X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 81


Chapter 81

Selfishly sandwiching me, Rikka’s the vanguard and Kazahana’s the rear guard, we invaded the house where the insect user lives.

「Far from not having information gathering insects, there’s no monitoring equipment at all」

What’s the advantage of manipulating ultra small insects like flies or mosquitoes to attack or collect information? Or is your ability that dull? Although you can operate large scale insects with high offensive power, you’re not good at manipulating small insects?
Among the insects I saw so far, the smallest one is the ant-like insect biting the heart of Kazahana. But that insect hardly moved.
It’s not that it didn’t move, it can’t move.
Thinking about it, the guess that she’s not good at manipulating small insects might not be entirely wrong.
But, that’s just a guess. It’s dangerous to make assumptions.
Besides, even if it lacks delicacy, the fact that she can control small insects is enough to be a threat.

「There’s a hidden door behind that bookshelf」
「Does it lead underground?」

I nod at Kazahana’s question.
As far as I can see, that’s the only door leading to the basement. And as expected, the insect user prepared insects for interception on the other side of the door.
There’s a caterpillar of the same type is on stand by at the entrance.
We can’t use the same method to destroy that caterpillar. The reason is the door behind the bookshelf is made of iron.
Since the entrance door was wooden, the nail bullet passed through but it would be hard to penetrate iron even for Rikka.
But, that’s the only door that goes to the basement.
That’s right, that’s the only door.


Calling out Rikka who’s standing in front of me, Rikka replies while staring at the bookshelf, then I retreated.

「Can you dig here?」

I asked Rikka who approach as I retreat, I tap the floor with my feet.

「The floor?」
「Yeah. There’s a duct for ventilation beneath this then the staircase that continues further below. It’s best to dig here」

Rikka tilts her head when I told her to dig the floor but when she heard my explanation, she nodded.
Sorry to the insects waiting on the other side of the iron door but I’m just an ordinary human vulnerable excluding my ability. I’m weak therefore I use my head.
However, I will head straight ahead.


Kneeling on the floor, she punches her fist towards the floor. The floor board is knocked out lightly by Rikka’s fist.

「Rikka. Go up the stairs and a caterpillar is standing in front of the iron door. Handle the caterpillar with the nail bullets then open the iron door from behind. The door should open by pulling the lever next to it」
「Got it」

Rikka receives my instructions, crawled on the hole in the floor she made by punching it out.
The sound of iron hitting iron sounds in succession and soon afterwards, the bookshelf in front of me moved. Rikka dealt with the caterpillar and pulled the lever.
That caterpillar, it can demonstrate so much power depending on how you use it but the master is stupid that it dies in vain, I feel sorry for them.
The iron door appears from the shelf moved to the side. The door opens and Rikka came out.

「There really was just one insect. Is it a trap?」

Rikka dealt with the insect standing by to intercept as I’ve told her but it seems that she questions it being only one.

ーCome. I will take you down myself.

The mind of the insect user is waiting for us to come in the basement impatiently
And, there are several insects lurking inside her body.
Looking at the behavior of the insects so far, it seems the the number of insects she can operate at the same time is limited to three. But, that is the number of insects she can freely manipulate remotely.
The insect embedded in Kazahana’s body, and the insect embedded in Kamuro Hizuki’s body. Then, multiple insects lurking inside the insect user.
Even if the limit of the insect she can remotely control for interception is three, if they have different ways of using, you can say that you can only one insect at a time?
It’s safe to think that the number of insects manipulated decreases as the control of the insects become delicate and precise, and the number increases when you just operate it roughly.
It as Kazahana says, the opponent has considerable power. She’s the type that would escape and start making a sneak attack, it should be troublesome to beat down.

「It seems that the opponent is confident to confront and win. It seems that her ability and personality doesn’t match」

The ability to manipulate insects to kill or target objects. My ability is also the same but it shows it’s value when you use it unfairly. And yet, confronting directly.

「It’s a much more disappointing enemy than I thought. I’m not feeling any excitement to death like when I confronted Rikka」

When I fought with Rikka for the first time, I was able to make full use of my ability. But, since her ability and personality gear up, there was a good possibility of overturning the situation in one shot. In exchange, the enemy this time is totally useless.

We pass through the iron door Rikka opened and get down the stairs leading to the basement.

ーKuku, come, hurry up. I won’t kill you immediately. I’ll show you hell. Regret making an enemy of an enemy user while you suffer being overrun by insects inside your body.

The insect user is clearly frolic. She wants to fight with us as soon as possible.
She probably never lost nor run away.

「Rikka. Once you open the door to the basementー」
「Yes, I know」

Asking Rikka who’s walking ahead, she replied without hesitation.
The enemy feels save taking Kamuro Hizuki as hostage. She believes that she’s superior and doesn’t doubt it.
She intends to one-sidedly tease and kill us using Kamuro Hizuki’s existennce as a shield.

Rikka who reached the door entering the basement held nails in both hands. Then at the same time she opens the doorー

「I’ve been waiting for youー!?」

Rikka shot nail bullets through the arms of the insect user at the same time she speaks up.

「Gu…Kuku, kukukuku, you’ve done it now」

The insect user wearing a suspicious black robe got her arms stabbed and she staggered momentarily. But, she laughs fearlessly while blood drips from her hands.

「You’re keeping insects in your body to heal you right?」

Hearing what I say, the insect user raised a voice of admiration then laughed.

「You’re a clairvoyant. It’s a safe but rare ability. Apart from it’s high profile ability, it’s rare for it to develop. But, your ability seems incomplete」

Though the insect user’s hand has blood dripping, it clotted while she was talking.
I don’t know if it’s comparable to Rikka or Kazahana’s super-recovery but no doubt that it cured the wound in a moment.

「For you to come all the way here means that your effective range is narrow. Though clairvoyance is frightening depending on it’s effective range but that’s only when it’s wide. Saying that your effective range is narrow it’s hopeless」

The insect user tells me the drawback of my ability.
What kindness. I’m impressed that I’m about to cry.
That said, what a tasteless room. Is it formalin? Inside containers filled with liquid are grotesque insects I’ve never seen before lined up.
Also, that’s probably humans. A lump of flesh that can’t contain the prototype rolls on the examination table installed in the center of the room.
It’s a woman since there’s something like tits remaining there. She’s wasting something good.
That said, Kamuro Hizuki’s confined on a different room, she seems alright. But, she can’t move since she’s restrained. Besides, I can’t read her mind.
It seems that the insect inside her body extends it’s tentacle to her brain.
As expected, it’s impossible unless it’s a frontal attack.

「There’s various restrictions on your ability but mine’s all-purpose and widely ranged. Also, the insects kept in my body are so strong they can’t be compared to the remote bugsー」

Ignoring the insect user talking foolishly, I gave Rikka the signal.
Rikka swings her hand without hesitation.
The released nail bullet penetrates the insect user body and even the wall behind her.


Receiving Rikka’s nail bullet, the insect user retreated, red blood drips from the edge of her lip then she glared at me.
Oh, she didn’t die even when Rikka shot a nail bullet in her heart.
It seems that her super-recovery ability is much more powerful than Rikka and Kazahana’s

「You brat, don’t be too conceited」

The insect user speaks harshly of me saying that I’m a brat while blood drips from the edge of her lips.
Who’s the brat here? The loli’s getting arrogant.
Hm? wait? Could it beー

「Could it be that you look like a loli but you’re actually a hag?」

The insect user’s blood vessel popped when I asked her.

「Be careful with your tongue, boyt. I’m still in my twenties. I’m older than you but I’m not a hag」

The insect user seems to be annoyed when I called her a hag then she made an excuse politely.
Twenties? I thought that she should be a lolibaba but it seems very delicate.

「This figure is the harm of this ability. Even I who is a genius have various risks of keeping insects in my body. Because of that I look like this but I got hold of a mighty power」

Saying that, the insect user wiped the blood from the edge of her lips then smiled and lifted the hem of her black robe.
Her young thighs became exposed. She’s on her twenties but her thighs are young. Then, her slippery pussy’s exposed.

「You’re a clairvoyant, then you can see the insects living in my uterus, don’t you? Because of this insect, it’s impossible for me to be pregnant for a lifetime. It made me immortal as compensation. And I have three insects in my body assisting this one」

Showing me her loli pussy, she proudly talks about her weakness
Why are you talking to put yourself at disadvantage.
There’s only one answer.
She doesn’t think that she’s at disadvantage.

「Rikka, Kazahana, it’s coming」

Hearing my words, Rikka pulled out the large knife from her back then jumped like a bullet.
Next, a sound of metal colliding.

「You have that much abnormal confidence?」

Rikka rushed at a tremendous speed and attacked the insect user with a large sized knife but she took Rikka’s attack.
Furthermore, it’s just one hand.
Rikka rolls out continuous attack without any intervals. She releases nail bullets while attacking with her knife.
Did she judge that it’s impossible to shoot a nail bullet, the insect user receives a nail bullet then blood gush out. But, she prevented Rikka’s knife attack then show a faint smile.
I see. There’s an insect strengthening her body.

「S-So strong…」

Kazahana speaks in a trembling voice as she watch the battle between the insect user and Rikka.

ーEven if Hizuki wasn’t taken as a hostage, I would’ve lost even if i fought directly.

The reality Kazahana knew falls apart while being shocked.

「Kukuku, you’re intense, wolf demi-human. I rarely see such quality goods. Products that are strongly hard to die are sold expensively」

Though she’s competing at first, the insect user gradually gets pushed behind but still she muttered with a smile.

「Unfortunately, you don’t have animal ears nor tails. I can sell you for a high price for customers who buy incompetent ones」

Though she’s being pushed back by Rikka, the insect user doesn’t look like she has any intention of losing, she look at Kazahana standing next to me then smiled and then licked her lips.
Kazahana felt frightened from the cold but she stood in front of me to protect me. Then, she held the knife with both hands on backhand stance.

「Is she your sister? She’s lovely but it’s regrettable that she doesn’t look different from humans. But, a sister set will have an exceptional value. The clairvoyant, hmm, you look lacking. If you won’t sell then you’re just a baggage. Should I kill him」

I won’t sell? Weren’t you the one who said that my ability is rare? Either way, sell me for a high price.
Seriously, looks are everything in this world.
Rikka’s knife brushed the cheek of the insect user then a slit appears on her cheek.

「Now then」

The insect user licks the red blood dripping along her cheek then hang her hands.

「Playtime is over. If you value the live of the girl insideー」

She’s satisfied fighting with Rikka. The insect user intends to use Kamuro Hizuki as a threat.


The knife Rikka swung slides down the shoulder of the insect user.


Rikka’s knife invaded the shoulder diagonally then reached the abdomen of the insect user. The insect user is in dumb surprise.

「Y-You. Do you not care about what happensー」
「Sorry but I didn’t come here to save Kamuro Hizuki. I came here to meet you」

I answer the insect user that’s glaring at Rikka with bloodshot eyes and large amount of blood coming out of her mouth.


Rikka kicks the insect user who’s stunned then followed her who’s blown to the side, then swings her knife sideways.
The insect user was divided to two by Rikka’s side attack then she separates the torso and cuts it into parts, then rolled it on the floor.

「Y-Y-You…S-Stop this. I-I’ll kill that girl」

The insect user have her upper body and lower body separated but she’s still alive. It doesn’t seem to be a lie to say that she’s invulnerable.
Kill Kamuro Hizuki? Then do it already Can you do it? Then do it faster.
I can see Kamuro Hizuki’s body and the insects lurking inside her.

「Did you not think that it’s strange that I got here firectly」

While insisting that she’ll kill Kamuro Hizuki, the insect user isn’t trying to move the insects inside Kamuro Hizuki’s body. Asking the insect user, she raised a stupid voice.
Though her divided body is bleeding a lot, it doesn’t seem life threatening.

「Why can you manipulate insects? Was it training? Or you had it in you but I don’t think that you had it with only training」
「W-What are you saying?」

The insect user who turned her consciousness to me probably realized the threatening air. I see unrest in her heart while she feign calm.
She thought that I’d be wary of traps and come to secure the hostage.

「How much do you know about your body?」
「Are you a normal human? Since there’s insects inside your body, you can’t say you’re normal. But, Kazahana and Rikka has a body structure same to humans」
「W-What do you mean?」
「As expected. You don’t know」

The insect user doesn’t understand what I’m saying.
I thought that it might be the case but as expected she doesn’t know it.
My eyes can see it.
Everything inside you.

「A part of your brain. Also, internal organs that are impossible to be inside a normal human body. This is my speculation but I think that it’s an organ originated in the ability of manipulating insects」

Hearing my words, the insect user who looked dumbfounded turned pale in a moment.
Though she’s bleeding a lot, she’s not turning blue.

「You seem to have noticed it. You’re not invulnerable. You have bombs in your body. If that organ that seems to be needed to control the insect is destroyed, you won’t be able to manipulate insects」

The insect user trembled from my words.
She can no longer manipulate insects. That’s what it means.
If she just manipulate insects, she’ll become incompetent.
But, it’s a completely different talk when it comes to the insects kept in her body.
If she has an immortal flesh using insects, what happens if she can no longer manipulate that insect?

「The biggest weakness of her ability is you. The way to strengthen your body isn’t bad but you shouldn’t use it in a fight. You should lurk behind the shadows, avoid a direct confrontation with the enemy then if ever you’re found, escape with your strengthened body. That’s the right way of using your ability」

Hearing my explanation, the insect user is wearing an obviously afraid color in her eyes then she’s trembling while blood spits out of her mouth.
It seems she understands it. That she’ll die.

「If I destroy the organ manipulating the insects, you won’t be able to control insects anymore. Then, what do you think will happen? Will the insect stop their activities or will they run away? Once they stop moving, the insects will become a foreign matter inside your body. If you lose the insects assisting your necessary function to live, you will die. They’d run out of control, eat your internal organs, and as expected, you’ll die. Or rather, in the situation where your upper body and lower body is separated, it’s fixed you’ll die since you can’t control the insects. That’s my guess but hey, what do you think?」

I talk to the insect user while never approaching her.
The insect user is at loss for words.
If you destroy the organ needed to control insects, you’ll die.
Understanding that, the insect user can’t say anything.
Then, I will say it instead.

「Don’t worry. I found out the answer to that」
「I’m curious. I’m really curious. My curiosity and spirit of inquiry is rising up. I came her to do experiments. I will experiment you. It’s more interesting when you say you’re invulnerable. But, I’m not a researcher. If you die, then I’ll say “I see”, then that’s the end. But that’s fine. It’s refreshing since I find the answer」
「W-Wait. Wait」

The insect user is frightened from my question, she desperately crawl on the floor and beg for her life.

「Kazahana, sorry but give up on Kamuro Hizuki. My priority right now is to eliminate my doubt. I want to know it by all means,. I’d like to fiddle with it and examine it. If I don’t do that, my soul will cry」
「Eh? Ah, no, that…if that’s what Suzuhara-sama wants」

Asking Kazahana who’s standing next to me, Kazahana agrees while being confused.
Though it’s just a script, it seems that her heart is still in pain from the remark of abandoning her master.

「Rikka, chop both her arms for the time being. Also, let’s see. Though it’s divided, cut both of her feet too. Don’t scratch her head and organs diagonally below her heart. It would be troublesome if she dies easily」

“Easily”, I emphasized the word in my order.
I can kill the insect user anytime. In such an overwhelming advantageous situation, I can enjoy dismantling the insect user. And, I’ll kill her if I get bored.
Therefore, it can’t be helped if Kamuro Hizuki dies so I can enjoy and be satisfied.
Negotiation won’t be working on that kind of enemy.
That’s my script.
If the hostage has no worth, then you can’t make threat with hostages. That said, the hostage is her only hope of surviving. Then, there’s no choice but to kill.
We have time. Let’s take this slowly.
Until the heart of the insect user breaks.

「W-Wait! I’ll release her! I’ll remove the insect inside her body! I’ll pay you money, how much do you want!? I can pay you as much money as you want! That’s why please wait! Listen to me!」
「Kazahana, did you eat your meal?」
「Meal. You eat like an idiot don’t you? If the insect user, want to eat something? I also want to keep my energy full」

Kazahana’s confused from my question. I murmur at Kazahana then my crotch swells up while I laugh.
I have to refill energy so I can fuck Rikka a lot later.

「Master! Grilled meat!?」

Instead of the confused Kazahana, Rikka who cut off the arms of the insect user raised her voice with a smile on her face.
Grilled meat…?

「There? The eat all you can yakiniku restaurant? Well that’s fine, but the shop would be bankrupt if you go with your sister」

When I took Rikka there last time, the clerk was staring at Rikka who ate everything.
If this goes badly, we might be refused to enter the store.

「Please! Listen! Listen to me! I’ll do anything! I’ll do anything! Therefore spare me!」

Far from never losing, the insect user fears death from unable to control the insects.
But, she knew she’ll die.
Even if her torso is cut off, she doesn’t look like she’s complaining about pain, even when her both arms were cut off by Rikka, she desperately pleads for her life instead.
There must be a pain killer insect in her body.
Then, pain torture won’t make sense.

「Rikka, since it’s rare. Should you practice with your nail bullets」
「Pierce the insect user on the wall and fix her. Kazahana, practice too. There’s no loss on learning long distance attacks, right?」
「Eh? Ah, yes」
「Then, it won’t be fun to play normally. You girls have good eyes, but your ears and nose are also good. Also, your intuition is good too. So how about you blindfold and practice nail bullets?」

Hearing my words, Rikka pressed the insect user who lost her hands against the wall and picked up an iron pipe on the floor.

「Where should I stab her?」

Rikka asks while pushing the insect user against the wall.
It’s possible that the insect user will die if she pierces somewhere by mistake so she has asked it just in case.
Isn’t she quite considerate?

「Stop the brain. And for her internal organs, the organ related to controlling insects is oblique right below the heart. There’s no problem when the nail bullet pierced her heart a while ago. You can stab even her heart」
「W-Wait, waitーgaha」

Rikka receives my instruction ignores the plea of the insect user then pierces the iron stick to the insect user’s heart. Then, she’s skewered to the wall.

「Gaha, geho, gufu, eoo」

The insect user’s heart is destroyed, waterfall of blood comes from her mouth and she twitches.
Did she bleed too much and die? I wonder if the insect inside her body will do something about it. There’s a limit for it I guess.
When I was thinking that, the bleeding insect user gradually revives.
It seems that her heart has restored even when an iron bar pierces it At the same time, the wounds in her both arms cut are also being restored.
What a frightening ability. Is that how strong the insect inside her body is.
Perhaps, that’s most of the ability of the insects in her body.

「If your wounds get healed, we can’t attach the cut arms and lower body anymore?」

Hmm, my questions increases.
Well fine. It’s not my body.

「Okay, it’s ready. Then, practice nail bullets while blindfolded. Listen very carefully. Don’t hit above her left eyebrows and right oblique below her heart. Don’t ever hit it. That’s absolute. That’s absolute okay? He’ll die if you do」
「I’ll do my best!」
「…I-I’ll do my best」

Rikka replied to my instruction in good spirit and Kazahana replied with a cramped face.

ーAs expected, Master’s the strongest ♡ Also, yakiniku♡
ーI must absolutely avoid makin an enemy of Suzuhara-sama.

I can understand it with their expression but these two are extreme both inside and outside.
The two were blindfolded with the cloth that was in the room, begin to use practice nail bullets on the insect user on the wall.

「P-Please. If you want to play then play as you want. In exchange, my life…」

Every time the nail bullet hits, the insect user bleeds, she kept begging for her life while crying.
It seems that the insect user have lived as an upright normal human in public. It’s troublesome to kill her.
But, well, if the nail bullet accidentally hits her weak point and dies, that’s inevitable.
Let’s just say it’s an unfortunate accident and have her sleep deep in some mountains.

「H-Help me…」

The insect user begs for her life while scattering blood. Then her voice echoes in the room.

「Hey, you can use with the insects in the room」
「H-Help me…」
「Hey hey, I’m giving you a chance to fight back. Do your best」
「P-Please, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die yet…」

There’s insects lurking in the room. Even though she can attack using those, the insect user begs for her life.
The nail bullets hit the insect user one after another.
Rikka got used to it completely? She’s quite precise.
Kazahana however, though her power is inferior to Rikka, all her bullets hit
As expected, the performance of those nose and ears are amazing. Though she’s blind, there’s absolutely no problem.
Kazahana’s performance and five senses are better. Her animal ear isn’t just for show.
Hmm, she can do better than I thought. With this, the unfortunate accident won’t happen.
Thinking so, I feel a chill running up my spine.

ーSuzuhara-kun ♡ I’m coming right now ♡

I suddenly read a mind.

「I-I released her. I released the girl from the insects. T-Therefore, so, please, spare me…」
「…T-That’s selfish」

Who did you release? Who told you to release her? Even if you do, it should be after I withdraw from this room.

ーUfu ♡ Ufufu ♡ Ufufufu ♡ Suzuhara-kun came her top save me ♡ Even though I swore in my heart not to see him again, Suzuhara-kun came to meet me ♡ Then it’s okay for us to meet ♡ See him ♡ See him ♡ Love1

A girl can be seen from behind the door.
Even though I can’t read it until now, I suddenly began to see it.
Although the insect inside Kamuro Hizuki killed her mind, she was released.
I knew. I knew that it was going to be dangerous. But, I promised Kazahana so I can’t help it, that’s what I thought butー

ーForgotten ♡ I will be forgotten ♡ I will be forgotten someday ♡ Then, I will lose Suzuhara-kun ♡ Even though he came to meet me ♡ Aaah ♡ Then ♡ Aaah ♡ Then it’s okay to eat him right? ♡ If I can eat his body and blood ♡ Then I can stay with Suzuhara-kun forever ♡ Always ♡ Even if I die, forever and ever ♡

Cold sweat gush out from my body.
Horrifying. It’s my first time seeing such a horrifying mind.
Nothing but me. Kamuro Hizuki’s heart has nothing but me. She has eliminated everything except me.
Kamuro Hizuki who knew that I came here to help has completely turned mad.
I feel dizzy. I feel nauseous. Cold, my trembling and cold sweat doesn’t stop.
I know, I get it.

She won’t stop unless she’s killed.

I now think that the insect user begging for her life is cute. That’s how crazy she is.
Kamuro Hizuki seriously want to eat my blood and flesh. And that it won’t matter even if she dies.
She’s convinced that she’ll always be with me when she eats my blood and flesh. She’s under the impression that it’s correct.

This is…much more dangerous than I thought.

But, Kamuro Hizuki’s body is restrained by the insects. That’s why it’ll be fine, just when I thought of that, the insects begin to unbind Kamuro Hizuki.

「I-I’m removing my binds from her, I won’t come back here again so please, spare my life…」

Hey, stop it idiot, don’t do anything unnecessary.

「Shit, change of plans! She’s coming! Withdraw right now!」

Hearing my words, the two who’d been releasing nail bullets towards the insect user tilts their heads.
Aah, geez, why are you girls blindfolded. Now’s not the time to play.
No wait. Can we really get away if we run right now?
It’s easy to defeat Kamuro Hizuki but that’s not the problem.
It’s the same plan from what I’ve used to the insect user.
Negotiations won’t work on the opponent.
To stop Kamuro Hizuki, there’s no choice but to kill her. But, Kamuro Hizuki is a student who usually goes to school. It would be a big risk if I kill her. That said, it’s obvious I can’t talk it out.
What should I do? What should I do?


It flashed. The insect user can succeed killing Kamuro Hizuki’s heart by slipping insects in her body.
It’s possible to manipulate her brain to some extent with the tentacles to her brain.

「Rikka! It’s now really troublesome if she dies! Place that insect user’s parts in a bag! Bring that and escape! Kazahana, it’s your reunion with your master! Buy us some time!」
「Eh? Ah, yes. …Eh?」

Rikka took off her blindfold after receiving my instructions and instantly begins action. But, Kazahana who can’t swallow the situation tilts her head with her animal ears twitching.
Aaah, geez, we don’t have time. Her seal is just about to be removed.

「I’ll use your pussy later! I’ll pour in semen in your womb! That’s why stop your master even for a bit!」
「Eh!? R-Roger!」

When Kazahana heard me pouring semen in her womb, she comes back to her senses and removed her blindfold in a hurry while answering.

「There! She’s coming from that door! Wait there and jump as soon as she comes out! Don’t force yourself! Run away if you think it’s dangerous! She’s much more dangerous compared to what she was before!」
「G-Got it! I-It’s my own master so I’ll do my best! But, is it that bad?」
「That bad!」

Answering Kazahana’s question with a nod, Kazahana gulped down her throat and her face turned pale.

「T-Though I’m the one who asked for it, I apologize on behalf of my master for troubling you」

She bowed her head and apologized from the bottom of her heart.

「Master! I couldn’t collect the small pieces but I’ve gathered most in the bag!」

Rikka who carries a big black plastic bag on her shoulder runs to me.
Okay, well done!
The insect user was able to make Kamuro Hizuki powerless. I need her power.

「Withdraw immediately! Kazahana! Don’t force yourself! If you think it’s getting dangerous back down and come to my house!」
「T-Thank you for the advice! But, I’ll do my best to hold out master!」

Kazahana doesn’t get it. Just how dangerous the current Kamuro Hizuki is.
As expected, I should run away along with Kazahana.
That’s what I thought but I didn’t do it.
Kamuro Hizuki is already next to the door. Kazahana’s smiling as she stare at the door. That’s not all, her ears are twitching and her tail is swaying.

ーHizuki, I’d like to apologize for leaving you alone. Also, if you want to kill me then I won’t object. I’m just happy to see you gain.

Kazahana is Kamuro Hizuki’s dog.
Even if I tell Kazahana to run away together, she won’t be pleased
Even if I don’t order her, Kazahana will stay here.

「Kazahana, I promised to pour sperm in your womb That’s why, live and come back」
「Fufu. I look forward to the day I see you again 」

Kazahana didn’t say she would return.
Even though her heart swayed for my penis, her mind right now is calm like the evening.
She lived and met her master again. Kazahana’s heart is filled with joy.
Seriously, it’s a waste for her to be Kamuro Hizuki’s dog.

「Let’s go, Rikka!」
「Yes! Later, Nee-san! Goodbye!」
「Oh, Rikka, take care of your master」
「Un! Nee-san too!」
「Yeah, I won’t leave her side again」

This might be the last conversation of the sisters, it’s very light but relieved.
We left Kazahana who’s standing on the spot and Rikka and I escaped from the insect user’s home.


  1. Both are read as ai