Bonded Goddess – Chapter 3

As I promised, the first H-SCENE

“Am I back? To Earth? To my own world?”

As the light settled down, I found myself back in my living room. It was still night outside. Still the same time as before… as if I never went to another world.

What is that light? My power? But how is it possible for me to transport to two different worlds so easily? And why now?

Ahhh! Screw that! Then, I realized I was carrying someone in my hands. The girl who protected me from that monster.

“Hey! Hey! Are you OK?!” I asked the girl in my arms, but she did not answer.

She is unconscious, damn…

Why did you protect me? Didn’t you want to kill me for seeing your naked body?

When I laid her on the couch, I felt something warm on my hands. It was a dull and sticky liquid. Pulling my hands away, I saw they were dyed red. I was horrified at the sight and as I looked closer at her, I saw some of her silver hair was also dyed red as well. The girl was bleeding and it wouldn’t stop if I didn’t do anything. If I left her like this, the girl’s life would surely disappear and the fire burning in her eyes would leave within a few hours.

Just then, I remembered her last word before she passed out.

Just… burn my body…

Burn you? Screw that!

I did not care who this woman was. She was injured because of protecting my pathetic life. My cheeks became slightly hot and tingly with tears.

This is my fault…

I ran to the kitchen to get a first aid medical kit, my military suture kit, and a bunch of bandages in a hurry. I also needed some unused towels, clean water, and boiling water.

When I returned, I saw the girl’s white face was beginning to lose even more color.

“Don’t you dare die on me, girl!” I growled at the unconscious person.

The couch under her back was colored red with blood.

So, I slowly tried rolling the girl, finding a sharp, clean cut. It was quite deep… dammit! Normal people would die… but this girl was quite strong.

Her back was badly damaged, but it was a smooth cut and I could see numerous red lines run across her white skin. There were scratches everywhere and a lot of blood was coming from them. It was necessary to remove all the clothing. I stripped her without a second thought, her white skin was still growing paler…

Damn, I need to move faster.

After finishing removing all her clothes, she was naked like the first moment we meet. A very beautiful girl appeared before me. However, unlike before, she wouldn’t swing her sword or attempt to kill me.

Why didn’t I take her to the hospital like I planned? Get a clue, dammit. She’s bleeding too much, she would die before we reached the hospital. Plus, what would happen if I walked into a hospital with a bloodied teenage girl without ID? I would be arrested by the police again for murder with a side of rape.

I continued to examine her face. The girl’s complexion was worsening.

No time for hesitation, I applied direct pressure on the wound with a clean cloth. After adding a piece of gauze and binding it tightly, I finally stopped the blood for the time being, but it did not replenish what was lost.

Oh, the bleeding started again…

I refused to stop until the bleeding stopped! I ended up working on the bleeding for an hour. After a while, the bleeding finally appeared to end. Good, I started the next treatment by placing a wet towel on the back of the girl.

“Ugh…” For a moment, the girl raised a weak, panting moan.

I confirmed that there was no sign of the girl waking. I slowly pushed the towel against the skin and wiped away the blood from the wound.

When I put a towel in the washbowl, the water dyed red. I needed to change the water again. I needed more hot water. I also needed to wash my hands again before sewing the wound.

“Fuu…” I took a breath, but this wasn’t the end.

I checked if there was any dirt or debris in the wound. Found some, so I remove it with a pair of sterilized tweezers that had been cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Fortunately, there didn’t appear to be any dirt, debris, or any other objects too deep in the wound for me to reach or it would be worse.

Alright, I need to sew her wound but if I screw up, it would cause permanent tissue damage and a nasty infection or in the worst case, death.

I took a deep breath a few times….

Alright, let’s do this; I won’t let you die before I learn your name.

I soaked the wound with boiling water. I also used a plastic bag with a hole poked in it and then scrubbed with soap. Ok, next, I needed to use sterilized needles and thread to sew her wound.

It took another hour to finish sewing her wounds… After I finished, I treated her with antibacterial ointment and covered it with a clean bandage. As I continued to work, I lost track of how many hours had passed, but I seemed to have managed to save her.

I checked on the girl’s expression. She looked stable now and she was sleeping soundly.

I helplessly fell to my knees and breathed a sigh in relief…

But seriously, every time my hand touched her waist, stomach or back, a soft moan could be heard. I managed to finish rolling the bandage somehow, but my junior down there was throbbing as I heard that erotic voice.

I never touched another woman since that bitch and it was hard to control my lust, especially when before my eyes there was a transcendent beauty like this.

But weirdly enough, while I could barely contain my lust when I saw her naked in the forest, now that she was unconscious and naked, I could do anything I wanted to her but I didn’t have those feelings even though my junior still demanded attention.

Calm down, boy!

I looked at her again, her bewitching gorgeous white porcelain-like body was now wrapped with bandages. She ended up like this because she saved me and it was my fault… I felt very guilty because of this.

Even if I managed to save her, I really needed to take her to the hospital afterward. While I did have first aid treatment expertise from when I trained in the military, I was not a doctor. I couldn’t give a better treatment for her with the limited medical tools, and I also didn’t have the ability to do a blood transfusion to replace her lost blood.

Hmmm, this girl is a stubborn one; she seemed to refuse to die…  Normally, people would die if they lost this much blood. But, I guessed this proved this girl had a strong will to live. I made a wry smile as I thought that. I stood up and went to my room to find the appropriate clothing from the closet and dress her with clean clothes.

-After a while-

“…ehn…”  I heard a voice.

I turned to find the girl had opened her eyes.

“Oh, you finally awake?”

“… Where is this?” She looked around the room

“Well, in my living room.”

The girl glanced at me with her ruby eyes and struggled to get up.

“… Ugh.”

“Idiot! Don’t get up yet!” I raised my voice as I saw the girl trying to stand. Her upper body gave out before she was able to get all the way up.

I held her shoulder to stop her and pushed her back on the cushion … Geez, her shoulder was so smooth, what was this feeling? What the hell! I nearly lost my reason just touching her shoulder? What kind of pervert am I? I definitely don’t have shoulder fetish!

“Huh, huh… Are you the one who wrapped this bandage?”  The girl asked while she panted.

Was she panting or moaning? Geez, her voice was also very pleasant and very alluring to hear unlike before when she asked me, “Do you have any last words?”

“Yup, I managed to close the wound, but I need to take you to the hospital, so you can get better.” I finally decided that with her awake when we went, at least I could leave her to come up with answers to the hard questions.

“Hospital? I already told you, idiot, I’m cursed. I’m sorry but you cannot “fix” this wound… especially a wound made by an SS-class monster.” She grimaced with a sad expression.

“Well, what are you saying?”

“Like I told you before… The Cycolpes can curse its prey through its attack… The curse is not visible to our eyes. The curse is placed on my whole body through this wound. This wound is cursed and I can feel it through my body. Even if you stopped bleeding and closed the wound, it won’t stop until it has killed me… unless you have holy water, you don’t have it, right? Yeah… I thought not…”

“Oh, oh…”

Holy water… where could I get it? I was an deist, I did believe God existed, but I wasn’t part of any church. Japan was a free country for religions, especially Shinto and Buddhism were Japan’s two major religions. A shrine? A church? Could I get something like that if I went to church? There were a few churches in Japan. Hell, we’d find one just a few blocks from here.

Though there is no way that church from this world could provide “Holy Water” that could dispel the status ‘curse’. In other words, there was no way to get that Holy Water in this world.

“So… Are going to die?” I asked the girl with concern.

“Not yet… at least not for now… the curse probably will take a few days to grow enough to kill me… or maybe if it’s bad… at most, it’ll take an hour to kill me…”

“Well, which is it? A few days or an hour?” I demanded worriedly.

“How do you think I know!”

“Well, you’re the one dying!”

“Hmph!… aaaaah….” she turned her head, but them grimaced from the pain. But why did she seem somewhat happy?

“….So, even though I managed to close your wound… all I did is meaningless?”

“No! You’re helping me! And I’m truly grateful for that! I’m sorry about what happened before and even blaming you! I always had a bad temperament and always refused to hear reason… ”

Be grateful? She thanks me and she even apologized to me? Don’t screw …with me…! It’s my fault! You have every right to blame me! You’re hurt because of me! And you will die because of me! There is no way I’m going to let it happen!!

“… I see… there is no way to save you..?” I grimly asked her.

“No easy way…” The girl answered solemnly

Does that mean there is a way that isn’t so simple? The holy water…  As I thought, we needed it. But, I couldn’t get it here… I could get it in her world… the problem was I didn’t know if I could teleport back to her world with this power… actually, was this really my power? And there was no guarantee I could return here… what if I actually went there, got the holy water. What if i’m stuck there? She would die.

I watched the girl intensely and she just put a gentle smile as if not blaming me.

….I don’t have time to hesitate!  I will go back to her world and get the holy water!

I sat on the bed and held her hand then looked at her eyes.

“Please tell me, where can I get the holy water for you?”

“Why would you ask me that?” The girl seemed surprised.

“I want to save you!”

She looked perplexed at my answer… wait, what’s with that reaction? Wait, isn’t using holy water the easy solution she spoke of?

“You… want… to save me?”

“I will help, I’ll do anything if I can!”


“Why? You saved my life! This time! I’m the one who is going to save you!”

I looked at her eyes strongly showing my determination. After hearing that, the girl closed her eyes. Then after few moments, those ruby eyes quietly opened.

“…Alright. If you are really that determined.”

“Yes, I will help you.”

“You can save me without using holy water,” explained the girl.

“Huh?” I was stunned.

“No… We don’t have time, so I will explain it briefly, alright?”

“Oh, ok …” I let her continue.

If there was another way to cure the girl’s injury, I wouldn’t complain. Her life was my highest priority!

The girl took a deep breath a few times then looked at me in the eyes.

“…Embrace me.” the girl’s got redder as she said those words.

“Fucking A!… I mean, Excuse me?”

She said she would be brief… but it was way too short! Now, I’m not sure after hearing that “…Embrace me.”! What does she mean? Embrace her? She meant hug her, right? Not “that”, right?! My brain can’t keep up with her words… Just like a computer showing an error warning.

I thought it was a joke for a moment, but after seeing her eyes that showed her seriousness, she was not joking at all. After a while, I quietly nodded.

“For real?” I asked helplessly

“That’s right… if you want to help me…  Please embrace me. You do know what I mean, right?”

“Of course, I know that! I will put my 11-inch penis into your vagina, right?” I bluntly blurted out.

“YOU DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN! AND YOU ARE THAT BIG?!” The girl screamed as her face dyed red again.

I felt guilty about this even if I told myself that I was using this method to save her. This was just like taking advantage of her.  No wonder she said it wasn’t so simple. It didn’t matter, saving her life was what was important. I nodded once again, preparing myself as I lifted the girl in a princess carry.

“Huh? Hey, what are you-”

She gave a surprised look as she was lifted, her eyes shooting open in shock.

“You are injured in the back and we can’t do it here! We should properly do it on the bed!”

“.. .. T … thank you…”

The girl looked embarrassed as she blushed again. I actually felt shy too… Geez, I’m 42-year-old man… why the hell was I acting like a virgin high school student?

But she was so cute!! I could see that her frosty atmosphere must be directed toward her enemies and since we fought together against that thing, she softened and spoke cutely!

Then, I ran to my bedroom while carrying her in a hurry, putting the girl on the bed.

The girl was surprised for a moment by the soft and comfortable feeling.  This was my new bed, a brand new bed, which I had just purchased a few days ago! The bed used new material that was very comfortable and elastic. I had bought it for a comfortable sleep. But what nice timing! Especially for this moment! After feeling comfortable, the girl was quietly looking at me.

“….Kyou, what’s your full name?”

“Ogawa Kyousuke, you?”

“I see…that name’s terrible. My name is Evelyn Reteliwyra Ruby.”

“What? Well your name is too freaking long!” I was genuinely amazed by her name.

“Really? Then, you can call me, Evelyn. I’ll just call you Kyou.” She put a lovely smile, so I found myself unable to become upset.

“But Is it really okay? With someone like me, who you just met?”

“I don’t know… but your eyes are truly showing a pure intent to help me…” The girl, Evelyn smiled like an angel.

I was startled at those words. My eyes showed that? Oh, come on… I had too much impurity and was rotten to the core. I was completely taking advantage of her situation. I was hardly losing out in this exchange.

“Well, it’s my first time. That….can you please do it gently?” the red-faced Evelyn timidly asked.

Evelyn ‘s looked so lovely! I wanted to eat her!

“Ahh… Ok…”

I got closer to Evelyn, who blushed and understood what I was about to do, gently closing her eyes. Her silky smooth lip were like a cherry blossom, and I slowly came closer and then pressed my lips to hers lightly.


Her warm breath and her sticky saliva was tasted by me. Evelyn had dedicated her first kiss to me. The softness of Evelyn’s plump lips were transmitted to me. A taste of a kiss that melted sweetly in my mouth.

I then embraced her shoulders and held her firmly in my grasp. Her huge breasts were rubbing against me and their shape transformed whenever they squeezed against me. When I prodded my tongue into her delicious lips, Evelyn accepted my invasion, although she was surprised by my aggressiveness.

“Puaa, Nnn……..Ahfuu…..!  Nnchuu, rerro….o!”

At first, she was timid, but gradually she started to mimic the movements of my tongue and we entwined them together.

Then we separate our lips. We gazed at each other, and then kissed passionately again. Evelyn trembled as she put her arms around my neck and returned the passion in my kiss. She opened her mouth slightly so I could push my tongue out and start to lick Evelyn’s lips and tongue like licking ice cream.

“Mm. Much. Puaa, Nnn……..Ahfuu!”

The kissing sound echoed in the room for a while.

“Mmm….ah… Ahfuu…..!  Nnchuu!”

We separated our lips and our saliva string hung as a bridge between our mouths.

“You have no idea,” Evelyn whispered seductively, “how badly I needed that.”

!!! I accept that challenge!

“Alright then, I’m not going to tell you a damn thing,” I growled. “I’m going to show you, what I’m capable of!!”

“Ah………ah… Ahfuu…..!”

My lips slammed down onto hers again then I forcibly slid my tongue into her open mouth then entangled it with her tongue. We started battling our tongues and I dominated her with my experience.

“Churu, rero……Njuru, Jururuu……….Nchupa”

My tongue was inserted violently into the interior of her mouth, ravishing her mouth and she held me tighter. Her soft skin and her everything continued to fully stimulate my crotch and my mouth. I kissed Evelyn deeply. Then poured my saliva into her throat.

“Nku…! Puuaa, Hamu…….Nryuun”

She drank it as I stroked her wet hair with my hand. Then we continue our tongue battle, Evelyn’s jaw started to exhaust, surrendering as her lips weakly opened. From there a liquid-like breath as thick as honey was poured into her mouth and drenched her lungs with obscenity.


Then her body twitched, bikun bikun.

Hah, take that…! I was known as greatest kisser! I’m capable making girl cum with just kiss.

I separate my lips from hers leaving a stretching a string between our mouth…

“hah…hah…ha..” Evelyn let out heavy panting.

I gazed at her ruby eyes entranced and they became increasingly moist as she continued to gaze back into my eyes lovingly.

“How is it? Your first orgasm? Or it’s Nth times?” I grinned at her.

“…You beast…”

I lowered my gaze. Right now, Evelyn was only wearing a thin t-shirt. She was naked under that thin clothes. Oh, wait, I had replaced the panties though… I could see her huge breasts and her erect nipples through the cloth and her long white legs were completely visible.

“Evelyn, can you lift your body just for little?”

Evelyn who was still panting slowly nodded, lifting her upper body up a bit. I put my hands under her t-shirt and pulled up, then Evelyn’s huge breasts exposed once again as they bounced freely. Her areola was modest and had lewd pink erect nipples.

And those pink like cherry blossom nipples stood erect toward the sky at the top of that huge White Mountain waiting to be teased by me. Of course, I would tease them. I’d play with them, eat and suck them!

I stretched out both of my hands to those lewd huge breasts and traced their shape.


Her feminine body twitched as she reacted to the stimulation and shivered.

Seeing her cute reaction, I started to fondle her huge breasts to my heart’s content.


She kept moaning as I fondled her breasts. She must have very sensitive breasts.

While it was impossible to envelop with my fingers her huge soft marshmallow since they were just too damn huge, I kneaded them, pulled on them, and pressed/crushed them. I toyed around with them however I liked.

I then change my pattern of fondling her with a small movement. My fingers rubbed against Evelyn’s breasts like I was trying to tickle her. Thanks to the delicate fingers movements, loud moans started to leak from her cherry blossom lips.

“Nnn…… N….. uhh……., Ahn….., A…., A…NHH..…..” I was entranced and kept massaging her breast relentlessly.

Evelyn’s cheeks were already fully flushed.

“You… pervert…Nh…” Said, Evelyn, has tried to control her breath.

“Well, you can’t blame me… the first time, I saw you, I wanted to touch these big breast and have fun with them.” I smiled happily as I played with her chest bouncing it up and down with my hand and enjoying the weight in my palms.

“Nn……, is that so……, uu…., nn…,” Evelyn replied with an embarrassing voice and put up with it while panting.

“Yup, It’s just like a dream… Since the moment I saw you, you tried to kill me.”

I grinned naughtily as she covered her eyes with her hands as if to hide her face.

Damn, she’s so cute! I want to tease her more!!!

I then move my hand over her big chest like drawing a circle and squeezed it tightly at the end.

“Aah, Ahn……., AAaa…hn…., Ahn, Aaaa……, AAaaaaahn…..”

Evelyn gave out a loud moan. She was breathing out heavily with Haah—– Haah—- pattern

Her sensitive chest was being fiddled around with by a man’s rough fingers, and with this being her first experience, her silver-blonde hair trembled as she started to gasp for air.

Ohhh, she came again… What a very sensitive skin she had but:

“I can’t get enough of this, no matter how much I tease her!!”

I massaged both breasts rougher as her body trembling again… Geez, cum again? But I won’t stop.

“Your breast are truly big and superb!! How big are they??”

“N, Nn, N….It’s 105 cm….. Nnh,” She managed to let out.


“Huge!  Not only huge but soft, elastic and flabby! With this huge breast, maybe you can squeeze ‘my son’ easily using these breasts later.”

“Nn… I don’t know about such things…” Evelyn’s turned red after hearing my lewd remarks.

She was embarrassed, but I can see in her eyes that she was truly looking forward to it. Fufufu, what a lewd girl!

“Aa…., Aah……. Aahn, Aah….. Aa…..”

Evelyn’s cheeks were dyed redder and she began to leak a coquettish moan continuously. Guess, it’s time for the nipples.

“Evelyn, seems your nipples need some attention…”

I keep rubbing Evelyn’s breast as I asked her that.

“I… Don’t…kno–Hhei”

Before she can finish talking, I pinched her nipples with my thumb and index finger and move it left and right like handling a switch.

She shook a lot as I pinched her nipples then at the same time I twisted her nipples which made her scream with pleasure.

“Nn…uuu…, Aah….uu…, n, ku……, Ah, Ah, Ah, Nnh, Nh…sc…op!… Ik.u…..”

Then her whole body went rigid as she breathed even harder…

Evelyn, are you really that sensitive? Guess, one of her weak points was her nipples.

I proceeded to suck her lewdly bouncy big delicious breasts. I rubbed the breasts gently with my hands, rolling my tongue around the nipples and sucking them hard. As I enjoyed seeing her cum, I chewed lightly on her nipple with my teeth while licking her tip, causing Evelyn’s body to twist and shake again.

She then tried to push my head from her breast but it was meaningless since her body trembled too much with pleasure.

“Aaah….., A, Aa……., Aaah………rest.”

And like an insect attracted to the smell of honey, I was attracted to the smell of the juice leaking between her inner thighs.

Geez, how many times did you cum from just kissing and breast fondling?

With her cheeks dyed red, Evelyn was looking toward me silently as if begging me to stop. But I slid my right hand inside Evelyn’s panties. My hand was making a bulge inside her panties in her private place down there.

I move inside Evelyn’s panties rather rough. With tears in her eyes, Evelyn tried to stop the movement of my hand.

“No… don’t….!”

The finger was making wet squelching sound as it’s moving around inside, and Evelyn was shaking her head in resistance.

“Ah, NNh……, AaN, aaAA……, Anh, NhKuu, NNn……”

Every time my finger entered inside, I moved up to its root, her ass arched slightly while trembling.

The inside of Evelyn vagina was warm and was going to cum soon as I fingered her. I gently pinched her clitoris and Evelyn’s whole body trembled from the unbearable pleasure.

“Evelyn, it’s fine, Just cum!”

“NH, AAh, Nhauu……, No, If you do that-……, Haa, HaaNh, NhAah, Aaah……”

I added my left index fingers as I rubbing Evelyn’s G-spot strongly with two fingers now. Evelyn was moaning loudly, she closed her eyes while furrowing her eyebrows seemingly unable to bear it.

“naaaaah, Ah, cumminggg……!”

Evelyn’s legs were closed tightly, and her whole body convulsed and trembled as she reached her climax.

“Aaa……, Aa……”

Evelyn was rolling her tongue out and kept her eyes closed while she enjoyed the taste of an orgasm. She was making a really obscene face that seems like she can’t endure all that pleasure.

“You’re really tightening up, Evelyn.”

I’m sure I was making a very dirty smile as Evelyn vagina tightened itself against my fingers firmly.

“That’s a nice look, Evelyn.”


I said so then let Evelyn who was exhausted after her climax ly in the bed. While panting, she faced right toward me.

I then stroked her thigh as I looked into her eyes.

“Evelyn, I’m pulling your panties down.” I spoke to her while grabbing her panties.


With her cheeks dyed red, Evelyn was looking at me silently and nodded.

I was enjoying Evelyn’s reaction when I slowly lowered the panties down to her knees.

“Evelyn, lift your leg just a little……That’s right, just like that.”


Then, I swiftly pulled down on her pink panties sliding it down toward her thigh.

And we finally meet again!! Vagina!

Her vagina was drenched, overflowing with sticky juice like a flood. And Evelyn was covering her face again because of this. As I thought, Evelyn’s vagina didn’t have public hair… She is natural white tiger. I lifted her hips, wrapping my hands around her thighs. And then put my face in between her legs.

It’s time for supper! I then bring my mouth close and inserted the tongue into her vaginal cavity.

Just with little tasting, a lot of love juice gathered on my tongue.  I swallowed it as it was very delicious.

“Hey, hey, that’s Ah!”

With tears floating in her ruby eyes, Evelyn held the bed sheets as much as possible and withstood the pleasure. I then gave a light bite on her clitoris when she exposed her horny wet vagina.


She moaned as she peed a little or maybe squirted I should say. Evelyn’s transparent liquid intermittently flow from her vaginal hole.

I slid one finger into her cunt, gently caressing the inside of her vagina. Her pussy was wet, soft and of course really hot. I couldn’t wait to have my cock inside.

“ah…Iya…mhn” Evelyn moaned out and leaned back, supporting herself with her elbows, thrusting her hip slightly against my finger to get herself some more pleasure.

But due to a slight movement, the bandage was stained with blood leaking from her open wound.

“Oi… your bandages-” Before I could finish, Evelyn stopped me with a firm glare.

“Keep going!” Evelyn demanded with provoking eyes and a flushed face.

After seeing that expression, I pulled my finger out and leaned down to touch her cunt with my tongue, loving the taste of her juices.

I gave several kisses to her pussy before driving my tongue into her pussy again. I was going to reach deep inside her with my tongue!

“Yes! There! Ahn~” Evelyn moaned out in delight.  More juices produced from her pussy and I drank them eagerly, I then put more effort into eating her pussy, using my mouth and lips to drive her with pleasure.

“Oh! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! Just keep going!!” Evelyn moaned out and cried in pleasure as I ate her, my tongue stroking on her clit, “Oh fuck. I’m cumming. Now. Now, Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuuuuuuck!” She cursing as her juice splashed against my face and there was no chance for me to gulp it all down. I waited a few seconds for Evelyn to get out of her high and climbed on the bed to place my lips against hers, letting the woman taste her own lewd juices.

“You’re so amazing, Kyou.” Evelyn moaned out

“And you sure know how to cum, Evelyn.” I kissed down to her neck.

“It’s because you’re so good at it.”

“I just need you to be properly lubricated before we do it. Since you’re a virgin…” I speak as I took my cloth off, unbuckled my pants and unzipped them and pulled my erect dick out.

Her eyes widen and her mouth falls open as she sees the massive eleven-inch thing in my hands. It wasn’t an exaggeration at all. I had long learned to focus on foreplay. If a woman wasn’t wet enough… well, things didn’t work out. Back in colleges, I remember get slapped for not making the girl wet enough and just putting it without caring. That’s why I had to become so good at it. However, despite her injuries, Evelyn was much lewder than expected. Her transparent juices were flowing freely now, and the only thing her pink swollen pussy needed was the penetration of my cock.

“You… that thing… I might rather face the Cycolpes again.”

“Is it too big?” I asked  

“….It should…be fine…. I think… The cure is related to the taking of my virginity. When you slide it in, I will begin to cast the magic. It will remove the curse, and heal me. This is something that can only be done once. Ar—ar— Are you sure?”

I grabbed her legs, parting them as I kneel at the altar of her pussy, my hardened cock falling onto her pubic region, readying to make the sacrifice. “Mmm… I’ve never been more certain of something in my life.”

This caused Evelyn to blush greatly. Even after all of the lewd things I had done to her, she still acted timid and so damn cute.

“Please, stick it in slowly. Ah!” Before she had even finished, I popped the head into her. “It’s… it’s in me… ah…”

“Don’t get too excited, I haven’t even started yet.” I chuckled.

I start sliding it in. Although she was tight, after spending enough time getting her wet, her insides seemed to welcome my cock. The head touched up against a restricting barrier. This would be her so-called hymen.

“I’m ready to take it.”

“Ah… it’s so big…” Evelyn seemed too distracted, but when she heard this was the last chance, her eyes turned serious. “Yes… please… but first…”

“Huh? First?”

“Can you please kiss me as you slid it in?” She asked, another blush forming. .

… What’s with this cute girl? She so damn cute that I want eat her over and over again!

I nodded in affirmation, carefully leaning over her, my mouth finding hers. Her eyes closed as my lips met hers, my tongue attacking her mouth. She lets out a pleased moan as our lips attack each other. A second later, I thrust my hips forward, pushing past her resistance and finally entering deep into her womb.

“Mmmmm!” Evelyn lets out a shout into my mouth, her eyes opened into widened shock, the feeling of something so large ripping her open giving her immense agony. ““Nn…uuu…, Aah….uu…, n, ku……”

She finally can’t take it anymore, breaking her lips away from mine, giving a shout of pure agony. “Ahhh… it’s too big… too big… I can’t take it.”

“Evelyn, focus, you need to cast your magic,” I respond sternly, although feeling slightly happy at her expression of pain.

““HAaNh……, NNh, Fua, Aah… Mm… I’ll try… I’ll try… it’s so hot, it’s deep, it’s so deep.” Evelyn was muttering, unable to handle the massive thing filling her womb. “Please… I can’t take anymore, I can’t.”

“I need to be all the way in for the magic to work.” I declare, sliding another inch into her, the massive thing already pushing far enough inside her you can see the impression of it on her belly.

“Okay… okay… I’m casting… I’m casting…” Evelyn moans, tears falling down her cheeks.

Of course, I had no clue whether it needed to be all the way in for the magic to work, but Evelyn was nearly delirious at this state and was in no room to argue. In fact, she was lost in her own agony and lust. As another inch slid into her, she felt like she was being split in half. Her insides were being completely invaded, and the murky waters inside were churned by my hard shaft.

“I’m going to start thrusting now,” I explained.

“Ah… no… I can’t take it… if you start moving, I’ll go crazy.” Evelyn whimpered.

“If it’s not sex, it doesn’t count. I have to do it, or you won’t get better.” Once again, I had no clue what I was talking about, but Evelyn merely nodded, she grabbing tightly onto my pectoral as she gave a focused look.

Soon, I started moving my hips. Although I had only managed to penetrate her with eight inches, I pulled out rather than forcing my way in any more. I really was worried about Evelyn, and it wasn’t the right time to see how much she could take. For a virgin pussy to be able to take eight inches of my cock could already be considered miraculous. It was only due to Evelyn’s strength, conviction, and unwillingness to give up that allowed me to penetrate her so far. Had it been another woman, she might have kicked me off of her after just six inches. What? You think women love bigger dick? They did. Hell, most of them love it. But not all women love it, just look at my ex-wife, she prefer her current husband’s wealth over my big dick. But since Evelyn is special, she might even be willing to go all the way in the future.

These kinds of thoughts went through my head, and thus I started making hard piston movements, thrusting into Evelyn. The excitement of having this small virgin under me started to inflate my head, and soon I was moving without really thinking about Evelyn’s condition. Each time my cock thrust into her pussy, there was a splash of murky juice coming out. It was clear Evelyn was cumming. Even though she was in pain, she still managed to cum so many times for me. I had thought this before, but perhaps Evelyn is a bit of masochist?

“Nn…uuu…, Aah….uu…, n, ku……, Ah, Ah, Ah, Nnh, Nh…cu…cummm…cumming!… Ik.u…..”

As if to prove that point, Evelyn’s eyes were rolled up in her head, and she was moaning over and over again, her mouth agape and her expressions far out of her own control. Meanwhile, my hard cock continued to churn the honey liquids in her body, which leaked everywhere wetly. As I went, her pussy started to feel warmer and warmer. Her body temperature didn’t seem to be increasing, but her honey pot felt somewhat hot against my penis.

Her pussy was becoming extremely hot, but it took me a second to realize my own cock was also red hot. Both of our sexual organs were burning like they were on fire! There was a glow as well, it seemed to be emanating between the pair of us. It caught me off guard to start, but I just couldn’t stop, the feel of Evelyn’s pussy was just too much. I had to keep going.

“Ah, ah, ahh…. I’m cumming… I’m cumming! Faster, faster! Harder!” Evelyn encouraged me emphatically.

I grabbed her arms a she let out a shout, just as I started to slow down…

“Don’t stop! Don’t slow down! Harder! HARDER!!!” Evelyn was screaming as cumming again around my cock, the love canal constricting tightly around my thing.

“You said go easy!”

“Harder! Harder!” Evelyn shouted back stubbornly.

I became lost in the moment, her egging words causing me to lose the last little bit of control I had. Then I fuck her really hard, in missionary style, eventually grabbing her ankles and hoisting her feet up over my shoulders.  Her tight pussy, burning hot, was too tempting. Soon, my hips were slamming against her hips, and the last few inches of my cock disappeared into her. She had a pained look on her face, but her pussy also kept cumming, so I just couldn’t stop myself.

The glow continued to grow until it enveloped our entire bodies. Evelyn had a luminescent color over her skin, which made her look a bit like the moon, a celestial glowing fairy. Except that she was under me, naked, and covered in a sheen of sweet smelling sweat and lewd juices as I wetly plowed into her.

“I’m going to cum!” I declared, unable to hold back any longer.

Evelyn was just too beautiful. I had become the luckiest man alive getting to enjoy this beautiful woman. She truly was out of this world. No, she literally came from another world.

“Ah, AH! Please don’t stop!” Evelyn let’s out a cry.

Naturally, I could only oblige, continually thrusting harshly into her body as the pair of us glowed and grew hotter and hotter. It was only when my dick erupted deep inside her womb that coherency returned to me.

“Ahhhhh… I’m cumming!” I cried out.

“Mmm….ah… Ahfuu…..!  Nnchuu! Ah… it’s inside me! I want it inside me! Cum… cumming!”

At that moment the orgasm suddenly doubled. Pain shot through my body. I felt a massive pain in my back. My groin was feeling ripped apart. However, despite all the pain, all I could feel was immense satisfaction and pleasure! I was entranced by the feeling of hot sticky white liquid filling my womb up… wait… this… this was Evelyn. I could feel what Evelyn felt. I could feel the agony and sexual lust.

My cock, still coming, was immediately renewed, and even though I dumped my load into her womb, I continued to thrust over and over again, mixing my white seed with her murky honey using my cock. I couldn’t stop any longer. Her lust was my lust, her sexual excitement was my sexual excitement. It was almost like… we were one person. Our bodies continued to move against each other. Even Evelyn started moving differently as if her body could anticipate and compensate for mine. She was doing it just how I liked it, and I was doing it just how she liked it.

Our hips were perfectly in sync, or hands moved against each other as if we were one. The pain started to subside. Her back felt better yet we still kept fucking, we still kept moving.

A bit of the pleasure seemed to leave with the pain, but there were new sores growing as well. My hips had thrust long past their capacity. I had plowed into Evelyn until she ached, and I had moved my hips until they were sore. Our marathon of fucking didn’t end with an explosion, but with the pair of us humping each other until neither of us could move any longer. Occasionally, I would slide in and out of her, causing a lewd mixture of sex to leak out with each thrust. Occasionally, she would kiss me, her tongue ravishing mine until she collapsed with a sigh.

The pair of us finally fell asleep, tightly in each other’s grasp, my organ deep inside her own. Finally, covered in sweat, with the lewd smells of sex and sweet smells of this innocent deflowered teenager, I succumbed to exhaustion and fell asleep. The last thing I remembered before sleep took us was the sound of her heartbeat. It seemed to beat in the same exact rhythm as mine. I found that a little odd, but my dreams took me before I could dwell on it for too long.

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