!! 」

The enemy wasn’t so naive as to let such an opportunity go to waste

The giant ox head comes after her.

「 You coward! Attacking me before I’m ready 」

「 That’s the reality of combat 」

「 Sao-kun, don’t just watch, help her 」

I’m not interfering yet.

I don’t want to take away the show from the girl who ran into the fighting area first.

「 Don’t touch Bloom-sama! 」

「 Mohr?! 」

Clay Mohr, a swordswoman, leaps into the fray with a sword in hand, determined to save her Master’s life.

If a one-on-one duel is the domain of the swordsman, then now’s the time to show her true value against one minotaur.

In fact, she’s dodging the attacks of the large minotaur, maintaining precise counterattacks while giving herself space.

She’s tearing the limbs.

「 That’s a reliable, and effective attack 」

Instead of aiming for the vital points right away, she’s giving the opponent small wounds to get the blood flowing and reduce concentration through pain.

The idea is to slow it down and finish it off when available.

「 Don’t go there fighting with solid logic, it doesn’t suit your face 」

「 She’s probably exhausted from the fight so far. Ah, want some biscuits, Sao? 」

「 Sure 」

Nee-san and I are watching the fight while eating snacks.

Mohr-san’s showing off her skills so we’re not interfering, and in case she screws up, we can immediately come to her rescue.

But Mohr-san’s likely to win at this rate. That’s why we’re taking it easy.

If she continues to flourish and crush the boss, then that’s something to celebrate, but…

「 But Mohr, don’t get in my way! 」

「 Bloom-sama?! 」

That was clearly her fault.

She pushes Mohr-san aside who’s getting in a good pace and moved forward.

「 Thanks to Mohr’s intervention, I finally finished chanting my powerful magic! Now we’re burning him down all at once 」

But, Bloom’s taking it too lightly.

The boss is now much more brutal because Mohr-san attacks beating him.

The minotaur’s movements were much more aggressive than when he was calm, and so he closed his distance before the spell was cast.

「 Oh no, the spell won’t make it in time! 」

「 Bloom-sama, dodge! 」

Mohr-san, who intervened in time, received the attack in her stead.

That was the first hit from the minotaur.

However, that blew her off.

「 Guaaaa?! 」

「 Mohr?! 」

Bloom interrupted her spell to rush to her attendant.

From the enemy’s point of view, they’re such easy prey.

「 I guess we have to go now, Nee-san 」

「 Got you 」

Nee-san and I are participating in the fight.

First, Nee-san invokes her knight skill.

「 “Horseless Joust Charge” 」

She attacks by ramming, then I…

「 Club smack! 」

『 Bumo?! 』

It took two shots.

After carefully checking that the enemy’s silenced, I run to Mohr-san, who I’m most concerned about,

「 Mohr! Mohr! Get yourself together! Mohr! 」

Starf-ojousama’s already using her recovery magic to treat Mohr-san.

There’s someone noisy around her.

「 You idiot! Why did you protect me?! I’ve been giving you hard time and yet, why?! Starf-jou, can you save her? Right? Say it! 」

「 You’re too noisy! I can’t concentrate on my spell 」

「 Please, make sure to save her! I’ll do anything for that! She’s my precious subordinate! 」

「 Then try to get quiet first! Caliber-san! Caliber-san! 」

Ojou-sama calls Nee-san.

「 Yes, what is it? 」

「 Can you silence Bloom-sama? She’s too noisy 」

「 Okay! 」

Nee-san throws a punch at Bloom’s stomach.

「 Vital Throw 」

「 Gobuaa 」

She almost spat out her gastric juice and made a dirty scream, but Bloom passed out as intended.

「 Let her sleep there 」

「 Finally, quiet. Geez, if you value her that much, why don’t you take care of her in your normal life instead? 」


Mohr got hit by the minotaur’s blow, she’s unconscious as if she suffered a concussion.

Her body’s bleeding from various parts, but thanks to Ojou-sama’s recovery magic, many of her wounds are already healed.

「 Is it grave? 」

「 She can completely recover just from my magic. I guess that’s what to expect from a vanguard, she’s sturdy. She’ll wake up soon

That’s great.

Mohr-san sure worked hard today.

It’s beautiful to see her fight hard to regain her Master’s trust, and that’s why it’s beautiful to see her sleep after using it all up.


Truly beautiful

A woman who’s given her all, now lying unconscious. Quite vulnerable.

「 I guess I’ll take a look at her panties since she’s unconscious 」

「 What are you doing, Sao-san? 」

The dungeon for traying in the Royal school is still in the early season so there aren’t any people around. Nee-san just made Bloom, who isn’t a member of our group, unconscious with a single blow.

Only Starf-ojousama’s awake, a woman that’s my onahole for convenience, so she’ll ignore my perversions.

I smoothly went to Mohr-san’s lower body, took off her panty, and my rod goes through her tanned thighs.

「 So this is Mohr-san’s pussy. It’s true for Caliber-san, but I find pussy of other women quite erotic ♥♥ 」

「 Ojou-sama, concentrate on your magic 」

「 I can’t 」

I hold Mohr-san’s legs and spread them wide.

Handling an unconscious woman like this is like moving a mannequin and my exposed erect penis is already between her legs.

I pushed in my hips and then…


「 Ah, it went in. Your dick went inside the unconscious Mohr-san’s pussy. Amazing 」

「 You’re using an unconscious woman’s body without permission, what a devilish thing to do. My pussy’s getting wet too♥♥ 」

Starf-ojousama, please don’t stop your recovery magic.

But, still, Mohr-san’s pussy feels nice.

Let’s use it right away.