Bonded Goddess – Chapter 6

No sooner did the car pull up in the driveway than I pulled Evelyn inside with me. She couldn’t help but smile helplessly as she was dragged along on my quest for the bedroom. However, she also didn’t show any resistance to it either. In truth, her heart was beating fast, and while her propriety would prevent her from acting as excitedly as me, she was already becoming quite ‘wet’ by the time I pushed her down on the bed. I could feel her arousal through the bond, which only further excited my own arousal.

This, in turn, excited her arousal, and before long she was panting with a flushed face, looking up at me desperately from the bed, wanting it just as badly as I did. First off, that summer dress…

“Ah!” Evelyn let out a cute little shout as I grabbed it and tore it off of her.

The restraining material that held her breasts in ripped instantly, and those two beautiful, pale moons exploded from the tearing dress. This rest of the dress tore quickly, and I threw the tattered remains to the side, finally sending that dress I once bought for my ex-wife  to hell. I couldn’t help but give a smirk as I consider how my ex would react had she known a dress she once begged me to buy her would help me cloth my new woman, and would ultimately be destroyed as part of my own impatient sexual lust.

Evelyn flushed completely as she noticed me staring at her with a strange smile. She could feel the ‘dark’ feelings inside me rising happily, and misinterpreted them as I gazed longingly at her chest. She seemed to expect I had some incredible naughty and dark plans for her body. This both scared and aroused her at the same time. In truth, she had become scared the moment I ripped off her summer dress. I had feeling she thought something like ‘is my soul bonded with a man who is truly so savage?’ However, as her heart beat faster and faster, she only found it hotter and hotter.

The panties she was wearing were of the simple white variety, part of a pack I insisted she wear and put on before we left the store. However, after my arousal fed into her arousal and back again, Evelyn had unintentionally released lewd liquid like she’d never done before, and the white cotton fabric, drenched in her naughty lust, became completely see through. The pair of us seemed to notice this at the same time, her pussy lips were clearly visible through the near transparent panties, offering no protection from my roaming eyes.

Evelyn’s face turned to horror. To show herself so lewdly in front of this man right now greatly embarrassed her. She moved to cover her parts immediately, abandoning her breasts to at least give her lower region some modesty. As her hands reached her nether region, I was already lunging forward, grabbing both of her tiny wrists with my larger hands. I forcefully pulled her hand away, forcing her to expose these shameful wet panties to me.

“N-no!” Evelyn let out. “Nn… don’t…”

My dark impulses grew even darker, and Evelyn couldn’t help but shudder and grow even more aroused by the intense feelings coming through her bond. I wasn’t disgusted by her lewdness at all, and this confused her slightly. I leaned in, my nose coming close to her crotch and then I made a loud sniff.

“!!” Evelyn’s eyes widened in shock, her embarrassment even growing to another level than she thought possible. “D-d-don’t smell it…”

“It smells like you, so naturally, I love it!” I declared.

“Eh!” Evelyn makes another cute nose.

For some reason, her heart pounded even faster when I said “love”. It stirred something deep inside her which made her even more confused.

I grab Evelyn’s thighs and lift it, grip her white panty then pulling them down on her left ankle. I then spread her legs widely.

Her vagina was wet… so wet…

Her resistance disappeared because I can sense excitement from her, as I was excited too.

“Don’t…. please…..” Evelyn mumbles that with no resistance.

I leaned toward the embarrassed girl’s private part, and entered Evelyn’s vagina with my tongue, as I digs my tongue deeper inside her cunt, my finger busy pleasuring her clit.

In an instant, Evelyn’s body trembled when my tongue came into contact with her labia.


She was exploded on my face as she pulling my face firmly against her vagina, lapping up her juices as she catches her breath.


Really? Just how sensitive you have become?

She actually orgasmed with just that? But It won’t stop from attacking her.


I sucked her vagina intensely as I raised my face to see her lewd face whilst I licked her.

Evelyn had already entered her lewd mode like last night, she fondling her huge breasts herself.

Seeing that, I start licked her clitoris, with my tongue extended, I rolled the small protrusion to left and right. I continue to lick it carefully with constant rhythm.


I sense she has mini orgasm every time I tease her clit, her hot and wet organ slithering and squirming inside her core expertly hitting pleasure points.

I taste her love juice inside my mouth and it’s very delicious.

“Ah… no…stop…it… I’m still….sensitive….”

Then as if to surprise her, I licked the small folds outside. I moved my tongue along the folds and keep licking it stronger and stronger.

When I keep doing it, she has another mind numbing orgasm. But her vagina is really wet, it was drenched in love juice.

“Nh……, Funh……, Nnh…..”

It sounds like the Evelyn covered her mouth with her hand.

I can feel she is close to her climax and won’t be able to hold her voice back otherwise. I extended my tongue and licked the vaginal opening like trying to plug it in.

“N, Nh……, NNNnnh…!”

She squirting as she cum.

“Hn?? Aahhhh, Ahyaaaa!?”

Evelyn is trembling and twitching, and I can hear a muffled moans as her legs would gather together again when she wasn’t able to bear her cum.

Her long white legs still nestled together to each other but they began to automatically spread outwards after she released.

I couldn’t help but feel astonished to Evelyn’s exuded a lovely and bewitching aura, her current appearance directly assaulting my sexual arousal.

“… hah.…hah”

Evelyn heavy panting causing her breast to jiggle as well. There wasn’t a single place left on her body which wasn’t being attacked by pleasure as she groped her own breasts with all her strength.

Seeing that appearance, I couldn’t help but want to “torment” her

I feel Evelyn felt all her nerves go numb as I licked her labia. However, It didn’t stop me, I pressed my finger towards her clit as my tongue rubbing against that flesh bead with circular motions.

“Aaahn…noooo… Aaaahhhh, I’m cumming again!?”

Evelyn once again orgasmed intensely as the unbecomingly drenched cave was sucked.

“Ohhhh… Mmmnn…”

After she finished cumming…

“How was it?” I asked while smirking as I leaned over to her face.

“…Hah..hah…..Amazing…” Evelyn managed a reply followed by a simple kiss.

I returned her kiss with a full-blown smooch, spinning her around and crushing her breast against my chest, as my tongue invaded her mouth and my hands caress her back and butt. I enjoyed the soft, smooth feel of her skin in my hands, taking immense pleasure from her delicate features as I violated them. Evelyn could taste her own lust on my lips, evidence of her own sexual desire, which embaressed her greatly.

“Nn!” Evelyn couldn’t help but moan though our combined mouths as I ravished her body.

My dick was sore with excitement, having been teased long enough. “I want to fuck you!”

Those lewd words came out of my mouth, and Evelyn could only nod while blushing silently. I eagerly sat up on my knees and pulled my pecker out, now at full attention and ready to slide into her lush center. However, just as I was just about to jump on top of Evelyn and have my way with her, she stopped me with a hand.

“W-wait… how about you lie down?”

I was confused for a second, but while she didn’t meet my eyes, the expression on her face showed there was something she wanted to do first. I was a little disappointed. I assumed Evelyn simply wanted to return the favor. I ate her out, so she wanted to suck me off. While the thought of her soft, pink lips wrapping around my member excited me, I had already gone past that point. I was ready to explode, and I wanted to be deep inside Evelyn as I did so.

“I… said I wanted to fuck…” I responded sheepishly, trying to hint that it was her pussy I wanted now.

“I! I… know…” Evelyn looked so cute that I couldn’t respond.

Shyly, Evelyn raised her leg, and to my surprise, moved up on top of me. Despite her shyness, Evelyn was now on top. Her boobs hung down, a victim of gravity, swinging just over my chest as her cheeks flashed with pink and she leaned forward and kissed me. Her knees couldn’t raise up her hips high enough, so as she kissed me, her wet snatch, which was still leaking with saliva and her own lewdness, had no choice but to push against my cock.

“Ah….” She made a cute noise as her wet slit pressed against my shaft.

Without being able to line things up, I wasn’t able to penetrate her. Instead, out parts were merely rubbing against each other. Evelyn was so wet that her pussy was soaking my cock, quickly covering it in her own particular lustful scent. The feeling of her soft wet labia rubbing against the underside of my shaft while our bodies rubbed against each other was amazing!

We continued to kiss, but my sexual drive was going crazy, having already tasted Evelyn and now being forced to feel her hot desire rubbing up against my cock. I started moving my hips, but our sexual organs were just too close together. At best, I could slide my cock up and down her slit, rubbing our parts together, but I was helpless to penetrate, needing her to raise up so I could straighten my cock for plunging into her depths.

The rubbing, however, was working for her greatly, and as her tongue intertwined with mine, she let out soft moaning noises, her small hands squeezing tightly on my biceps. There was a sudden squirt of wetness all over my cock, and I could feel the inside edge of her pussy twitching on the bottom of my shaft. It was almost enough to cause me to cum up onto my stomach, but I resisted the urging, desiring more.

“I want to be inside you!” I broke from her kiss and whispered in her ear, causing Evelyn to shiver in eroticism.

She gave a single nod, using her hands and legs to push her butt up a little higher. My trapped cock was finally freed from under her pelvis. However, it was Evelyn who reached down and grabbed the shaft, making sure to line it up. Even at this point, she still seemed so shy and timid. The gap between this woman lining my cock up with her pussy while on top of me naked from the woman who once tried to murder me for seeing her naked was so great that I hardly could register them as the same person. No, there was a big difference between the two.

“You’re my woman.” I voice the thought out loud unintentionally.

Evelyn stopped for a second, looking up at my eyes in surprise, but then she gave a single affirmative nod and a gorgeous smile, before dropping her pussy down on my cock. In an instant, I pierced deep into her insides. Her smile broke open and her eyes widened as she felt that big thing slide into her.

“Ah! It’s inside…. Mmmmm… so good!” Evelyn moans as her insides are opened to the warm, hard thing filling her womb.

She doesn’t waste any time before she’s bobbing up and down on my cock. She uses her knees to rock my cock under her, sliding it about half way up before dropping down, the cock sliding in wetly from the woman’s numerous previous orgasms. As she bounced up and down, her large boobs also started to flop up and down as well.

Flap. Flap. Flap.

“Nnn… Nnnnsss….mmmmmm….”

All her modesty started to dissipate once my cock pierced into her. The feel of my cock inside her was simply too much, and she began to ride my cock unreservedly, no longer caring about the erotic expression on her face, the sounds and smells she was producing, or the way her boobs flopped down each time she fell.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

It makes me excited and my cock grew even bigger and twitched inside Evelyn’s vagina.

“Nhah……? Nh…… This is……, you pervert. Nh, Fuu……, your thing just got bigger inside me……, Nh, Aahn……”

I can’t hold myself back and began to touch Evelyn’s body lewdly. During times like this, it’s important to follow your instinct and let your hand do the talking.

“N, Aahn……the way you touching, just like an old man who never touch breast……”

Evelyn is looking at me with her lewd eyes.

“Well, I am an Old man…” I answered.

I moved my hands all over her back, ass, thighs, and all other places that I could reach. Evelyn’s skin is so moist and smooth, the softness feels like it’s sucking my fingers in.

“NhFuu……, Pervert …nhhh… ah…Do you like these that much? My breast?”

I can’t hold myself back and voiced out my desire. Evelyn stopped moving when she heard that and grabbed her own breasts with both hands. Then while carrying her breasts in her hands, Evelyn brought her upper body close to my face and shake it up and down.


I groaned pleasantly, I raised my upper body, and bury my face in the cleavage of Evelyn’s breasts. I could hear Evelyn’s chuckle as she moaning, and then her breasts were pressed from both side with her hands. This softness is truly the best. I moved my mouth toward Evelyn’s breasts and sucked her perky pink nipple while making some lewd noises.

“Haah……, Haah……, -chuuu-……slup”

“AHHH, too strong……! Ahn, yes, …, Nhah……, Aaanh.”

I sucked on it roughly and she’s letting out a pleasant voice in response.

The wonderful feeling of my cock plowing into her was the only thing Evelyn cared about. I could feel it through the bond. The only thing on her mind at the moment was the feel of my cock and something else which made her heart beat loudly and her mind feel ecstatic like she was on a drug.  What was that other thing? I felt like I recognized that feeling. Wait, I did recognize that feeling. I had felt it before. It was a feeling I had shared with my ex-wife before we had divorced. Back when I thought she loved me and we were going to be together forever, when I found out she was pregnant with my daughter… I had felt something very close to this feeling bubbling in Evelyn’s heart right now.

“You… love me?” Once again, the words came out from surprise.

How is that even possible? We just met last night… How come she’d fall in love with me… So, there is no way, right? She just confused love with lust, right?

But to my surprise, Evelyn dropped down on my cock with a squish and then stopped. Her eyes looked down on me in surprise, like the words were something she had never considered before. Of course, she was aware of these feelings inside her too. She was really happy. Every time she looked at me, her heart beated faster. Was that…really… love? She loved me? She actually love me?

When Evelyn met my eyes, I could feel something in her heart becoming resolute. “Y-yes… I love you.”

As soon as she said the words, she became certain of this. This was love. Not the sex part, although she enjoyed it greatly. No, it was the person. She loved this man who had saved her life and bonded his soul to hers. Her heart felt like it was surrounded in butterflies. A stress she didn’t even know she had was lifted. She felt light, incredibly light.

“I don’t why…even though we barely know each other… And I’m not sure myself… but… I.. love…you … the more time I spent with you…the more this feeling made happy.… I fell in love with you…” Evelyn confessed.

“…..” I just speechless… don’t know what to say….

Love me? She actually fell in love… with me? To the pathetic man who lost everything? Also is this the so-called “first love”…

No! There is no way! How on earth are you ever going to explain phenomenon known as first love?  The answer is none, I don’t have the answer…

But her feeling that transmitted through our bond is real…. It’s not lie… it’s the truth…

“I-is that okay?” She finally asked, only slightly nervous because she felt my doubt…

“Evelyn…” I gave her a serious look.  “You’re amazing woman. I…love you… and I won’t hesitate to spend the rest of my eternity with you.”

I confess my feeling too, yeah, I know it’s absurd… but that’s the truth…  Yes, I also fell in love with her… This is what certain actor in a certain movie said: “love just happen, it doesn’t need a reason...”

Hearing my honest answer, Evelyn’s face brightened!

For Evelyn, her brain seemed to turn into mush. She no longer could think about the little things. Furthermore, any faults or annoyance she had ever felt for this man was instantly forgotten. All she could think about was how happy she was. All she could fathom was how much she loved this man. Like a light suddenly shining in the darkness, I became everything in her world. The feeling was mutual.

Suddenly, Evelyn started bouncing up and down on my cock, but it felt like any weight to her body was gone. She was floating in heaven, and I was along for the ride. She rode my cock aggressively, and for my credit, I was impressed I had already lasted this long. However, as my cock reached orgasm, so did she. With our bodies linked, so was our orgasms, perfectly complementing each other as I could feel her own pleasure combined with mine.

I started to blow my load deep inside her womb, but even as she was filled up Evelyn refused to stop. She kept riding my cock even as the lewd liquids inside her became murky and white. She kept going unrestrained, even as my cock started to soften. She managed to cum a second time, before I lost too much wood and could no longer maintain my erection. The flesh was willing, but the orgasm was simply too satisfying, and I couldn’t keep up the energy of this rambunctious teenager.

As soon as it fell out of her, Evelyn continued to rub leaking pussy against my cock. “Ahhhh!…. Ah… ah…. Ahh…”

She made cute noises as she desperately rubbed against me, trying to leak out every last inch of sexual pleasure my cock could provide. In the meantime, she made a complete mess of our sexual orgasms. Besides her own honey which flowed out of her freely, she had also mashed up and spread cum and sex all over the pair of us. I was soaked from my balls to my belly-button in sex as she kept rubbing her pussy. She finally forced one more orgasm from my cock, panting wildly as sweat dripped down her breasts and back before she finally collapsed on top of me, exhausted.

I wrapped my arms around her body, which felt very warm and flushed. She had clearly worked out very hard to bring the pair of us pleasure. I patted her head, and after she recovered for a moment she looked up at me with a pleased grin. The pair of us laid in this naked puddle for some time, just kissing and holding each other in relative silence.

That’s when my mind finally started to wander. I thought about how lucky I was to find this woman. With the bond, I knew exactly how she felt about me. I understood that she loved me, and unlike my ex… these were feelings that couldn’t be faked. For an insecure man like me, this bond was the perfect thing for my next relationship. However, as I thought that, I felt a little bad for Evelyn, who likely trusted me either way. It was this trust in me that caused me to open my lips. I had to tell her the truth of my past.

“My ex-wife’s name is …” I began. “We were lover in college, and then we’re married and had a kid together. I was convinced it would last forever… Then, I caught her with another man and I ended up getting arrested for assaulting him. Despite she’s the one who cheating on me, my daughter ultimately sided with her. I lost my job. I lost everything…”

I continued my story while Evelyn sat nearby in silence. I didn’t feel surprised through the bond. However, there was something like sorry and sympathy. Evelyn could hear the hurt in my voice, and feel the pain in my bond. You could say there was no one in the world that would understand me as well as Evelyn did at that moment. However, she didn’t ask questions. She didn’t interrupt or try to give advice. She merely listened as I spoke.

“That was the point I was at when suddenly I ended up in another world. And the first thing I saw… was you.”

That’s how I ended my story. Evelyn still didn’t speak as I looked down at her. She lifted her fingers and wiped a tear that was running down my cheek. I hadn’t even been aware I was crying. Then, she gave me a single gentle smile, and in that second, all of the pain, the hurt, and the petty bullshit just went away. It was that easy. This girl’s smiles could destroy nations, and she gave it only for me. My heart instantly started to heal.

“Y-you made me all sticky.” Evelyn suddenly spoke, looking away.

I let out a laugh, the cutest thing she could say coming at just the right time. My hand grabs her ass and I give it a small smack. Even Evelyn can’t help but bury her head in my shoulder while giggling to herself. After a couple of moments the feel of her naked body starts to arouse me again, and a moment later Evelyn feels something poking her from down below. Her eyes widen in shock.

“A-again?” She cried out. “B-but I’m all dirty!”

“I know,” I smirk. “Let’s go take a shower!”

We went straight for the shower to clean off and other stuff.

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Notes :
Yeah, it short scenes… but don’t worry… Chapter 7 is long assed H-scene.