X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 71


Chapter 71

「Who am I?! That’s a good question! Let me tell you then!」

Yukina begins introducing herself even though no one asked her.

「I’m a justice cyborg remodeled as a woman by an evil organization! My heart is a man!」

Yukina speaking loudly makes a pose where you can hear the “clink” sound effect
Oh, so your heart is a man but your body was remodeled? Is that why you’re physically weak? Or rather, for what purpose did the evil organization remodel you?
Oh, I get it. If her heart is a man then she can understand man’s desire so if she’s remodeled as a beautiful girl while her heart is a man, she’ll be able to water down the man in the world.
That might be the strongest mystery in some sense.

「However! I’m someone with a heart of a man who likes a man! A masochist as well! If possible, I’d like to be remodeled as a man of justice that wants to be fucked in the ass by macho men!」

Clink, changing her pose, Yukina lets out her desire obediently.
Even though her heart of a man has been remodeled to a beautiful girl, her heart is a homo.
The two looking sideways at her have their mouth open wide.
Well, yeah, I get you.

「Y-You’re joking…?」

Kamuro Hizuki mutters as she look up at Yukina. That’s when I noticed something’s wrong with Kamuro Hizuki.
Yukina stands in a rusted, broken machine. Kamuro Hizuki’s eyes looking at Yukina is shaking awfully, her expression is stiff while she’s making a smile.
Kamuro Hizuki can read minds. Reading Yukina’s mind, did she get shocked by Yukina’s world.1

「What joke?! I’m always serious! You evil mind reading monster! This hero of justice with a heart of a man will defeat you!」

Yukina answers Kamuro Hizuki’s question and makes another pose.
Hm? A mind reading monster? Why does Yukina know that?
That’s somewhat strange

「Don’t make fun of me! There’s no way for you to win!」

Kamuro Hizuki’s eyebrows wrinkled as she barks at Yukina with clear anger.
What? Kamuro Hizuki’s state is strange. Is she seriously angry and shaken because of Yukina?

「I can! After all, I’m the hero of justice!」

Yukina who takes Kamuro Hizuki’s anger just barks back without any fear. Then Kamuro Hizuki’s expression goes even more abnormal.
There’s no mistake. Kamuro Hizuki is shaken. But why is she shaken? She can read Yukina’s heart so she should know that she doesn’t have great power?
But, she’s shaken. Kamuro Hizuki who should be dominant is absolutely shaken.
Is Yukina’s the cause? Why? She’s just being stupid as usual.

「You don’t know anything! The difference in strength is overwhelming! There’s no way you can win! There’s zero possibility that you can win! And yet, you!」
「I can! No, I didn’t came here to win! I came here to save Motaro!」
「It’s impossible! Just what can you do?! You can’t do anything!」
「I can! After all, I’m the hero of justice!」
「Shut up! You’re powerless! Powerless!!」
「You’re the one who should shut up! I’m the best! After all I’m a hero of justice!」
「Shut up!Shut up Shut up Shut up Shut up Shut up Shut up Shut uuuuuuuuuuup!!!」
「You shut up!」

Kamuro Hizuki yells madly and Yukina just mercilessly cuts of those words.
Yukina, I don’t get why but you’re being cool right now.
That said, it is as Kamuro Hizuki says, she’s at the advantage regardless of the situation. But, it looks like Kamuro Hizuki is being pressed down by Yukina.

「Ahahahahaha! You’re so funny! Truly laughable! Listen to this, Kazahana! She’s really intends to win against us! She seriously thinks that she’ll win from the bottom of her heart! What a foolish and ignorant child!」

Kamuro Hizuki took her eyes away from Yukina, her eyes are shaking, her face’s distorted, sweat running through her cheek, trembling, speaking like crazy, she’s asking Rikka who’s grabbing my arm.
Looking at it from my eyes, that’s a sore loser.


I hear a groan. That’s when I realized for the first time that’s something’s strange happening to Rikka’s sister.

「K-Kazahana? What’s wrong Kazahana? Eh? Sound? What sound? I can’t hear any sound? What’s wrong Kazahana? What’s happening?」

She noticed something’s wrong with Rikka’s sister then read her mind. Kamuro Hizuki asks Rikka’s sister while being awfully shaken.

「I-I don’t know. The sound’s splitting my head. Just what’s happening? Hizuki, that girl has some gimmick. You should know by reading that girl’s mind」

Rikka’s sister holds her head with her left hand while grasping my arm with her right, she’s sweating abnormally, frowning, and clenching her teeth?
Eh? Yukina’s doing something? I thought she’s specialized in not thinking anything?
But still, this is a chance. But, don’t rush. Rikka’s sister is holding my arm stronger than earlier. My bones will break instantly if I show any strange behavior.
Even if I escape with Yukina, I won’t be able to run if my bones break.
Judging Rikka’s sister’s state, there’s no doubt that there’s an anomaly.
Then, I’ll wait for the chance. The opportunity will definitely come. I have to wait for now so the opportunity made won’t be turned to waste.

「What the hell! That girl doesn’t think of anything! She’s not thinking of anything but saving Suzuhara-san! She’s not thinking of anything else!」
「There’s no way that’s the case! this sound is artificial! There’s no mistake, that girl’s setting up something!」
「Even if you tell me that I don’t get it! I don’t get it! She doesn’t know anything!」

Kamuro Hizuki’s obviously confused as she rant.

「Calm down Hizuki! There’s no way you won’t know, you can read mindー」

Rikka’s sister desperately tries to calm Kamuro Hizuki has her head suddenly blown away.
Next a metal sound echoes.


Not knowing what happened, I just saw Rikka’s head blowing away.


Rikka’s sister rolls and groans on the ground.
It seems that her head was blown off but her body seems to have been blown away with the head as well.

「My, my, what an unexpected development. Won’t Yukina win alone here?」

Surprised by the voice I heard, I turn my eyes to the voice.
Asahina’s there carrying a metal bat on her shoulder.
Metal bat? Could it be…
Rikka’s sister being blown off was Asahina swinging her bat directly?
You, there’s a limit to being merciless. I’m the one saying that though.

「Asahina here, can you hear me? Over」

Asahina holding the bat on her shoulder holds her ear with her left hand then spoke to someone. But, there’s nobody around but Asahina.

「Yukina’s single horseman attack is a huge success. I don’t get why it’s succeeding but that’s what you expected right? What’s the next order?」

Asahina mutters as if talking to someone while holding down her left ear. That’s when I noticed. There’s an earphone attached on Asahina’s left ear. Furthermore, there’s a thin rod extending from the earphone and a microphone on the tip of it.
Call. Asahina’s communicating with someone.

「N-No way, no way you people are…」

Kamuro Hizuki standing up murmurs with a stunned expression.

「You people really don’t know anything…」

Hearing Kamuro Hizuki’s mutter, I also noticed.
What the heck. These guys jumped in without any idea?
No, even if they don’t think, there are others thinking. Their the brains that gives instruction from somewhere else.

「Hey hey, you’re doing well」

I feel cold chill running up my spine. The chill can be said pleasant.
What an innovative thought. What an amazing idea.
That’s the greatest way to counter someone who can read minds. That is to not think of anything. I just realized it.
Those who don’t know anything will be going to the location then those who give instructions will be on a remote location. That way, even if their minds are read, you’ll never see their strategy.

「Ah, yes yes, the third and fourth. Roger~」

Asahina who’s talking to someone in the call nods then looked at Yukina.

「Yukina! Throw the third and fourth water balloons towards Kamuro Hizuki!」

Yukina answers Asahina’s shout then she crouched and hold ball-things in both hands.

「W-What is that! What the hell is that?!」
「That’s the third and fourth water balloon! I don’t know what that is though!」

Yukina replies Kamuro Hizuki who’s confused. Thenー


I hear a voice.
Rikka who’s has fallen down rises up and kicks the ground at the same time.
Rikka’s sister should be better than Rikka. But, her movement is too miserable. But still, Rikka’s sister was able to run at a speed higher than human then pushed away Kamuro Hizuki.


Hearing that sound, Rikka’s sister broke the balls.


A piercing scream.
Rikka’s sister covers her face with both hands, collapsed while screaming like crazy, causing her whole body to convulse on the ground.
What? Yukina, what did you throw?
It looks like it was water balloon but did it have sulfuric acid inside?
No, that’s not it. It’s not sulfuric acid.
This smell…spice?

「Kazahana! What’s wrong, Kazahana?!」

Kamuro Hizuki who escaped the water balloon pushed aside by Rikka’s sister, approaches Rikka’s sister who’s crawling on the ground.

「Ah, Asahina here. You instructed us to hit Kamuro Hizuki but we hit the animal ear girl. Somehow it’s working quite well. Eh? As expected? Ufufu, as expected of Yuka our tactician」

Asahina’s communicating while looking down on Rikka’s sister crawling on the ground.
She’s talking with Yuka?
I don’t see Yuka around.

「Yukina! The first and second, then the fifth and sixthーwho cares, just throw all of it!」

Yukina answers Asahina’s shout then throws the water balloon one after another from the high position.


Kamuro Hizuki reached out to Rikka’s sister crawling on the ground and covers her from the water balloon.
Pashan, pashan, the water balloon breaks. Thenー

「Hm?…It stinks!」

A strange odor drifts.
What’s this excessively sweet odor, perfume?
No, there’s perfume but it seems that there are others mixed as well.
Anyway, the area was filled with an awfully unpleasant smell instantly.

Who would’ve thought that they’re going to kill Rikka’s sister’s eyes and nose?

I see, I get it. Abilities that’s beyond human knowledge are never almighty. That’s what I told Asahina yesterday.
If you have made preparations, you can defeat her without having to struggle so much.
Because their speed is too excellent, no, it’s too good that it’s also a weak point.
For example, wasabi and mustard will be an incomparable stimulations compared to humans.
The smell emitting from the perfumes for example, it won’t just end with their nose bending.
Then, what’s the cause of Rikka’s sister irregularity? They definitely did something but what did they do?

「The last one, Yukina! Pull the string in the bag with all your might then scatter the contents!」

Yukina accepting Asahina’s instructions, pulls strings coming out of the pig-pink colored bag. The next momentー


An intense and unpleasant sound echoes sharply.
Warning sound? Furthermore, an amazing number of alarm overlaps with each other, it’s making a dreadful sound.
The source is the pig bag. Yukina opened the bag she’s holding then scatters the contents.
Portable warning buzzer comes out of the bag.
The large amount of alarm buzzer goes even louder when taken out of the bag, the sound reflected by the walls of the abandoned factory, overlapping with each other, it became an awful noise.
My head seems to break.
I hold my ears thinking so but that’s the only worry of me who has a regular human’s hearing ability. Rikka’s sister who have animal ears seems to have her head really break from the sound.


As I thought, Rikka’s sister who’s crouching holds her animal ears with both hands from the noise that’s splitting her head off.

「Kazahana! What’s wrong, Kazahana! Get yourself together! You’re the strongest you know!」

Covering Rikka’s sister, Kamuro Hizuki desperately calls her out. But, that’s hopeless unless you remove the sound.
If Rikka’s sister becomes unable to move, only Kamuro Hizuki remains.
Though she can read minds, she should be physically an ordinary human like me. Then, it’s impossible to fight the three of us at the same time.
In other words, “checkmate”.
These guys won.

「Asahina here! The plan’s a huge success! It’s so loud and I can’t hear you so I’ll end the call!」

Asahina speaks out not loosing to the echoing noise takes off the earphone in her ear then threw it away. Then she grabbed her metal bat with both hands and smiled.

「Who’s going to kill who? Say that after you made the kill!」

Asahina shouted, holding the bat with both hands, she ran towards the two.

「Attach the gloves! I’m departing!」

Yukina who’s standing in the high location as usual puts fingerless gloves in her hands then jumps happily in a high voice.
Idiot. The opponent is stronger than Rikka. No matter how weak the monster is, it’s still a monster. There’s a limit to stupidity on fighting that kind of enemy.

Fu, fufu, fufufu, kukuku, Hahahahahahaha, kukukuku, hahahahahaha

「Ahahahahahahahaha! So fucking fun! You girls are so interesting.」

They won one-sided to those guys I thought I can never win against.
Those who didn’t have any special ability made the impossible possible.
Then, I should be able to do it too.
Because I’m someone who has an “unfair skill”

I’ve been using this alone, all the time. Knowing that my ability is suitable for “support’, I’ve used it alone without telling anyone.
But now, I should be using my ability right at this moment.
Using it as a “support” is the way to show the true value of this ability.
That’s my X-ray ability beyond what I thought.

「Activate ability!」

I shouted with all my heart and soul. But my ability doesn’t activate.

「Activate ability!」

I shouted with all my heart and soul. But my ability doesn’t activate.

「Activate ability!」

I shouted with all my heart and soul. But my ability doesn’t activate.

「Activate ability!」

I shouted with all my heart and soul. But my ability doesn’t activate.

「Activate ability!」

I shouted with all my heart and soul. But my ability doesn’t activate.

「Activate ability!」

I shouted with all my heart and soul. But my ability doesn’t activate.

「I’m telling you to activate goddammit!」

I shouted till my blood vessels cut, no, I’ll cut it.
I need it now. I need it right now. I beg you, activate already!

I see a white dot in the darkness.

Countless meteors come close to me.

A pure white world.

Oh, I see. I didn’t lose my ability?

My ability was like this since the start.
It had no relation to inorganic nor organic matter from the start.
Now that I think of it, that’s right.
I thought my space grasp ability can only penetrate through inorganic materials. But I can penetrate things that I shouldn’t all the time.
Trees are organic. The wooden boards used for walls and floors of houses are also organic.
Besides, there are a lot of organic matter. My ability makes that transparent.

The reason was because I didn’t recognize it.

Everything was just a wrong impression. Believed it to be right, I restricted my own ability.
Even if I try to open my ability, I kept limiting myself.

To not see what I don’t want to see. To not see through human minds.

But, I depended on my ability.
I depended on the ability I feared.
Putting a limited on myself, I still depend on my ability.
That’s why, everything’s half-assed.
I was using an incomplete ability because of my belief.
But after meeting Marina, Yuka, Yukina, I gradually removed my limiters. But, my fear applies restriction to my ability forcibly so there was a tug of war.
The ability wasn’t limited from having too much information. I was limiting myself forcibly.

Then I tried to abandon my ability yesterday.

I tried to see the world as it was.
I tried to see Marina as she is.
I’ve decided to have the “resolve” to accept everything.
I thought that it will be okay whatever I see.
I was prepared to see everything.
When I embraced Marina Yesterday.
I didn’t think that I can believe her.
If she betrays me, it can’t be helped. I thought that it doesn’t matter even if she betrays me.
That’s why my ability has entered it’s preparatory stage.
To open up all of my abilities.

Oh, so this is the world.2 I can see everything.

「Activate ability」

Along with my mutter, I see the world of countless lights.
Right now, there’s nothing invisible.

「Oh, I get it. Kamuro Hizuki. My ability is superior than yours. Your ability is very small」

The ability to see through everything.
The ability to see through the things I fear most.

That’s right, the ability to see through minds.

Kamuro Hizuki. Your ability to see through minds only isn’t absurd at all.
If you want to beat me right now, you have to bring a robot who doesn’t have a heart.
However, it’s meaningless unless it’s remotely controlled.

「Asahina! Yukina! Back off, don’t complain! They’re no longer enemies!」

I address the two running towards Kamuro Hizuki and Rikka’s sister.
The two reacted to my voice then stopped, then they sent me a sideglance. Then, they jumped taking distance.
Okay okay, it’s good that they’re obedient.
My x-ray ability is alive and well. The space grasp ability and the human body x-ray ability has been fused and it’s firmly active. On top of that, I can see through minds.
Kamuro Hizuki and Kazahana tries to oppose us is no longer an enemy for me.
Also, Asahina, you loved me. Your heart throbs when I order you, that’s disgusting.
Also, Yukina, you really aren’t thinking of anything. Try to think even a bit?

「Your ability’s effective range is about 1.5 m in radius. Furthermore, it’s not seeing through the hole mind but only knotting the fragments you see in the mind, then tricking the enemy that you can see everything. Kamuro Hizuki, that’s your ability」

Seeing through Kamuro Hizuki’s mind, the details of her ability became clear.
The effective range of my current ability is 15 meter radius. Furthermore, it’s possible to foresee everything.
The performance of our ability is too different.

「Also, Kazahana. I had a big misunderstanding. No, perhaps Rikka’s misunderstanding it as well. You were made to think that your skill is higher than Rikka, actually, it’s lower.」

She was perfectly deceived.
Rikka’s comprehensive ability value is much higher. But, Kazahana was able to use her ability well so she overwhelmed Rikka.
No, Rikka was dominated by the thought “I’m no match against sister” since her young age.
She says “blood is thick” but actually, it’s like “fossil”
Rikka has the appearance that can’t be distinguished from humans is a result of evolution to adapt to the modern society, Kazahana’s the analog who’s unable to evolve.
In short, Kazahana is the failure.
Well, I understand her feelings. There’s no way you would want to accept that you’re inferior to your sister.
I think that’s pitiful. It seems to be true that they lost their beloved mother and sister.
But you see, that’s that, this’ this.

You picked a fight with me. That’s all.

But, I can’t kill these two. It would be troublesome if it gets exposed.
Then, I’ll let them go.
They’re no longer a problem even if they escape.
Kamuro Hizuki doesn’t have anyone but Kazahana. And what Kazahana said about being obedient to those who defeat them seems to be true.
Kazahana’s heart isn’t broken yet but we have a Rikka. And there’s me who can see everything.
If I can train Rikka properly, they won’t be a threat anymore.
There’s a way to completely break Kazahana’s heart and bring her to our side but in that case, Kamuro Hizuki who lost everything might get crazy.
That would be troublesome. Her getting crazy would be the most troublesome.
Kamuro Hizuki’s already crazy but it’s better not to make her go crazier.
Then let’s leave with the win or loss being vague. That way, they’ll be able to keep their honor and retreat easily.
But if they still try to stick to us, I’ll crush them perfectly.
Thoroughly, and mercilessly.

「Let’s go back!」

Calling out Asahina and Yukina, I turned back then began to walk.
Asahina and Yukina doesn’t seem to agree but they began to walk following my instructions. Alsoー.

ーO-Order me strongly. If you want, slap my ass too. Eh? You want to put a finger in my ass? Geez, you idiot ♡ Haa ♡ Haa
ーI wonder if Motaro will have sex with me when we come back.

Is what they’re thinking.
Leaving Yukina alone, Hey, Asahina, I raped you. I stole your virginity and came inside you. Shouldn’t you be having a grudge on me?
Or rather, you really do love being played in your anus from the bottom of your heart.

That said, the alarm is noisy so I want to get out of here as soon as possible.

With that in mind, I stopped and looked behind.
Kazahana’s cowering and trembling, and Kamuro Hizuki covering her to protect her.
Kazahana seems to be unable to act but Kamuro Hizuki’s different. She’s in a condition where she can move if she wants to. But, she doesn’t.
She’s just calling my name in her mind, crying.


Coming out of the abandoned factory, Yuka comes over.
She has a earphone on her ears and binoculars around her neck.
I see through Yuka’s heart who came over but the information is awfully fragmented.
Just like Asahina and Yukina, Yuka doesn’t seem to know the details of the strategy as well.
Seriously, they came up with something ridiculous.

「Mota-kun! If there’s nothing else, let’s go back immediately!」

Yuka’s about to cry, clinging to me, she makes a piercing scream.
I know even if you don’t say it.
There’s someone remaining in the headquarters, desperately holding her desire to rush over.

「Marina-chan isー」

I hold down Yuka’s screaming lips with my finger.
Like I said, you don’t need to say it.

「Yare yare」

Leaking out a sigh, I look up at the sky and scratched my head.
The blue sky is covered with snow-white clouds.
I’m tired, no way I can go to school. I’ll go back home for the time being, take a hot bath, then sleep.
And when I wake upー

「Let’s go eat yakiniku?」

I walk while muttering so.
Oh, that said, we’re going to the eat-all-you-can.

When the house came to my view, Marina standing in front of the house saw me then ran out while crying.

ーSuzuhara-san! Welcome back!

I can see the voice of her heart as Marina comes to me without looking aside.
Then, I took a tackle from Marina then she cried out like a child.

Seeing through Marina’s mind, the details of the strategy for today has become clear.
Marina’s the one who planned the strategy. Yesterday, after I fucked Marina a lot, she got down to the first floor when she confirmed that I’m sleeping. Then she has gathered everyone for a strategy meeting.

Kamuro Hizuki has the ability to manipulate minds.

The strategy is set up under that assumption.
Marina, Kisaragi, and Lolihina are the ones who know the content of the strategy.
Asahina, Yuka, and Yukina were appointed as the operating unit and were out in the strategy meeting.
They didn’t tell the content of the strategy to the operating unit. By doing so, if ever they became under Kamuro Hizuki’s control by any chance, there’s no danger of knowing the content of the plan.
Though they’re uneasy about adding Yukina to the operating unit, three women is needed for the unit. If Yukina becomes no good, the remaining will be Kisaragi and Lolihina except for the commander, Marina.
KIsaragi’s relationship with me is shallow, Lolihina isn’t suitable for the operating unit.
In that case, there’s no choice but to add Yukina to the operating unit, or making the operating only two members.
However, Marina saw through Yukina’s bravery and energy. That’s why she added Yukina to the operating unit. And Marina’s judgement is correct.
Yukina showed work more than expected.

Also, Marina thought that Kamuro Hizuki’s ability is mental manipulation but it was actually mind reading.
Well, I’m the one who said that Kamuro Hizuki’s ability is mental manipulation.
Anyway, Marina set up a strategy for anti-mind control.
Also, she has assumed that Kamuro Hizuki has an ally with the same ability as Rikka.
It seems that she prepared for the worst but that was a jackpot.

Marina and Kisaragi headed to the recycling center that’s open at midnight to prepare tools against Rikka.
Meanwhile, Lolihina who remained in the house made water balloon bombs.
Marina doesn’t know the contents of the water balloon bombs well but Kazahana’s body said it with her body.
The elder sister is like the younger one. I shouldn’t let these sisters cook.

Marina and Kisaragi purchased binoculars and earphones, then equipment such as pesticides and buzzers, then joined back with Lolihina and continued the strategic conference until dawn.
Kisaragi is the headquarters staff and Lolihina is the secretary. The purpose was mainly for Lolihina’s sake.,
If Yukina heads to the spot as the operating unit, Lolihina might forget herself. Lolihina was given that position to prevent that.
She has to accomplish her job. She’s persuaded that it will lead to protecting Yukina.

Morning, Marina attached the anti-pest equipment to Yukina’s uniform.
Yukina didn’t know about it because the device generates a powerful ultrasound that can’t be heard by humans.
Kazahana turning abnormal is the proof that the device was effective.
Furthermore, it seems that the ultrasonic generator camouflaged Yukina’s infiltration through Kazahana’s super sense.
Asahina and Yukina are the operating unit that will confront directly. Likewise, Yuka’s on the same unit but she didn’t act together, she has observed the site from a remote location then played the role of a pipe connecting the headquarters to the operating unit.
Only those in the headquarters know the contents of the strategy. In case of emergency, the contents of the strategy will go through Yuka.
Yuka who arrived at the scene holds her binoculars and informs the headquarters of what she knows. The headquarters gives Yuka instruction from the information given then, Asahina’s given the instructions.
It’s the hardest part that’s why Yuka was the one asked to do it. And Yuka has accomplished her role magnificently.

She tried to start the strategy from Marina’s go sign but an unexpected development has happened.
Yukina has jumped the gun.
But Yukina who’s equipped with the ultrasonic generator infiltrating resulted in success, Marina felt dead more than alive.

The strategy began, and Kamuro Hizuki has has gotten confused because the operating unit doesn’t know the contents of the strategy.
For Kamuro Hizuki who can only read minds, this plan is something she’d want to avoid.
And the strategy became a great success until it becomes one-sided.

Also, Marina has another hand.
That was the greatest key to the operation and thanks to that, they were easily able to conclude that Kamuro Hizuki’s ability is only reading minds and her ally has the same ability as Rikka.
That is, tapping my conversation.

Marina returned to my room on the second floor in the morning then hit my cellphone in my uniform pocket while in the middle of call with her. Then, she attached a hands-free microphone on the collar then, laid down and pretended to be asleep.
Who would’ve thought that she’s tapping the conversation. I didn’t notice it at all.
Furthermore, when I woke up and found Yuka while going down to the second floor, that wasn’t a coincidence. In addition, it seems that what happened with Asahina during breakfast was Marina’s script.
I didn’t wonder that Marina and Yuka would tantrum about coming with me. No, i thought that they’ll definitely whine.
And yet, even if nobody hold me down, it made me feel uneasay.
That’s why Marina let me see Yuka and Asahina and have them persuade them.
I thought that Marina’s asleep, and that I can persuade Yuka and Asahina.
But, that’s all a script.
That means that I’ve just been under Marina’s plan.

What a scary woman.

Anyway, this was a complete victory for Marina.
Also, what? Kisaragi and Lolihina did their best too.
Well, I owe them.
But, Asahina, you’re no good.3

That said, the ability to read minds? What a wonderful ability I got.

「I’m really glad that Suzuhara-san’s okay. That alone is enough」

Is what Marina says while embracing me. Her mind saysー

ーHurry ♡ up ♡ and ♡ do ♡ my ♡ pussy ♡

Is what she thinks.
Marina has really gotten erotic.
Well, I’m the one who trained her to be that way.
By the way, Yukaー

ーBath ♡ Bath with Mota-kun ♡ He promised me ♡ Marina-chan can’t go in ♡ I want to suck Mota-kun’s delicious dick with my mouth ♡ Mota-kun looks so cute when he cums ♡

She’s thinking while smiling.
…So Yuka sees me that way.
And, Asahina and Yukinaー

ーSince I had enema this morning, it’s about time I put enema again.
ーMust be nice to be Marina-neechan I want to embrace Motaro too. Is it the breasts?

That’s what they’re thinking.
Yukina’s okay, Asahina, you’re really no good.
It’s really interesting to read minds. And it also has various uses.
Mainly, lewd ones.
For example, knowing that Asahina really loves me, I can tease her a lot.
Umu, it’s interesting no matter how you think about it.


  1. Shine! Kakyoin!
  2. Kore ga za warudo
  3. I should’ve let Hizuki kill you