Isekai Wisdom Chapter 22 Passing the practical Training



「 Huh? You conquered the dungeon?! No way! 」

We returned from the dungeon.

That was the first thing the dungeon caretaker told us.

「 But we haven’t reported it yet, right? 」

『 Bumo 』

I was just about to report that now but I wondered how they will believe me.

Does the Royal Dungeon have some kind of far-sight magic to spy inside?

If so, that would be troublesome because I had sex there.

「 I mean, You came back with Minosunkerus That’s the proof that you passed the training, see? 」

「 What? 」

Minosun, Shu, what?

Huh? What?

「 Look right next to you 」

「 Next? 」

『 Bumo 』


What the hell is that?!

「 Minotaur?! Isn’t that a minotaur?! 」

Isn’t that the boss monster we defeated at the deepest part of the dungeon? Wasn’t he supposed to be dead?

Why is he alive? And why did he come with us back from the dungeon?

I didn’t even notice him at all.

「 He’s not a Minotaur, He’s a Minosonkerus 」

「 Shu? 」

「 Su! 」

What the hell.

「 Think about it. This is the training dungeon for students. It would be too dangerous to put on a real boss monster on a beginner course like that 」

Huh, really?

「 If that was the case, then the dungeon itself would’ve been conquered long ago, and the real boss monster would’ve been defeated. And so, to use this place as a training dungeon, we placed a beast that would act as the pseudo-boss, and that’s Minosonkerus.

『 Bumo 』

The cow-headed monster agreed.

I feel like he’s showing an intelligent look.

There’s a teacher at the Royal School of Chemistry specializing in magic chemistry. They don’t teach anything, they’re just absorbed in research. 」

「 Why are they not firing that guy? 」

「 This synthetic monster, named Minosonkerus is made by him. It uses the minotaur as the base body, and it has five times the skill. It’s more intelligent, and can listen to human instructions, decide and act by itself based on their best behavior 』

『 Bumoo 』

Now he’s embarrassed from the praise?

「 This guy is the real manager of the training dungeon. He’s playing the role of the boss monster, guaranteeing the safety first while snapping the haughty noses of the new students. If something unforeseen happens, this guys can turn from the enemy boss to rescue team. He takes the students out of the dungeon 」

『 Bumo 』

「 If the students decide they can’t do it and withdraw from the dungeon, then they’ll come out alone. On the other hand, if they were reckless and got wiped out, running out of strength, then Minosunkerus will take them out of the dungeon. But, you guys are different 」

We’re walking out, not carried.

Then the Minosunkerus is with us.

「 That’s the proof that you beat Minosunkerus, and cleared the training dungeon. It’s not every day you see someone win on their first try, and to think that you’re all first-year students!

『 Bumo 』

Minosunkerus is walking off, saying “Good Job”

Ahead is a barn.

「 Thanks for the hard work, and thank you for your guidance! 」

「 As mentioned earlier, Minosunkerus is special because he’s a synthesized magic beast that’s five times stronger than a normal minotaur. So he’s stronger than other boss monsters. Half-assed students can’t win 」

「 So we’d rather have the students be defeated all the time and be taught the horrors of the dungeons? 」

「 Yes, if you beat it on the first try, the school’s policy will shatter. You guys are just one in a hundred, no, maybe one in a thousand 」

Don’t flatter me too much

「 I’ll put it on the report on what happened today. If you conquer the training dungeon, you’ll get a provisional license to explore dungeons you know 」

「 Provisional license? What’s that? 」

「 It’s permission to explore the other more common type of dungeons. If you clear the training dungeon, then dive there again, then it’ll just stump your growth. Go to dungeons around the country where professional adventurers are amid their exploration to gain more real-world experience 」

Wow, that looks fun.

It would be boring to stay in the training dungeon all the time.

When you open treasure chests, all you find are herbs.

I’d love to go to an actual dungeon filled with active adventurers to get some satisfactory loot.

「 Even if they grant us permission, I can’t accept it. I’m not qualified for it 」

Bloom mutters to dampen the mood.

「 Bloom? What’s wrong? 」

「 This time, I was just a student at the school’s mercy. I realized that. I got arrogant, and mistakenly thought that I’m a genius, got reckless, and failed. Still, I passed this one because Sao-kun and the group were with me 」

Well, they did get crushed by the boss.

Give the provisional license only for Sao-kun. I’ll decline it. I need to train myself from scratch again 」

「 Can’t do that, the provisional license is given to the party, not the individual 」

The dungeon manager said.

「 If you’re already in that mental attitude, then you got the best result. Many adventurers enter a real dungeon while at the height of their pride and learned their lesson at a cost. It could be some money, a piece of their body, or the life of their friend 」

Bloom swallowed her saliva.

In fact, she is almost one of those mentioned in this dungeon exploration.

If that wasn’t training.

「 The lessons you learned will be a great asset for you in the future. If you have something to gain, then don’t be afraid to move forward. You may feel uneasy, but you’re not an adventurer if you forget to take risks 」

We’re no adventurers.

We’re noble and servants.

「 Let’s take what we can, Bloom-san. Your offensive magic is invaluable. It would be troublesome if you’re missing from the party 」

Starf-ojousama said.

She’s conquered her Bloom-phobia already?

「 Bloom’s magic wiped all the smaller enemies, and that’s how we’re able to save our strength for the fight on the last part 」

「 I think that we’re the perfect party 」

To vanguards, one magic attacker, and one healer.

Then one unknown.

Let’s conquer the dungeons like this

「 Thank you. Thank you 」

Mohr held and supported Bloom’s shoulder as she wept full of emotion.

「 Youth is so nice 」

『 Bumoo 』

The dungeon manager and the Minosonkerus watched from the side and cried.

I thought you returned to the cow barn already.

It’s been a few days since we cleared the training dungeon.

The temporary license to explore dungeons, which I was told I would receive during that time, had not yet been granted.

It’s said that it was a big problem at the staff meeting, because we’re the first to try the training dungeon, and it was unusual for us to have cleared it during our first year of free training as first-year students.

It doesn’t matter which world it is, bureaucratic work will always be slow.

We can’t afford to waste time so I went and fucked Mohr-san.

「 Muju, juu! Jururururu!!? 」

「 Yes, that’s the spot. Now, be sure to not bite it. 」

Empty classrooms are a common feature in schools.

Even the fantasy-type Royal school has that too, so brought Mohr-san and had sex in the public space without being seen.

「 Juja, jububububu?! 」

Recently, I’ve been teaching Mohr-san how to fellate.

Fellatio is just a ceremony in sex, but it burns as a sign of a woman’s willingness to accept sex with a man.

「 It just came inside my sister’s pussy this morning, and I came straight to you without washing it, delicious, right? 」

「 Puha?! What are you making me lick?! I mean, I told you that it was just one time! 」

Mohr-san’s at fault tool, you just let me fuck you without a second thought if pushed.

「 Mohr-san’s licking it clean so what’s the problem? Now my dick’s smeared wet, let’s put it inside. Turn your ass towards me 」

「 Dammit! 」

「 Mohr-san’s ass is nicely tanned, do you run around without wearing panties? 」

「 As if! I’m born with this color! 」

「 My bad, still, this looks like a nice plump ass. Bite~ 」

「 Don’t bite it! I’ll kill you if you leave teeth marks there! 」

Okay sure.

Then, since her panties are pulled down and her ass is facing this way, let’s go for Doggystyle

Copulating like animals.

But before that.

「 Beg for it Mohr-san 」

「 Kuh?! 」

It’s much more exciting when the woman begs before sex.

「 Ah. Put your huge dick inside my pussy. You made me realize how good sex feels. I won’t forgive you unless you take responsibility for making me feel like a slut 」

「 Say it a bit more lewdly 」

「 Bastard! I’m telling you to put your dick inside me! Inside this drenched pussy! Pour in all your semen! Thrust it deep inside my hole, and make me cum!!! 」

That’s a passing score.

Just as she wished, I shoved my rod into her lewdly ripe pussy.


「 Ooooooh ♥♥ There it is ♥♥ Sex seriously feels good! Dammit! ♥♥ 」


Mohr-san’s ass is devoid of fat, and it’s a pure thick muscle, making clapping sounds as I slap them.

「 Copulating feels good, doesn’t it? 」

「 Don’t say it like that ♥♥ It sounds even rawer!! 」


But, the woman’s facing the other way, while the man is putting it in, looking down at her ass. That’s definitely how animals copulate.

It excites me to feel that humans are just animals ruled by their sexual urges.

「 Still, Mohr-san’s easy to have sex with. Where did your sense of virtue go? 」

「 Dunno! ♥♥ Copulating with you feels good ♥♥ I should be by Bloom-sama’s side and never leave yet ♥♥ Your dick feels so good ♥♥ Sex…Copulating♥♥♥♥ 」

We’re essentially going to school as bodyguards of masters we serve, so it’s out of the question to leave their side.

Publicly, we’re allowed to go our separate ways under the pretext of conducting practical training.

That’s no lie.

Even in practical skills, sex is also one.

Starf-ojousama and Bloom should be taking part in the free training program, and they should be taking classes with the seniors to further their studies as lords.

Nee-san’s their attendant.

「 True. There are limits on how long we can hide behind Bloom, sneak around and have sex 」


I say while swinging my hips.

「 Haa, haa, ♥♥ What will you do then? Stop copulating with me? 」

「 Not really 」

「 Don’t say it like that. Ah♥♥ 」

Seems like I hit a good spot.

Well, I’ve been thinking…

The best way to keep my physical relationship with Mohr-san and keep peace with everyone.

「 I guess I’ll just have sex with Bloom! 」

「 Haa?! 」

The current party assembled for dungeon exploration together with me are Caliber-neesan, Starf-ojousama, Mohr-san, and Bloom.

If three of the four women in the party are having sex, then just have sex with the last one and conquer them all.

The party will be a complete harem of mine.

「 If that happens, it would be peaceful to have sex with everyone right? Mohr-san can also have sex while Bloom’s watching! 」

「 Don’t joke with me! Bloom-sama’s body is noble! I’m not going to let some horse-bone like you have your way with her 」

As expected of Mohr-san, she doesn’t hide her hostility to the bad insects aiming to manipulate her mistress.

But I have a secret plan.

「 Bloom’s coming to visit me soon 」

「 Haa? 」

Ojou-sama’s mansion, to be exact.

It’s our private space. A perfect environment to make a woman fall, right?

「 You’ve got to be kidding me! I didn’t hear about this! You can’t take Bloom-sama to a place like that! It’s a wolf’s den! It’s more dangerous than a dungeon 」

She speaks a lot.

「 Well, I’m going to play with Bloom a lot and soon, I’ll turn her into a woman who shakes her ass and accepts my dick just like how Mohr-san’s doing now, so look forward to it 」

「 Nhooooooooooo♥♥♥ 」

Mohr-san moans loudly as I ejaculated inside her.