The Power of Creation – Chapter 240

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Remarkably, you part on good terms, with people cheering you all the way out of town. As soon as you find yourself out of sight, you teleport everyone to the airship and set sail back to Riun. You need a vacation after the events that just transpired. It’s been a long story arc and you just want to chill back, pump out a few ero scenes, and keep it easy for a week.

“Are we talking about me or the author?” You say to no one in particular, because you’re the only person there clearly, and there is no one else to talk to.


Suddenly, a thing appears that takes you out of the awkward moment! Hey, it’s Experiment 626. She made it on the ship. Let’s go look at her now.

“Master… I suspected you might be leaving soon, so I came back, you forgot me, didn’t you?” Experiment 626 responds tearfully.

“Of course not!” You lie.

“Hmph!” Experiment 626 pouts and folds her arms, “Well, it’s not like there wasn’t a lot of options for sex in the Capital. It’s just a shame all the men have such tiny penises. I’ll look forward to my goblin lovers again. Maybe I can pop out a few babies like my sisters.”

“G-good luck with that!” You sigh, then considering something, you wave your finger one last time in the Capital City’s direction before setting your course home.

You decide at the spur of the moment to just do one last good deed for the day.


“Husband, come to bed since I’ve been pregnant I’m twice as horny!” Selena declares.

“Y-y-yes, master… p-please join us!” Esmerelda adds a little shy. “Is-s this really okay? That I will be here too?”

Selena laughs and pats Esmerelda on the head. “Of course, husband has wanted two women at once his whole life. Since it’s his coronation day, we can at least give him this much.”

“Okay, my ladies, let’s do this!” King Eric declares, pulling off his pants and letting his dick spring to attention.

“Hey… husband… when did you dick become ten inches long!”

“Oh my! That thing will break us!”

“Hahaha! What can I say? My status in the kingdom isn’t the only thing that grew giant overnight. You ladies will just have to try your best and bare it.



The two girls cry as King Eric leaps onto the bed. Suffice it to say, his sex life is much improved from then on.


Five days later you land peacefully back in Riun. Mushu and Mulan had even returned after a day and joined in on the festivities. The festivities being lots and lots of sex. The airship settles back into the river and docks in the port. The girls all shuffle out of the airship, tired and excited to be returning back to the place they all now realized was their home. Only Ariel looks just a little depressed.

“What is it, Ariel? Is something wrong?” Merida asks worriedly.

“It’s just that… I was so certain something was going to happen! To think, we got back safely without a single exciting memory.”

“What about all the mind-blowing sex we’ve been having the last few days?” Kida asks.

“Oh… don’t get me wrong, it’s been incredible. Like… the greatest sex ever. If it was put into words, these last few days would be the greatest sex orgy ever put to paper. But alas, only us girls will ever know the nasty, wonderful, dirty sex we had.” Ariel excitedly describes.

“It’s just too bad someone didn’t write it nor will ever hire anyone to illustrate it.” Merida laments.

“Could an illustration ever do it justice?” Ariel asks.

“Ah, well… I guess that’s for a Volume 5 bonus chapter.” Mulan sighs.

“Hey, guys… didn’t we do this joke already?” Snow White asks, “It just seems very familiar.”

“True… but certain comedies speak of the Rule of Threes. If an idea gets repeated twice before the final punchline, then the joke is even funnier.” Aurora explains.

“I have no clue what you just said, but let’s all go back to the mansion now. Since nothing bad happened, we can spend our days leisurely and become one of those slice-of-life novels where we just explain what everyone eats every day and for some reason people read it.

“AH… that’s the life.”

The girls all head to the mansion, speaking trivially about things that don’t make a whole lot of sense, even to them. However, some time later…

The mansion is on fire. The entire harem lies in a dirty mess on the ground in front of the mansion. You sit there, breathing hard over the horrific predicament you just survived.

Ariel speaks wonderingly in disbelief. “Wow… I can’t believe what happened. This arc was the most intense arc I’ve ever experienced, If this was ever written to word-“

“Oh, what the hell! Go freaking write the book and stop skipping scenes!” You snap.

Okay. Fine.

“You know, everyone would probably prefer the airship five-day group orgy scene over whatever story arc you have planned.” You explain.

“So, how about you…”

We’re doing the arc!

“Tsk… party pooper.”

Next chapter…

“Oh, you fuc-“

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