X-ray is more than I Thought Chapter 68



Waking up, I realize two amazing things.
One is my physical condition recovered completely.
Yesterday, I feel the worst before I fucked Marina. I was attacked by an abnormal fatigue and I can’t even move a single finger. But, I got aroused by Marina and I became surprisingly energetic from overflowing sexual desire. I’ve ravished Marina multiple times then fell asleep.
No, I think it’s right to say that I slept from exhaustion.
Anyway, I surely had the worst physical condition. If you use up all your strength when in you’re that state, your physical condition usually detoriates. But, I’ve completely recovered. I feel very refreshed.
The other thing. It’s a situation that makes my physical condition trivial.

「…I can’t use my ability?」

Muttering so, I rose from the bed.
Next to me is Marina who’s sleeping comfortably. There’s a sheet over her body but I know that she’s naked. But, I can’t “see it” I’ve just guessed that she’s naked from her limbs coming out of the sheet and the body line coming out of it.
If we slept like that yesterday, it’s not wrong to think that she’s naked.
In other words, it’s only a speculation.
I can check it if I turn the sheets but my ability can check it without doing that. And yetー

“I can’t see”

「Hey hey, don’t be joking now」

Covering my eyes with my right hand, I strongly wish to activate my ability. And I released my right hand then looked at the curtain.
I can see the curtain, and the light coming from the gaps. That’s all. That’s the “normal vision” The natural view for a human being.
Even though I thought it’ll come back to normal if I just sleep…

Wasn’t it just temporary?

「Well…this got me」

I mutter as I look at the light coming from the gaps of the curtains.
I pray. I don’t know any other way to activate my ability. I do nothing but wish for it when I reflexively activate my ability.
That has always been the case. Ever since I was old enough to know what’s going on, no, I’m sure even before that, that’s how I always activate my ability. I never made any question about that.
Moving your fingers, shaking your head, walking. It’s like how you don’t question such things.
I never thought that I won’t be able to activate my ability.

「Shit, even though it’s a dangerous situation, I feel very good. What’s this…?」

I can’t use my ability anymore. That’s supposed to be a serious situation but, I feel awfully calm for some reason. On the contrary, I feel strangely fresh and radiant enough to say I’ve never experienced a morning like this.
I think it’s abnormal to be abnormally calm even though I’m in an abnormal situation.
Anyway, I have to find out why I can’t use my ability.
I have recovered enough mental power and stamina.
That should satisfy the conditions to activate my ability. There’s almost no trigger for my ability. And yet I can’t.

「Could it be…」

Moving my eyes to Marina’s sleeping face next to me, that’s when I thought.
I somehow came up with a reason why I can’t use my ability.
Yesterday, I’ve ravished Marina again and again, I felt the best. It felt like I’ve embraced a “real woman” for the first time. It’s my first time I know the “woman named Marina”

I feel that I can’t see things visible and I see things that are not visible.

I feel Marina with my five senses.

Her appearance.
Her voice.
Her smell.
Her taste.
Her heat and softness.

I think I’m unable to use my X-ray ability because I’ve become conscious to the five senses of human they originally have.
The feeling of embracing a woman, Marina.
Marina pants as her breast shakes while I pierce her up. I certainly felt her splashing sweat and hot sighs.
Marina desperately clings to me while panting while I thrust up inside her. The feeling of her hot, soft and sweaty body.
With our lips pressing each other, I taste Marina’s tongue twining with mine.
Clamping softly yet intensely, the feeling of her meat hole overflowing with obscene mucous being gouged out.
I certainly felt that.
It was my first time noticing how much I depend on my ability and how much my consciousness is stolen by my ability.

I liked that sensation. “I don’t need my ability” I thought.

“I don’t need any special ability” Thinking so from the bottom of my heart, I’m unable to activate my ability anymore?
And, this indescribable freshness.
Even though I can’t use my ability, I don’t feel any impatience nor anxiety.
I feel my body and soul so light as if the iron chains tying my whole body was torn off.


Liberated from a curse. I felt those words come out nicely.

I’ve read this in a book before.
Long ago, back when there was no means of communication for human beings, it’s said that humans have special abilities.
They had something like extrasensory like wild animals.
Assuming that is true, why did humans lose that sense?

It’s because they no longer need it.

There’s nothing else but that.
Unnecessary ability disappears. But if such abilities existed in the past, does that information remain in human genes?
And Rikka, Kamuro Hizuki and I have caused the ancestral genes to wake up.
Some kind of gene abnormality, a hereditary defect, that kind of feeling.

「It’s normal that I’ll lose that ability」

Scratching my head as I mutter with a sigh, I look at Marina and rose from the bed.
But I changed my thoughts, went back to the bed and massage Marina’s sleeping huge tits.


Good tits. But, her nipples are erect early in this morning. What an outrageous one.

Satisfied with the breast massage, I rose from the bed and turned my eyes on the floor.
Rikka’s fixed on a shrimp position as she was yesterday.

「The question is what should I do with Kamuro Hizuki」

I’m powerless without my ability. My physical strength is not different from normal people.

「Well, isn’t this much convenient than I think?」

Kamuro Hizuki seeks for a strong man. And I was fairly strong. But, that strength is due to my ability.


If that’s the element of sorting of men for Kamuro Hizukui, will Kamuro Hizuki feel the charm of me who lost his abilities.
Kamuro Hizuki doesn’t know that I had a special ability but even if I lose it, that means that Kamuro Hizuki won’t notice that.

But I think that’s not the case.

I remember my strange affinity with Rikka.
The strange sensation of being on the same group.
Rikka said that we’re similar.
The sense where ability users know each other.
If Kamuro Hizuki has an ability then it’s possible that she knows I have an ability.
Then, will it be the opposite?
She’ll somehow notice that I lost my ability.
Well, I can’t say that I won’t meet Kamuro Hizuki.
Even though I lost my ability, it’s a matter of determination to face Kamuro Hizuki. The other side is brimming with the intent to make contact, even if I make contact, it would be troublesome if they don’t attack me directly but those around me.
I should be prepared for this regardless of my ability.
It’s lucky if she loses interest in me, it’ll clear up the problems. If I want to get that result by all meansー

I have no choice but to escape.

I can never resist as I have lost my ability.
Also, it’s possible that Kamuro Hizuki has another ally besides Rikka.
Rikka seems to be heavily dependent on Kamuro Hizuki. And yet, she left Kamuro Hizuki when I cut off her consciousness.
It’s strange for here to leave Kamuro Hizuki who’s she’s dependent to just alone.
If so, she must be thinking that an ally of hers can guarantee Kamuro Hizuki’s safety.
I lost my ability, I’m in a disadvantage but if she has other allies, I will give up. That said, I’ll run away if the situation turns worse.
I have Rikka as my hostage but I think I should stop that.
There’s no countermeasures here. I would be in trouble if I provoke her.
Because I had a thoughtless ability so I try to do something and I was forced to a situation where I can’t do anything, this has gotten serious in some meanings.

Should I try kneeling?

Kneeling then asking for forgiveness while crying.
Then, Kamuro Hizuki might exclude me from her definition of “strong man”
That might be a good hand.

But, Kamuro Hizuki might be in rage as a result.

Kamuro Hizuki’s evaluation of me is high. And yet, if she recognizes me as a “weak man” she’ll be disappointed of course.
It would be the best if she loses interest in me but if she gets disappointed, I can’t deny the possibility of it turning to hate.

“Eliminate unnecessary things”

It’s not strange if she reach such thoughts.
If Kamuro Hizuki’s ability is to control minds, then she might manipulate me and force me to take my life. But if it ends with just that then the damage would be on minimum.
That saidー

「Today might be the end」

Turning around, I mutter as I look at Marina lying on the bed.
I don’t intend to die but I think that the possibility is enough.
If she can make the enemy fake a suicide without making her hands dirty, then she might just easily kill people.
Kamuro Hizuki’s mentality is abnormal, it might come to that.

「If I disappear, will you cry…?」

Marina’s an idiot. I’ve given her horrible experience and yet she fell for me. She’s really an idiot.
But, she has become a very good woman
If I’m gone, I’m sure there will be a lot of men to court her.
I don’t mind her going out with whoever but, don’t get caught by devils like me.
Even if I don’t worry about it, I wonder if Marina right now will be fine.
Also, if Marina got caught by a bad guy, Asahina and Yuka won’t stay silent.

「This isn’t like me」

Muttering so, I scratched my head.
But, why am I so calm?
I’m in a disadvantageous situation no matter how you think about it. Furthermore, I might be killed at worst.
Although I’m assuming the worst development, I don’t want to die. I want everything to go well if possible.
Then should I feel a bit more impatient? It’s so unnatural that I’m calm.
Though I’m telling that myself, something’s strange with me right now.

Paying attention not to wake up Marina, I finished changing clothes and go to the first floor to wash my face.

「Ah, good morning, Mota-kun!」

Turning my gaze to the voice, Yuka’s squatting on the corridor.
Even though I know who’s somewhere until yesterday, I don’t know it now.

「What are you doing?」

Asking her, I approach Yuka squatting on the corridor, and understood.
A triangle bandage on her head. Grasping a dust cloth and a bucket laid to the side.
It seems that she’s cleaning the corridor.

「That makes me feel I’m under your care…」

Saying that, Yuka laughs bashfully. I swallowed my saliva seeing that.
Yuka’s wearing a triangle bandage on her head but her clothing is a black apron. Though it doesn’t seem she’s not wearing anything underneath, if you look closely, she’s wearing a black tank top.
Because the tank top and the apron is too large for her breasts, Yuka who’s squatting in front of me standing, I can see her cleavage.
It’s smaller than Marina but it has enough size, furthermore, it has a very good form. Furthermore, if you massage it, it feels outstanding.,
Seeing the cleavage of those boobs, furthermore, furthermore you see, her think pink areola is flickering. I can’t see her nipples even though her areola shows up. Even though I can almost see it, I can’t.

It can’t be helped but I can’t see only her nipple.

even though I can see the whole thing if I use my ability, I can’t use it right now so I can’t see things you normally can’t.

「I’ve finished preparing breakfast. Also, the bath is is heated up. I thought that it’s not bad to have breakfast after taking a refreshing bath」

Yuka’s squatting down, looking up at me while talking.
You prepared breakfast and bath already? Also, she’s cleaning.
It’s 6 o’clock in the morning. And she has finished preparing breakfast, bath and she’s now cleaning.
Just how early did Yuka wake up.

「You sweat a lot yesterday, didn’t you?」
「It seems that you had sex with Marina-chan」
「Ah, yeah…」

I was unintentionally surprised by Yuka’s question.
Did she hear her voice? Well, you’ll hear it if she pants that much.
But, she has no right to complain. Marina’s supposed to be my lover.

「Are you jealous?」
「Eh? Jealous? Why?」

Yuka raised a foolish voice then tilts her head to my question.

「Marina-chan is Mota-kun’s girlfriend, it’s normal to have sex. It just seemed to be too intense so I thought you sweat a lot」

Yuka says with a smile on her face.
There should be a burning rivalry with Marina but I don’t feel that atmosphere at all.
Well, Yuka’s acting ability is extraordinary.

「If you’re going to take a bath, I don’t mind scrubbing your back」

Saying that, Yuka puts the dust cloth in the bucket then squeezed the dust cloth soaked in water.
Squeezing it with both hands, her boobs shook.
Her pink areola is flickering. But, I still can’t see her nipple.

「Ah, but before that, I’ll finish cleaning first」

After squeezing the cloth, Yuka said that then placed the cloth on the floor. Then, she bends forward, putting her hands on the dust cloth.
When she bends forward, her cleavage is further emphasized. Everything’s at full view already. And yet, her tank top and apron miraculously interferes and I can’t see her nipple by all means.
Her nipples are perfectly hidden that you can say it’s a miracle.
That’s unbearably erotic.

「There we go!」

Yuka who’s bent forward raised her voice then begins to rush.


Yuka runs through the corridor, wiping the cloth. My eyes chase after Yuka and then I saw it.
I didn’t see it under the cover of the apron a while ago but I can see her ass passing through my side.
Yuka’s wearing a shorts but she bent forward and put both hands on the cloth, pushing her ass upwards, so I can see the crotch part of her shorts well.
A pink meat wall is sticking out from both of the sides of the fabric.
There’s no doubt. Yuka’s not wearing a bra nor a panty. Even if she has no panty, her pussy’s sticking out.
No, it’s sticking out but the important part isn’t seen. You can’t see the important part.
That is unbearably erotic once again.

「There we go!」

Yuka who ran to the end of the floor raised a cheer then runs towards here while wiping the floor.
Her almost visible breasts sway left to right but the apron and her tank top miraculously interferes so I can’t see her nipples by all means.
Is such a thing possible? Her boobs are shaking that much! It’s swaying left and right without care you know! Even so, just her apron and tank top shoulder straps alone keeps her nipple hidden perfectly.
No, I think it’s not possible to do.
It’s nothing but coincidence but how long will this coincidence continue.

「Ah! this one’s dirty!」

Yuka who’s running through the corridor stopped after passing through me.

「Unsho! Unsho! T-This is a stubborn one!」

Yuka who begins to wipe one point of the corridor is sticking out her ass for some reason. And she’s absorbed on wiping that spot.
Her ass is sticking out. I can see her crotch at an exquisite angle.
The fabric is digging to her pink flesh sticking out from both sides is seen at the best angle.
I realized when I saw it.

It’s on purpose.

What the hell. It’s not just the invisible nipple on the exposed breasts, the pussy sticking out from her pants are all in purpose.
What skill. This is alreadyー

An act of God.1

Though she said that she’s not jealous and had a smile on her whole face, she was just acting.
She’s putting a good face, provoking me, inviting me.
She makes use of all her skills.

「Yuka-chan, will you cry when I’m gone?」

Muttering that, Yuka’s movement of desperately pushing up her ass while wiping the floor has stopped.

「I won’t」

Yuka mutters then stand up. Then she stand in front of me and looked straight at me.

「I don’t have the time to cry. “I’m abandoning you” I will chase you even to the end of the world until I hear those words」

It’s Yuka’s usual smile. Yuka say that with a serious look.

「I see」

Laughing with a mixed sigh, I pat Yuka’s head.
Marina would be smiling with this but Yuka’s expression turned steep.

「You’ll come back home…won’t you?」

Yuka asks with her stiff expression.
As expected of Yuka. It seems that I’m exposed.

「I won’t enter bath. The “stubbornness” might be washed away along with the sweat. I’ll take a bath after I come back. I’ll have you wash my back by then」

When I tell Yuka, tears gathered in the black eyes looking straight at me.

「Is there nothing I can do? I’ll do anything for Mota-kun’s sake」

I want to come along. That’s what she probably wants to say. But, Yuka didn’t say that.
Mind control. Yesterday, I explained Kamuro Hizuki’s ability.

「Everything Asahina has said yesterday」

The three things Asahina said.
Don’t approach Kamuro Hizuki. Run away as soon as you see her. And don’t neglect caution.
Yuka knows that best that’s why she didn’t say she wants to follow me.

「I’ll heat the bath and wait. When you come back, I’ll take responsibility of cleaning Mota-kun’s body. I am Mota-kun’s exclusive onahole but, I’m not just an onahole. I’m a very convenient onahole. A very convenient onahole that will do anything for Mota-kun」

Tears collect in her eyes, Yuka say that while trembling but her face is smiling.

「I’m looking forward to it」

Answering so, I pat Yuka’s head then stroked it roughly.
Yuka lets her head get stroked while desperately holding her tears.

I took breakfast and decide to leave early.
While eating the breakfast Yuka prepared, Asahina woke up.
Seeing the trembling Yuka’s swollen eyes, Asahina glared at me.
She thinks that I made Yuka cry.
Well, that’s pretty close.
Asahina didn’t say anything, paying regards to Yuka, but she’s glaring at me while eating.
It feels like she’s likely to jump when Yuka’s gone.
I stand up halfway taking breakfast and Asahina stand up silently.
Asahina follows me heading to the entrance. Then we come out of the house.


As soon as we got out of the house, Asahina speaks out angrily.

「I’ve got a request」
「Haa?! I don’t care about your request! I’m the one who has a question here! What did you do to Yuka!? I won’t forgive you depending on your answer!」

Asahina grabs my chest while pressing me for an answer. Then she glares at me as if she’s going to kill.

「You’ll follow Marina’s instructions as planned」
「Are you listening!? I’m asking what did you do to Yuka!?」
「But, I’ll give you a special athority」
「The enemy has the possibility to control minds. Therefore, if you feel something strange, you can use your own judgement and abandon me」

Asahina doesn’t feel like listening to what I say but when she heard the word “abandon”, her eyes shake as she raise a stupid voice.

「If I got manipulated, Marina and Yuka-chan might get confused and get reckless. Therefore, I will give you the authority in that case. If you feel something wrong from me, use that authority and abandon me」
「Take Rikka to the police and say that it’s all my crime. Also, the images I took are on the top of the desk in my room. If you say that I’m a rapist with that as a proof, the police will capture me」
「A-Are you seriously saying that?」

Even if I got manipulated and was made to kill myself, it’s better to settle it alone.
At worst, she’ll control me and make me hostile against Marina, Yuka, and Asahina.
If that’s the case, Marina and Yuka won’t be able to make calm judgements.
It would be the worst development if they try to defend me even though I’m manipulated.
If so, they need to abandon me. That’s the best decision that will have minimum damage.

「I think you can do it since you will never yield to me. If you abandon me, Yuka-chan might have a grudge against you but, if you think about Yuka, abandon me」

Asahina can’t say anything back. She’s just looking up at me with her shaking eyes.

「Then, I’m going ahead. Follow Marina’s instructions meanwhile. I will leave the timing to you but don’t be arrogant and trouble Marina.」

Saying that, I took Asahina’s hand that’s grabbing my chest then turned back.

「Ah, I-I can easily abandon you!」

I grinned when I hear Asahina’s voice from behind.
That’s good. There’s no need to worry anymore.
What’s left is to head alone.
I don’t intend to die but, I don’t want to create unnecessary worries.
We’re already at an overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation here. Then, I have to prepare risking my life and find a means of escape.

Aah, I can’t endure this. I feel despair and death close when I fought with Rikka. That made me unbearably excited.

I thought that I’m crazy more than I thought, I want to laugh it out but, I hold it and walked.
I go towards school where Kamuro Hizuki is waiting.


  1. Yuka = God