Aaron Is My Son

The following story is an oneshot written for literotica. I decided to also put it up here for all interested readers.

Summary: When her son goes off to college, a lonely mother grows attached to incest. When he comes back home for the holidays, he brings home a GF. This sparks a change in their relationship, and there is no going back.


“Aaron is my son.”

These are the words I spoke as I held that little baby boy in my arms. I just couldn’t believe that I had become a mommy. I was so excited that I could barely contain it. Perhaps, it was because of that excitement that I had neglected to spend as much time with my husband. It started off simple. We didn’t have sex after I had the baby for a few months so that I could heal. Then, that baby had grown to the age where he was aware of his surroundings.

One night, my baby Aaron was babbling happily in his crib next to my bed when my husband reached over and started trying to grope me. I could barely evil feel his machinations. Instead, my eyes focused on Aaron, who seemed to be watching. His lips moved hungrily as if he was jealous his own father was playing with my tit instead of him.

“Stop, the baby is watching…” I said.

My husband pulled away, although he looked annoyed. I pulled Aaron out of his crib and gave him the nipple he craved. It was strange, I couldn’t feel a thing from my husband’s hard calloused hands, but this baby’s soft lips sent shivers down my spine. It was an odd feeling, one that made me excited and restless, but this was merely a baby and I was merely his mother feeding him. That’s all our relationship would ever be.

“I love you, Aaron, mommy loves you,” I whispered as the baby continued to suck much-needed nutrients from my boob.

Five years passed in an instant…

“Sometimes, I swear you care more about our kid than me!” My husband snapped.

“Aaron is my son.” I defended.

“He’s my son too, so why don’t you let me toughen him up a bit?”

I pulled Aaron away from his father. Aaron was crying. He didn’t need his dad right now. He needed me. I held his face tightly into my bosom. It felt right that his hot tears splashed on my chest. It felt right as his mother than I took on all of his pain and discomfort.

As to the instigating event, my husband was trying to play football with Aaron, and in his excitement to get the ball, this oaf of a man overreacted and pushed my precious baby to the ground. Aaron had skinned his knee. My husband didn’t plan to do anything about it, but after crying for five minutes straight, I finally heard and came out, only to find my husband yelling at him to shut up and quit being a baby. Naturally, I was furious.

“Never talk to my son like that again.” I snarled, still keeping Aaron in my hands. “You can’t be violent with him. Why do you have to act so angry?”

“Why? Well, I don’t know, Janice, maybe it’s because we haven’t fucked in two years!” he shouted back.

I covered Aaron’s ears, shooting him another glare. “I’m going to my mother’s.”

“Fine… leave…” He shouted, opening a door and pulling out a beer.

Perhaps, at the time, I should have realized that our relationship was only going to deteriorate. However, I was just too focused on Aaron and his development. I don’t blame my husband for everything. I pushed him away. However, I do blame him for that night two years later.

“Aaron, I’m home, work let out earlier today,” I spoke up, walking into the door.

Aaron, eight now, immediately came running up to me. “Mom!”

I smiled, reaching out and touching his cheek. Aaron lowered his head, rubbing his cheek on my hand intimately.

“Give mommy a hug?” I said, knowing I’d feel relieved if I could just hug him.

“Ah… b-but…” Aaron backed up, suddenly looking scared.

“Hah… Hah… Hah…” It was that point I noticed a faint sound, causing me to frown.

“Wh-where is the babysitter?” I demanded.

“D-dad said to not say anything,” Aaron responded defiantly.

If ever Aaron chose to defy me, it was almost always something my husband put into his mind. It would be nice if that man was ever a positive influence on his life. The only thing my husband ever gave my son was a healthy interest in girls. That was only because my husband was a horndog. He often looked at porn on the computer, and he had magazines. Naturally, a curious eight-year-old like Aaron looked at the stuff his father enjoyed, and I had caught him with his first erection not a few weeks prior. Suffice it to say that my husband and I were due for a long talk.

“Ahhh… ahhh…” As I stormed up the room, the sounds became clearer.

There was a wet slapping sound and what sounded like people moaning. Now, I had already assumed my husband had come home. In my mind, he had sent the babysitter on her way and was “watching” Aaron alone. I just wasn’t in the state of mind to think of anything negative. The sounds coming from his room sounded like porn. I was angry, but my anger was that my husband would go home, leaving Aaron to fend for himself downstairs, and then watch porn loudly on the television.

However, when I opened the door, it all came crashing home. My husband wasn’t watching porn. Rather, there was a naked woman on all fours on my marital bed, and my husband was balls deep inside of her pounding her in a way he hadn’t done to me since before Aaron was born. They were completely lost in their sex. His eyes were closed and she was panting like she was one step away from hyperventilating.

As I watched my husband of ten years bang this woman, the only saving grace was that she wasn’t the babysitter. It looked like the babysitter went home and my husband then invited her mistress over. However, the mistress was a woman I recognized. She was my neighbor, and she was most definitely married. Both of them still wore their very different wedding rings.

“Ahhn… I love you…” She moaned. “Harder… Harder…”

“Mmm…” He responded indefinitively, slapping her butt in a lewd way.

For some reason, I just couldn’t bring myself to interrupt. Since they still hadn’t noticed me with the door wide open, I let the natural sway of the door swing it closed silently. Then I fell down on my butt, leaning against the door, my back closing it with a light snap that couldn’t be heard over the pair of them. I could still hear the sound of their raw sex, but I couldn’t bring myself to move from my spot.

“Mother?” The voice caused me to look up.

Even if Aaron couldn’t hear the noises from downstairs, he could definitely hear what his father was doing now. “Aaron, this is… your father…”

Aaron looked away shyly. “I know dad is having sex with Mrs. Marker.”

I gave a wry smile, looking down. “You shouldn’t know these things.”

“Dad has… done it before. He said if I am quiet about it, he’ll buy me a porn magazine.”

“Oh…” I responded, not even having the energy to be upset that both my child and son kept a lie from me like this.

“Why doesn’t dad have sex with you?” Aaron asked after a moment of silence.

“…” I didn’t really know an answer that was appropriate for an eight-year-old. “It just didn’t happen. We put it off, and then the longer we put it off, the harder it became… and in the end, we just… stopped.”

“Did you stop wanting it?”

I shook my head, feeling slightly broken and unable to resist answering his curiosity. “No. You’re eight right now, but you’re going to find when you’re a teenager that you’re going to have many desires. Women have those desires just as much as men, but we’re not always willing to admit them. Promise me, something, sweetie.”

“Hmm? Yes, mom?”

“If you find a woman you love and you know she loves you in return, take her. Don’t let her be stupid and drift away. Every day, show her how much you love her. Force her, if you have to. Always be kind, but never back down from your woman.”

“T-then… mom can be my woman!” He declared. “I’ll marry you!”

My heartfelt a bit relieved that he said that. Instantly, I felt much better. I went from feeling I could rot away at that door being assaulted by the sounds of my husband’s transgressions to feeling like I could continue on as long as this boy remains in my life.

“Mother loves you more than anyone,” I responded softly, not taking him too seriously. “But there are laws for these things. When you’re old enough, then you can pick the woman you love. Okay?”

“I’ll definitely make you happy every day!” Aaron declared.

“Aaron…” I reached out and hugged him, holding him tightly against my body. “Aaron is my son. I love you so much. Mommy will always love you.”

This seemed to placate both Aaron and me. We remained hugging in front of the door while the sounds of sex died down. By the time my husband came in Mrs. Marker, I had already left with Aaron and a note on the table demanding a divorce.

If I had known that the words shared between Aaron and I that day would become so deeply ingrained in his psyche, I might have said something different.  However, one can never predict the future, and I had no clue what my future had in store.

Of course, I divorced my husband. Although he occasionally took Aaron, his original bargaining chips of porn seemed to no longer sway my son. Aaron had taken my side entirely, and he and dad continued to grow distance until they stopped bothering to make appointments to go see each other. By that time, my son was a young man.

Aaron started working extra hard to be a good son, always listening to me and doing stuff for me. He managed excellent grades and kept the house clean. He’d often rub my feet when I got home, or comb my hair when I got out of the shower. Suffice it to say, my relationship with my son grew very close.

I was a single woman in my early thirties, but thanks to my son’s loving care, I never really went into the dating scene all that much. The two times I had been set up with a guy, my son took an immediate dislike to them, and I was so enamored as to not side with my son. However, I was happy, at first…

However, around the time he stopped going to dates, I started to notice my son looking at me more and more. At first, I thought it was nothing. Maybe he was just being curious or maybe I had something on my face. Most of the things were small, but they started to add up. For example, he kept a picture of me by his bedside. He asked me for a picture of myself. I was charmed at first and gave him a shoebox full of photos of me and my husband. They ranged from ten years ago to only a year or so.

He selected a photo, and I only found out later when I saw it next to his bedside that he had picked perhaps the most risqué photo of me in the batch. It was a photo from ten years ago. My husband on one of the few nights we still engaged in sex pulled a camera out. I posed for exactly one photo for him, wearing my sexy negligee. My shoulders were hunched over and I was showing a large amount of cleavage.

After that, my husband tried to get me to take off the negligee and do naked pictures. I eventually got angry and we went our anniversary without sex. However, that picture somehow got developed and tossed into the shoebox without my awareness. That was the picture that now adorned my child’s nightstand. Of course, I wanted to demand it back, but every time I went to his room to do so, I started feeling nervous and shy. Of course, I had nothing to be nervous about, but I felt that way just the same.

There were other oddities. I had found a pair of panties under his bead once and I was pretty certain they were mine. I had once curiously checked his internet history and found he only looked at one particular kind of porn, MILF. He even frequented MILF boards under the username Motherluver69. I could only give a wry smile and just accept my son’s strange tastes.

The last few weeks before he went to college were the worst. He had accidentally walked in on me in the shower twice. One of those times, he was naked too, and while I covered myself and looked away quickly, I could have sworn he had an erection. It wasn’t like I suspected anything weird. Aaron is my son, after all. I had talked to my friends, and they told me teenage boys were little sex freaks. Stolen underwear, crusty tissues, porn… these were a given. My little Aaron was all grown up. I wasn’t angry or repulsed at what I found. Rather, I was a little sad. The boy who had declared his love for me had become a man, and that man was on his way out.

Yes, college came. He packed up all of his stuff and we headed off to the dorm rooms. He was only living about two hours away, but I knew it’d probably be the last time the pair of us lived together. Most boys got a couple of friends and found an apartment by the second year. He’d come home for Christmas and spring break, and then he’d be gone.

I fought the tears as long as I could. I got through registration. I braved through moving all his bags and furniture. Finally, we were standing there, just me and my son. His roommate had taken off to some late-night party. I had a two-hour drive home. I’d be alone on that drive. As I considered it, tears started to fall down my face.

“Hey, hey, hey… mom…” Aaron reached for my face, touching a tear falling down my cheek with the back of his finger.

“I’m sorry, honey…” I couldn’t stop crying, tears continued falling as I reached out and touched Aarons face in the same way I used to when he was a child.

“I love you, mother.” He said gently.

“I love you too,” I said. “Mmmm!”

His lips suddenly pressed against mine. My son kissed me. My eyes widened for just a moment, but it wasn’t because I was disgusted or put off. Rather, I was just worried he’d taste my salty tears. I didn’t want Aaron kissing me like this. It was embarrassing. However, as his arms wrapped around my waist and he pulled me closer, the taste of his lips and the scent of my Aaron caused me to lose my willpower. I found myself kissing him deeply, our lips parting.

I don’t remember whose tongue entered whose mouth first, but soon, the pare of us were kissing with our tongues. As we went, I grew more and more aggressive. This was my son whom I loved. Naturally, with him leaving it’d be the last time I’d be able to kiss him in a while. Thus, it was only right that this kiss be memorable. Our tongues mixed together and I tasted my son, sparks shooting up and down my spine as the feeling of him seemed to melt my brain and reason. My hands grabbed around him, feeling his hard body and muscles. He was much bigger than his father, and he felt safe and comforting. Even my tears stopped coming as I continued to taste him.

“Ahhhn…” My mouth opened with a gasp pulling away from his lips, as he raised his hand and touched my breasts. “Aaron!”

My boobs were tender, having not felt a man’s touch in uncountable years. Just being grabbed like that caused fire to burn in my loins that I had long thought died out entirely. I leaned into Aaron, my mind not really understanding what my body was doing. All I knew is that my son felt warm and comfortable, and I wanted to be as close to him as possible.

Just as my hand reached down to grab at parts I shouldn’t touch, the door started to creak. I pulled back in an instant. Aaron let go of me, and by the time the door was open, I was two steps away from him, using a handkerchief to wipe my face and lips.

“Hey man, oh, your mom’s still here?” The roommate asked, looking between the pair of us.

“Goodbye, my son,” I said quick, ducking out of the room without finding myself able to look Aaron in the eye anymore.

I felt terribly embarrassed. Just what were we doing? He was my son, and the pair of us were touching each other like that. I could still feel the pressure of his hand on my breasts. It wasn’t until I reached my car that I realized that French kissing him might not have been appropriate for a mother.

“Wh-what am I doing?” I shook my head. “I just… need to find a boyfriend, that’s all.”

I turned the key and made the two-hour trek home in my car. I started crying around the ten-minute mark and didn’t stop crying until I got to my house. I knew I was just being a silly mother with empty nest syndrome. As far as that kiss I exchanged with my son, I didn’t allow myself to think anything of it. Aaron was my son, and there could be nothing that I’d allow change our dynamic.

When I got home, I pulled off my clothing and went to take a shower. Hot water burst forth as I tried to wash the tears from my face. My body felt cold and my mind felt weak. I wanted to collapse right there. My hand went to my lips, taking the feeling of my son’s lips pressed against my own. As I thought about our kiss, my hand dropped down. My fingers ran through my patch of fur, which I still kept cleaned up and shaved, even though I long stopped needing to. My fingers found their way to my clit.

“A-Aaron…” The words came out in a stutter like I was unsure if it was appropriate to say them.

My fingers moved in circles around the clit as if they had a mind of their own. The face of my boy flashed in front of me. It was the face of the man whom I had to let go of today, but also the face of him as a teenager, a child, a toddler, a baby. They were all my baby, my Aaron.

“Nha… haa…” I moaned, my lips quivering as my knees buckled slightly, however, the pleasure seemed to defeat the pain in my heart, so my fingers moved even faster. “Aaron…”

Pleasure shot through my body as my hand worked. Of course, I’ve masturbated before, but it’s been a very long time since I last indulged. My fingers seemed to remember the potions, diving into my honeypot and instantly finding the spots that aroused me the most. Soon, I had two fingers inside me, while my thumb continued to rub my clit hard. I needed it hard. My pussy ached, and the hot water of the tub gave a numbing effect. So, I rubbed it harder and harder.

“Haaa… Haaa… fuck… hah… Aaron… I love you.” I moaned loudly, my fingers moving faster and faster.

Had the shower not been running, the lewd sounds of my fingers pushing in and out of my throbbing, moist clit would surely have echoed in the little bathroom. They were sounds that I could have never produced while Aaron still lived there. My free hand grabbed my chest, and I squeezed my nipple, imagining that it was my son biting it. What was wrong with me? I didn’t care, it felt too wonderful.

For the first time since before my son was born, I became completely uninhibited. I fingered myself, no, it’d be more accurate to say I fucked my fingers. Aaron’s face didn’t fade away into fantasy. Actually, quite the opposite, his face grew clearer and clearer in my mind, and the clearer his face got, the closer I grew to orgasm.

My hand left my nipple, slapping against the cold wall of the shower. I did this because if I didn’t, I couldn’t remain standing. I gasped in breaths as the hot water ran down my chest and hair. I always liked my water hot, almost boiling. My skin was practically red from the heat, but I still felt hotter on the inside where my fingers worked. They stopped going in and out, instead, finding just that perfect spot and flicking rapidly inside of me.

“AAaaannn… shit… shit… I can’t… Aaron… Aaron… I want you inside me. Inside me baby…” I moaned, my head now falling and pushing against the wall, trying to keep me up as my knees threatened to buckle any second under my intense machinations.

My body exploded on fire, erotic sensations shooting through my body like a shotgun blast. Despite my attempts to keep my legs spread, my body would no longer listen. My thighs clamped together around my wrist, tightening almost to the point of pain. However, I continued to move my fingers, wiggling them against that perfect spot faster and faster until they might have looked like a blur inside my pussy.

“Haaaaaannnn… Aaaaaaarroooooon.”  I finally lost all remaining control as my body clamped down hard.

I almost fell to my knees, only just managing to recover a moment before I collapsed in the shower. As I straightened back up, pulling my slick fingers full of lust out of my wet cunt, another wave of euphoria spasmed through me. I had to grip the wall as waves and waves of aftereffects shot through my body. I continued to gasp, trying to regain my feet event as my climaxing cunt threatened to unbalance me. Had there not been a shower, I likely would have wet the floor under me, as gobs of wet stuff burst force from my pussy with each orgasm. Finally, ever so slowly, the tremors became less and less intense.

By the time I was able to turn the shower off, my hands were already growing into prunes. I quickly dried myself and then threw myself in bed. However, it wasn’t my bed I fell on. It was his. Aaron’s

I pulled his linen together and smelled. My Aaron, my son. I love him so much, and no he’s gone away. He’s left his mother behind.

“Aaron is my son,” I spoke, reminding myself that Aaron would always be in my life.

It didn’t help though. Eventually, the tears came back, and I fell asleep fitful and alone.

After that, the days sort of blended together. I got up, went to my job, came home, watched television, and then went to bed. Every couple of days, I would go into Aaron’s room and lie amongst his stuff. Once, I found his storage of naughty stuff. That naughty boy really should have cleaned out his unmentionables better. I flipped through the blurays to find a movie called MILF hunter. He also had a plastic pussy. So, this was what my son put his penis in when he was horny. I brought it close to my face and sniffed it.

Immediately, I dropped the thing and threw it back into the drawer. What was I thinking? I left his room. That night, I used a dildo I had purchased while thinking of my son using his pocket pussy. Was I taking it too far? No, when Aaron came home for the holidays, I’d have it all out of my system. Naturally, I knew what was appropriate and what was wrong. This was just a mother indulging in her own taboos. Aaron would never know about these things, and neither would anyone else. Any man or woman should be allowed their fantasies. People like all kinds of strange things. Just because I thought about my son to cum was no weirder than getting off on lolis, or 2D girls, or bestiality. I just happened to be into incest a little.

It was that realization that sent me into my next phase of loss. I bought a tablet and then typed incest into the search engine. For the next month, I began to look at a lot of porn. I read stories, looked at pictures, watched videos. Mothers and sons who had sex, that was, of course, my favorite. I loved watching a young strapping boy take good care of his mother. If only Aaron would take care of me. I allowed the fantasies to run their course. Sometimes two or three times a day. I spent at least five hours a night looking at porn.

“I-it stinks…” I came into my small house after a long day at work to realize it smelled like old sex.

It smelled like my cunt, but I’d never admitted that to anyone else. I had just gotten an email from Aaron. He was coming home tomorrow. As a lonely woman, I no longer took care of the house as I did when I acted the part of a mother. In fact, my own appearance had dwindled as well. I didn’t wear makeup as I once had. I had bags under my eyes. I didn’t visit the gym and had gained about five pounds, all of which went straight to my ass. Well, I guess there are guys who like that kind of thing, but I realized I couldn’t show Aaron this side of me.

Thus, I put on an apron, two yellow rubber gloves, and I went to town. I opened every window even though it was the middle of winter. I aired out the place while scrubbing down every surface. And every surface did need to be scrubbed down. I had masturbated just about everywhere. I never thought myself to be such a perfect, but isolation and loneliness lead to experimentation. I flicked my pussy on the kitchen counter, on the couch, even over the banister of the stairway.

“My Aaron’s coming home.” I smiled, glad to do everything I could to make the place clean and livable.

After all, my son was coming home. I was going to be a mother again. I cleared out the fridge, full of mostly fast food and leftovers, and then left to the store. I had left the windows open and by the time I got home, the air was freezing! But who cares if my heating bill is high this month. Anything for Aaron. The fridge was filled up with fruits and vegetables and some of Aaron’s favorite things. I went to bed more excited than I had been in three months. My little boy was finally coming home to mother.

“Aaron.” I smiled as the door opened.

“Hello, mom.” Aaron smiled, and then took a step to the side. “Ah, I’m sorry to do this so last minute, but this is Ann.”

“A-ann…” I froze, looking at a young, shy girl standing just beside my son.

She smiled and nodded. “I’m sorry, miss, I don’t mean to intrude on your holiday, but Aaron said you wouldn’t mind.”

“Ah… of… em… of course!” I forced my frozen face to move. “Of course… a… friend of my son is welcome… in my home.”

I managed to get the word out through my shock, but my heart hurt to the point it felt difficult to breathe. My son… my son… he had brought home a girl. She had long brown hair and a heart-shaped face. She was a small girl, but she had large breasts and the perfect body of a college co-ed. Her hair was done up in a split ponytail. She looked athletic, tan, and beautiful. It was a painful reminder of how little I had worked out these last six months.

“Thanks, mom, you’re the best, you won’t regret it.” Aaron came forward and hugged me.

I barely enjoyed it, still feeling a bit sick and numb. “I… yes, my son.”

I backed off and let the two into my house. The pair walked by, although it wasn’t like they were holding hands or anything. She seemed nervous and shy, keeping her head down. She seemed to understand that she wasn’t welcomed, but had no choice but to endure. No… she was welcomed. I wouldn’t… I couldn’t. This was the first girl Aaron has shown interest in. I couldn’t push her away! We’d give a proper place to stay. And if it worked out… maybe one day I’d have grandchildren. That pill tasted bitter going down, but I did feel slightly better after those thoughts.

“Ah, wait… we only have the two bedrooms, you two…” I couldn’t help but turning away to hide my face.

Of course, I could easily put my foot down and say no sex in my house. However, would making the declaration make them more likely or less likely to have sex? I really didn’t know. At the very least, did I have to let them sleep together? The bed I cuddled up on to comfort myself would become a place where he fornicated with this girl?

“Actually, she’ll take my bedroom, I’ll take the couch.” Aaron smiled.

“Gr-great…” I forced a smile back.

My son’s bed, his smell, it’d be polluted by this whore. It was my bed, and my house, and my son, and she would get her stink all over all of it! How could I do this? How could a go on for two weeks of holiday break with this strange woman here? I’m a mother, that’s how. I had to swallow my wants and desires and do it for my son.

“Excuse me!” I left the family room in a sudden rush, leaving the two of them to stare at each other.

It was fine, I needed to be out of their way. Let my son enjoy this holiday with his girl. I’d give them the time they wanted. I left towards my bedroom and shut the door. Immediately sitting on the bed, I grabbed a tissue and wiped my eyes. It was okay. Really, it was. I was just a bit shocked. My son’s happiness is everything to me, so my personal issues shouldn’t come to play.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

The light knocking broke me from my thoughts. “Come in.”

The door opened and Aaron poked in. I made sure there were no tears, hopefully, he didn’t notice anything amiss.

“Mom…” Aaron stepped in, shutting the door behind him.

I straightened my back slightly. This was the first time I’d ever been in my bedroom with Aaron and door shut. It was an odd feeling. I had lived alone with him for years, but now that he was in my bedroom and shut the door, a strange tingling sensation shot through my body.

“Aaron.” I tried to give him the brightest smile I could. “Your… girlfriend… she’s pretty.”

Aaron gave a wry smile. “Mother’s prettier.”

I let out a dry laugh. “You don’t need to flatter your mother. Don’t you want to talk more with… um… I’m sorry…”

“Anne.” He said, causing me to look down shamefully, haven’t already forgotten her name in my fluster. “And she’s not here right now.”

“Ah?” I looked up to see Aaron right in front of me.

He reached out his hand and grabbed my chin, pushing my head up to face him.

“I wanted to spend some personal time with my mother. So, she left to stop at the bookstore. She likes visiting bookstores.”

“Ah, that…” I tried to look away from him again, my emotions complex, but Aaron didn’t allow me to look away.

“You… look as beautiful as ever, mother.” Aaron seemed to change what he was going to say carefully.

“You’re just saying- Mmmm!” I started to deflect his compliment, but then his lips went to mine.

Unlike last time, there was no build up. My mouth opened instinctually, allowing my son’s tongue to invade me. Instantly, I tasted his saliva and took in his scent, and it was even better than I remember. If time allowed the heart to grow fonder, than the amount of time I had been deprived of him was enough to make my heart burst. When he finally pulled his lips away, I was too flustered to pay attention to his hands.

They casually went down my shirt, invading my bra, and then scooping out my boobs as if they belonged to him. My eyes widened shock as my boobs popped out the top of my shirt. Before I could speak, his head fell to my nipple, attacking it with his lips and tongue.

“Aaron!” I cried, attempting to make an admonishing tone, but my body was completely frozen.

His lips caused sparks to shoot through my body. The aroused feeling inside me forced me to succumb to his continued savagery. My entire right breast was engulfed in his warm mouth. I could feel his tongue flicking over my nipple. The other breast was being squeezed by his hands. A man hadn’t touched me like that in uncountable years, and after being so consistently horny, to suddenly be taken in this way broke what little resolve I might have had.

My hands went to the back of his head, and the only thing I could do was hold on as he sucked hard on my nipples, causing them to stiffen in arousal. I panted, breathily, while my excitement grew more and more apparent. At no point could I even conceive of quitting. My body had no defenses, and I was at his whim.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take another second, Aaron released my breasts from his clutches. This wasn’t the same Aaron who was a baby feeding at my breast. This was a man, and his appetite ran far deeper than my breasts could provide. His hands went to my shoulders I felt myself being pushed to the bed. I considered resisting, but it only came as a thought. There seemed to be no will or desire behind it. The truth was, I wanted this. I wanted all of this. He started sucking on my neck, and I gasped as shockwaves tingled up and down my spine.

“Aaron…” I moaned this time, unable to control myself.

My underwear was already wet with lust. My nipples were hard. My body was flushed. Every part of me was ready to go. I was just a poor, lonely mother, and only a few kisses and dissolved me into a horny slut. My legs spread open with ease, and his hand found its way up my skirt. I gasped as once again, something that I hadn’t been touched by another was suddenly violated by my son.

“Mom, you’re so wet.” Aaron breathed, genuinely surprised.

I blushed, feeling deep shame. “I… please…”

“Don’t worry mom, your son will take care of everything,” Aaron whispered gently into my ear, letting a light breeze path over it.

“Haaaa…” I could only make that noise, my chest still heaving as I looked at him from the corner of my eye.

I could barely believe what was going on. My son, my Aaron, was on top of me. His fingers quickly found their way around my flimsy underwear, and soon his bare fingers were rubbing over my clit. They were soft like my own. They were firm and calloused. They were a man’s hands. My son’s hands. Two fingers slid inside me. It was most likely my son knew about my interworkings. My special spot, the spot that drove me wild the most, was the spot Aaron attacked.

I didn’t know if it was part of some mother-son bond, or if it was by pure chance, but he touched me exactly how I wanted to be touched. No, he touched me better than I could touch myself. His fingers were like magic, and each rub over my slick wet pussy cause fireworks to shoot through my body. His fingers moved faster and faster, and my body couldn’t take it.

Like countless times in the shower, I started cumming, my thighs clamping tight. However, they didn’t clamp tight over my own hand that worked to get me off, but Aaron’s. Furthermore, his body was on top of me, and his lips were caressing my neck. It was a completely different experience entirely.

“Mom’s cumming already?” Aaron sounded disappointed. “Do you not even want my dick?”

I looked over tearfully at my son, my eyes holding a great deal of pleading. “Aaron… no… please… I want it…”

“Ah? What does mom want?” Aaron continued to tease me.

This… naughty boy. He knew what I wanted, but he wanted to tease his mother. When did my son become so willful? Barely able to move, my body still froze in perpetual lust, all I could do is lean over and bite his ear. He made a pained noise, but then laughed, pulling his hand from my underwear and relieving me of the sexual agony for a moment.

However, he wasted no time, and soon my underwear was ripped off and hit the floor with a wet plop. It would have horrified and embarrassed me normally, but I was beyond that point now. Although my skirt was still on, I was now spreading my legs and showing my son my own bare pussy.

“Mom shaved…” Aaron whistled. “What were you expecting?”

I fought the desire to cover myself up as Aaron appraised it. I didn’t want him to look, but from the moment he kissed me, I had been powerless, caught up in his flow.

“Please… stick it in.” I begged him, my voice frail and weak.

I was confused and scared. I was scared about what was happening. I was scared of rejection. I was scared that what it was wasn’t real. However, the one feeling that was sharper than all of that was my own horniness. I was driven by an intense sexual desire, one that only this man on top of me could ever hope to produce.

“Yes, mother.” He whispered, and as he said it, he lined himself and slid himself in.

There was no teasing there. No restriction. One moment, my son was on top of me, teasing my neck and chest with lazy kisses, and the next moment he was inside me. His cock was shockingly big. I didn’t know if my son was abnormally well endowed, or if I had spent so long without anything that to be filled out now came as a surprise. However, if I had to use my dildo to judge, I’d say my son was even bigger.

“Wow… I didn’t think mom would be so tight.” Aaron moaned.

“Ah… it’s cause Aaron is so big.” I worked up the courage to say back.

However, my mind was becoming a mush. The feeling of his cock was beyond amazing, and my legs were already trembling. I felt completely split open, but also unimaginably full. It was a beautiful feeling. My son was back inside me, and I loved every second of it. Please, please don’t let this moment be a lie. If I found out this was a dream, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to recover. My simple kink, my predisposition to incest, would explode into full-on obsession. If this moment was all made up in my head, I might take the plunge and make advances on my son.

“I love you, Aaron.” I moaned as he started to move his hips.

My legs squeezed tightly on his hips, and my arms wrapped around his strong muscles. His weight pressed against me, but rather than suffocated, I never felt more comfortable in my life. This was my place. This was where I should be, under my son. I lips met once again, and I hungrily exchanged sweet tastes with him, wanting to consume even more of him as he plowed into me.

He let out a moan and then pulled away, a strain of saliva still collecting out lips. I went to kiss him again but he pulled back, his eyes tightening and his teeth clenched. Before I could wonder what’s wrong, his body starts to tremble. I gasp as something warm erupts deep inside me. His cock seems to swell for a moment, becoming even wider, and then I feel the sensation of running water deep inside. The movement of fluids run from inside his cock until it’s injected deep inside my pussy, released right into my womb.

“I’m… cumming…” He declared, but only after his cock swelled for a second time, releasing even more cum.

My son was like a faucet, swelling and spirting, and it felt like an incredible amount of cum. I was being filled up by my son’s life essence. He was depositing his seed in me. Rather than scared of being pregnant or disgusted by the mess, I was completely enamored. The feel was incredible! I wanted my son to cum inside me every day! When I was a younger woman, specifically when I was with Aaron’s dad, I remembered hating it when he came in me. It was always sticky and ran down my leg in a messy and uncomfortable way. Two decades later, it was the most amazing feeling ever, and it made me feel even closer to the man in my arms, to this son of mine.

Aaron, rather than satisfied at having sex, seemed agitated. He ground his teeth and wouldn’t meet my eye.

“Aaron…” I worried that perhaps things had gone too far, the very rejection I feared causing my chest to tighten. “I-“

“I’m sorry, mother.” He looked at me worriedly.

“Huh? Why are you sorry?”

“I wanted to give you a better first time,” Aaron said, tightening his fist. “I barely lasted ten minutes. I knew you were the best, but I didn’t think you’d feel so amazing.”

“Aaron… don’t tease your mother.” I looked down shyly.

“I’m not-“

There was a thud in the front, followed by a female voice calling out. “I’m home.”

“Ah! Anne returned early!” Aaron shook off what he was going to say and immediately stood up.

He had never taken off his clothing, so he was able to pull his zipper back up and be presentable in seconds. He took some steps to the door and then turned back to me. “Uh… ma, you gonna start dinner soon?”

Still slightly dazed, I looked over at the alarm clock on my bed stand. It said 5 pm. It looked like it was becoming evening.

“Ah… yes. I’ll be out in a moment.” I spoke unassuredly.

Aaron smiled, blew me a kiss, and then closed the door. I laid on the bed in an addled state, unable to process what just happened. I felt down below, and white stuff leaked out of my pussy. Aaron’s cum… it was definitely Aaron’s cum. However, He had so casually come in and pushed me down, and then so casually stood up and left, that I almost doubted we had just done anything at all. Reality and the fictions I liked to play in my head while I touched myself in the shower were blending together.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. By the time I emerged, I looked as presentable as I had before. I went and prepared dinner, and Aaron chatted as if nothing had happened. Ann, his girlfriend, was snuggled pretty close to him on the couch, and out of the corner of my eye, they seemed to flirt together a bit. My heart seemed to hurt, and I felt intense guilt. If I accepted what Aaron and I just did, then that meant Aaron was two-timing this girl. To have sex with another woman and so casually snuggle with another, these had to be the kinds of things that my ex-husband had instilled in Aaron.

I didn’t feel angry that Aaron touched me. I felt guilty. Aaron gave me something I had been pining after for months, but at the cost of having an affair. I was now the other woman, banging guy behind his woman’s back. I felt awful. However, this was my son, and I had no intention of ever betraying him. I would lie, cheat, and steal for him. If he needed to use me as his sex toy while dating other women, it was my duty as his mother to give him what he needed, right?

With my resolve firmed, I finished dinner and we ate quite peacefully. Aaron didn’t appear to show the girl much more favoritism than he showed me, but I still felt a bit uncomfortable. As to our time in my bedroom, it naturally didn’t come up.

Once again deciding to leave the kids to themselves, I decided to retire early. The day had been emotionally exhausting, so I took some pills for a headache that would help me sleep. Unfortunately, even my dreams were fitful and unfulfilling. I found myself looking over at the clock and seeing it was only midnight. Deciding to get a cup of tea, I leave my room.

I only make it halfway down the hallway when I start hearing the sound of creaking wood. I slow down, and rather than make my presence, known, and sneak the rest of the way. That’s when I saw a sight I wished I could unsee. My son was sitting on the couch, and on his lap was that girl. Her skirt was pulled all the way up until her perfect round as was exposed. His pants were down to his ankles, and she was bouncing up and down on his cock.

“Ahh… ahhh… Aaron…” She moaned as she rode my son’s dick.

“Haaa… Anne… ahhh… keep going.” Aaron also responded breathily.

His hands were on her hips and he was helping her lift her butt up and down, resulting in his cock going in and out. Now that I could see his cock from this point of view, I could say that my son was in fact pretty large. This girl was a bit smaller than I was, and seeing that thick rod going into her almost seemed to defy common sense.

Her boobs were perfect and round, and they bounced with each bob. I couldn’t help but touch my own boobs, which while still nice, contained a slight sag and at least a couple of stretch marks. My tummy wasn’t as tucked as hers. My ass wasn’t as pert. My boobs weren’t as round. She was the youth I no longer had, and she was riding my son’s cock like it was hers!

I bit down on my thumb as I watched them go at it. My emotions were complex. In the one hand, they are boyfriend and girlfriend. I gave them space exactly so this kind of thing could happen. I certainly didn’t want to get in the way of their relationship. However, I couldn’t stop my heart from hurting nor my desires from burning rampant. Watching my son fuck was turning me on, and soon my hand went to my crotch as I continued to force myself to look at their erotic scene.

“Ahhh… Ahhh… I love it!” Anne moaned as she bobbed up and down.

“Ah… I’m going to cum!” Aaron declared.

Rather than continue her ride, Anne fell down to her knees instantly, on the floor, bending over and taking his cock in her mouth. Her movements were actually a bit sloppy and unrehearsed. If they had sex before now, it was still a rather new thing. I could tell she was an amateur. Although it had been a long time for me, I knew I could give Aaron way better head than this harlot. The one credit I gave her was that she swallowed every ounce of seed. She drank my son’s cum and even wiped her mouth with a smile when she was done.

Beyond the jealousy, the anger, and the disappointment, another feeling I never expected to have come to me. Satisfaction. I seemed somehow satisfied with this girl. I had watched her fuck my boy, and in some weird way, I almost approved. If she could give him the sexual satisfaction he needed, then he wouldn’t come for me anymore. That was probably for the best.

Those were the kinds of thoughts buzzing through my brain, and I was still just too confused to follow any of them correctly. So, instead, I finished masturbating, and then nudged back away as the couple cuddled each other, each one having a hand on the other’s private part with the intention of jacking each other off for a second round. I went back to bed, sighed, and went to sleep.

I woke up early in the morning, having mostly recovered from the previous night. It felt almost like a fever dream. Maybe I had never had sex with my son? Maybe I had never watched him have sex with his girlfriend? I might have convinced myself of that, but my brain couldn’t decide if that was the more acceptable answer.

While I was cooking eggs, someone suddenly moved up behind me. I had been focused on my own thoughts, so I didn’t really notice anything until hand shoved me forward. My hands grabbed the edge of the counter, but before I could react, my pants were being forced down to my ankles.

“Ahh!” My mouth was stopped by a hand.

“It’s me, mother.” A voice whispered, and my eyes only widened even more.

As hastily as last time, as if Aaron couldn’t wait even a moment to violate his mother, his dick was pulled out and pushed into me. I was the kind of girl who was usually a little wet in the mornings, and so he didn’t need any but two strokes before his dick was going in and out of me.

“Haaa… you stuck it in.”

“I couldn’t stop myself. Mom looks so cute in this apron. I just had to have you now.” Aaron says as he continues to push himself into me.

He grabs onto my hips tightly taking a step over and then pushing me down on the counter. As if by instinct, I raise my butt by standing on my tiptoes, giving him even easier access to my cunt. He slid right into my moist, waiting pussy with ease. My mine quickly surrendered to my son again, and I let out a little titter of excitement. My whimpers seemed to amuse my son. He pulled his cock out, pressing it against the entrance to my womanhood, before plunging it in one more time. I closed my eyes and let out a long moan, savoring the feel of his member inside me.

No, what am I doing? I’m doing it again. I’m being the other woman again. I could feel the cold countertop against my chest and the icy tiles at my feet. However, the feeling of being taken from behind was amazing. He was getting so much deeper inside me and was striking a spot that made my mind melt even more. I could barely recognize that we were in the middle of my kitchen. There were windows open. For all intent and purposes, Aaron’s girlfriend could be anywhere. I was completely exposed, and yet in the pleasure of it all, I barely cared. He was my son! I was taking what belonged to me!

If anything, the idea of getting caught only seemed to excite me more. I began to push back with my butt, allowing my son to fuck me harder. At first, my timing was off, and I was just as likely to disrupt his thrust as anything. However, I quickly got into the motions of it, and soon the pair of us were moving as if in tune. My son and I belonged together. Even out bodies were so obviously compatible. Each thrust made a resounding smack as he pushed himself directly into my sweet spot. My breasts rolled back and forth on the countertop until I finally gained the strength and will to push up with my arms.

My back started to arch as electricity shot through me like a current. I grabbed the edge of the counter desperately, attempting to use it as additional leverage to keep shoving him deeper and deeper inside me. His hot dick slammed with a clap each time, his balls serenading the kitchen along with my moans. He moaned as well, panting in deep and melodious breathes, while I sounded more tempered and frantic. God, this was what I needed more than anything. My son felt so great, so unbelievably wonderful.

The rhythmic thrust of his cock continued to slide in and out of me, over and over, and it didn’t take me long before I was climaxing. My knuckles turned white against the corner tabletop, and waves of pleasure seemed to shoot from my toes to my head. As I convulsed, drenching his cock in lust, he started to slow down for a minute. However, then he once again picked up the pace. His thrusts became less steady more frantic. My own pussy must have pushed him past his own limits. However, I was already approaching a second climax.

“Ah… mom… I’m cumming.”

“C-cum in mommy!” I moaned back. “I-it’s okay to cum in mommy any time. Mommy want’s your seed. Only mommy can have your seed.”

The words egg him on, and a few moments later he exploded inside of me. Like before, the warmth erupting deep in my womb was like the ultimate aphrodisiac. As to the sight I had seen the previous night, I couldn’t bring myself to care. I was steadily becoming addicted to my son’s sex. A few more times and I would be his slut without question.

“Aaron…” The word was not my own but spoken in front of me.

Ann was standing at the other side of the kitchen, her eyes wide as she stared at the pair of us. There was no way to spend this. I was Aaron’s mom, and I was bent over a kitchen counter with his dick inside me. Our love had barely started, and it was already found out. Worst, I had become the very two-timer I hated. I remember the neighbor I had walked in on all those years ago. Now, I was just like her. In that exact moment, I had felt on top of the world and then plummeted to my worst fears. I flew too close to the sun, I supposed.

“Ann!” Aaron casually pulled his cock out of me, a spurt of cum running down my leg. “What are you doing back so soon?”

“You…” Anne looked at Aaron angrily, and I winced the ensuing fight. “How could you…”

“I’m sorry! I just saw mom this morning and couldn’t resist!” Aaron said.

I winced a second time at Aaron’s poor defense. Even if he planned to two-time people, he should be able to argue his defense a little better than this.

“Hmph!” Anne crossed her arms. “After we came this far, you just had to ruin everything!”

“It’s still fine!” Aaron sighed. “But quick teasing your big brother, or you’ll make me seriously cry.”

“Eh?” I looked up in confusion to see Anne smirking while eyeing me.

“Next time, I want to do it with mother too! All together as a family!”

“Hah? Ah?” I looked around between the two. “Brother? Mother? What are you two talking about?”

“B-brother, you told her, right?” Anne’s voice was low and volatile.

“Ah… oops.” Aaron laughed, scratching the back of his head. “Sorry, sis. I was so excited by seeing mom, I forgot…”

“You stupid brother!”

“Brother? Why do you…”

“Ah, mom!” Aaron suddenly bowed to me. “I’ve confused you and scared you. I just got so excited about being home I forget to fill you in! Ann here is my half-sister!”

I ended up taking a seat and needing a drink as the two explain things to me. Apparently, my good-for-nothing husbands affairs spanned back to around Aaron’s birth. He discovered that he had an illegitimate half-sister. A lot of the reason he chose the university he did, was that he was trying to track her down. He finally did at school, and the pair had hit it off splendidly. More than splendidly, as they found that they both had a sexual attraction to each other.

However, my son admitted he was in love with me as well. Ann, on the other hand, had a deadbeat mother and a dad who abandoned her. She felt like she never really had a family. She came for Christmas break to reveal that and open the path for a loving relationship between all three of us. However, when my son saw me, he couldn’t control himself, and thus, things turned out the way they did.

“So, in the end, my children were just taking me for granted.” I sighed. “I guess it’s only expected that you guys assume I’d be okay with whatever you wanted.

“No… mother… don’t be that way.” Aaron defended. “I always knew mother loved me. And I knew that she always wanted a daughter to love as well. I wasn’t trying to take advantage of you, I was trying to finally reciprocate the feelings that we both share because I knew you deserved it.”

“Hmm… if you think that’s all it will take you to alleviate my anger…” I pouted, but then gave him a side look when he wore a depressed expression. “However, it might start to work if you keep talking.”

“I…never had a family,” Anne said, kneeling down at my lap. “Can you please, please take me in as your daughter? I know this is so soon, we were planning on spending more time getting to know each other and we’re going to reveal it on Christmas, but stupid brother made those plans impossible.”

“Ah…” I wasn’t sure how to respond. I wasn’t a lesbian but at the same time…” You really do care about my son, right?”

Ann nodded definitively.

I sighed and gave her a smile. “If my son loves you, that’s more than enough for me.”

“You won’t regret it, mom!” Aaron threw his arms around me, as did Ann. “You’re the best!”

“Yeah, yeah…” I shrugged.

“We mean it!” Anne said, I suddenly felt wetness where her eyes were and realized she was genuinely crying from happiness.

“Actually, on that note, I wanted to pamper mom a little,” Aaron added.

Anne looked over, wiping the tears from her eyes and also nodding. “Yes, we need to show our appropriate appreciation.”

That’s how I found these two children of mine leading me off to the bedroom. They start kissing and touching my body all over. I’m stripped of my clothing, and soon I lie naked, completely revealed to the two in the light of the morning. I instinctively want to cover, hiding my older body, especially in front of the youthful Ann.

“No, mom, you’re very beautiful. I want to see all of my mom.” Ann assured me, pulling my arm away.

Each one of them attacked a breast, and I let out a gasp as two tongues each attack a nipple. The pair continued to abuse me, their hands and tongues roaming all over my body. I was already still horny from being pushed over the kitchen counter earlier. Now, I was completely out of control.

“Ann, ride your brother,” I ordered.

Ann laughed at my order and then nodded. “Yes, mom!”

I let her hop on top of my son first. I really did like seeing her ride him. I was older and it was too hard on my knees to do things like that, but watching her bounce up and down on his cock was hypnotic. I really liked watching the brother and sister fuck in front of me. I didn’t even question if this was weird or not. We were all happy with this arrangement, so who could judge us. I watch the pair fuck while I touch myself, growing even wetter, some residual sperm from earlier leaking out as I cum on my sheets.

“Ah… I want to fuck mom too.” Aaron insists, causing Ann to chuckle.

“We almost forgot mom again!” Ann had been lost in riding Aaron’s cock and had almost forgotten mom’s presence.

They had come here to show me a good time, but they ended up having fun themselves! Ann looked mortified.

I waved my hand. “It’s fine, I like to see the show!”

“Ah, it won’t do…” Ann says thoughtfully, “Rather, Aaron should bang us both equally?”

That’s how I found myself lying down while Anne got on top of me. Her breasts, as round as they were, were pushed up against my breasts as she stared at me with cute doe-like eyes. Aaron moved between both of our legs, alternating between me in missionary and Anne in doggie style. While his dick is inside me, thrusting away, he fingers Anne’s pussy and ass. Her eyes closed, and feeling sexually aroused, she leaned forward and kissed.

I never kissed a girl before, but my new daughter’s lips were soft and plump. They were a completely different experience that with my son, but strangely just as exciting. Soon, my tongue worked its way into her mouth too. I began to taste a new flavor, different, but just as satisfying. As her brother touches her in a way that drives her wild, a way it seems like only family can touch each other, she moans into my mouth. I also let out panting breaths as his cock delivers waves of pleasure.

Listening to her whimpering moans, feeling her hot breath against my face, looking at her eyes as she shakes and orgasms, it was incredibly exciting, far more than I could ever have anticipated. I wondered if I looked similar, moaning and excited. Is she looking at my O-face and becoming equally aroused?

Aaron didn’t hesitate to switch between both of us. His dick was drenched in sweat, cum, and the sexual juices from both of us. He took no concern between spreading the lust between the two of us girls. Sometimes, he’s just alternate one thrust each girl. Other times, he’d pound one pussy until she was just about to cum, and then he’d attack the other, forcing both of us frustrated girls to grin and bear it as we felt the other almost reach climax.

No intimacy is lost. We are a family, completely together and sharing in everything. It was beautiful, and I couldn’t feel more fulfilled than at this moment. All the doubts and fears I had over Aaron’s mysterious girlfriend were gone, and it was filled instead with a complete and utter satisfaction. I became absolutely lost in lust, my hands exploring my new daughter intimately, learning every nook and cranny, while she did the same to me.

He switched once again, pulling the dick out and putting it into her. I wanted more of his dick, but at the same time appreciated the respite. It didn’t last long though, as he always made sure to finger the girl who wasn’t getting plowed. As soon as his fingers stimulated me, I ended up orgasming, my moans shivering through Anne’s mouth. This seemed to excite her, and she bit my lip playfully while her eyes flashed with mischievousness. Her hands played with my breasts as I came, and my hands attacked hers in turn.

Ann orgasmed on top of me, and with her abdomen pressed again mine, I could feel her abdominal muscles twitching. I could also feel his cock pounding into her. Feel it pushing from the inside of this other woman. However, this woman was my daughter, and when she came, I was elated just as if I came.

“I’m going to cum soon!” Aaron finally announces.

Given the stimulation from his dick and each other, both of us girls had already cum. Since he had done me earlier, his time to last was actually pretty good. He had succeeded in pleasing both of us girls, his mother, and his sister.

“Do you want him to cum in you some more?” Anne asks. “I’m actually not safe right now… so…”

I nodded, realizing that this was probably why she sucked him off last night. However, just as I was about to answer, a mischievous light flashed in my eyes.

“Mm… not safe. Perhaps I should have a grandchild soon!” I declared, reaching out a grabbing her arm.

“Eh! M-mom, what are you doing?”

“Aaron, cum inside my daughter! Fill your sister with your seed.”

“I said I wasn’t safe mom, he might get me pregnant!” Anne cried worriedly.

“Mm…” I nodded, whispering in her ear. “I haven’t been safe either, and your brother has already cum in my twice.”


“I want you to feel it enter you!” I said, hugging her and kissing her neck. “Give me a grandchild.”

“Mom…” Anne looked over tearfully, but before she could make an argument.

“Ahhh… cumming!” Aaron shouted slamming his dick into Anne hard.

“Ahhhh, I feel it!” Anne cried out, but I took her lips before she could say any more.

Her moaning noises are transmitted through her mouth as hot gobs of cum enter her womb. Like before, Aaron cums a bunch. My son was a good cummer. He made sure to fill my daughter’s womb up full of his seed. I could even feel the warmth of it transmitted through are stomachs pressed together.

The three of you finally flop down on the bed, feeling completely drained and exhausted. Of course, I ended up having sex almost daily for the remainder of the break. As to whether either us got pregnant, that’s for another story. As for now, my son had finally shown his love for me, and the pair of us grew to a point where we could express our love for each other. On top of that, I gained a daughter whom I quickly became intimate with, and by the time the school year rolled around, I realized I loved her too.

These were my children. They loved me and I loved them too. They came home whenever they could, one or both. My life was happy and fulfilling. Everyone once in a while, after I had sex with my son or my daughter, I’d find myself smiling happily, lost in thought. Every once in a while, I muttered the same line I had said all those years ago. It was a confirmation of my life. A validation of everything I had been through. It was what defined me.

“Aaron is my son.” However, from then on, it was followed by. “And Anne is my daughter. I’m lucky to have two loving children.”