X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 70



Kamuro Hizuki headed to the abandoned factory where I beaten up Shinozaki before.
The abandoned factory is starting to rot away, the roof comes out, the wall collapsed, the worn out machines scattered everywhere.
There are a lot that can be weapons, and there are a lot of shields too.
It’s an advantageous location if I can use my ability.
Well, even if I can use my ability, Rikka’s sister is here. Furthermore, she observe me fight.
No matter where we are, I’m still at a disadvantage.

「Now then」

Kamuro Hizuki who’s walking ahead has stopped and spoke as she look back at me.
The light coming from the missing roof shines at Kamuro Hizuki like a spotlight.
Her height is the same as Marina, or at least somewhat lower?
Glossy long black hair and black eyes like jewels.
Marina’s on the top of overwhelming obscenity but Yuka’s higher when it comes to loveliness.
If you say what stands out, you’ll find yourself at loss for words.

There’s nothing special but she’s a undisputed beauty because you can’t find any fault at her.

If she has something that stands out, it is the atmosphere she has that’s the exact opposite of Asahina.
Asahina’s a lump of self-assertion with an overwhelming presence. Contrasting Asahina, her atmosphere is too thin that she’s like a petal scattering when the wind blows.

That’s right, her atmosphere is too thin. Considering Kamuro Hizuki’s behavior, it’s too contradictory. That’s why it’s eerie.
No, to be honest, it’s unpleasant.

「Fufu, knowing that I can read Suzuhara-san’s mind, you suddenly turn honest. I love that part of you」

Saying that, Kamuro Hizuki laughs happily.

「Suzuhara-san. First of all, I must solve the misunderstanding」

Kamuro Hizuki standing from a place far from me, puts her hand behind her, smiled, then spoke up.

「It’s normal to be hostile against me after the incident with Rikka. Also, I’ll say it honestly so you trust me, Kazahana and I were watching you and Rikka fight」

Kamuro Hizukiu speaks without shame.

「We didn’t try to stop Rikka. The reason is I want to see your strength with my eyes. Also, if Rikka loses, she’s yours. That’s why there’s no need to help」

Kamuro Hizuki speaks as if it’s natural while smiling without any shadows.
Looking at the back, Rikka’s sister stands silently.
She’s covering her eyes with her cap so I can’t grasp her expression. But, she doesn’t have the atmosphere of being dissatisfied at Kamuro Hizuki’s words.
Even of her little sister did a selfish behavior, even though her sister was just used as an experimental subject, she doesn’t have any complains.

「Also, about Rikka, please do what you want with her without minding it. Or did you already test her condition?」

Kamuro Hizuki asks something cold-hearted while having a smile on her face.
Condition, I wonder if she’s asking if I did Rikka.


Kamuro Hizuki doesn’t answer as she look at me, she calls out to Rikka’s sister standing behind me then Rikka’s sister nodded.

「It’s up to you to believe but we are obedient to the victors. From what I saw, Rikka has been completely defeated by you. Rikka should know that. That’s why she won’t be that dangerous even if you don’t restrict her. However, if you “love” bondage, it’s none of my business」

Rikka’s sister speaks frankly in a voice I can’t read her emotions.
Oh, so they become obedient when they lose? Rikka’s sister has a dog like ears and tail, so they might have the dog habits too.
No, they’re more of a wolf than a dog.
That said, I never knew that she’ll be obedient when she lose. I’ve done quite a lot to her though.

「Also, our vaginas have a different pleasure than humans it seems. When our eldest sister tried to protect us, she was raped in front of us and that’s what the humans said. I can’t confirm it but it’s worth a try」

A different pleasure you say.
She’s talking about her eldest sister sacrificing herself to protect them but her expression doesn’t chance.
I’m also cold hearted but my emotions aren’t dead enough to speak lightly about the miserable end of my family.

「Your eldest sister turns out to be the most human like」

Sending my glance on the back, I send Rikka’s sister a question filled with sarcasm.

「Yeah, it seems that those born ahead doesn’t have the thickest blood. Our eldest sister is the most thin. She’s a weak and fragile sister. If you leave a strong one alone, they will survive. No matter how much you protect a weak one, it’ll die. No, because of the weak one, the others will be in danger. Then, the weak ones should die as soon as possible. And yet, it’s just foolish for her to protect just because we’re younger. Well, my sister is weak that she can’t even protect herself. It was good that she died」

She died. Rikka’s sister definitely said that.
She did say that she was raped in front of her but, was she killed afterwards?
Surely, in front of her too.

「I know that you guys are hard to die. But, your eldest sister died. Did your sister with the thinnest blood not have the super recovery ability?」
「Oh, she did. Mother was killed at first but mother was giving birth. They wanted to to examine an individual giving birth I guess. Even if they kill a single animal, there’s still six left. Raping the first one severely, then carefully mincing it」

She’s enduring the sadness and hatred. Rikka’s sister just talks indifferently and businesslike.

「We didn’t live thanks to her. We survived outselves. It was a meaningless death. Oh, it’s different. I saw her being cut to pieces in front of me. Thanks to her, I was able to grasp about “death” You can say that contributed to us in some meaning」

Asserting that her elder sister trying to protect them was a meaningless death, then talking calmly about knowing the structure of their bodies in addition.
As expected, even I get drawn back by it.

「Rikka was pampered by mother a lot. She’s emotionally attached to the eldest sister too. Well, it’s natural providence for the weak to gather to survive」
「Weren’t you protecting Rikka?」
「Huh? Don’t be ridiculous. She’s just siding with me because those who pamper her has disappeared. I left her alone but she managed to survive somehow. You can say that she’s just better than the eldest sister」

Rikka exposes her feelings for the first time when I asked her, her face looks grimaced in displeasure.
Rikka’s abnormally aggressive because she lost her mother, elder sister, and other sisters, she hates humans but, she was left by her sister, and she might as well go off the rails.

「Can I ask another question?」

Asking Rikka’s sister, she sent Kamuro Hizuki a glance.
Taking Rikka’s sister’s glance, she nod with a smile.

「Yeah, no problem」

Rikka’s sister confirmed Kamuro Hizuki’s nod and then look at me and nod.

「If you had that ability, there’s no need to risk living with humans, right? Shouldn’t it be safer to live in the mountains like animals? No, rather than safe, you can dominate the top of the food chain in the mountain. And yet, why are you taking the risk? To take revenge on humans?」

I asked my doubts.

「Oh, I see. It’s normal to wonder about that」

Rikka’s sister understands my question.

「The answer is simple. We can’t mate with anything but humans. We usually live in the village, then we go down to villages to attack men, but the men gets frightened, their thing shrinks and it makes it hard for them to ejaculate. It would be too inefficient and dangerous if we were marked to be hunted down, and eliminated by an overwhelming amount of resources. That’s why we live among humans, know humans, and chose a mate」

I see. They can only mate with humans?
They usually live in the mountains, they go down to villages and approach men, they won’t be able to respond quite well if they don’t usually touch humans.
And if they turn hostile, they’ll be eliminated by overwhelming resources no matter how superior their ability is.
That is why they mingle with the human society, incorporate with human live and behavior and chose a human mate.
Well, Rikka’s sister has the animal look in her but the little sister looks like a human objectively. It’s possible for her to live as a human if she hides her ability.
But, the other sisters have been eliminated?

「Mother has said it before, my appearance seems to be normal before. Also, humans have worshipped us as gods and they seem to have been afraid of us, sending out offerings. Do you know the etymology of wolf, it seems that it was written as God before.1 We’re an absolute existence that dominates the top of the mountain. But, their faith has diminished and they began calling us monsters. And sometimes those with human-like appearance like Rikka are born. I think that means we’re no longer Gods nor wolves. All of it was just a bedtime story mother told us」

Hee, so the wolf had such origins. Or rather, that ear and tail are of wolf’s after all?
Speaking of which, there seems to be a custom that white animals were Gods or messengers.

「I understand the reason. Then, last question. You said that it’s normal for the weak to be killed even if your parents and sisters were killed by humans. And, you said you choose and coexist and mate with humans. But, you have a grudge against humans. Aren’t you actually cherishing your mother, eldest sister and your other sisters?」

Asking her while grinning, Rikka’s sister reacted.
I think that she’s not as heartless as she talks about herself. She’s just persuading herself, subjecting herself to autosuggestion.
Then, I’ll aim at that.
I don’t know Kamuro Hizuki’s ability but I can’t do anything unless I do something at her. If I can’t match her power, then I just have to attack her mind.

「I don’t have grudge against humans. No, I don’t care about that. They’re just a mateー」

Rikka’s sister’s appearance changes clearly ad she starts murmuring in a trembling voice like she’s having a feverish nightmare.
This might go well.

「Okay! That’s enough!」

Thinking so, I hear a clapping sound and a dignified voice echoes in the abandoned building.
Rikka’s sister trembled then looked at Kamuro Hizuki in shock.
Shit, even though it’s going well, Kamuro Hizuki read my mind and went ahead.
This is the worst.

「Kazahana, I understand that it’s fun to talk with Suzuhara-san but we have the thing called order. I’m the one who marked him first. If you’re objecting then defeat me first」
「No, that’s not…sorry, Hizuki」

Listening to Kamuro Hizuki’s dignified voice, Rikka’s sister fell silent.
Even though she can attack someone else’s mind, you can’t do anything if she can read it too.
But, I feel that there’s nothing laying around but her reading minds.
Was the mental manipulation overthinking? No but when Kamuro Hizuki contacted me last time, I fell into an unusual state where my mind was swallowed.
Was it just my imagination? Surely my mind was induced…

Induced? Wait. Could it beー

「Fufu, that’s right. I don’t have the ability to manipulate minds. I only read the minds. However, I can read the mind perfectly. Along with your X-ray ability, that ability has been an absolute at one point」

Grinning, Kamuro Hizuki reveals her ability.
It’s dangerous to believe but I don’t think she’s going to lie.
Also, my ability’s exposed.
But, I’ve lost my only weapon which is my abilityー


I got startled but that was too late. I thought that I’ve lost my ability.
She has definitely read that.

「I’m glad that you think I’m not lying」

Kamuro Hizuki expressed her thanks as she read my mind. But, she didn’t say anything about me losing my ability.
Well, I don’t think it’ll cover my overwhelming disadvantage whether I have my ability or not.
It’s just exactly the same.
But, it’s fucking annoying. I feel the worst when my mind is read.

「I don’t have the ability to manipulate the minds but I can induce them. If you call that mental manipulation, you might say that I have that ability as well」

Kamuro HIzuki smiles.
I see. If you can perfectly read the mind then you can also induce them.
If it was possible to read the mind perfectly, you can know the answers they want beforehand. On the contrary, you can make your opponents feel uncomfortable.
In short, you can play mind games.
By asking, you take out the answers from their mind and you can read it and manipulate them freely.
I thought that there’s nothing more much troubling than mental manipulation but Kamuro Hizuki’s ability is more than that.
After all, once you grasp their heart, there’s no more effective range. The numbers will be the same. Once you seize their mind you no longer need to continue using your ability to the target, and you can increase your target as much as you want.
In other words, it’s an ability with no clear restrictions just like mine.

「Yes, it is as you say. With my ability, I can easily manipulate the hearts of people. Besides, I can hold of their weakness. If I like it, I can obtain top secret information at a national level. However, I do not have any support so I won’t do such dangers. It’s meaningless」

Saying that, Kamuro Hizuki laughs.
Uwa, she knows how dangerous her ability is.
I thought I don’t want to get involved with her but, I really don’t want to be involved with her.

「Also, I think you understand but I’m forced to see what I don’t want to know and what I don’t want to see. You seem to be able to activate and release your ability but mine’s permanently active. When I’m awake and of course, even when I’m asleep」
「…Well, my condolences」
「Fufu, I’m glad you can only speak sarcastically about it. You can understand it don’t you?」

Kamuro Hizuki who heard my sarcasm has smiled happily.
Well yeah.
Knowing her ability, I can’t say anything but a sarcasm. Normally, they would look at her as if she’s a monster.
If you have the ability to read minds even though you’re being casted out for being different, of course you’ll feel antipathy against them.

「Then let me ask you, even if we’re both have special abilities, you don’t like having your mind read won’t you? But you are only thinking “She’s dangerous” and “I don’t want to be involved with her”, there’s nothing like rejection. Why is that?」
「Ha? I’m rejecting you though?」
「No no, you’re not rejecting me at all. I know that best」

Kamuro Hizuki tilts her head while asking a question from my true thoughts.

Why? That’s…

It’s uncomfortable to have my mind read but to be honest, I feel somewhat relieved. I lived as a monster and yet, Kamuro Hizuki knows that but she doesn’t feel afraid nor startled.
I’ve always wanted to consult about this to someone. I’ve always wanted to confess this to someone. I’ve always wanted to let it out to someone. Having all of it known, I feel my shoulders getting lighter.

「Aaahn ♡ Is that a love confession? ♡」

Holding her cheeks with her hands, Kamuro Hizuki wriggles with a ref face and I retorted.

「Well, I don’t care about abilities」
「Don’t care?」
「I love strong men. I didn’t like you because you had an ability」
「If I don’t have my ability then I’m just a small fry」
「You were prepared to kill me, aiming for a draw at worst, furthermore coming alone, you call that a small fry?」
「I’m just a small fry if I lose」
「Fufu, you won’t lose. At least, you will never admit defeat」

Listening to Kamuro Hizuki speak happily, I scratched my head.
Well true, I don’t intend to lose.

「I don’t wish for anything. I don’t wish to be the most loved. I don’t mind being the second, third, fifth, or even the tenth. I just want to bear your child. Also, first come first serve. There are other women who noticed your charm faster. Their sense of smell is praiseworthy. Therefore, I highly evaluate Yuuki Marina and Tamoe Yuka. I’ll be waiting properly until their turn is over」

I’m dumbfounded by Kamuro Hizuki’s words.
Wait for your turn? You won’t take me forcibly?

「Like I said, it’s a misunderstanding. I do not hope to be married. If I can get pregnant with your child, I will raise that child by myself. Kazahana and Rikka re the same. The female raises the child. That’s natural. If the child becomes independent, then we can get pregnant again」

Saying that, Kamuro Hizuki tilts her head with a smile.
She’s serious…I guess.
In the first place, there’s no merit for her lying.
If she wants to then she can just get me, she also has Rikka’s sister which is her ultimate lethal weapon.
And yet, she’s saying that she’ll wait for her turn.
In other words, she’s fine as long as she gets pregnant as a result. And to get pregnant, she concluded not to monopolize me but to make me hold a good impression and have me do the act in mutual agreement at best.
Also, I think she’s telling the truth that she’s paying respect to Marina and Yuka.
In other words, she judged that those two were excellent females.

「Fufu, not needing any complements, it is as you say. It helps me that you understand」

Reading my mind, Kamuro Hizuki speaks out happily.
Then, is there no need to be cautious?
If she’s going to wait for turns, then there’s no need to refuse Kamuro Hizuki who’s a beauty comparable to Asahina.


Then, Kamuro Hizuki reacted and mutter erasing her smile.

「I’ll kill her. I’ll never forgive Asahina Yuu」
「That woman was raped by Suzuhara-san. She was wanted strongly, more than anyone」
「I can’t let that woman bear Suzuhara-san’s child. I have to eliminate her before that happens」
「W-Wait a moment!」

Kamuro Hizuki’s appearance has changed, her blurry eyes looks into nothingness, then she begins to mutter.
What the hell is this? Didn’t she say that she’ll wait for her turn? Or rather, why is she showing that much reaction to Asahina.
Shit. I don’t get it but Kamuro Hizuki right now is dangerous.

「I get it! I won’t make contact with Asahina anymore! If you say that you’re going to wait for your turn, you will concede with me right? What about that?」

Even though we almost concluded the talk. Kamuro Hizuki’s ability is too dangerous and to top that, Rikka’s sister is here. It’s best if I can avoid fighting.

「No way」

Kamuro Hizuki turns down my proposal.
Shit, what the hell. Her mild atmosphere from a while ago seems to be a lie.
Is she making fun of me? Is she just playing with me, making a favorable proposal, confirming that I’m at ease, then confusing me in the end?

「That’s not it. I do love you. I will forgive anything for your sake. Even if you get Kibashiro Yukina, Asahina Yui, and Kisaragi Sayaka pregnant, I won’t complain. However, Asahina Yuu’s the only one I can’t allow. I will never forgive that woman」

Kamuro Hizuki glares at me, she speaks Asahina’s name hatefully as if she has killed her parents. And her glaring eyes became bloodshot, gritting her teeth as much as she can.

「Hizuki reads your mind perfectly. Then, she knows what you think of Asahina Yuu. That’s why she can’t forgive her. Make a guess」

I can hear a young voice like Rikka’s from the back.
Take a guess you say…

「I’ll give Rikka to you. Yuuki Marina, Tamoe Yuka, Kibashiro Yukina, Kisaragi Sayaka and Asahina Yui. You’ve got a lot of women with you. A single death won’t matter that much. Don’t worry It’s said that mass killing is slightly hard but, I don’t think one would matter. We’ll do it perfectly so she won’t be found so there will be no damage to you either. That’s why cast away Asahina Yuu without worries」

Rikka’s sister’s voice is so indifferent.
It’s possible. They’ll make it possible. If she has the ability higher than Rikka, it’s possible to erase a person perfectly.
If she conceal a human in a way that’s impossible to search unless they use heavy equipment or vehicles, the hands of investigation won’t be able to reach.
But you seeー

「I will never make contact with Asahina」

Kamuro Hizuki turns down my proposal again.

「Then, I’ll give you priority over anyone. I’ll play with you until you confirm you’re pregnant」
「I don’t want that. I highly evaluate Yuuki Marina and Tamoe Yuka. That’s why I will wait for my turn properly」
「I’m telling you that I will never make contact with Asahina again and even give priority to you, and yet you still don’t agree with that?」
「No. Asahina Yuu’s the only one I won’t allow」
「That’s why I’m telling you that I won’t make contact with her againー」
「I’ll absolutely kill Asahina Yuu! That’s absolute! I’ve already decided!」

Repeatedly turning down my petition, Kamuro Hizuki repeatedly speaks of killing Asahina.

「Suzuhara Motaou, please think of Hizuki’s feelings. She can even stand in front of you after killing Asahina Yuu. But she even took the trouble of telling you that she’ll kill Asahina Yuu before doing that. Don’t be cold to Hizuki’s compassion」

Speaking like she’s talking to a child throwing a tantrum, Rikka’s sister speaks in a calm and slow voice.
Fufu, I was almost swept away but you guys are abnormal in the end. You don’t think about human life at all.
It’s not that I don’t mind what happens to Asahina at all.
Also, I don’t think about escaping but, I don’t like just backing down.

「Breakdown of negotiations. You guys are my enemies now」
「T-That’s. Suzuhara-san…why can you say something that cruel? I want to kill only Asahina Yuu. I’m even saying that I’ll let the others, you know?」

Hearing my declaration of war, Kamuro Hizuki’s face distorts, her jewel like black eyes have tears spilling out.
Allow? What’s with that arrogant attitude?
Her sense of value is really different. It’s impossible to understand each other since the start.

「Understand? There’s no need to understand? I just want your childー」
「Shut up woman. Come here and I’ll crush you」

Interrupting Kamuro Hizuki’s appeal, I provoked her while grinning.
Feeling a shiver in my spine, I feel cold sweat comes out from my whole body in a dash.
I feel some awful blood thirst from the back.
It seems that Rikka’s sister felt like doing it.

「Hizuki, can I kill this man?」

There’s no emotion in the voice I hear.
Well, what should I do? Though I provoked her, I can’t win even if I fight.

「Kazahana, don’t be ridiculous! You’re being rude to Suzuhara-san!」
「Is that so? Sorry」
「I’ve got an idea!」
「We should just kill all the females around Suzuhara-san! Then, all our problems will be solved!」
「Yuuki Marina and Tamoe Yuka too? Didn’t you say you respect them?」
「It can’t be helped! I feel sorry for the two excellent females but we’d have them die for a female that’s better! It’s sad but this is the law of nature!」
「Got it. If you say so, then let’s do it」

The two talk and nod at each other, ignoring me.
Well, they’re underestimating me. But well, it’s normal to underestimate.
Also, though they’re underestimating me, they’re not relaxing their guard.
But, if you agree with the opinion of killing them all…that’s too much of a rock. It’s already metal.

「Hizuki, what should we do with this man?」
「Let’s see. I’m sure Suzuhara-san won’t break. Also, I’m worried for unnecessary injuries if he resist so please break his limbs. Also, I’m worried that he’ll bite his tongue so please pull out his teeth」
「As expected of Hizuki, your affection is deep. I can’t understand it」
「It’s normal for humans to worry about their loved once suffering unnecessary injuries you know? Kazahana」
「I see, I’ve learned something new」

The two ignores me and consult how to treat me, then laughed.
Breaking my bones and pulling my teeth? What kind of love expression is that?
Masochists might be pleased by that but I’m a sadist if you ask me. I’m not pleased by that expression of love at all.
But, what should I do? I still have some hope if it was someone like Rikka, but Rikka’s sister is on a different dimension.
Also, everything I think goes through Kamuro Hizuki.
I don’t know~

「Now then, let’s keep Suzuhara Motarou from taking any actions. Oh, Hizuki, please wait for a while as I eliminate the women. It would be bad if we’re traced. I’ll look for a chance and clean up immediately」
「Yes, I’ll leave it to you. However, please bring me the corpse of Asahina Yuu. I will cut her stomach, take out her womb and crush it with my hands」
「Bring her? It’s safer if we bury them all together though」
「Do it!」
「Is that also because of your deep affection for Suzuhara Motarou?」
「That’s right!」
「I see. Then it can’t be helped. Got it」

Rikka’s sister comes close to me while talking with Kamuro Hizuki.
As expected, she’s not like Rikka.
She has the speed beyond human knowledge but she slowly closes her distance with me.
There’s no need to go at high speed at this place.
It’s her win as long as she captures me.
At worst, I was aiming for a draw but it’s impossible apparently. Kamuro Hizuki’s steadily taking distance from me.
It’s honestly a white flag situation but while listening to their conversation, I came up with one plan.

「Suzuhara-san!? Kazahana! Stop Suzuhara-san! He intends to die!」

Taking out the awl I’ve hidden secretly from my pocket, Kamuro Hizuki’s eyes opened her eyes wide then screamed.
The next momentー

「Calm down. I guarantee your life.」

I hear a voice just next to me. And I feel my right hand being held.
My only way out. That is to take my life as hostage.
Hearing the conversation of the two, I confirmed that my life is valuable

「I failed…?」

Unlike the sloppy Rikka, her sister is excellent.
She’ll win the objective by making only minimum movement.
With her ability exceeding human knowledge, I can’t do anything anymore.

「It’ll hurt a lot but don’t worry. I’ll only break your bone. Your life won’t be in danger」

Along with that voice, power fill the small hand holding my right arm.

It’s the end?

At the same time I was preparing for various things.

「I wasn’t called but, here I come!」

A cheerful voice comes from the abandoned decaying factory.
A voice you won’t forget once you hear it, a very cocky and yet a very strangely lovely voice.
Kamuro Hizuki and Rikka’s sister looked at the same point.
What’s there is a figure of a girl with a braided long golden hair at her back and a blue shining and luring eyes.
A red muffler coils around her neck and wearing a famous uniform of the black lily school, standing on top of a broken machine covered in rust, she probably thought of the coolest post and carry it out.
Anger didn’t come out. Much less of joy, no way I would feel that.


I can do nothing but feel amazed.
I’m asking what can yo do?
Your opponents are monsters beyond human knowledge. I can’t even afford to protect you.
Do you get it? You came to die, you know?
I’m sure she doesn’t know.
But, haaa…
I owe Yukina again.

It’s not like me to give up obediently. Isn’t that right? Karate Kid?

I smile while thinking so.


  1. 狼 and 大神, both are read as Ookami