X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 69


Chapter 69

I walk in the school road while paying attention to my surroundings.
My vision is narrow.
Is it this narrow if you can’t use your ability?
There’s too many blind spots.
But, that is why I feel my five senses are sharpened.

The school gate came to my view as I walk down the road.
What’s there isー

「Did you wait?」

I stopped and mutter as I look at the girl standing next to the gate.
It’s still quite early to go to school but she’s already waiting.
Did she single-mindedly want to meet me or did she read my actions.

Or am I already being manipulated?

I’m not conscious if she’s controlling me but that’s what’s scary.
You have no way of dealing with something you’re not aware of. And, I’m not aware.
Am I being manipulated or not?
I don’t know so I only have to try crushing Kamuro Hizuki


Coming close to Kamuro Hizuki standing next to the gate, I raised my right hand and called out in a familiar tone.

「Oh, Suzuhara-san. Good morninー」

Being called out by me, Kamuro Hizuku pretends as if she just noticed, smiles as she look at meー

「W-Who are you?」

Her eyes opened up wide and she raised a shaking voice.
Kamuro Hizuki who tries to greet me as retreated with her twitching smile.

What’s with this reaction?

「J-Just what on earth? I know that you’re Suzuhara-san. But, there’s too much…what did happen?」

Kamuro Hizuki retreats and she mutters while her black eyes tremble.
Hey hey, I’m not expecting this development.
Calm down. That might be Kamuro Hizuki’s aim.
There’s a state in mental manipulation and it’s possible that she can intervene deeper by creating a gap.
Don’t make opportunities. Keep yourself firm.

「I-I apologize about Rikka. Rikka’s behavior isn’t what I directed. But, I thought that you can win against Rikka. However…」

I feel faint sweetness mixed in her shaking voice.
She’s frightened. That’s what I thought at first. Butー.

Her trembling black eyes are wet, her cheeks are colored pink, hot breath leaks from her trembling lips.

「Yes, you’re right. I’m very aroused. You are too wonderful right now ♡」

She’s aroused? She said just when I thought of it, I hear my heart skipping a heartbeat.
Does she have an ability to read minds besides controlling it? Then, this is much more than dangerous.

「As expected. We just talked for only one time and yet you guessed my ability」

I feel a chill running down my spine when I hear Kamuro Hizuki’s words.
There’s no doubt. There’s no longer doubt.

She, Kamuro Hizuki can read a person’s mind.

「Please don’t worry. My ability isn’t as dangerous as you think. Also, I don’t mean to harm you. I just want to bear your child」

She wants to remove my misunderstandings. Kamuro Hizukiu desperately appeals while shaking her head.
Shit, this is the worst. My pace was completely distrupted.

ーShe got me.

It’s not the time to worry about being seen by people.
I put my left leg forward and put strength to the base of the thumb of my right foot.
Unable to use my ability, it’s difficult to pierce her weak point. But, she’s just a delicate woman. Then I’ll just shove my fist to her body without thinking.
The position and distance is perfect.

ーDie, damn woman

「It is not my desire to be killed by you!」

At the moment I project my fist, Kamuro Hizuki hops back to retreat.
She read my mind and avoid the attack beforehand.
This is the worst.
Even though I know my mind is being read, it’s impossible to act without thinking.
Then, right. I should set attacks that won’t have problems even if read.

I continuous attack without any breaks.

Though it’s possible to dodge a single blow, it would be difficult to avoid successive attacks that emphasizes speed.
The blow will be light because of the speed. But, I only need to break her posture. She’ll lose balance as long as I break her posture. I can just beat her up after that.

「I think that’s a very good strategy! Once you catch me, I have no means to counter no resist!」

Kamuro Hizuki hops back, taking distance as she speak.
This is really the worst.
Then, I just have to attack free from thoughts.

「I would like to be caught by you by all means but if I get caught, I’ll get killed so I can’t let you catch me!」

Kamuro Hizuki who took distance beyond necessary speaks out happily.

She’s making a fool out of me.


I try to cut down the distance but Kamuro Hizuki raises her voice.
I try to rush at her but something appeared in front of me so it’s impossible to make a move.

It’s the worst. It’s the worst situation possible.

The one appearing before me is someone wearing a hat covering her eyes and a blue parker with a hoodie.
Her height, figure, and clothes feel like a deja vu.

Rikka’s standing in front of me.

No, it’s not Rikka. I know that.
Her long white hair coming out of her hat is different from Rikka. And her atmosphere is completely different.
She doesn’t feel as violent as Rikka but that’s why she’s much more dangerous.

「Ku, kuku…who would’ve though it’s twins」

I anticipated that there are other allies but I estimated it not to be a monster like Rikka.
I thought that Rikka’s existence is something you can’t talk about.
But, that idea seems to be a big miss.

This one, the one in front of me is much stronger than Rikka.

It’s not that she didn’t stop Rikka’s actions. She’s not interested in Rikka’s behavior.
She’s a trivial existence so she’s released.

「As expected. It is as you think. This girl is Rikka’s sister, Kazahana Kazahana, please show it to Suzuhara-san」

Kamuro Hizuki orders the girl from the remote location Hearing that order, the girl took off her hat silently.


I can’t see her face but her eyes are surely a dot.
A strange spectacle reflects in my sight.
The same red eyes as Rikka. And a long white hair unlike Rikka. There’s an animal ear coming out of the girl’s head.
That’s not all. A strange object swings left and right behind the girl.
A white haired tail is swinging around.

「Ha, haha…is that cosplay?」

I laughed instinctively, sweat comes out of my whole body and my heart beats so intensely it’s about to burst.
I’d be glad if it was just cosplay.
It’s true. That animal ear and tail is real.
This girl’s really dangerous.

「Calm down. Hizuki doesn’t intend to harm you. That means that I won’t make a move on you. But, my purpose is to protect Hizuki. I can disobey Hizuki’s orders. You know what that means don’t you?」

The girl with red eyes staring at me coldly speaks in an indifferent voice where I can’t read her emotions.

Her purpose is to protect, not to obey

That’s what this girl means.
She respects Kamuro Hizuki’s will but if danger comes close to her, she’ll go against order and give priority to Kamuro Hizuki’s safety.
In short, she judged me as dangerous and she’ll attack mercilessly ignoring Kamuro Hizuki’s order.
That’s what she want to say.

「I’m honestly surprised you won against Rikka. Though she’s a failure, she’s much stronger than a human. But, don’t think I’m the same as Rikka. The “thickness” of our blood is totally different」

An indifferent voice who’s emotions can’t be read.
Thickness of blood.
The white hair animal ear standing from her head moves. And the tail behind her sways left and right.
Rikka has the ability like a wild animal. And the twin sister who looks more of a beast than Rikka.
Her blood is thick. In other words, she means the “beast blood”

「Let me tell you first, we’re not twins. We’re septuplets. I’m the one with the strongest blood among the septuplets. But, if I get caught by a human, I don’t know what will happen. Maybe I won’t live. The other guys have scattered. And we were fortunately picked up by Hizuki. It’s a good luck. Do you get it? Hizuki’s different that’s why we were lucky」

An unchanging indifferent voice. But her skin’s having a goosebumps
The thing reflected in her cold red eyes.
Is the hate for humans.
I get it. I know that very well. Humans are always like that. They’re living beings who eliminate different beings.

「Suzuhara Motarou. You’re a person on our side. I don’t want to kill you if possible. Could you obediently follow Hizuki? This isn’t an order but a request」

I relaxed my whole body when I hear those words.
She’s upward compatible with Rikka and furthermore, calm and collected. She’s not someone I can’t fight and win. She wants to talk. Thenー

「Sure got it」

Leaking a sigh as I say that, I scratch my head.


The girl with red eyes staring at me answered with an inorganic voice.

「Hizuki, Suzuhara Motarou seems to want to talk to you」

The girl turned around and speak towards the direction of Kamuro Hizuki who’s standing far away.

「Thank you, Kazahana. I know I can rely on you. I’m very happy」

Kamuro Hizuki answers happily.

Haa, yare yare. The plans have changed a lot.

Who would’ve thought it’s Rikka’s sister. Furthermore, she has animal ears and tails.
Speed, power, durability, it seems that she exceeds Rikka. And she’s not “arrogant at all”she’s intellectual and cold.
She knew Rikka and I fought. No, her way of speaking looks like she was watching it.
This girl has been watching over my fight with Rikka while protecting Kamuro Hizuki whom I knocked out. And yet she didn’t join the fight. In other words, she abandoned Rikka.
Her priority is Kamuro Hizuki and not her sister bound by blood.
Though she has a grudge against humans who cornered her family, she calmly and heartlessly cast away her relative
Unlike Rikka, she has no gaps and she doesn’t play. And she’s keeping me safe because Kamuro Hizuki wants me.
On the contrary, at the point Kamuro Hizuki thinks that she doesn’t need me, she’ll kill me without changing her complexion.
Having that thought, taking lessons from the girl who’s walking towards Kamuro Hizuki, I began to walk too.
If it doesn’t work, then let’s aim for a draw.
But still, animal ears and tail?
…That might not be bad.