Isekai Wisdom Chapter 21 Fucking a sleeping swordswoman without permission.




「 Uooooooh!! Mohr-san’s insides are tight! She’s unconscious yet she’s clamping! 」

What’s this? Conditioned reflex? Physiological response? Or is Mohr-san just a pervert that’s why she’s clamping my dick?

Mohr-san’s body is muscular because of her combat vocation.

Her thighs are supple, like a wild goat. Her lean, well-trained female body is now being used as a sex toy!

「 Hmm, hmmm?! Muuu ♥♥ 」

Mohr-san’s so cute, despite sleeping, she’s responding to the sexual pleasure with moans.

It’s getting me harder and I can’t hold back anymore.


「 Uooooooooooohhh!! 」

「 You can’t do that Sao-san ♥♥ you need to thrust your dick more quietly or Mohr-san will wake up, then she’ll catch you doing crime 」

Starf-ojousama’s scolding me, but her voice sounds erotic too.

「 If you’re showing me such brutal acts like that, of course, I will get in the mood too ♥♥ I want your dick too ♥♥ At least, I want to masturbate, but my hands are still doing recovery magic. This is cruel! 」

Instead of the girl in front of her getting fucked while asleep, she calls not being able to masturbate to it the cruel part.

Starf-ojousama’s developed to quite the pervert.

But now, my penis is inside Mohr-san so I need to focus on enjoying this sensation.

「 Hmm ♥♥ Hmmmmmmmm♥♥ Hmmm♥♥ 」

Mohr-san’s breath is matching with the beats of my piston.

Or maybe, it’s a sexually induced gasp?

「 Either way, Mohr-san’s sexy! Cumming! I’m pouring in my semen! 」

「 Ah, you have to cum outside Sao-san! If her pussy’s covered with semen Mohr-san will realize what you did while she’s sleeping! 」

Starf-ojousama’s advice is logical, but I’m having sex.

I’m going to cum inside if given the choice.

「 Sex is about cumming inside! You pour the semen into her body and mark her as my woman 」

「 If that’s the case, I already belong to Sao-san, so be satisfied with that! Anyway, you can’t cum inside Mohr-san! Nooo 」

Starf-ojouama’s screaming rejection on behalf of the unconscious person.

I took that as stimulation.


「 Ah, I came inside. It’s pouring 」

「 Now that’s evidence of crime 」

I pulled out and semen flooded out of Mohr-san’s hole.

It looks like a cream stew had been spilled on the carpet and you can’t do anything about it now.

「 Now it’s impossible to hide the fact that you ejaculated on her 」

「 You can tell she got raped in her sleep 」

But it felt amazing.

Seriously amazing.

「 When Mohr-san regains consciousness, she’ll definitely realize that she was assaulted. Then, Sao-san’s the only one who could do that crime in that situation. Sao-san will go to jail, and then you can’t have sex with me every day anymore 」

「 No, Ojou-sama, at least, I don’t think she’ll notice when she wakes up 」

「 No, that can’t be! She’ll definitely notice! 」

「 She’ll notice when she’s awake, so it means that she needs to be asleep while it’s happening 」

「 ? 」

「 Mohr-san, you’re pretending to be asleep, don’t you? 」

Mohr-san’s eyes, which had been stubbornly closed, opened when I pointed it out.

Her eyes show displeasure.

「 Is Bloom-sama safe? 」

That’s the first thing she says after regaining consciousness.

Mohr-san’s such an example bodyguard, even though her lower half is naked, a dick went into her hole, and liquid that could get her pregnant is poured into her vagina, she still worries about her master’s safety first.

「 She’s safe. She was distraught that Mohr-san’s injured so she had to be away for now. She’s a hindrance in treatment 」

「 Bloom-sama did? 」

I’ll keep quiet about knocking out her master with a blow to her head coz it might just get things complicated.

「 If Bloom-sama’s safe, then I don’t care about anything else. We’re in a favorable situation 」

「 Huh, even in this situation? 」

Even when her lower hole is dripping with semen.

「 For now, thank you Starf-ojousama for the recovery magic. 」 That’s enough. My wounds are healed. If you continue to use recovery magic, it’ll just make things worse 」

「 O-Okay 」

She’s calm and considerate for Starf-ojousama

「 Also, can you explain what were you doing with my crotch? 」

「 Well, ahahaha 」

「 I started to feel a tearing sensation in my body while I was yet conscious. I thought that it might be because of the wounds the minotaur gave me, but I don’t remember getting hit that low in my body. Furthermore, it kept coming inside my crotch 」

「 Like this? 」

「 Ah 」

I inserted the penis I just pulled out of her vagina.

Mohr-san’s insides.

「 Hey you! Why are you putting it in again? Dammit! So this is how it feels to have a dick inside. It feels great 」

Nicha, nicha, nicha, nicha

The sound of her flesh becoming viscous due to the semen I poured into it.

The liquid poured inside her gets stirred in further.

The movement is rubbing the semen.

This is even more exciting because it’s forbidden.

「 Why are you raping me? If you ask me, that young lady’s much cuter, right? 」

「 I already am having sex with them every night 」

「 I don’t care! 」

「 Besides, seeing Mohr-san fight so hard for bloom is so beautiful that I want to have sex with you 」

「 But still, why are you putting your dick inside an unconscious woman! You’re acting on instincts! 」

Guchu, guchu, guchu, guchu.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the sensation of the vagina I defiled.

I thrust into her vagina now filled with my semen and stir it up.

That’s the fun of going for another round.

「 Aah, who cares, do whatever you want 」

「 You sure? 」

The tone was a bit reckless, but those still came out of Mohr-san’s mouth, and that was a clear declaration of consent for sexual relationships between us.

Well, even without her approval, I already am banging her.

「 You were the one who killed the monster after I got hit, right? If not, I already fainted, and I can’t protect Bloom-sama, and the two of us would’ve died. I owe you my life so think of this as my gratitude 」

「 You value your chastity so low 」

「 If I die I can’t get married nor give birth, so my life has much more value 」

Once again, I’m reminded about how open people in sexual stuff in this other world I reincarnated to.

「 Then, let’s have a mutually consented sex. I’m the one who saved Mohr-san’s life, so I’ll have sex with you every day until you get pregnant, okay? 」

「 Who says?! Aah ♥♥ Dammit! Sex feels great. You’re too good 」

「 Maybe Mohr-san’s just lewd 」

「 Shut it 」

Once again, Mohr-san’s body is trained as a swordswoman, which makes her muscular.

She’s well-toned, her arms and legs are long, slender, and supple.

Then, her skin is dark and brown, probably due to doing exercise outside, and her body is wild and deep.

If fucking Starf-ojousama’s a full course meal prepared by a chef, sex with Mohr-san is like eating a wild game.

The muscles around her vagina are also much thicker and the clamp is much stronger.

「 I can’t believe the man I lost to is having his way with my body. Ah ♥♥ You just hit something amazing! My body is shivering. 」

「 I’ll show you how to feel more pleasure 」

There’s another woman next to Mohr-san who I’m fucking as I please.

It’s Starf-ojousama, who’s present in this affair.

「 It’s sex after all. It’s your loss if you don’t feel as much pleasure as you can. The secret to feeling pleasure is to say that you’re feeling it when you do 」

「 Feel good? 」

「 Yes, say it, my pussy feels good 」

The young lady blurts out dirty talk like it’s natural.

「 My pussy feels good ♥♥ The thrusts feel good! ♥♥ I’m feeling good from being treated like a toy ♥♥ 」

「 Where? 」

「 My pussy ♥♥ my indecent pussy ♥♥ 」

「 Sao-san’s dick making thrusts inside you feels good right? It can’t be helped, women can’t win against dicks ♥♥ You’ll surrender to a disgraceful manner and become a prisoner of pleasure, becoming a meat toilet for a man to pee on 」

「 My pussy ♥♥ Your dick is shoving inside ♥♥ 」

Ojou-sama’s sex education immediately degrades the swordswoman Mohr to a lewd mistress.

It’s like being pressed down in the same exact vein of training my sister did to her.

「 Ohoo ♥♥ Ohoooooooo♥♥ Nooo♥♥ Noooohoooooooooooooo♥♥ 」

「 What a wild moan! I envy those who boast physical strength to make such a voice ♥♥ Caliber-san also makes that kind of voice on her fifth climax ♥♥ 」

「 ohoooooooooo♥♥ 」

「 Now, say that your pussy feels good 」

「 My pussy feels good ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 」

Mohr-san climaxes as her tensed ass trembles.

The pressure is almost biting my dick off. As expected of muscle pride. The pressure of my ejaculation rises as she squeezes it.

Byuru, dorururururu!!

Once again, the liquid of conquest is released into her vagina.

Once I pour my semen, the woman becomes mine. That’s the satisfaction I get.

「 Ogohooo♥♥ Ogohoooooooooooo♥♥ 」

Mohr-san’s wild moans echoes throughout the dungeon.

It seems to be a declaration of approval that she’s succumbed to sex and became mine.

「 I’ll make it clear 」

Mohr-san says while adjusting her clothes after the deed is done.

We’re still in a dungeon. It’s not a place where we can just indulge in sex.

「 That was just me thank you, I don’t intend to have that kind of relationship with you. I’m going to become the strongest for Bloom-sama. I will surpass you. Don’t forget it 」

「 Sure 」

「 Don’t touch my butt while replying! Mchu?! Don’t kiss me either! 」

Anyway, once I already did it with her, she’s mine.

The best part of this dungeon-crawling was definitely getting physical with Mohr-san.

「 Mohr! 」

Then, I see a figure running to us from the other side.

「 Bloom-sama! 」

「 Mohr, are you okay?! Does it hurt anywhere? 」

We separated with Bloom temporarily because she’s annoying, but it’s still annoying when she rejoined.

「 I’m not hurt. Starf-sama has healed me. Bloom-sama, I’m sorry. I’ve shown another disappointment 」

「 No, I was wrong. I was caught in my pride that I forced you to do the impossible. Because of that, I couldn’t show my ability, and things almost became irreversible 」

Bloom’s reflecting on herself.

「 If Mohr’s lost because of me, I won’t be able to forgive myself. That’s why it’s my fault, don’t leave me anymore 」

「 I will serve Bloom-sama for as long as you wish 」

At any rate, I’m glad that they reconciled.

This is another result of today’s training.

The unity of the party is essential to conquering the dungeon.

「 Then, why don’t we head to the exit? 」

Once the boss monster is defeated and the dungeon is conquered, there’s no point in diving any further.

I get the impression that we’ll stay long after the battle for some treatment and sex, but that’s why we should go back to the ground now.

「 If we come out too late, the old man managing the place might think something went wrong and send in a rescue team. Let’s avoid that 」

『 Bumo 』

「 That’s right, dungeon exploring isn’t done until you reach above the ground. 」

And so, we regrouped and climbed back up to the ground.

It’s an exceptionally fruitful exercise for the first day.

『 Bumo 』

『 Hmm? 』

Did someone say something?