World of Women – V3 – Chapter 19

World of Women – V3 – Chapter 19

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World of Women – V1 – Alternative Chapter 26

What’s this? Well, if you were around before I finished Volume 1, you may remember that there was a lot of hate for the direction I took the end of Volume 1.  This was a bit ironic, because I made those changes exactly because of the criticism I was receiving, and actually had a slightly different direction I planned to take WoW. The changes weren’t massive, but I offered a Patreon goal in exchange for writing the alternative/original version of Volume 1 of wow. The main take was that Hannah was not Faeri, but a new Yandere character with some ties to Clyburn. 

Anyway, the goal was “barely” met, so here is the start of fulfilling that promise.  This is basically an alternative to Chapter 26. Why is it free? Because it took so long to get it out, and many of the people who did contribute to it may not be patreon members anymore and vice-versa. 

Which leaves me my last question. Do you want more of this? If I continued it, it’d be four more chapters max, concluding volume 1 alternatively. Nothing substantial will be changed, with many scenes being identical with slight spins and this is basically not canon. Most of the same events would occur, and I think you already get the direction it “would have” gone just with this chapter. You let me know how you want my time to be used. 


“Hey… wake up.” I felt a hand slapping my cheek lightly. “Wake up, sleepyhead…”

“Mmm… Hannah?” I murmured, the world around me still a bit blurry.

There was some light chuckling. “Not exactly…”

My eyes finally focused on a woman in front of me. She was a pretty girl, with hazel eyes and long dark brown hair. Her features were tepid and she had a long nose and a heart-shaped face. As soon as she saw me focus on her face, she broke into a small smile. I realized that she was sitting on me. Her legs were actually wrapped around mine as she sat very intimately against me.

“There you go… Clyburn… wakey, wakey.”

“Faeri, can you stop playing?” A voice came from behind the woman, causing her expression to turn ugly for a second.

“Faeri?” The words came slamming home. “Faeri!”

I immediately tried to stand, but I realized at that point my hands were tied behind me. They weren’t just behind my back, my hands were tied around a chair. If the woman sitting on my lap was Faeri, that meant that she was the woman who took Hannah!

“Hahahaha…” Faeri jumped for a second and then laughed as I found myself unable to move. “Don’t get up on my account.”

“Hannah! Where is she?” I demanded.

“Hannah! Where is she?” Faeri responded in a mocking tone before reaching out and grabbing my hair.

She pulled it painfully until my head was forced up. She then pushed down with her feet, standing up until she was hovering over me. Her mouth was only a few inches from mine. I could feel her hot breath against my cheek.

“Who- where?”

“Ah… poor little Clyburn. You know, we just met and you tried to stick your long hard thing in me. How do you expect a girl to react?” Faeri whispered mischievously, lowering her head and biting my ear.


Faeri rocked back, looking behind herself, rolling her eyes in an exaggerated manner. “Yes, Mom…”

Faeri moved her leg, finally getting her weight off of me. She moved aside, and I finally started to focus on everything else in the room. It was a rather empty room with concrete floors and walls. It looked like a basement or some kind of storage area. However, whatever storage it had been used for had been cleared out, and now there was only the chair I was strapped to, a small table, and a couple of other boxes and crates.

However, my eyes barely had time to acknowledge these things before I focused on the other woman in the room. My eyes widened in a heartbeat, letting out a noise of surprise.


The girl looked up at me, her expression dark and displeased. However, she was undeniably the maid my mother had kicked out of our house about a year ago. She was the first person in this world I had ever had sex with. She took my virginity, and I was pretty certain I had taken hers.

“Hello, Clyburn, it’s been a while.” Tinya murmured, her eyes avoiding mine.

“Now… now… don’t be so closed off!” The woman named Faeri laughed, moving up behind Tinya and wrapping her arms around her affectionately. “Former lovers should always remain on good terms.”

“We’re not…” Tinya shot Faeri a frustrated look, only causing the other woman to laugh even more.

She leaned forward and bit Tinya’s ear in the same way she had just done to me. Tinya closed her eyes, leaning back against Faeri as if being comforted by her embrace. As they held each other, Faeri’s hand slid down Tinya’s stomach and then slid into her skirt. Tinya gasped, her eyes widened. She immediately started shaking her head.

“N-no… not here… not in front of him.” Tinya breathed, her face flushed.

Faeri pulled her hand away, slapping Tinya on the butt with a resounding clap before turning away. She wore a somewhat strange smile on her face, that looked both dangerous and seductive, but a moment later, she seemed to lose interest, checking her nails casually. Tinya seemed to sigh, recovering after Faeri’s aggressive touches.

“You’re behind this, then?” I demanded.

Tinya’s focus finally returned to me. “Of course. After your mother abandoned me, the Primrose became my new family. My knowledge of your home made it easy. I naturally had to find my own way in the world.”

“Becoming a lipstick lesbian? That was your way?”

Tinya sniffed. “Faeri loves me… and I love her. A man like you wouldn’t understand things like love.”

“I love my sisters…”

“I wouldn’t call your… infatuation love.” Tinya’s lips twisted. “But… that’s why it was so easy to exploit you. Even I didn’t think you’d walk right into our trap.”

“I did what you requested. Let my sister go.”

Tinya chuckled. “I might, given enough time.”

“You…” I wanted to get angry, but I found it difficult towards Tinya.

Of course, I had never expected them to release my sister. I wasn’t so stupid to assume that it would have been an even exchange. The reason I came was that I wanted them to catch me. First, if I cooperated, it was less likely they would harm Hannah. Had I done nothing, whatever they did to Hannah would be on me. Whether they raped her or just started cutting off fingers, how could I live with myself? The second reason was that a man’s life had more value than a woman. Even if the police wouldn’t try to hard to look for Hannah, I knew they would do everything to find me.

Was it the smartest decision I ever made? No. However, I didn’t feel I had any other option. My sister was caught because of me. I wouldn’t risk her getting further hurt. I couldn’t sit back and do nothing.

“Why? Why did you betray my family?”

“Do I have to spell it out for you?” Tinya raised an eyebrow. “Well… I suppose I can tell you my story. Ever since I was young, I was all but promised seed from my brother. My mother said that brother would happily give me his seed. Brother even told me he loved me, once. He used to touch me, you know? He liked to stick things inside me. The bigger, the better.”


“Of course, I was only 12 at the time, and my brother was my everything. I didn’t find it odd that he wanted to play with my body. Even though it hurt… even though I bled almost every time, I never question it. I only understood later that my brother was something called a sadist. What brother loved was the look of pain on my face. On my thirteenth birthday, he, tried to stick something in me he shouldn’t have, and I nearly died. Brother got into a lot of trouble and the police nearly arrested him.

“You see, it was those nasty lipsticks who just hate men. They were the ones who fought for me. Of course, I rejected their pleas to report what he did under oath, just as mother told me to. We were family, after all. However, the damage was done. By the time I healed, brother left, having lost all interest in me and the family who got him in trouble. Meanwhile, mother grew to resent me for pushing her precious son away. I was kicked out of the house shortly after, without the seed I was promised. Without anything.”

“What’s that have to do with my mom?” I demanded.

“That’s when I met your mother… I didn’t tell her about my past so much, but she gave me a chance in your home. I was so happy. I had a chance to start over again, as your maid. Your mother never said anything, but I knew she hired me to be your bed partner. Well, I planned to teach you everything I could.”

“Instead, you raped me,” I responded flatly.

Tinya sniffed. “Brother was twelve when he started playing with me. I wanted to show you everything as well. You were old enough. But your mother wanted to wait until you were far too old. She didn’t trust me near you. She kept me away. I could see the truth. She just wanted a backup plan. Some stupid girl she could throw away. So, I took it upon myself to take what was mine!”

“And after you got what you wanted?”

“I’d have stayed!” Tinya shouted. “What girl do you take me for? I had waited long enough! I wanted my due upfront! I wasn’t going to live for years on empty promises again! I wasn’t going to stay by your side and let you do things to me only for me to come out without another baby! I tried to tell Morgan that, but she wouldn’t understand. She wanted you to herself! Do you want to know the truth? She would have never given me to you if it was left up to her!”

“…” My feelings were very complicated in this manner.

The truth was, I would have accepted Tinya even after the rape debacle. It couldn’t have turned out any worst than it did with Veris and Nada. She was my first in this world, even if it was technically rape. If anything, I might never have awakened if it wasn’t for Tinya. In a way, I owed her my very life. She was the baptism that brought me into this world of women. If I had understood things at the time, I would have stopped my mother from tossing her out.

“So… is that it? You tried to have me without permission, my mom kicked you out, and you joined a lesbian gang?”

Tinya stared at me for a few moments before turning away. “No… once your mom kicked me out, I was lost, but I hadn’t hit rock-bottom yet. That came later. I decided to find my brother again.  I desperately tried to get my brother to have me again, to give me a baby. I actually broke into a male club to find him. I begged him on my knees for his seed. And so… he delivered… he… and every other guy in the club.”

I turned my head away as the woman called Tinya stared at me with a wry smile, only managing to mutter. “I’m… sorry…”

“Don’t be… at the time I gladly did it. I let nearly twenty men do whatever they wanted to me all night. Even as they put out cigarettes on my skin and stuck painful things into my ass roughly. I told myself if I got pregnant, it’d be all worth it.”

“I… take it you didn’t get pregnant.”

She laughed. “After I passed out, they forced a day-after pill down my throat. Just to be cruel. They threw me out on the street. I was naked, covered in cum, and bleeding from my crotch. I still bleed when it’s too rough. That’s the men of this world. That’s you…”

“I… never would have thrown you ou-“ I remembered the blood on my fingers that night, and couldn’t continue.

“Shut up!” She screamed. “You’re no better! You’re just another man! Another disgusting man!”

I lowered my head, not able to really come up with a response. In some ways, she was right. I had lived pretty selfishly up until now. It was my behavior which had broken up the friendship between my mother and my aunt. It was my behavior which broke Hannah and Madison’s close relationship. In the end, it was my own behavior that brought me here, in this cell.

It was my own stupidity, my own selfishness, and my own insecurities. Just like those men who cruelly raped Tinya, my first thoughts weren’t to improve or progress this world, but to take advantage of it. I may not be exactly like every man there, but could I really say I was any better?

“I’m… sorry…” I said simply.

“It doesn’t matter?” Tinya shrugged. “It was then that the Primrose found me. It was then that Faeri saved me. They gave me a home where your mother wouldn’t. They accepted me, flaws and all. Faeri…”

Tinya looked up at Faeri, a gentle smile forming on her lips. It was the first time I had ever seen her smile. However, Faeri didn’t return it, seemingly more interested in her nails. After a moment, Tinya sighed, her smile turning back to a frown as she glared at me.

“Then, what do you want with me?” I demanded.

“You? That’s simple.” Tinya shrugged. “We want to sell your seed.”

“Is that all?”

Tinya snorted. “What? Did you think this was about vengeance? Did you think I honestly give a damn about you? Primrose wants to branch out. Black market seed is profitable, and having a boy to produce for us would allow us to afford better things and to branch into new markets. With luck, we might even get recognized by some of the larger gangs. If enough time goes by and you’re declared dead, we could trade you for protection. Men may be pointless, but they have their uses in society.”


“Look, once we’re sure the cops aren’t on our trail, we’ll release your sister.” Tinya nodded. “If you provide cum willingly, we’ll improve your living conditions. If you make this difficult, you can see how difficult it will be. That’s all. Faeri, let’s go…”

“Mm…” Faeri shrugged as Tnya headed for the door. “Go on without me, love, I have things to say to our guest here.”

“Faeri?” Tinya stopped at the door, looking over at Faeri uncertainly.

“It’s fine, love, I’ll be back shortly.” Faeri blew her a kiss, and Tinya relaxed before leaving the room.

After the door closed behind her, Faeri’s eyes turned back to me. Her eyes had a tinge to them that caused my spine to tingle. Even though she wore a smile on her face, it didn’t touch those eyes at all. If anything, they seemed to lack any brightness at all.

“So, you’re a man, huh?” Faeri suddenly asked.

“Eh?” I let out a confused expression as Faeri approached me, her eyes not blinking.

“I’ve seen very few men in my life. After mother went to jail, I was raised by women.”

“I-is that so…” I said, eyeing her nervously.

Something about the way Faeri moved seemed like she was on the edge of extreme motion. It was a dangerous movement that put me on edge. I didn’t know Faeri much at all, but it was exactly for that reason that she felt unpredictable and dangerous.

“The way Tinya speaks of men, I expected something more… intimidating.” Faeri said, stopping in front of me, her finger coming out and stroking my leg. “But I don’t find you unappealing at all.”

My hands strained on the restraints, but I was not able to move an inch. I had no choice but to sit there as the girl stood over me, her finger gently moving up my thigh, growing more intimate by the second.

“Aren’t you a lesbian?” I said, desperately trying to come up with something to get her eyes off of me.

“Hm?” Faeri gave me an amused expression. “A lesbian, is it? You assume that because of my relationship with Tinya, my interests would rest with her?”

“…” I didn’t know how to respond with that.

“I admit, I haven’t tried a man before. So, if it comes to experience, I’m more knowledgeable with women. However, you could say the same about most other women. It’s not exactly easy to have experiences with a man.” As Faeri spoke, she was looking down on me in a strange way, like I was a toy she was playing with.

“Yeah… but you’re in an organization of lipstick lesbians. Aren’t you all man-haters?”

Faeri threw back her head and laughed. “Lipstick lesbians… yes… I know many of them. There are tons even in Primrose. Of course, even lipsticks don’t truly hate men. Until a day comes that your seed is no longer needed to procreate, even the most diehard man-hater understands the value of a man. Sure, many lipsticks believe men should be in factories, but fear isn’t quite the same as hate. You may not want to ever be near a bee, but that doesn’t mean you won’t hesitate to sample their honey.”

“And you? You’re not afraid of men?”

“Tied down as you are? I wouldn’t say its fear I feel. If anything, I’m more interested in seeing your stinger.”

“My stinge- ahh… don’t!” Faeri’s hands reached out and grabbed my pants.

I tried to raise my hips, but I was powerless as she unbuttoned my pants. A moment later, she brought out my dick from within. As she did so, she moved down to her knees, looking at it as if she was examining a piece of meat.

“It’s kind of small, isn’t it?” Faeri said wonderingly, however, as her hands played with it, my teen hormones couldn’t be contained and soon it started to stiffen. “Ah! It’s getting larger!”

Faeri started laughed while her hands stroked up and down my cock. I didn’t really understand much, and I really didn’t know what was going through Faeri’s mind at the moment. The one thing I did know was that the way Tinya looked at her, she was in love with Faeri. As for Faeri, I didn’t think that the feeling was mutual. Unfortunately, I was tied up and completely powerless. Which meant that I couldn’t stop Faeri from playing with my dick.

If Tinya came back in and saw this, I had the distinct feeling the one who would be punished for it would be me. Thus, I was inclined not to be violated by this girl, who already gave me vibes of being unhinged.

“Stop… put it away, you’ve had your fun.” I demanded.

“Have I?” Faeri peaked up at me, her eyes flashing a strangely dangerous look. “I believe they do it something like this? Ahhhh!”

Faeri opened her mouth and then put it around my dick. She did it in a way that was actually quite similar to the first time Madison had ever done it. Perhaps this was a thing amongst teenage girls, this seemingly incorrect way to suck cock. Faeri didn’t take very long though before she got the hang of it. She added her tongue right away, and finally pressed the cock against her throat, sucking on it like a straw.

“Hah… s-stop…” My breath came out a little more haggard as she enjoyed the taste of my cock on her lips.

Her lips were a bit fuller than Madison’s, and thus the feeling was a bit softer. She also quickly adapted to it and I didn’t feel any teeth. I could only stare down in disbelief as my captor sucked on my dick. She was quite vivacious, laughing excitedly as her lips broke from my wet cock before taking it back into her mouth. Her previously dead eyes seemed to hold a light of excitement in them as if this was something that gave her meaning. At the very least, she seemed to be very satisfied with my cock, and her noises of excitement drove my cock forward.

I wanted to resist and fight back, but my hands were quite literally tied. I could only bite my lip to hold back noises. Perhaps the most frustrating part was how good she was at it. She may have been an amateur, but it only took her moments before she was sucking my cock as good as mom ever could. Her hand reached down and cupped my balls while she sucked away. I felt no teeth and only the warm motion of her mouth.

Her hand suddenly reached up and she stuck two fingers in my mouth. My first instinct was to bite down, but fortunately, my mind was working. Her mouth was around my cock. I was really not in a good position to get into a biting context. If it was a question of who would suffer more, the answer was obvious. Thus, I sucked on her fingers instead. They had a salty taste to them that I couldn’t quite put my mind on. Then it came flashing home. It was likely the same taste Madison enjoyed every time she sucked my cock after Mother and I fucked.

“You like?” Faeri purred mischievously, rubbing her wet lips across my cock. “That’s my Tinya. Maybe I’ll let you taste more of her later.”

She popped my cock back into her mouth, but her hand never left my face. It was the hand she had used earlier to finger Tinya, and I became very aware of the smell of Tinya’s sex on them. Rather than disgust me, it seemed to turn me on even more.

It felt so good, that I lost the urge to struggle. Instead, I thrust up, trying to aid her in uniting the head of my cock with her throat. She made a pleased noise in the back of her throat, sucking even harder until my eyes threatened to roll up in the back of my head. She appeared to have no gag reflex, or any desire to breathe either, as Faeri brought my cock down to the very root and held it in her mouth for what felt like minutes at a time.

Had I not been chained, I probably would have been holding the back of her head, lost in the feel of her affection. Thoughts of Hannah and Tinya melted away, and the horny teenager in me took over. Of course, I was just a horny teenager, and thus didn’t really have the ability to last forever. Thus, her incredible blowjob ended with my cock swelled with cum.

I started blowing my loud into Faeri’s mouth. Her eyes widened in surprise when the first load shot down the back of her throat, but they narrowed into a pleased expression and she started sucking harder. Rather than spitting my cock our of gagging, she started swallowing. I finally let out a long moan, one that assuredly could be heard outside the room. If Tinya was standing nearby, she would hear, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop as I indulged in this strange girl’s mouth.

Faeri kept on sucking until I came every last drop, not letting a single drop run down her chin. She finally carefully popped the cock out of her mouth, closing her mouth. She smiled with a strangely mischievous look on her face, then reached out and stroked the top shaft of my shrinking cock, as if she was petting a dog and telling it that it was doing a good job.

Finally, Faeri got up, moving forward until her face came up to mine. My eyes widened as she took my lips, kissing me fashionable. A moment later, her tongue pushed its way into my mouth, kissing me aggressively. I wasn’t the kind of guy who wouldn’t kiss a girl after a blowjob, but it usually wasn’t so immediate. I cringed only a little as her cum-soaked breath mixed with my own. However, a moment later I felt something slimy cross from her tongue onto my tongue.

At that point, I realized that Faeri hadn’t swallowed everything. She had kept some cum on her tongue, and now she was forcing it down my throat. I tried to tummy head away, but Faeri grabbed my head with both hands, pushing her lips so hard against me it hurt. Short of biting her tongue, I had no defense as she shoved my own cum down my throat. With her tongue pushing, I had no choice but to swallow, even as I grimaced.

Only when she was certain I swallowed it, did she pull away. I immediately spat, making a nasty grunt. Faeri burst out laughing.

“Hahaha, What? You’re happy to make me swallow it, but you won’t yourself?” Faeri laughed.

She reached up and grabbed my head. I instinctually turned to avoid her kissing me again, but this time she went up to my ear, not my mouth. With her lips, still wet from my cock and mouth, she whispered softly.

“You and I will be sharing everything soon. We’re going to have so much fun.” I shook my head to try to break her grip, and she thankfully let go.

Standing up straight, she let out another laugh before wiping her mouth with the back of her sleeve. She gave me one more chilling smile, one that didn’t touch her eyes in the slightest. Then, she turned around and walked away without another word. As she left, she turned out the lights, and as the door closed, it plunged me into darkness. She hadn’t even put my dick away, so it was still hanging out the top of my pants, wet and cold.

I had a dark suspicion that it wasn’t going to end with this. Faeri had gotten a taste, and I had the feeling my problems were only just getting started.