The Power of Creation – Chapter 225

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After the girls all force you to satisfy each and every one of them, you finally escape from the clutches of a sweaty pile of woman flesh and make your way to a shower. It’s the next morning and you immediately head out to breakfast. However, on your way there, you run into an unexpected person.

“Eh? Experiment #626, what are you do here?”

The woman is blushing and looking somewhat fidgety. “C-creator, have you forgotten about me? You haven’t given me any new assignments of recent. I need it really bad.”

“Ah… o-of course not…” You turn your head with a grimace.

You absolutely had forgotten about the Experiment you’d brought over to service Reginald. She must have been waiting on the boat for the last two days without any love. You don’t really feel bad, she’s a sex doll after all. For all intent and purposes, she should just wait in a closet until you need her, but the way she’s looking at you while fidgeting with her lower lip puffed out in a pout is very adorable. She’s actually quite a cute little sex doll, you did a good job when making her.

With a sigh, you pat her on the head, meanwhile delivering the best orgasm spell again, thus relieving her. Once again, her expression relaxes like a smoker who just lite up his first cigarette all day. Her panties grow soaked and even a few drips fall from her skirt and land on the carpet.

“Ah! Sorry, my carpet is all wet…” Experiment #626 only grins rather than looking guilty.

For a second you want to push her down before you stop yourself. This is just a sex doll! It’s been used only God knows how many times by goblins. She is not harem material. There are literally thousands of other girls just like her.

“Creator… please don’t forget about me again.” The sex doll begs.

“Errr… actually… I do have some purpose for you, now that I think about it.”

“Yes, creator, I’ll do anything for you… or to you…” she gives a wink.

You ignore the suggestive tone of her voice, “Well, there has been someone going around impersonating my harem. I think it’s connected to whoever this Ariel is. I need you to infiltrate the mansion as a maid. Do whatever you have to, but find out the truth.”

“Isn’t this a more suitable job for your spy?” Experiment #626 frowned.

“My what now?”

“You have that spy? Rapunzel, right?” Experiment #626 responds dryly.

“Rapunzel? The squirrel girl? She’s a spy!?”

A certain squirrel girl sneezes suddenly. She’s in front of a pile of naked women, crying that she was absent for all the sex, missing her chance at losing her virginity once again. Why was Rapunzel so unlucky!

“How do you not know this? Haven’t you been following the plot up until now?”

“This novel has a plot!?”

“Jeese… Creator… you need to follow along better…”

“Only about as good as any of the other readers.” You shrug. “So, I skim through most of the story and just pay attention to the ero parts…”

“The ero parts are just the same sexual organs being flapped together with wet noises and the ‘Mmm’ and the ‘Nnn’ you’ve read a million times! I don’t understand the appeal!”

“That’s rich coming from the sex doll addicted to orgasms!”

“!?” Experiment #626 shakes their head in disbelief. “Well, either way, if you’d been following along, Rapunzel has espionage experience!”

You nod, ignoring the previous conversation. “It’s true, but Rapunzel is also a potential target. Since someone is seeking to duplicate my harem, you’re the person I can trust the most.”

“Re-really?” The sex dolls suddenly looks a bit shy.

“Yeah, I mean, I really don’t care if I hear rumors about you fucking the nobles. Your just a goblin sex toy!” You give her a thumbs up.

“Ooooh… you!” She puffs out her cheeks and looks upset before turning her back on you. “I’ll do as you ask. But I want the spell once a day! That’s how you’ll know I haven’t been duplicated, only the real me would be as horny as you made me to be!”

“Eh….” You aren’t quite sure why she’s upset, but you can only shrug and move past it. “Very well… uh… thanks?”

“Hmph!” The sex doll storms off, leaving you a little confused.

You shrug and move on to breakfast. The day moves forward quickly and you find the time to meet Ariel has grown near. Well, it’s finally time to find out the answer to the questions about who this woman is. At the very least, you can break her in a second time for funsies.

Heading to the room, you hear some weird noises. There is yelling coming from her room. You hear a slap followed by a yelp. Having been distracted, your mind isn’t thinking clearly, so you instinctively push into the room. Your pupils shrink as you take in the sight before you.

Ariel… your Ariel… is on all fours naked on the bed. One of the noble men, you don’t remember who, is fucking her from behind while spanking her ass. A second noble man is in front, and Ariel is sucking his cock.

“Y-you…” you’re speechless at the sight.

Ariel spits the small cock out of her mouth and winks at you. “Oh, you finally came? You took too long to be first, but would you like to join in. This princess loves cock!”

Your rage explodes, and the world goes red with blood.

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