World of Martial Porn – Chapter 4: Nakedman

I entered the bathroom and saw a wooden bathtub behind the curtain, the thing reminded me of those they have in China.

It was already filled with warm water.

The water seems to be carried recently – it wasn’t that steamy in the room. I was almost completely naked and took the bath right away.

It hadn’t been even for a few minutes when I heard the noise in the room next to me. Moans and shouts from the maid must have attracted unwanted attention and the guards came in to check what was going on.

I wonder what took them so long.

I decided not to pay any attention to them and closed my eyes, diving my head below water. I felt my fatigue floating away by the gentle touch of the water. All that happened today seemed just like a dream. One long erotic dream.

I opened my eyes. They were tickling a bit under the water, I could see glimpses of rays on the surface of the water. I could see the ripples on the water, as if the ground had shaken. Has someone just entered the bathroom? It felt too nice and I was too lazy to do anything. Soon after the vibration stopped.

When I started running out of breath, I came up, enjoying streams of water trickling down my head and neck. I guess, frogs feel the same when it rains and drops land on their sensitive skin…

TN: Actually, they are croaking of tactile orgasm.

I took a deep breath when a part of the conversation from the next room reached me.

“She was poisoned… but she’s alive, just unconscious.”


Their female voices were sonorous, filled with dry business-like shades.

“Yeah, she was forced to drink poison, take a look at this – she was crying, the tears hasn’t dried. Well… she tried to spit, but then again, they made her swallow. We can clearly see that it spilled out on her clothes and floor.”

The owner of the voice spoke with power and confidence, indicating she was probably the captain. Looks like she is one of those bosses, who can say something really dumb in a very self-confident way.

“But… why?”

“I don’t know.”

“Hold on! Collect the remnants of the poison… maybe we will be able to figure out how they managed to poison The Practitioner of a Platinum Tier!”

“It really looks like…”

Said someone with unsteady thin voice.

“Don’t touch it with bare hands, you dumbass!”

Awkward silence. Hearing such nonsense I seem to have forgotten how to breathe.

“Haa… are you alright? We can’t say for sure, whether you can get poisoned through the skin, so keep away from it.”


I see. These girls must be too young and none of them seems to have been with a man before, otherwise they would immediately understand what it was. Well, that’s not my problem.

“But… is the girl alright?”

I could hardly hear the phrase she spoke in a very low voice.

“We have to bring her to master. What about the slave we’ve bought?”

“There was some water on the floor in the bathroom, but he wasn’t there. Also, we found his clothes.”

The water must have spilled when I was getting in the bathtub.

Gosh, such fools! It almost made me laugh!

“He must have been taking a bath when it happened… the attackers captured him.”

One of them with a slight doubt in her voice.

“Check the surroundings… maybe we will be able to find some traces! Ask the citizens about the suspicious people. And… get her out of here!”

Then some noises and senseless conversations resounded from the next room, but i didn’t bother myself with listening to them. I had plenty of thoughts to think over and, by the way, the water in the bathtub started getting cold.

I tried to think rationally. I don’t think that they will be happy with my sudden appearance. Well, they will, in fact, but not in the meaning that would satisfy me. So I decided to wait for them to go away.

I couldn’t hear their steps anymore and counted to one hundred. Only after that I got out of the water. There was no clothing in the bathroom so I covered myself with a small towel.

No clothes in the bedroom either.

Why did they take my clothes? That’s quite an issue, because I found literary nothing in this room to put on. I can’t go outside naked, neither can I stay here. I am not going to become their slave.

Therefore, I have to steal it from them. Although I prefer to call it an ”exchange”, as, in fact, they stole my clothes first.

I cautiously came up to the door. It was quiet on the other side of the door, so I slightly opened it and peeked inside. It was an empty hall.

I guess it’s safe. I went out and closed the door behind me.

Sneaking naked man with a towel on his hips must be a strange picture, but I tried not to think about how silly I looked, hoping nobody would see me like this.

Since I didn’t know which way to go, I decided to turn right, intending to find some clothes. I saw seven doors. The one I came out from, the three locked ones, and I could hear some noise behind the other two doors. There was the only one left for me, and it was at the end of the hallway.

I stopped by the door and listened closely.