X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 72



In the dark forest where the sun has already fallen.
There’s a girl with white hair and red eyes wearing a yellow hood parker in front of me.
Blushing, breathing roughly, embracing herself with both hands, desperately staring at me while trembling.
Though it seems she’s trying not to make me realize but it’s useless. Bluffs won’t work on me.

After returning to the abandoned factory, I entered the bath with Yuka as promised and Marina broke in halfway so I enjoyed having a soap play with them, I ejaculated inside Yuka three times and one time with Marina, it feels very refreshing. And I slept enjoying Marina and Yuka breast sandwich.

Seeing the breast sandwich even in my dreams, it was the best.

Waking up, I took all of them to eat yakiniku as promised.
Since I invited them, it’s obvious that it’s my treat.
Thanks to that, my money’s now gone.
Well, it can’t be helped as I promised that.
I still have some secret savings.

That said, the glances were painful when we all went in.
The beautiful sisters, Asahina and Lolihina. Also, Marina and Yuka, and the blonde hair, blue eyes and big tits Yukina. In addition, Kisaragi.
The gathering of the gazes is normal as a lot of beauties have entered. However, if it were only the beauties, it won’t be much of a problem.
The problem is me being together with the group of beauties.

ーThat’s a lot of beauties.
ーThe twin-tail with fish eyes girl is amazingly beautiful.
ーThe small one with the twin-tail is also cute. Looks like it’s the little sister.
ーI like that brown haired ponytail girl.
ーThat brown haired girl feels strangely cute even though she’s on the same level of the group./
ーThe brown hair girl got some huge rack.
ーI want to massage the breasts of that brown haired girl
ーThe black ponytail girl is very cute
ーIn the end, I’d pick the blond blue eyes big tits loli
ーThen, what’s with that absentminded looking man?
ーErrand boy?
ーHe must the errand boy.
ーOf course he’s the errand boy.
ーI don’t care about that, I want to join them.

I can see the minds of the customers in the shop because of my ability.
I don’t care if they think of me as an errand boy. I don’t care about what others think, and it would save me from unnecessary troubles if they think of me as an errand boy.
But, those who want to massage Marina’s breasts are dead.

I won’t be able to feel at ease with this so I released my ability.

It’s troublesome to read minds.
Also, I don’t want to get too much bad attention but Yukina’s been in frolic.
Yukina thought that she’ll be going to eat meat like crazy but it seems that it’s her first time entering such a shop so her curiosity won over her appetite.
Asahina’s eating meat silently and Kisaragi’s busy taking care of Asahina. Marina’s absorbed on eating lychee, Yuka’s absentminded all the time. Because I made her cum in the bath, her heart isn’t here.
With that said, I don’t have anyone to play with but Yukina. Thanks to that, Yukina pulls my hand around the store, then Lolihina got crying as Yukina was taken away from her, in the end, the three of us explored the store.
Walking around with two loli in hand, of course I’ll stand out badly.
Because of that, the surroundings are sending me some awful bloodthirst.
Let me tell you though, I haven’t made a move on these lolis.
I don’t mind being criticized bringing a group of beauties but I can’t agree being held antipathy against on things I haven’t done.
Well, Yukina and Lolihina are definitely cute but it’s trouble to look after them you know.

After eating Yakiniku, we went out of the store and dismissed.

Walking alone in the road, I remembered that it’s been a long time I was alone.

What will happen after the festival?
Even though that was troublesome, I feel strangely lonely.
The noise of huge number of people isn’t bad at all. I’d be lying if I say that it was not fun.

Then, coming home, I decided to begin the closure.

Asahina and Lolihina made a special drink before going to the Yakiniku shop. I took it along with Rikka then head to the forest.
To the forest I fought against Rikka before.
I unbound Rikka in the darkness then let her drink Asahina sister’s special drink.
Rikka’s unconscious but steam rise from her whole body when she took in the nutrition then she opened her eyes.
Rikka jumped away from me, embraced her trembling body then she glared at me with the thirst of blood.
Though making noise is great, I still like being alone.
No, having a girl sending out murderous intend in the darkness gives a good degree of tension, that’s very comfortable.

I like the tension where you can see death immediately.

「Nights are great. You and I suit the night. We’re both humans that can’t walk under the sun. Crawling in the ground like an insect, then crawling like a worm stealthily in the darkness of the night. Don’t you think so, Rikka?」

Inhaling the night air in my chest, I asked the girl then smiled.
The red eyes glaring at me is obviously frightened.
White hair and red eyes Rikka’s heart is already broken. But that doesn’t mean she’ll submit to me.
She’s the same as dogs. Even if her heart breaks, she’ll still bark when she sees an enemy. She’ll snarl and bite me.
If you want to make them obedient then you have to tell her who’s the master. And you have to make them recognize it.
Also, Rikka has a thread of hope. She has an elder sister who’s power surpasses her. And Kamuro Hizuki who can read minds.
As long as those two give Rikka hope, she’ll never submit to me.
Then, I will take it away.

「I’ve met your sister」

When I mutter while I look at Rikka, she twitched and her red eyes shake violently.

「I’ve met your sister and I’m standing here unhurt. Do you get what it means?」

Hearing what I say, Rikka’s face turned pale.

「N-No way. There’s no way Nee-san would lose…」

Rikka speaks in denial. But, her voice is trembling weakly.
You can say that her ability value is too high.
I’ve entered the bath but, Rikka can smell her sister sticking to my body. Because of that, she knows it’s true that I met Kazahana.
I met Kazahana and yet I’m still standing unhurt.
That’s what it means.
I just said that I met her sister. But, Rikka has said “No way she’ll lose”
She realized it. No, she realized it selfishly.
That her sister lost.

「N-Nee-san, my nee-san lost…」

Her lonely voice echoes in the dark night.
Light disappeared from her red eyes, Rikka broke down to her knees and collapsed to the ground.
That man won against her sister who she couldn’t win against.
Rikka who has her heart broken, it was despair.
Rikka has lost against me once. And on top of that, her sister lost too.
Rikka’s intention to resist has already vanished from the bottom of her heart.

「N-Nee-san, Nee-san and Hizuki…are they alive?」

Kneeling on the ground, hanging her hands loosely, she looks up at me with her red eyes that lost it’s light and ask in fright.

「I let them go」

I answered while looking down at Rikka.
Hearing those words, Rikka can’t feel relieved.

I let them go.

That means that her sister turned tail and run away.
Furthermore, the man was barely hurt and smiling in front of her.
But, they didn’t lose. Her strongest sister who’s an absolute existence can’t do anything and run away.
That’s what Rikka is thinking.
Actually, I’m on the verge of defeat and Marina and the girls won, but I’m not lying. I’m just not stating the facts.

I don’t need to say anything unnecessary. No, it’s better not to say it. If I do that, Rikka will take out an answer selfishly.

「Abandoned by your sister and Kamuro Hizuki, do you have anywhere to return to?」

When I conclude that, Rikka trembled.
She doesn’t know whether Kamuro Hizuki or Kazahana has abandoned her.

「Would you like to be my dog?」

When I ask her, Rikka looked up at me with her red eyes that lost it’s light then she tilts her head.
I don’t need whip to make her submit. Her heart is broken enough already. Then, I should just give what she wants from the bottom of her heart.
What she need right now is a sweet candy.

Rikka’s heart is jumbled. That’s her grudge and hatred against humans. And the dependence and desire to monopolize Kamuro Hizuki. And, her jealousy and inferiority complex to her sister.
Rikka wants someone to depend on and someone to recognize her. She wants to be praised.
She’s aggressive not just because she hates humans. She’s trying to vent out her jealousy and inferiority to her sister.

Kamuro Hizuki knows that. She knew that Kazahana’s inferior to Rikka. But she also knows that Kazahana is excellent.
Kazahana and Rikka, in order to manipulate the two, it’s better to set up Kazahana who’s the elder sister in usage of power. That’s what she thinks.
I don’t think that’s wrong. But, Rikka’s starving for love. Kamuro Hizuki wasn’t able to understand Rikka’s “youthfulness” Because of that, she had trouble dealing with Rikka.
That’s what caused for Rikka to be aggressive.
In short, she vent out her anger. Rikka’s just a child throwing a tantrum. If you give her love, she’s easy to manipulate.
Then, I’ll become her object of dependence. Let’s become her ideal master.
In my ability to see everything, there’s a definite weak point. That is me being a normal human.
My ability has no offensive ability. No matter how you look at it, the ability can demonstrate it’s true value by being a support.
For that, Rikka’s the ideal follower.
She has the offense, defense, mobility, perception, and resilience.
Her body strengthening makes her able to oppose a huge army alone.
If you want to include the meaning of watchdog, she’s an existence I definitely want.
I got Rikka.
It’s okay. I can do it better than Kamuro Hizuki.

「We’re different types but we’re both monsters. I haven’t lived as harsh as you but I’ve experienced harshness as well. I know the feeling of being alienated」

Rikka’s listening to my words obediently.
Her absolute sister has been defeated and the person she depended on, Kamuro Hizuki has retreated.
The two has abandoned Rikka so she doesn’t have any other road but to listen to me.
No, Rikka has already thrown away her life. Her body’s alive but her heart is dead.
Then, I’ll gently, kindly, very sweetly, guide this dead heart.

「Hey, Rikka, we’re both monsters so I can accept you. I will accept all of you. Do you think it’s a lie? I’m the man who defeated you」

I say then squat down, I reach out my right hand towards Rikka then caress her cheeks gently with my finger.

「I’m the winner and you’re the loser. Your life is mine. I’m the one who will decide if you live or not. Isn’t that right? Rikka」

I address her gently while peeking at her heart, Rikka who has lost the light in her eyes nodded while staring at me.

「Good girl. Rikka, you’re a good girl. Very excellent. After all, you gave me so much troubles. You gave me who defeated your sister so much troubles. I like that about you」
「…T-Thank you, very much」

As if sleep talking, Rikka speaks without vigor.
Thrilling. I feel the thrilling pleasure rushing up my spine.
Her eyes that lost light, her very young expression without any vigor, it’s unbearably immoral and arousing.
In the pool of despair where she lost all hope, the look of the innocent girl trying to cling to the demon’s faint corruption is unbearably arousing.
Seeing that girl, my dick goes in rage.
Oh, it feels like myself after a long time.

「Rikka, tell me your hopes. I’m stronger than you, I’ll make your wish come true」

I already know Rikka’s wish. But I let Rikka say it and demand gratitude by fulfilling it.

「I-I, My wish is…」

Tears accumulate in the shaking red eyes, Rikka’s throat gulped, she raised a trembling voice, then paused. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, opened her eyes then looked at me.

「I want you to tell me to stay. I want you to tell me to stay with you. I want a place to stay. I need it. I want a person to say that it wasn’t a mistake I was born…」

Her sad voice echoes in the dark night and the tears gathering in her eyes have overflowed. Then tears run down Rikka’s smiling cheeks.

「Rikka, I need you. I want you. Stay by my side. I’m your place to stay. Do you get it, Rikka?」

Saying that, I grabbed Rikka’s narrow shoulders, gazing straight to her red eyes then embraced her tightly.
Her thin, delicate, and young body that’s as some power beyond human knowledge.
Rikka’s eyes open wide from being hugged strongly by me, her whole stiff body gradually loosens, she closes her eyes and entrusts everything to me.
She has fallen quite considerably but let’s give her another push just in case.

「Rikka, let’s make a master and slave contract」

Pulling up Rikka’s body who’s relaxed as she entrust everything to me, I ask Rikka while looking at her red eyes.

「Yes, bind me」

Rikka doesn’t show any worry but rather a thin smile on her face.
Oh, it’s unbearable to laugh to those eyes that lost it’s light.
Looking at Rikka, my dick gets even more erect, I lowered down my pants and took out my dick from the gap.
The swelling glans have transparent precum from the tip, it’s pulsating with thick blood vessels.
Even though I came a lot in Marina and Yuka but it has completely recovered.
I might have super recovery ability too. Mainly on the sexual part.

「Rikka, put your hands on the ground, and kiss the tip of my dick with your lips. That’s the proof of your obedience to me from the bottom of your heart, the master slave contract」

I command Rikka while pretending to be cool even though I’m extremely aroused.

「Yes, master. I submit myself to you heartily」

Rikka stares at me with her red eyes that lost it’s light then said with a smile, she put her hands on the ground then sat down. Then she bends her body like doing dogeza, bury her face between my crotch, then kissed the tip of my glans.

Fufu, she fell completely. Easy, too easy.

I was able to easily lead her heart because it’s already broken but, you can say that the ability to see through minds is amazing.
Having this much ability, you’ll go mad if you have a decent nerve owning this power.
Just like Kamuro Hizuki.
But, I’m okay.
After all, I’m originally “evil”

Because she’s young, I feel her her lips being squishy touching the tip of my glans.
Should I go and turn it to a fellatio?
Before I think that, Rikka began licking the tip of my glans.
While kneeling, burying her face in my crotch, Rikka’s licking the overflowing precum making an obscene wet sound.
She has never experienced licking a man’s dick I guess. Her movement is quite awkward but her desperation is transmitted certainly, it excites me all more.

「Rikka, you want that?」

Asking her, Rikka stopped licking then looked up.
Bright red face, and red wet eyes that lost it’s light. Her breathing is rough.
Rikka who has body piercing attached to her nipple and clitoris can’t cancel her super-recovery and she’s continued to be attacked by the side effect of forced estrus and heightened sensitivity.
Seeing my penis in erect state, she licked up the precum.

「M-Master, I want to mate ♡」

Her eyes without light stares at me, she speaks lewd words while breathing roughly.
Rikka has revealed her wild instincts, I don’t need to peep on her mind.

「Mother has said, It’s hard for us to be impregnated. It’s very hard to make a baby. No matter how many times you cum inside, no matter how much semen is poured to the womb, she said that our body can’t make babies easily」

Rikka standing in her knees said then rolled up her yellow parka.
A young slit can be seen between her thin white thighs.
An obscene mucous overflows from the pink slit that’s perfectly closed in her pure white skin.
Her painfully erect clitoris has a body piercing sticking to it, not matching her young body, that also fuels the animal passion and immorality.

「What we first learned from mother wasn’t how to survive but the ropes of making babies. If one of us sisters can become pregnant, we can leave descendants. The possibility of anyone from us becoming pregnant was emphasized rather than surviving」

Rikka who’s breathing roughly and holding her crotch opens her perfectly closed young slit while telling me what her mother taught her.
Lewd sounds echoed, her perfectly closed young slit is opened and the meat hole is exposed.
It’s a very small hole, unlike the pink surface, it’s colored reddish, wriggling and twitching.
No matter how young and small, she’s surely a woman.
No, should I say “female”?

「The trick to getting pregnant. That is to suffer a mortal wound to activate the super recovery ability, utilize the side effect caused by it, the forced estrus and the increase in sensitivity. Especially the forced estrus, it increases the pregnancy rate」

Rikka stares at me with her eyes that lost it’s light while showing her young flesh hole overflowing with obscene mucous, then she speaks with an ecstatic expression. Her voice is clearly seducing, it was sweet in all respects.

「Even if our pregnancy rate rises, it seems to be lower than normal humans. But, even if we mate in normal state, the probability of getting pregnant is always zero, always worse. And yet, mother became pregnant properly」

Oh, even if in normal state, the probability of getting pregnant is almost zero? What’s needed to raise the probability is the side effect by activating the super recovery ability, which is forced estrus and increase in sensitivity.
I thought that the side effects were harmful to the ability but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
In a sense, the forced estrus is an essential ability, in order to activate that they need to have a mortal wound, and so that’s why super-recovery ability is needed for that.
That’s hard.
Well, they say that human survival instincts make them aroused when they fall into a crisis. That’s the stronger version of it I guess.

「But, if the super recovery is lifted before the semen is poured on the sperm, the forced estrus will be lifted as well. That’s why we have to keep injuring our bodies while pouring the semen in our womb. But…」

Rikka who has an amazingly bewitching smile despite her young face begins to play with her clitoris while opening her meat hole to the limit.

「I’m in continuous heat right now. Thanks to Master, I’m in heat all the time. Making a hole on my nipples and clitoris, and attaching a tool so the hole won’t close up. Even mother didn’t know this method」

Looking at me with her eyes that lost it’s light, opening her meat hole to the limit, teasing her clitoris that has a body piercing with her fingers, Rikka leaks out hot and sweet voice in that appearance.

「Also, there’s another trick to getting pregnant. That isー♡」

Another trick. Saying that, Rikka stabs her fingers to the meat hole spread open.
Rikka twitched, then inserts the second finger while showing a cramped smile. She inserts the third, then the fourth finger.
Her meat hole is spread beyond the limit. Rikka began to forcibly spreading her meat hole where her four fingers is piercing in.
I can hear a creaking sound but that’s not it. Her meat is really screaming.

「B-Break the womb ♡ Have the penis’ tip pierce it violently again and again, it’ll definitely pierce the uterus ♡ Then, pour the semen directly to the broken uterus ♡ That’s the other trick to getting pregnant」

Rikka shows me the depths of her hole while spreading it out with her four fingers to the limit.
Breaking the uterus and pouring the semen directly she say.
If her super recovery is active, no matter how serious injury she takes, it’ll heal up immediately. That’s why there’s no problem breaking her uterus. Is the pregnancy method using that fact?

Rikka’s strong. No, Rikka “her likes” are strong, should I say?

If you think about Rikka’s ability, that’s undoubtedly the top of the natural world.
The stronger it is the lower the fertility. If the natural enemy does exists, the numbers increases infinitely. Therefore savage beasts don’t increase beyond necessity.
Rikka and her likes are the same, they have low fertility rate. But still, they shouldn’t decrease in numbers.
Kazahana has said that they were feared and worshiped as Gods.
Rikka and her like seems to be mating with humans, established a friendly relationship, and kept their kind alive.
But, the times have changed and humans have become a natural enemy.
But still, Rikka and her likes have to rely on humans. If they can’t get pregnant from humans, they will go extinct eventually.
No, it might be too late. Rikka and her likes might have no more path left but extinction.

「Rikka, you’re a good girl so I’ll grant your hope. I’m kind to good girls」

Saying that, I caress Rikka’s cheeks then touched her lips.
Her pink young lips aren’t as soft as Marina or Yuka’s, but they’re tender and tight.

「T-Thank you very much ♡ Thank you very much, Master ♡ I’ll be a good girl so master will like me」

She wants to be recognized. She wants to be praised. She wants to be needed. She wants a place. She wants to bear a child.
Rikka’s heart is swirling with such feelings, she needs me and her desires are fulfilled. But, if satisfied, her greedy desire will overflow and dominate Rikka’s heart.

She wants to be needed. To be ruled. To be disciplined. To be ordered. She doesn’t need her own will. Her lord’s will is everything. That’s repose.

Rikka’s biased passion is rising up.

That’s indeed a bitch in heat.

Rikka’s heart will not be satisfied no matter how filled it is.
Just like me.
Living alienated for the most of one’s live. Because of that, one’s spirit has been twisted.
Just because she’s needed for a bit, her twisted spirit won’t be corrected.
In order to restore what’s twisted back to it’s original state, you need to take time longer it took to twist it. Furthermore, if you restore the twisted part, it’ll become brittle.
It’s the same as bending wires multiple times.
Then, there’s no need to restore it.
It’s just okay to keep it twisted.

「Rikka, you’re mine」
「Yes ♡ I’m Master’s property ♡」
「Rikka, follow me」
「Yes ♡ I will follow Master ♡」
「Rikka, you’re a good girl」
「Aha ♡ Thank you very much, Master ♡」

Rikka thanks me with a smile, and that’s different from before, it was very innocent and lovely.
If Rikka had animal ears, it would’ve probably been standing.
If Rikka had a tail, it would surely be swinging around in full power.
Her dog like obedience is cute.
We’re not equal. We’re master and servant. Rikka wishes for that kind of relationship. That is Rikka’s repose.
She’s really a dog. A dog with a human appearance.

「Rikka, get on all fours and point your ass towards me. As you are a beast, I will fuck you from behind like a beast」
「Y-Yes ♡」

Hearing my order, Rikka smiled then get in all fours in a hurry. Her ass was turned to me in an instant. Furthermore, she’s raising her ass so I can see her young and obscene pussy well.
Rikka’s not wearing anything other than her yellow hooded parka. Because of that, not only her young obscene pussy is visible but also her pink tiny ass hole.
I grin then raised my right handー

「Kyan ♡」

Rikka raised a sweet scream then shivers like a puppy along with the slapping sound. Then piss comes out of her urethra.
It seems that she pissed from too much pleasure from having her ass slapped by me.
She’s urinating like a dog exceeding the limit of joy.

「Rikka’s a good girl but I feel disappointed. Even though I said I’ll fuck you like a beast, you’re still wearing clothes? Do beast wear clothes?」

Rikka seems in ecstasy from having her ass slapped, she hurries to stand while trembling when I ask her. She rolled up her yellow parka then threw it away.
As a result, her small thin and young back is exposed.

「I-I’m sorry ♡ I’m sorry, Master ♡ I’m dumb so I can’t remember unless you discipline me severely ♡ Therefore, please scold me when I fail and punish me a lot ♡」

That’s not reflection but the pleasure of being disciplined.
When I hit Rikka’s ass, she became a prisoner of that pleasure.
She wants to be disciplined more. She wants to be disciplined severely.
Rikka’s heart is filled with such thoughts.
Therefore, Rikka will fail for sure.
Just to be severely disciplined by me.
But, Rikka’s thinking about it. She thinks that she shouldn’t fail.
So that I won’t be disappointed.

Oh, what a cute bitch.
A foolish, clever and obedient bitch is cute.

Feeling the pleasure rising up my spine, my angry dick pulsates and precum overflows from the tip.
Rikka’s a virgin. I’ve confirmed it with my ability.
Since when did I rape Asahina’s virginity? Furthermore, Asahina’s pussy was tight and yet, Rikka’s much younger. I can tell that this pussy is small by just looking at it.
My dick’s angry. The glans is swelling like crazy.
It’s impossible to pierce that small meat hole.
But, there’s no problems with Rikka. Rikka won’t have any problems.
Even if she breaks, she’ll go back to original.
Rikka’s a bitch you can break.
No, Rikka is a bitch that wishes to be broken.

I’d like to twist my dick inside that young meat hole.

Being driven by that urge, I raise my right hand. Thenー.

「Kyan ♡」

Along with the slapping sound echoing, Rikka screams sweetly like a puppy trembling in excitement.
Swinging my right hand with full power, I slapped Rikka’s ass as strong as possible
The snow white ass has a red dye shaped like my palm and it immediately returns to pure white skin.
Rikka who’s turning her back on me while kneeling, looks at me with wet eyes, leaking a hot breath while showing a lewd smile, then her waist twitches and urine comes out from her.

「Rikka, stay on your knees. I can’t fuck you from the back unless you’re on all fours, right? Hey, good but dumb girl, Rikka」

Tracing Rikka’s small back with my finger, I asked her.
Rikka looks at me from the side, trembling while having a lewd smile, pissing out vigorously.
Her red eyes that lost it’s light. Moist red eyes. It’s too blind that it’s a dark eye reflecting only me.

「If Master gets bored of me, Master will throw me away?」

Even though I ordered her to be on all fours, Rikka asks while on her knees.
It’s a violation of order. I have to punish her.
Raising my right hand, I slapped her young white ass without mercy.
Rikka trembles and pisses along with the slapping sound. But she didn’t scream. She’s just staring at me from the side.

「I’ll throw you when I get tired of you. That’s obvious. I will calmly abandon you if I get tired of you. Just like a trash」

Saying that, I raised my right hand again then grabbed Rikka’s white ass without mercy.

「If I throw you, you’re no longer mine. You don’t need to hear my orders. That’s why, kill me if I throw you away. I will abandon you with that risk. I won’t complain even if you kill me」

Hearing those words, Rikka’s body jumped up and the pupils of her red eyes dilated.
Dripping saliva from her distorted smile, piss comes out as she tremble.
I can see the frightening pleasure fill Rikka’s heart.
And Rikka’s heart starves for greater pleasure

「Ooh, Master ♡ Even if you abandon me, I’m yours ♡」

Raising a lewd smile, not minding the drool, she stares at me with her pupils dilated, trembling as Rikka speaks, she puts her hand on the ground and gets on all fours. Then, she raised her ass so that her lewd places become visible.
Rikka who’s exposing everything from her young pussy to her tiny peach ass hole, isn’t saying anything anymore. She’s just waiting to be fucked by me.

「Good girl. But, Rikka’s dumb. Punishment time」

I grin as I say that and sent two of my fingers in Rikka’s young and small meat hole. Then, I pierced her forcefully.

「Igi ♡」

The two fingers piercing all the way to the root has broken her hymen, Rikka twitched and screamed sweetly while pissing herself.

「Agu ♡」

When I pull it out immediately, Rikka trembles then pisses then screams sweetly. 1
The two fingers stabbing her young pussy gets entangled with obscene mucous, and I see the evidence that I robbed her purity.
I see Rikka’s vagina with my ability.
The torn hymen is instantly reproduced.
That’s right, all of Rikka’s injuries are healed by the super-recovery ability as long as it’s active.

In short, no matter how many times I break Rikka’s virginity and rape her, she’ll experience the same suffering every time I pierce through her young meat hole.

If you rob the virginity of a girl without super recovery ability, their hymen won’t regenerate. Also, if she doesn’t suffer a dying wound, her super-recovery ability won’t activate.
But, in her present situation where she can’t cancel her ability because of the body piercing, even if I break her hymen, it’ll be instantly reproduced.
That’s not all. No matter how small this meat hole is, if you fuck this multiple times, it’ll loosen. But, the super-recovery ability is active so it’s perhaps impossible to expand the hole. It’ll go back to what it was no matter how many times you violate it.
I’ll be able to taste a fresh virgin pussy every time I fuck her but Rikka who’s being fucked won’t be able to hold it.
However, if the super recovery is released, the side effect of forced estrus and increase in sensitivity will disappear. In that case, her probability of getting pregnant will decrease.
Acording to Rikka, it’s almost impossible to get pregnant without the forced estrus.
Grinning, I stab Rikka’s young meat hole with my fingers covered in lewd mucous and the proof of deflowering her.

「Higu ♡」

Piercing my fingers in, Rikka who’s raising her ass while in all fours raised a sweet scream then trembled.
The two fingers can feel piercing the hymen inside her small meat hole.

「Ngi ♡」

Pulling my fingers out, she pisses while twitching then screams sweetly while writhing.

「Agi ♡」

Piercing her again with my fingers, her hymen that was supposed to be broken breaks again.

「Agi ♡」

Pulling outー


Piercing inー


Pulling out ー


Thrusting it inside againー


Pulling it out againー


I mercilessly pierce and break.

The sound of repeated thrust and pull and wet echoes over and over again along with Rikka’s sweet scream in the darkness.

Rikka doesn’t show any resistance, she just keep lifting her ass on all fours, presenting her small and young meat hole to me.
Unable to endure it, I increase the fingers to three, four, and even forcibly thrust my fist.


The beast scream echoes.
The meat breaks open, her small meat hole is being invaded by a fist. Stabbing the fist deep inside, Rikka’s abdomen swells

「O ♡ Oke♡」

Rikka sticks out her tongue while her eyes white out, convulsing abnormally, blowing out tides.
In order to raise the probability of pregnancy, you have to destroy the uterus and ejaculate directly to her womb.
Then, if she can’t endure this level, it’s impossible for her to get pregnant.


Piercing my fist to the deepest part and forcibly pulling it out, Rikka twitches and pisses but she’s raising a strange voice that you won’t think it’s of a child’s.
My fist came out.
The small and young meat hole was spread out magnificently that I can see the uterus.
However, the hole destroyed and expanded beyond repair becomes smaller and smaller.

「Rikka, do you want to remove the body piercing? If you lift your super recovery ability then the suffering from deflowering will end at once」

After teaching her the suffering not just from deflowering but from destroying her pussy, I asked Rikka.
Would she choose to endure the misery that makes her go mad or will she run away from the suffering?
The answer came to me before it comes out of Rikka’s mouth.

Rikka’s answer. That isー

Rikka looks at me behind her back while her body twitches.
Her pupils that had no light, dark like the night, and yet it was filled with ominous insanity.
And her expression is filled with joy that can’t be expressed by words.

「I-I don’t care about being pregnant, bearing a child anymore♡ I just want to be broken by you ♡」

Rikka’s answer was neither pregnancy nor escape, it was seeking pleasure from me.

「I-It’s my first time, my first time thinking that I’m glad I was alive ♡ This body is cursed but I’m very happy right now ♡ Master can break me again and again ♡ Even if broken, you can still break me and break me ♡ Aah ♡ What happiness is this ♡」

Swinging her waist, eyes whited out, drooling, Rikka’s heart chants in ecstasy.

I see. Then I’ll break you as you wish.

Grinning, I grab my angry dick and point the tip of the glans to Rikka’s small meat hole.
Then I thrust in my waist without mercy


The glans invades and Rikka trembles, leaking out a sweet scream.
Tight. This is ridiculously tight. It’s not a problem of saying that it’s clamping nicely. The size of her hole is fundamentally small.
If I pierce her deeper, this young little pussy will break.
But, I’ve broken this pussy with my fist earlier.
This pussy is a pussy that’s okay to break.
Thinking so, I thrust my waist forcibly.


Breaking her hymen and invading to the deepest part, I stick to her uterus.
It’s no good unless I break her uterus and ejaculate in her womb you know.


After pulling my dick out, I hold Rikka’s ass with both of my hands then thrust in with all my strength.


The hymen that should be broken a while ago is ripped then the glans goes to her uterus vigorously.


I pull out my penisー


Then I push my hips much stronger, ripped her hymen and scoop out her uterus.

「Agi ♡ Aga ♡ Higi ♡ Higyaaa ♡ Noo ♡ Ooooooooooooo♡」

Rikka makes a sweet and sorrowful scream every time I open her uterus without mercy. Her belly swells up.
Virgin pussy lacks flexibility. That’s what I learned from Asahina’s pussy.
But, Rikka’s pussy sucks my meat in.
Although it’s younger and tighter than Asahina’s pussy, this is definitely a quality pussy with certain flexibility.
I’ve let out inside Marina and Yuka after all. If I use this pussy if I have it pent up, I’ll finish in just seconds.
Speaking of which, Kazahana has said that their pussy has different pleasure from humans.
But this is more than what I imagined. This is irresistible.

「Higi ♡ Higyaa ♡ Agu ♡ Noo ♡ A ♡ Aaa ♡ Ngiiiiii ♡」

Even if it’s a too tight, it’s clamping abnormally.
Every time I pierce her hymen, and her uterus is hollowed out to be destroyed without mercy and yet, Rikka’s reaching climax.

ーBreak me ♡ Break me ♡ Break me ♡ Break me ♡

Rikka’s no longer thinking anything but to be destroyed.
I intend to destroy her uterus but it doesn’t break easily.
While I was doing it, my dick reach it’s limit.

「Noo ♡」

Hollowing her uterus vigorously, Rikka twitches and convulses, pisses herself and raised a sweet scream.
Next was semen coming out.
I can’t destroy her uterus but the semen was poured in her wombn. Her young uterus was filled with my semen swells like a balloon.
My brain got intoxicated by the pleasure, I pull out my dick while soaking in reverberations.
The blood and semen that makes her womb swell flows back on the vaginal tract at once. And when I pull out, the meat hole opened up has mucous flowing out.
The proof of her purity mixed with white liquid.
The meat hole expanded by my dick suddenly becomes smaller.
The hymen that was torn again and again has already regenerated.

That’s enough.

Thinking so, I stand up.
Rikka who’s raising her ass while in all fours have mucous flowing out of her young meat hole returning to it’s former state, she’s breathing hard and twitching.
And her expression where she sticks her tongue out with her eyes whited out is so obscene that it doesn’t match her young look.
Looking down on Rikka, I put back my dick in my pants.
The reason I chose this place, that is because there’s no signs of people.
The forest is far away from the residential area. There’s no problem whatever happens here.
But, that’s not the reason I chose this place.
The other reason I chose this place. That isー

「Rikka, get your knife」

The knife left by Rikka when we fought earlier is here.
The knife Rikka threw that got stuck in the tree remains intact.
Rikka who’s raising her ass in all fours, white liquid dripping out from her young pussy, slowly gets up with her shaking knees. Then she walks unsteadily towards the tree where she threw the knife.
It’s a large sized knife stabbed deep enough that I can’t pull it out.
Rikka who grasped the handle pulled out the knife lightly.
Surpassing humans, no, the girl who has the ability to reign over the beasts on the ground.
Rikka returns to me holding the knife, she turns the knife around and held it in backhand grip. Then, the sharp point of the blade is turned toward her heart.
Meaning, the tip of the blade is pointed at her heart.
She’ll kill herself immediately if I tell her to die.
That’s Rikka’s proof of obedience.
It’s possible to defeat Kazahana with my ability now.
But this girl, Rikka’s different.
If I teach her how to use her power, she’ll have an overwhelming power that killing me is no trouble.
That kind of girl fell to my hands.

「Rikka, what’s your name?」

Pointing the knife to herself, I ask Rikka who’s desperately telling me that she’s obedient to me.

「I, I am Kamuro Rikka」

I slapped Rikka’s cheeks at the same time she answers.
The dry sound extends in the darkness and red drip comes from her childish pink lips.

「No. You’re no longer Kamuro Rikka. You’re Suzuhara Rikka. From now on, from this point forward, you are Suzuhara Rikka」

Rikka’s eyes opened wide from those words.

「You’re my dog. A dog that’s being taken care by the master. Rikka, I will protect you. Do you get it, Suzuhara Rikka?」

What Rikka wants from the bottom of her heart. Clearly understanding that, I speak Rikka’s wishes.
Rikka’s a watch dog. Her role is to protect me. That’s Rikka’s intention.
But, Rikka wants to be protected.
Not to be protected from the enemies. She just wants to be protected like how parents protect their children.
Who cares about facts.
I will protect you.
Those words are what Rikka wishes for more than anything else.
Rikka’s pupils thin out.
Something she can’t tell overflows from her white and thin naked body.
Rikka didn’t say anything.
But her eyes, her expression, that something coming out of her body was silently saying it.

ーI will kill those who will try to harm master.

Fufu, easy, ez.
I can guarantee my safety with this.
With that saidー

「Rikka, get dressed. Let’s go eat Yakiniku」

Rikka tilts her head when I say that.

「I’ve said that I’ll treat everyone Yakiniku. You’re Suzuhara Rikka from today onwards. The day hasn’t ended yet so I’ll treat you who became my family」
「…Hawa ♡ Hawawawa♡」

When I talk to Rikka while scratching my head, Rikka covers her mouth with both hands then tears overflow from her red face, she pissed herself.

「M-Master ♡ Master is too kind ♡」

It’s okay to jump but you’re holding your knife.
D-Dangerous. That might not be a big deal for you but that weapon can kill me with just one slash.

「Master ♡ Master ♡ Wan wan ♡ Waaoon ♡」

Her joy must’ve exceeded the limit. Rikka’s cuddling me fawning with all her strength.
But, don’t swing your knife. I’ll die from just one graze.

Afterwards, Rikka put on her clothes and we went to the Yakiniku restaurant, I was really glad that it was eat all you can.
For some reason, Rikka has eaten almost all of the items in the item that’s a buffet style.
Though her energy is on the verge of depletion and her super-recovery is perpetually active, that’s a ridiculous appetite.
…Will my food expenses be all right?


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