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(Original Novel) Three Queens Story

Hi, this Tenou‘s first work on MSB Originals.

Description: MC is summoned to another world to be enthroned, follow him as he learns the bad and good sides of being king. His real name is not mentioned, and this is made on purpose, with time you will know why.

Things to note:
– I know that Isekai novels are not original at all, and summoning someone to make him king may seem stupid, but hey, it worked more or less in Harem Castle and Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki.
-English is not my first language, and I work this project solo, without editor, so please be understanding.
-Words in italics are for emphasis.
I’ll be adding more as they go appearing.

Genres/tags:World Travel, Sword & Magic, Arranged Marriage, Harem, Elves, Human-Non Human Relationship.
Possible Future tags: War, Slavery, Multiple transported characters, Pregnancy and Child Raising.

This is an introductory post to announcing the existence of an Original Novel written by the community, you guys will see more of this in the future. I hope you don’t mind.

Have fun reading his story, new updates of the story are on MSB Originals.

Dragon Magic Chapter 08

Alright, fixed up a few things. I’ll be more careful next time.

(This is an Original Novel)

Since my lust ruined my plan yesterday, today I’m heading over to the Guild.

It’s quite near my house, so it doesn’t take too long to walk there; the Guild’s also near the city plaza. The building is obviously fancy, it’s an important part of the city after all.

I go through the door and make my way to an empty counter.

– Good morning. How may I help you today? – The female receptionist greets me with a smile.

– Hello. I’m here to register as an Adventurer.

– Before that, may I ask if you know you can also register as a Hunter?

I raise my eyebrows:

– Oh, I have no idea I can.

– Would you like to learn more about the job Materials Hunter?

I nod:

– Sure.

– Once you’ve registered as a Hunter at the Guild, you can either go to the Guild’s Firm or a private trading firm to receive Hunting Quests. Your main objective will be collecting the required amount of materials by hunting monsters. In all honesty, being a Hunter guarantees you a more stable income than an Adventurer, but you must fulfill a quota of at least 1 Quest every week.

– So the Adventurers also deal with collecting herbs and escorting missions, while Hunters strictly focus on killing monsters to obtain the required materials?

The receptionist nods with a smile:

– Yes, that is correct. More details about the job Hunter can be found at any trading firm in the city, but, if you’d like to learn about what kind of jobs are involved with being an Adventurer, any of us staffs here at the Guild can help you.

– Is it possible to become both? – I ask.

– You certainly can apply for both, but you might need to be a careful while picking an Adventurer Quests, since you don’t want the two types of Quests to interfere with one another. It is tricky, but a few people have pulled it off before.

So, generally speaking, if one’s intention is solely to kill monsters and earn money, then being a Hunter should be a better choice. However, if you want to do a wide variety of jobs, the ‘Adventurer’ choice comes out on top.

Now, if I think about my future plan, it doesn’t involve a lot of travelling, since I don’t intend to move away from this city. Aldyr is a great place to start a life if you’ve got some strength in you. On top of that, we need to lay low for the time being, so that the bastards from Runia can’t track us down. Once they’ve given up, we’ll be free to go around, doing whatever we want. I, myself, also need to practice using Dragon Magic more. I do think that there are a few more tricks that I haven’t discovered yet.

With all that being said, I make up my mind and give my answer to the receptionist:

– I’ll become a Hunter.

– Understood, then, first, please fill out this form.

– Alright.

I put down a fake name, a fake age and the kind of weapon I use, as well as my fighting style. However, I leave the Hometown entry blank; it’s optional, anyway.

– Alright, then, Jester-san. Now you only need to bring this over to the Guild’s Firm, which is the building right next to this one, and submit your application there. The staffs over there will take care of the rest.

– Got it. Thanks.

– You’re welcome. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Having left the Guild’s main building, I enter the Guild’s Firm right next door. Inside is a little bit more quiet than the main building, but everything looks a lot more tidy and organized.

I wait in line and submit the form to one of the staff there.

After processing the paper with a copy machine-like magic tool, the guy explains to me the basics of the job Hunter:

– You will not be hunting for specific materials like how the Adventurers do. Instead, you’ll have to fulfill the Quests based on the classifications of required materials. For example, a Quest might ask you to bring back five sheets of B rank hides, or maybe ten pieces of C rank bones. It doesn’t matter what kind of monsters the materials come from, they only need to be of the right classification.

– Alright. How do we know what rank the materials are? Not all of us have the skill Appraisal, right? – I ask.

– You don’t have to worry about that. Each Quest will properly provide you information regarding which monsters you should kill to obtain the required materials.

– I see.

– Is there anything else you’d like to know?

– None, for now.

– Alright then, you can pick a Quest from that bulletin board over there.

– Thanks.

I walk over to the Quest Board and look through all the Quests posted there.

There are loads of them, ranging from F rank to A rank with all sorts of materials in need. For the time being, to make things a bit simpler, I’ll go with ‘Five Sheets of D rank Hides’.

After confirming it with the receptionist, I exit the building and walk North. According to the information written on the Quest paper, I can obtain a lot of D rank materials from killing the monsters in the Northern forests. To name a few of them, Crimson Wolves, Cyclop Bears and Wood Lizards.

– Dragon Speed.

Invoking a spell, I begin running toward the Western forests. Normally, it would take a day or two by foot, but, with this speed, I can get there in thirty minutes.

Let’s see how strong D rank monsters are…



Having arrived at one of the Western forests, I summon the Dark Dragonblade and take a stroll around. It’s pretty gloomy, but, at least, it’s not filled with dark miasma or something like that. I’d prefer not breathing in those miasma…

Five minutes later, I’m attacked by a Cyclop Bear.

The creature looks like your average mountain bear, but it only has one eye. Although, the strength of its muscles and claws are leagues above any ordinary bears.

One slap and a commoner’s definitely going to die.

That said, Adventurers who move in groups with decent teamwork can take it out pretty easily, since the Cyclop Bear isn’t all that fast and agile. They only need to ruin its only eye, and there’s nothing else it could’ve done to survive.

– Let’s see how tough this Dragonblade is… – I mumble.

I raise the Dark Dragonblade and swing it downward, trying to directly cut the bear.

Much to my surprise, the blade slices right through the Cyclop Bear’s thick muscles and steel-hard bones, cutting it into half. I didn’t even feel any pressure on the blade when it bisected the huge bear. I guess it’s just that sharp…

– Wait… This is not good…

Because I cut it too violently, the bear’s hide was ruined. Now I can’t turn that in…

Letting out a sigh, I take the claws and fangs of the bear instead. Next time, I’ll be more careful. I should just aim to pierce the monster’s heart or brain to kill it instantly. That way, I can avoid damaging the materials I need.


A few hours later…


I’ve finally fulfilled my first Quest, that is five sheets of D rank Hides.

I’ll admit that skinning it with a knife is pretty tough. It certainly took me a few tries before I got used to skinning an animal as big as a bear.

I tried to skin a Wood Lizard, but it was horrible. I’m never going to try skinning that thing again…

The Crimson Wolves were actually pretty easy to skin, though.

I quickly make my way back to the Guild’s Firm to turn in the things I’ve obtained. It’s already late noon, I missed lunch, but, since I could go weeks without food, I don’t particularly mind.

– Oh, next time you don’t have to skin it yourself. – Says the receptionist.

Even though he’s really surprised that I completed a weekly quota within one day, he doesn’t lose his composure. The guy sure is professional…

– Yes?? – I make a dumb face.

– You can just drag the monster back here, and we’ll dismantle it for you with a cheap price. That way, we’ll also buy the extra usable materials from you, and you can earn some pocket money, too.

– ……alright. Thanks for the advice.

I’m not even going to make a comment on that. That’s just stupid of me……

Anyway, the Quest’s reward is forty silver coins, plus three silver coins from the extra claws and fangs I took from the first bear I killed.

This world doesn’t seem to use bronze coins as they seem less common than silver or gold mines. On that note, if you’re really stingy, two silver coins could keep you alive a whole day. Well, it’s obviously going to be a lot more expensive if you eat at a restaurant. But, as far as home-cooking goes, it’s pretty cheap.

Besides, some inns include meals in the rental, so there are a few ways to survive before you get paid by the Guild’s Firm.

Needless to say, depending on your Hunter Rank, you’ll earn a fixed amount of money every week. Whereas, if you’re an Adventurer, it depends on what kind of Quests that are available for you to take. Freelancing is difficult, be it in this world or my previous one.

The Receptionist brings out the money.

– Here you go, Sir. Forty silver coins from the Quest itself, and three silver coins for the extra fangs and claws.

– Thanks.

With that, I leave the Guild and go home.

My total earnings today is 43 silver coins. Not too shabby; though, I should increase the difficulty of the Quests I’m going to be taking…


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MSB Originals

Ayy dudes, this is Nymph.

I’m here to announce the existence of MSB Originals.

We basically put together a Forum/Board for Authors who want to post their original novels on Machine Sliced Bread. It’s the same posting format with NovelUpdates Forum, and it won’t overload the main Translation site with too much unrelated (kinda) contents.

Check out MSB Originals here.

The domain is really ugly since I don’t have any money to make it pretty LOL. But as time goes, if we find success in this Original Novel Community, we’ll try to give it a proper domain.

Next, regarding how a new Author can post their novels.

Get your Synopsis, Genres, Titles ready – Ping me (Nymph) on Pun’s server – Give me the details, then I’ll post an introduction post on MSB Translation for you, linking to MSB Original.

It doesn’t matter if it’s R15 or R18, we have space for both.

Yes, you’ll need an account on MSB Originals and post stuff there. I’ve already made a post on it regarding how you should format your novel on the Forum.

Questions? Ping me on Pun’s server.


Dragon Magic Chapter 07

Just a quick reminder, though……I’m directing this novel towards an entertaining and relaxing read (maybe not so much with a boner). So if you’re here expecting amazing plot twist or plot build-ups, then I believe you’re in the wrong place.

(This is an Original Novel)

After two weeks of constant travelling, we’ve finally arrived at the capital city of Kregoria, the Fortress City of Aldyr.

Right now, we’re at the gate filling out a registration form.

They’re putting us under an inspection in order to check for any harmful magic tools.

According to what I heard from the Guards, in the past, there was a guy who walked in with a delayed magic trigger which, eventually, caused a massive summoning ritual of Undead’s all over the city.

What a crazy story – I thought.


Having entered the city without problems, we intend to find an inn first, then I’ll register at the Guild as an Adventurer. That will be my main income, since I’m decently strong.

However, as I walk down the busy main street, something interesting catches my eyes.

– Natasha. – I stop my feet.

– Yes, Master?

Pointing at a small house not very far away from the central plaza, I ask:

– How about we rent ‘that’?

– Oh. That sure looks like a nice place.

There’s a ‘For Lease’ sign on the door, and it looks like it’s a much better living space than a room rented at an inn, so I immediately take a liking to that idea.

The house itself faces the main street, but the design is old and inconspicuous.

All in all, it’s a pretty decent place to start a new life with my woman.

– So where do we go to meet the landlord?

– Usually, we need to contact either the Merchant Guild or the Town Hall. – Natasha says, looking at the sign on the door – But, in this case, since the sign was painted Red, it’s the Town Hall.

– Let’s go there, then.

It’s really convenient to have Natasha, a resident of this world, with me; she really knows about the way things work. And, since it’s Natasha, I don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

I stop a random man and ask for the directions to the Town Hall.

We then head over there to talk business.



Apparently, the landlord isn’t around, so we’re going to have to wait for them to contact him.

Sitting on the couch in the Town Hall’s waiting lounge, I chat with Natasha to kill time:

– You can cook, right?

– It has been several years since I last entered the kitchen, so I’m a little bit rusty, but, generally, yes, I can make a few dishes.

– I’m not a picky person, so that’s alright. – I continue – What are those dishes that you can prepare?

Having pondered about it for a few seconds, Natasha answers:

– Aside from the basic ones like omelette and bacon, maybe I can do hot stews, steaks, and soup?

– Just that much should be enough. – I nod – Is Meat expensive?

– It kind of is in Runia, but I don’t know about Kregoria’s market. However…generally speaking, meat is cheaper than vegetables due to the climate. The Demon race can grow much better vegetables than us.

– That reminds me, Kregoria is almost right next to the border of Demon territory, right?

– Yes. That’s why the climate here is really nice, unlike in Runia.

I scratch my cheek:

– That means Kregoria is a pretty big provider of the vegetables trading business, huh…

– Not just that, ranches here also yield better products’ quality.

– Really?

– It’s warm, so animals here are healthier than those in the colder South. Well… Even with this climate, it’s still difficult to grow quite a few types of fruits and vegetables that are very weak to the cold.

– I see…

Our conversation goes on and on. Natasha also seems to enjoy this kind of idle chat a lot. She’s pretty enthusiastic about answering any of my questions.

Before we know it, an hour has passed by, and the landlord finally shows up.

He’s a small merchant who runs a General Goods store by himself. The house we’re renting from him is something his brother left behind before he moved away last month. Thinking that he could make some profit from it, he put it on lease.

It’s ninety-percent new, with a few dusty places, so he’s charging us a gold coin every month.

…Definitely not something a commoner can afford, but it won’t be problem for us.

Having finished up all the signing and paperwork, the merchant hands us the bundle of keys.



Standing in the middle of the hallway of our new house, I spread out my arms in high spirits:

– Alright!!! My life in this world starts here!!!

From behind me, Natasha arranges our shoes to the side and smiles:

– You seem really excited, Master…

– Of course I am! I’ve never been to a world like this before!

– …Mmhm, – Nodding to my words, Natasha suddenly hugs me from behind, resting her head on my shoulder – thank God you were summoned to this world…

– ……

I’m not saying anything, since I know she needs this brief silence to appreciate all things that have happened in the past month. To me, it still feels like what happened that night in that abandoned building was just a dream; it’s just that surreal.

Over the course of the month, I’ve been seeing subtle improvements in Natasha’s mental state.

Right now, she’s pretty much a completely normal and beautiful lady. Although, I can’t guarantee that ALL the cogs in her head are working properly…

Oh well, it’s still undeniably true that she’s recovered by a large margin.


Suddenly, my thoughts are interrupted by Natasha sexy kiss on my neck.

She nibbles just gently enough to stimulate me, and, at the same time, aggressively enough to wake my manly instincts up.

I let her do as she pleases, but, the moment she begins running her tongue along my neck, I lose it.

Having abruptly turning around, I pick Natasha up and carry her straight to the bedroom of our new house.

– …You’re overreacting, Master. – Natasha whispers.

– That’s not true. You should know that you’re really charming.

– I don’t believe your flatteries.

She’s pretending to ‘tsun’ me, but I know she’s secretly smiling. Although, she genuinely doesn’t believe that she’s beautiful. Meanwhile, more than half of adult women on Earth, including models, would sell their souls to the Devil just to be as pretty as Natasha when they’re in their thirties.

Having entered the bedroom with Natasha, who has resumed kissing my neck and the back of my ear, in my arms, I take a look around and nod:

– This is a pretty nice bedroom.

– It’s a little bit dusty, though.

– Don’t worry, we’ll ‘shake’ all the dust off the bed! – I laugh like a pervert.

I drop her on the bed and take off my shirt. Before I can strip her, Natasha raises her head and steals my lips, her right arm wrapping around my neck and her left hand unfastening my belt.

After that, it just becomes unclear who’s stripping whom.

Maybe we’re not even bothered taking off our clothes.

The last thing I remember is me unbuttoning her shirt and pulling her panties down. The moment I push my meat rod inside her already-wet vagina, I can only feel lust burning up from the core of my soul.

– Ma…Master… Don’t go, ahn♥, easy on me…!

– I know… It’s been a whole week after all. Even I can’t endure it…

Those are the last proper words coming out of our mouths. Anything that comes right after is all broken moaning and gasping.

Every time I force my hard dick up her tight meat hole, Natasha writhes and lets out a seductive moan. Sometimes, while being drowned in pleasures, she unconsciously digs her nails into my back, leaving behind some hickey-scratches.

We literally degenerate to rabbits and spend six hours straight making love nonstop.

Once Natasha’s gotten into the mood, her lust is pretty much insatiable. It would be impossible for an average man to keep up, but I’m different. With “Dragon Magic – Matchless Vitality”, she’s the one who’s not keeping up with my libido.

Just like that, I continue slamming my hips against her lower body for several hours until I come inside.

In the evening, we take a small break to have dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Since Natasha wants to wash my back in the shower, we’re going to bathe together. Surprisingly, there’s no bath sex, since we’re just enjoying the peaceful time of gluing our bodies together, half-submerged in the hot water.

After that, though……

– Aaa♥ Master…I’m cumming…!


……right until dawn.


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Dragon Magic Chapter 06

So I deleted an irrelevant line in the previous chapter, which is the part where I said the Queen was frustrated ’cause of the Pig’s little penis……which makes no goddamn sense, given the setting of the story where every fucking guy in this world is around that size or a bit bigger LMAO. That was fucking silly. Please forget that I wrote that line in.

Again, thanks, Pun, for pointing it out lol.

(This is an Original Novel)

Just a little bit after dawn, I open my eyes and notice the stinky stench of the fat King’s corpse. It’s unpleasant, but, since we’re leaving soon, I’m putting up with it.

In my arms, the Queen has also woken up, but she’s not saying anything.

She just gazes out the window with tired eyes.

Stroking her long, light-brown hair, I ask:

– How are you feeling?

She stops looking at the scenery outside and stares into my eyes. Letting out a soft breath, she opens her mouth and takes a few minutes to look for the right words before answering:

– …I can’t describe it, but……it feels like a switch in my head, which was flipped to the wrong direction, has been flipped back to its original position……

– Heh… – I smile – I totally get what you’re saying, so don’t worry.

Just to make sure, I gaze into her eyes and confirm that life has pretty much returned to them. Her complexion is also less like a corpse now. Even though she has a charming figure on the outside, if you look closely, you’ll see that she’s a little malnutritioned. With the recovery of her mind, she only needs to eat up, gain back some weight, and she’ll return to be a supreme beauty even at the age of thirty-two.

I have no clue what was going on in her head while I was asleep, but it’s good to see her not as broken as when she gave me the trial blowjob anymore.

– So… – The Queen opens her mouth again – What are you going to do from now on?

– We’re going to Kregoria. – I casually answer.

– “We”?

I point at the leather purse lying on the floor:

– Yep, you’ve even prepared that bag of money, right?

– Yes… That’s all of my personal asset as the Queen, in terms of gold coins…

– How much exactly?

– Around three thousand gold coins.

If I do the math, that’s around three-hundred thousand silver coins. Quite a big sum, I must say. However, it’s actually not that much, considering the fact that she’s the Queen.

– We won’t have any problem with daily life expenses, then.

– Do you actually intend to bring me along? – She asks, still staring into my eyes.

– Of course. You’re mine after all.

– Am I going to become your servant?

– You can be whatever you want. Even becoming my big-sister won’t be a problem, as long as you properly prepare my meals and brew my tea everyday.

Her eyes have a curious look when she hears me say that, but she soon nods and says with a soft voice:

– …I understand……Master.

– I forgot to ask… What’s your name?

– Natasha. Just…Natasha. I don’t have a family name……not anymore.

The fat King is dead, and, according to our deal, she now belongs to me. Natasha is no longer the Queen of this country, who gave birth to the First Princess, so she currently doesn’t have a last name.

– I’d be happy to fill my last name into that blank one day. – I laugh jokingly.

– Why aren’t you doing it now…?

– I will, if you’d like to.

– I……don’t know. – Natasha makes a confused expression.

– See, you’re not even sure about yourself, so I have no reason to force it on you. I’m a higher being than that Pig, so, unless you ask for it, I’m not shoving it in your hand.

– I see…

– That said, don’t even dream of putting any other guy’s last name in that blank, either. I’ll kill you both, alright~? – I declare with a bright smile.

I feel like that kind of face would freak an ordinary girl out, but Natasha takes it with confidence:

– That’s never going to happen.

I raise my eyebrow:

– Oh? Confident, aren’t you?

– Yes. – Natasha firmly says – There’s zero chances for that kind of thing to happen.

– How so?

– Please have a look at this…

Natasha tucks her hair to the side and shows me a big scar near her hairline. She continues:

– This is what happened pretty much every time that King wanted to have sex with me. I’ve heard from some other noblewomen that their husbands did the same thing to them. It seems like……it’s something these men enjoy doing in order to feel dominant over their women.

– ……

My left eye twitches in irritation. I almost want to call the Dark Dragonblade out and slice that filthy pile of shit into several smaller pieces.

Natasha seems casual when she tells the story, since she’s a resident of this world. However, if someone from a modern society like me, who has knowledge on fundamental Women’s Rights, hears about this sort of thing, I believe they’ll similarly get pissed off.

…Be that as it may, I don’t think I should try turning this world into one similar to Earth.

Albeit the fact that I may not be powerful enough to do so, I also don’t want any Feminism Fanatics to start popping up and ruining the foundation of society.

That said, if there’s anything I can do to raise the social standing of women in this world, I’ll give it my best shot.

– …But, you see, – Natasha continues – even though you also have a really high social standing, you were different when……

Not finishing the sentence, she buries her face into my chest, hugging me tightly.

After one night, she’s become less like a zombie and more like a proper human lady. It’s pretty surreal, but, when it comes to intangible things like this, no common logic can explain it.

– Is that all? – I ask, thinking that I was just a middle-class businessman back on Earth; there’s nothing noble about me.

– Of course not… – Natasha lifts her face up from my chest – You have no idea how much it means to me to be able to avenge my family! It’s a twelve year curse that has haunted me every time I close my eyes……and yet, I had to share a bed with that ‘thing’ every night, humiliated and violated by it!

Catching her breath, she continues:

– You could’ve just run straight to Kregoria and made your own fortune, but you agreed to stay behind and do something as disastrous as murdering the King because of my selfish request!

– Alright, you can relax now. I won’t force you to answer any other stupid questions.

Having noticed that tears have begun to stream out from her eyes, I place a finger on her lips and stroke her hair with my other hand.

– No… I’ll answer. I’ll answer anything you ask, so just…please…believe me and don’t throw me away…!

Having pretty much regained her sanity after the death of the Pig, Natasha is now aware that she’s all alone in this world. People know what the King did to her, so once they find out that he’s dead, they’ll conclude that she’s the criminal. Without anyone left to rely on, only death awaits her. Therefore, she’s desperately trying to cling to me, the only person who’s shown her affection in the twelve years of suffering.

– Alright. Rather than spewing emtpy words such as “I believe you”…

With those words, I roll over and get on top of Natasha. I stare straight into her beautiful blue eyes and resume my half-sentence:

– …I’ll have you “make me believe you”.

Natasha is stunned for a second, but she quickly catches on and kisses me, her arms tightly wrapping around my back. At the same time, she obediently spreads her legs and welcomes me inside her again…



A week later, the whole Magical Kingdom of Runia is in a state of extreme chaos as the King was found brutally murdered inside an abandoned building. Investigators found many traces of sexual intercourse on the bed where the King died, but it seems like this country’s Sorcery hasn’t developed DNA test yet as they couldn’t identity the bodily fluids left behind.

By the time they realized that the Hero and the Queen had gone missing, we were already far away from the capital city.

…And by the time the investigation reached the Commercial City where we took a carriage to Kregoria, we were already near the national border.


Right now, Natasha and I are having lunch at a family restaurant in a small Kregorian Agricultural Town near the national border. The food they offer here mostly consists of cereal products like wheat or white rice. Though there is meat, they’re really expensive.

However, thanks to having a suitable climate, they have top-quality tea which is sold with a very reasonable price. It’s a bit more expensive if you want to ship it to a different city in large quantity, though, since you’d have to pay the Adventurers to escort the cargo.

Having finished our modest meal, which costs four silver coins in total, we exit the restaurant.

Now in casual clothing instead of her Queen attire, Natasha raises a question from behind me:

– Master, where are we going next?

– I intend to go to the capital. It has a pretty big forest nearby, so Adventurers have more job opportunities there.

– That’s a good choice, but I heard that housing is really expensive there.

– We can always start with a middle-class inn.

– Well, with the money I brought with me, it should be easy to buy a decent house right away.

– Hmm… – I ponder – Maybe I’m just overthinking this, but we shouldn’t spend a big sum of money right away.

Natasha tilts her head:

– Why is it?

– Those are gold coins forged in Runia, they might be able to track you down if you spend such a large amount of money right away.

Human countries in this world have all agreed to use the same type of currency to maintain trading’s stability. They don’t have a clearly defined stock market like modern Earth, so keeping the currency exchange rate in check would be too difficult.

That said, the Court Magicians might be able to track down the gold coins which were made in their respective country.

– Ah… – Natasha realizes – That’s right. I certainly have heard about something like that before. I’m sorry I was being so careless…

– Nah, don’t worry about it. – I shrug – You just be a good housewife and I’ll take care of the troublesome things.

– Housewife……

Natasha makes a blank face as she ponders about that term. I have no clue what’s going on in her head, but, if she isn’t against the idea, then there’s no problems.

We rent a room at a decent inn to spend the night.

I intend to go to sleep early, since the carriage we hired will be leaving quite early in the morning, but, apparently, Natasha has other plans.

It’s going to be fun, though, since she’s not on a frenzy like that day with the fat King anymore. This way, we can slowly and peacefully enjoy ourselves.

By the way, guys…

I have a complex fetish, so I’ll spin my story around either excessively sweet vanilla or dark and twisted fantasies. If you’re gonna be with me on this train, then we’re gonna experience a lot of all the way up and all the way down. Hope you don’t mind, lol.


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Dragon Magic Chapter 05

Netori warning.

(This is an Original Novel)

Midnight, inside an abandoned building in the Residential District of Runia’s capital city. This place was suggested by the Queen, since it’s her old house where her family and her lover were killed mercilessly. And in this bedroom, she was violated by the Pig.

The fat King is restrained with all his limbs shackled to two of the four legs of the bed. He was stripped naked earlier by me, but, even so, I still can’t see his little penis because of his fat belly.

When he opens his eyes, the Queen is sitting on the bed, facing him with a smile.

– O-Oh… Where am I…? – He mumbles.

The Queen answers with a gentle voice:

– Somewhere we both know.

– Is that so…? M-My Queen, what is up with all these ropes?

While they converse, I stand and conceal my presence at one corner of the room. This is the plan which the Queen and I have come up with in five minutes, so it should be fun.

– Ah, don’t worry. It’s just a ‘play’.

– H-How did you know…? I never told you I had this kind of hobby…

I almost vomit.

That’s it; this Pig needs to die. It’s not like I judge people with the same fetish, but hearing it from this fat King makes me want to cut off my ears.

Apparently, that’s not all.

Turned on by the bondage play, the Pig’s little thing begins to swell up. At first, I thought it would at least get to a decent size, but, when it stopped at around six centimeters, I almost want to reveal myself early just to spit at it.

How did he even rape the Queen…?

Anyway, back to their conversation…

– Oh, really? How about I show you this…? – The Queen says, lifting the hem of her nightgown and opening her legs.

Her seductive undies make the fat King’s little thing grow another centimeter, but that’s about it.

– O-OOH!! – The Pig squeals in excitement.

– You really like the thing under this piece of cloth, don’t you?

She asks while rubbing her vagina on top of her black lace panties. Seeing that, the Pig gets even more excited and begins to breaths wildly:

– YE-YES! I love it!!

– But…! – She raises one finger – Too bad…

The Queen turns around and smiles toward me. Having received the signal, I reveal myself and walk over to the bed. When I sit down on the edge of the bed, the Queen leans toward me and embraces me. We then kiss passionately, exchanging saliva.

Seeing that, the fat King turns all red and yells:


Separating her lips from my lips, the Queen sends a smile toward the Pig and pulls down her panties. She crumples it into a ball of cloth and stuffs it into the Pig’s little mouth, gagging him.

Then, she turns toward me:

– You’re really evil, aren’t you, Hero-sama?

– Heh, you say that, but you came up with at least a half of this plan. – I laugh.

– Anyway, we only have a few hours, right?

– Let’s begin then.

Completely ignoring the existence of the mumbling fat King, I push the Queen down on the bed and kiss her neck while running my hand down her soft thigh. Her sweet body odor tickles both my brain and my lower half.

Soon, my dick enters battle mode.

While watching the fat King struggling around angrily from the corner of my eyes, I bury my face into his wife’s voluptuous breasts, fondling them to my heart’s content. When I suck on her pink nipples, she lets out a soft, sweet moan, making the Pig fall even deeper into madness.

Every time I run my lips down her navel and kiss her mons pubis, her body slightly twitches. It seems like nobody has ever made love to her in this way before.

– Mmmh!! MMMHH!!

– Haa……♥ I can’t really understand what you’re saying, my King~

She’s such an evil lady to have helped me come up with this. However, she deserves every rights to do so. This is also a chance to let her experience the pleasure a woman deserves every night making love with her man.

Well, I’ve bought prostitutes before, so I’m not clueless about sex. I’m not an expert, either, but I’m confident I can do, at least, a decent job of pleasing a woman.

– You ready for the main dish? – I say, giving the slit between her legs a kiss.

– Yeah, I’m getting really wet already…

There was no life force in her eyes when we talked in my room, but, since the moment we kissed, the Queen has entered a frenzy. The pre-taste of vengeance is swallowing up her sanity.

When I suck on her erect clitoris and poke my tongue inside her, she locks my head up between her legs, trembling in pleasures.

– Alright, here it comes.

– Ahh… Just imagining that big, hard thing going inside me is already too much! – The Queen says in a feverish tone, her hands spreading her vaginal entrance to invite me in.

The fat King has been squealing and struggling this whole time, but we’re paying no attention to him. From time to time, the Queen would turns her face toward him and smile devilishly. In fact, whenever she trembles in pleasures, she would look at him and brag to him.

Not wanting to wait another second, I pull down my pants and rub the head of my dick against her vaginal opening, spreading her fluids all over her crotch.

– You’re really horny, huh…

– Stop teasing me! Just put it in already!

– I can’t wait, either, so don’t rush me.

Saying so, I push my hips forward and penetrate her all the way inside.

Since she’s already given birth once, I expected it to be a bit loose, but it turns out that it’s no less tight than a virgin hole.

– Aahh——♥

– Guh… What is this tightness…? Aren’t you a mom?

– Me? Isn’t it that thing of yours that’s abnormally big? – The Queen restrains her moans.

– No no no, I’m pretty sure I’m average…

– Haha… Average of this world is only half of what you have…

– …But even so, it shouldn’t be this tight for someone who has given birth.

– No, according to this world’s standards, this is pretty loose… It’s the same for all Human women…

– … Well then, – I shrug – it’s not a bad thing, at least.

I begin slamming my hips against her lower body in missionary position. Because her flesh tunnel is narrower and shorter than the average Earth woman, I’m able to stimulate her deepest spot with every thrust.

– Aah…♥ Ahn…good…it’s so good…♥ What is this…?

With an ecstatic expression, she moans loudly and seductively.

At this point, the fat King has stopped struggling around. Now, he’s just watching us with a miserable face, his eyes bloodshot.

– How’s this? Do you like it this deep? – In high spirits, I ask, not stopping the piston movement of my waist.

– Yes♥ I…love it♥ Aaah—♥

The Queen clutches the bed sheets and bends backward; her hips haven’t stopped trembling since the moment I put it in.

Seeing such a sexy reaction, I secretly cast “Dragon Magic – Matchless Vitality” on myself, grab hold of her waist with both hands and begin pounding her pussy more vigorously. I grind my meat rod, which has gotten rock hard, against her vaginal flesh walls over and over again, not missing any of her sweet spots.

When I look down, I realize that my dick is covered in her slimy, creamy fluids. The lewd juice keeps oozing out from her pussy every time I pull out. I can’t help making a comment:

– You’re really damn wet down here…

– Aah…haa…haah…♥ Haahn~♥

She’s drowned in pleasure, and she can’t even answer me properly.

After only one minute, the Queen’s body writhes, and her insides tighten up. Her wet folds squeezing and twisting around me are actually pulling me toward my limit really fast. On the bright side, I didn’t think someone like me could drive a mature beauty to orgasm within a minute.

– Heh… Can you keep going? – I ask with a smirk.

– Haa…haa… Of course…I can. – The Queen is breathless with a lewd fuck-face – That was the first time a cock makes me come in twelve years. Of course I would want to keep going…

I resume the movements of my hips and, once again, penetrate her all the way inside. My shirt’s getting in the way, so I take it off and lean forward to embrace her. While devouring her lips, I glue my chest to her soft breasts and enjoy the sensation of her hard nipples rubbing against me.

Her pussy’s so tight that I can’t even hold it in past five minutes.

That said, I magnificently ejaculate inside her with one deep stroke. The Queen also reaches her second climax at the same time.

The way she’s bending backward while trembling is making me stay erect even after releasing.

– Alright. Now, get on all fours.

When I pull out, my dick is stained with her lewd fluids.

Before getting on all fours as told, the Queen opens her legs toward the fat King and spreads her vagina with her fingers, showing him how the semen I’ve just now pumped inside her is oozing out.

Seeing that, the Pig regains his consciousness and begins struggling violently, but, since the ropes are too tough, he can’t escape. He’s making incoherent noises from his panties-gagged mouth again, but we ignore it.

The Queen then gets on all fours as I told her.

However……this time, she directly faces the fat King while sticking her butt out toward me. This is the definition of Evil, because, this way, she’s going to be showing her face drowned in ecstasy to the Pig. He can also have a good look at how I bang his wife from behind and make her cum.

Getting more and more excited myself, I draw my hips backward before drilling my dick into her dripping wet pussy.

– Uaaahh…! M-My God…it’s prying…me open…! Ahn…Aah…♥

I enjoy fondling her round, plump butt as I maintain the piston motion of my waist at a steady rhythm. There’s  just enough grinding to stimulate her sweet spots, but it’s not quite enough to make the pleasures explode and make her cum.

By keeping her in the middle realm between heaven and earth, I’m making her constantly tremble in pleasures. Her initial soft and quiet moans have now heated up enough to sound obscene. Mixed with the lewd, wet noises our genitals are making, it’s the most sinful harmony one could ever imagine.

As for the King, his eyes have already turned white as drools dripping from the corner of his mouth, which is still gagged by the Queen panties. Down below, his tiny dick has already ejaculated even without stimulation – no, our lustful act was the stimulation.

We’ve screwed him up enough that he ejaculated while watching his wife getting pounded by the Hero he summoned from another world. It wouldn’t have had as big of an effect if we didn’t switch to doggy position and show him his wife’s fuck-face.

I’m maintaining the same pace with which I’ve been fucking the Queen, and I don’t intend to slow down or speed up any time soon. This is literally heaven, I’m not dumb enough to end it.

After coming five or six times, she begins crying out incoherent words, but, among those broken sentences, I manage to pick out some that sound interesting.

– This dick is out of this world…

– Not even Franco was this amazing…

– Now I’m just cumming with every stroke…

Things like that.

…And I’m assuming Franco is the name of her lover whom the fat King killed. Although I should feel somewhat bad, this situation, for some reason, turns me on.

Feeling that my limit is approaching, I lean forward and grab her boobs with both hands. I speed up my hips movement and rapidly stab my dick into her tight pussy. Enjoying the softness of her boobs in my hands, I raise my hips and grind her wet flesh walls at a different angle.

By chance, I hit another one of her sweet spots, making her squirt a little bit while trembling vigorously.

– This is too good, so I’m releasing it inside again!

– I don’t care…I don’t care…I don’t care…Just keep driving me crazy like this…!

Ah… I see.

Right now, she’s probably in that painful phase where the sweetness of revenge makes past memories come flooding back. And since the pleasure of sex is spinning her mind around, making everything unclear, she can, in a way, escape from all of it.

I’d like to keep her entertained for a bit more, but I’m already at my wit’s end.

How long has it been since we started? I’m not even sure anymore……it could be an hour or more.

From behind, I embrace the Queen tightly and shoot out my semen inside her. As her body writhes, she has another orgasm and passes out.

She falls into my arms and, as if sleepwalking, clings to me tightly. As tears stream out of her eyes, she raises a soundless, heartbreaking cry half-consciously.

Feeling like something’s tightening up in my heart, I click my tongue and summon the Dark Dragonblade.

Grasping the handle tightly, I swing it horizontally and slice the Pig into two.

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Dragon Magic Chapter 04

Welp, I’m a novice porn writer, so go easy on me…

(This is an Original Novel)

Under the moonlight peeking in from outside the window, I’m sitting on the edge of the bed; the Queen is kneeling on the floor and between my legs.

– Show me your tits. – I say.

Having unbuttoned her top, revealing her sexy black bra below, the Queen asks:

– …Is this good enough?

– Yup. – I nod, enjoying the sight of her deep cleavage from above.

I get a hard-on almost instantly; she’s just that charming, despite her age.

– Well then… I’ll have this… – She says in a whispering voice, unzipping my pants.

The Queen widens her eyes, staring at the erect meat rod which has just popped out. I’ll be honest, the size is average, so I’m not sure why she’s surprised.

Well, that fat King’s thing must be tiny, I assume…

– We don’t have that much time. – I give her a reminder.

The Queen snaps back to reality and hurriedly apologizes:

– I’m sorry, I’ll get right to it… Hmm…

Saying so, the Queen opens her lovely lips and holds my glans in her mouth.

My left eye twitches; I almost leak out a moan right there. The warmth of her lips is just that pleasant. Not to mention the wetness of the tip of her tongue.

– Heh… You don’t seem used to this? – I ask, savoring the sensation at the tip of my meat rod.

Making a light suck, the Queen separates her lips from my glans and answers:

– Yes, I’m not that experienced in doing this.

– It’s fine, just do whatever that you’re capable of.

Luckily, I’ve already showered a couple hours ago, so it’s not dirty. Even though I know she probably doesn’t care, but I’d still feel bad if she has to suck on a dirty penis.

– Okay, I’ll try my best. – The Queen says, once again, putting my dick in her mouth.

This time, she lowers her head and slowly, but gradually, takes the whole thing in; the head is now tapping her throat. The feeling of her wet tongue gently gliding along the rod is truly pleasant.

When she begins to pull it out, she slurps on the shaft, which is covered in her saliva, and makes another suck on the tip when it’s all the way out. Although, the suction is clearly stronger than the last one.

– You don’t have to take it all the way to the base every time, you know?

She seems like she’s going to deep throat on every stroke, so I just give her a little reminder.

Hearing that, the Queen switches to a different pace and speeds up a little. In exchange for speed and swiftness, she’s only stroking three-fourth of my dick with her lips. However, thanks to that, it’s a little bit less clumsy and awkward.

– Hmm… Hnn… Mnn……

The sight of her tucking a few bands of her hair, which are getting in the way, to the back of her ear while pumping my dick into her mouth is so sinful, yet it turns me on.

– Rather than just grinding it with your lips and tongue, it feels better if you add some sucking…

– Mmk’… Mmf…chuu…

As instructed, the Queen begins to suck on my glans on the way out. It takes her a little bit of time to get used to it, but once she’s gotten the gist of it, she begins to speed up and maintains it at a steady pace.

She only keeps the same movement up during the next five, ten minutes, and my head begins to feel funny.

At this point, it feels like she’s sucking all the life force right out of me. The core of my hips is tingling like crazy. Even I, myself, can feel that my breathing is getting out of control.

I let out a groan:

– Ahh… You’re actually good at this.

That moment, the Queen notices my dick twitching in her mouth and plunges it in deeply. Catching me off guard, she switches to deep, twisting strokes with more suction. My vision whites out for a second as I suddenly ejaculates inside her mouth.

– Mmf…

– …I didn’t quite expect that.

Making one last slurp on the head of my dick, the Queen separates her face from my crotch and spits the semen out in the trash can. Her face doesn’t look like she hates it, though. In anything, her breathing has also become hot along with her feverish eyes.

– Ahem… So how was it? – After coughing a few times, the Queen clears her throat and asks.

– Yeah, that was great. – I nod, wiping my dick with a towel.

– Then…

– Sure. Let’s go kill him now.

I’m in high spirits after that blowjob, so I’m feeling like working off some sweat.

– He’s sleeping in his bedroom with a concubine. – The Queen casually says, tidying up her clothes.

I ponder for a minute and ask:

– Who’s going to take over the country if he’s dead?

– The crown prince. He’s not my son, but he’s, at least, a lot more competent than the pig.

– There’s no problem, then. – I nod.

My target is the filthy fat King, not this country. The people are innocent, so I’d be troubled if the fall of the King becomes a disaster for the citizens. They’re unrelated, so I’d like to leave them out of this as much as possible.

That said, it would be a different story if they were being such a dick toward me that I have to overturn them, but, for now, my target is the fat King only.

– What’s your plan? – The Queen asks.

– Hm… Let’s see…

I close my eyes and come up with something which I believe could make both me and her happy.

After telling her the details, I head over to the King’s bedroom while the Queen goes to a certain place in which she suggests we carry out the plan.


Having arrived at the pig’s bedroom, I quietly destroy the lock with the Dark Dragonblade and sneak in. The pig is still snoring noisily without knowing what’s about to happen to him.

When I take a quick glance at his concubine, it’s a woman with heavy makeup and saggy tits.

I almost vomit…

Ignoring the hag, I tie the pig up with a rope which I pull out from my Item Box.

Yes, Item Box is one of the things I can do with Dragon Magic.

When I lift the fat King off the bed, he wakes up, but I sock him in the face to put him back to sleep and carry him over to our rendezvous.

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Dragon Magic Chapter 03

Porn coming up next chapter.

(This is an Original Novel)

It’s been a few days since that party at the Banquet Hall.

At this point, I’m pretty confident about my general knowledge about this world. I’m not saying that I know everything, but, in my guess, it’s just about enough for me to live comfortably.

That said, it’s about time I left this filthy country for a new one.

I did a little bit of research in the city’s Grand Library and learned that there’s a country to the North of Runia which is also one of the five major Human countries. However, they are neutral about the relationship between Humans and the Demon race. As long as none of their residents are harmed by a member of the Demon race, they will not start a fight. It’s called the “Kingdom of Kregoria”.

Another interesting feature of this country is its Adventurer Guild. It’s said that the Guild there is the biggest and oldest branch of all Adventurer Guilds in Human countries.

I made my decision yesterday, so, today, I’m carrying out the plan before they make me go meddle with the Demon race.


In the middle of the night, I confirm that nobody’s near my room and get off the bed. I put on a leather jacket and walk toward the door.

Suddenly, there’s a small knock.

(What? Who’s looking for me this late?)

I don’t think I’ve screwed up, but, first, let’s just find out who is it.

With that in mind, I approach the door and open it. On the other side, a mature beauty with light brown hair is staring at me with empty eyes; her face is void of any emotion.

It’s a face which I know. I’ve seen her several times before.

Thinking that it’s strange, I ask:

– What kinda business does the Queen have with me this late at night?

Indeed, she’s the Queen of this country, that fat King’s wife, the mother of that ugly Princess.

Now that I think about it, that Princess has the sexy figure of this woman, but, unfortunately, has a face which resembles her ugly father.

– I just have something to discuss, but… What about you, Hero-sama? Where do you intend to go this late? – She asks me with a lifeless voice.

– I’m leaving. – I smirk, giving her a straightforward answer.

– Just as I thought, huh…

– If you were able to guess it, then I’ll praise you for your sharpness. Now, bye!

I intend to force my way through, but the Queen grabs my shoulders and stops me.

Staring straight into my eyes, she begs:

– …Please, at least, hear me out.

– Hm… – Seeing that her eyes aren’t lying, I nod with a sigh – Fine. I’m not promising anything, though.

– Even if I can only have a little bit of your consideration, it’s enough.

She seems to be in a quite desperate state.

Taking into consideration this medieval-like setting of the world, I find myself having a few rough guesses of what she wants to ask of me. Well, of course, there are also a few other factors, but, since it’s just my speculation, I won’t jump to conclusions right away.

Having sat down next to me on my bed, the Queen turns around and gets straight to the point:

– I want the pig dead.

– Oho……

It’s a straightforward, merciless request. However, since her target is so interesting, I feel like I want to listen to more of what she has to say.

Needless to say, when she says “the pig”, there’s only one person that comes to my mind.

– I can use my position as the Queen to give you anything you want.

– Before we talk about rewards and stuff like that, I’m more interested in your motive.

– Ah, that… It’s simple. – The Queen closes her eyes, takes a breath and begins telling her story – He set my family up and killed everyone except me. He then took me in and raped me. After that, I gave birth to that monster. All of this was because he saw me on the street with my lover and wanted to have me.

– I see. – I nod, somewhat disturbed inside – Did he also kill your lover at the time?

– Yes.

Even though I’ve expected something like this to come up, but directly hearing it being told by the victim herself is a little bit difficult to stomach. The fact that her eyes and voice have lost all life is making me feel even more sick.

…Although, part of me kind of laughed when she called her daughter “that monster”.

– Alright. Now let’s talk about what’s in it for me. – I place my hand on my chin, pretending to be a smart merchant – I’ll start by saying that it’s easy to me to obtain whatever I want.

– There’s actually a limit to what I can offer, so I’ll make a short list for you to choose from.

– Alright. I’m listening.

– While I can’t give you a noble title, I can certainly offer a decent sum of money, rare magic tools, or, the most basic of them all, women.

– What kind of women. – I close my eyes, pondering about various things.

Still with a lifeless tone, the Queen answers:

– That……will have to depend on your preferences. Elves? Catgirls? A farmer’s daughter? Or……even me if I’m good enough.

I open my eyes and accidentally catch the reflection of myself in the full-length mirror nearby. It’s not my thirty year old appearance; I’ve somehow rejuvenated to my twenty year old self since I came to this world.

Thinking that it’s about time I made up for my dull life back on Earth, I say:

– Catgirls sound great, but I think you’re prettier.

– That won’t be a problem, considering your strength. – The Queen easily accepts it – Once that pig is dead, you can do whatever you want with me.

I show an empty smirk that doesn’t have any particular meaning behind it:

– I don’t know about the quality of the goods I’m getting, though.

– …So you want a trial?

– Correct. Ah, but you don’t have to go too far. I will only receive the full payment once the job’s been taken care of.

– Understood, how about trying out my mouth? – She asks, as if to make sure that it’s enough.

– Sure. – I nod.

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Dragon Magic Chapter 02

(This is an Original Novel)

It’s been a few days since I was thrown into this world all of a sudden.

I’ve already given up on the idea that I’m just hallucinating, so I’ll treat what I’m going to be seeing from now on as reality. That’s the kind of conclusion I came up with after hours and hours of denial and escapism…

Long story short, this Magical Kingdom wants me to help them exterminate the Demon Lord, but their attitude is so fake that it’s not even funny.

I’m told that the country is currently in a crisis, but as soon as I take a stroll downtown, the sight of the most peaceful and wealthy city spreads out before me. The merchants’ business are flourishing thanks to the quality of their goods despite the reasonable price, and the people are enjoying their lives to the fullest with ease.

They show me a map and explain how the Demon race has been trying to invade their country, but I don’t believe them, so I sneak into the city’s Grand Library to check out the real Continent Map.

It turns out that these guys are the ones trying to mess with the Demon race, simply because their lands are more fertile for agriculture. Truly, there’s just no limits to their greed…


I am disgusted.

As the person whom they’re trying to fool, I’m disgusted.

Luckily, I’m capable of doing a few interesting things. For example, I can summon a legendary sword called “The Dark Dragonblade” and wield it without problems. It weighs literally a few tons, but when I lift it, it becomes as light as a feather.

I believe this is related to the “Dragon Magic” part of the prize ticket I got from that vending machine.

Aside from summoning the sword, which is widely known among the higher-ups of Runia, I have a few other tricks up my sleeves, but I’m not going to reveal it now, since I don’t want them to start developing a countermeasure against me. Smart people don’t reveal their hand to their enemies.

I don’t know about me being smart, but I can certainly keep myself a few crucial secrets.


When I hear that they’re letting me rest a few days before marching to Demon Lands, I quickly come up with a plan to get away from this country. However, I must, first, learn the most basic, general knowledge about this world in order to survive.

Thanks to the Dragon Magic I received from that prize ticket, I’m confident that I’m strong enough to defend myself from monsters, but I have no clue how high is my chance of survival against someone like an S rank Adventurer or a member of the Demon race.

I should start learning about this world as soon as possible and memorize all the influential figures. By paying attention to what kind of opponents I might be facing off against in the future, I hope to establish an easygoing life in this world using the Dragon Magic I possess.

With that being said, I am now heading to the city’s Grand Library again to read some history books. I thought it would be boring, but, right now, I’m really enjoying it – mainly because it feels like I’m reading a fantasy novel with the story’s setting similar to that of medieval Europe.

This world is a single continent which is split into three by two Great Rivers.

The Great River of the West separates the unexplored Western Lands from the Central Lands, and the Great River of the East separates the Eastern Demihuman Lands from the Central.

The human country that I’m in right now is located to the South of the Central Lands.

In fact, all Humans live in the colder South, while the Demon race rules over the North where the climate is warm almost all year round. Incidentally, the East is the territory of Demihumans like Elves, Dwarfs, and so forth.

There are myths which say that the Dragons live in the West, but, in reality, nobody knows if that’s true or not. The Western parts of the continent is covered with Primary Forests where extremely dangerous beasts run rampant. For that reason, only the Heroes among heroes dare to step their feet into the Western Forests.

Honestly, I’m really interested in these Western Primary Forests, since I possess something called Dragon Magic. If it’s true that the Dragons live there, I’d like to go meet them.



I look out the window and notice that the Sun’s already sinking below the horizon.

– I got really into it, huh… – I mumble to myself, closing the thick book that I’ve been reading for the past few hours.

After returning the book to its respective shelf, I exit the Grand Library and walk back to the Royal Castle to have dinner. Since the King invited me to a party, I walk over to the Banquet Hall instead of going back to my room.

The Banquet Hall itself is right out of a fairy tale with golden, fancy chandelier and candle holders. There’s even a golden water fountain in the center.

(…They told me the country is in a crisis and then show me this…)

I’m simply speechless.

Did they really expect me to believe whatever comes out of their mouths?

It makes me question what kind of Heroes have been summoned to this world previously. If it’s always been those blockheads who blindly trust in justice, then maybe it makes sense.

Well, to be fair, they’ve been tempting me with wealth, fame and women, so I think that’s the reason why the previous Heroes did whatever they were told by these scums.


I’m just standing at one corner of the Banquet Hall, sipping my black tea, but the King approaches me and smiles pleasantly:

– Hero-dono, is the food to your liking?

– Oh, yeah, they’re good. – I answer with a business smile.

– That’s good to hear.

– …

I just maintain my fake smile without saying anything.

Perhaps, he thinks that I’m not that difficult to deal with, the fat King introduces the young woman standing next to him:

– Let me introduce you to my daughter, the idol of this country.

The King then nods at her.

With perfect etiquette, the young woman greets me:

– My name’s Ruah Inalia Kyle. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Hero-sama!

– You can call me Jay. It’s nice to meet you, too.

Trust me, it’s not.

– Ahahaha! – The King laughs, making his fat belly jiggle – It’d be great if you two can get along!

The fat King continues to set things up between me and this Princess as our conversation goes on, but I always stay just vague enough that he thinks he’s got me, but, in reality, I’m not promising anything.

It’s your fault for being dumb and jumping to conclusions, so don’t blame me later on…

As for that Princess, I’ll tell you this, she is beautiful……from a hundred meters away.

She’s got a really attractive figure with all the charming curves and everything. However……I dare you to take a close look at her face for more than thirty seconds without losing your sanity. That’s all I’ve got to say about the Princess of this country.

Anyway, I keep the business smile on my face until the party ends and return to my room to read a few books that I’ve borrowed from the Grand Library.

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