Dragon Magic Chapter 04

Welp, I’m a novice porn writer, so go easy on me…

(This is an Original Novel)

Under the moonlight peeking in from outside the window, I’m sitting on the edge of the bed; the Queen is kneeling on the floor and between my legs.

– Show me your tits. – I say.

Having unbuttoned her top, revealing her sexy black bra below, the Queen asks:

– …Is this good enough?

– Yup. – I nod, enjoying the sight of her deep cleavage from above.

I get a hard-on almost instantly; she’s just that charming, despite her age.

– Well then… I’ll have this… – She says in a whispering voice, unzipping my pants.

The Queen widens her eyes, staring at the erect meat rod which has just popped out. I’ll be honest, the size is average, so I’m not sure why she’s surprised.

Well, that fat King’s thing must be tiny, I assume…

– We don’t have that much time. – I give her a reminder.

The Queen snaps back to reality and hurriedly apologizes:

– I’m sorry, I’ll get right to it… Hmm…

Saying so, the Queen opens her lovely lips and holds my glans in her mouth.

My left eye twitches; I almost leak out a moan right there. The warmth of her lips is just that pleasant. Not to mention the wetness of the tip of her tongue.

– Heh… You don’t seem used to this? – I ask, savoring the sensation at the tip of my meat rod.

Making a light suck, the Queen separates her lips from my glans and answers:

– Yes, I’m not that experienced in doing this.

– It’s fine, just do whatever that you’re capable of.

Luckily, I’ve already showered a couple hours ago, so it’s not dirty. Even though I know she probably doesn’t care, but I’d still feel bad if she has to suck on a dirty penis.

– Okay, I’ll try my best. – The Queen says, once again, putting my dick in her mouth.

This time, she lowers her head and slowly, but gradually, takes the whole thing in; the head is now tapping her throat. The feeling of her wet tongue gently gliding along the rod is truly pleasant.

When she begins to pull it out, she slurps on the shaft, which is covered in her saliva, and makes another suck on the tip when it’s all the way out. Although, the suction is clearly stronger than the last one.

– You don’t have to take it all the way to the base every time, you know?

She seems like she’s going to deep throat on every stroke, so I just give her a little reminder.

Hearing that, the Queen switches to a different pace and speeds up a little. In exchange for speed and swiftness, she’s only stroking three-fourth of my dick with her lips. However, thanks to that, it’s a little bit less clumsy and awkward.

– Hmm… Hnn… Mnn……

The sight of her tucking a few bands of her hair, which are getting in the way, to the back of her ear while pumping my dick into her mouth is so sinful, yet it turns me on.

– Rather than just grinding it with your lips and tongue, it feels better if you add some sucking…

– Mmk’… Mmf…chuu…

As instructed, the Queen begins to suck on my glans on the way out. It takes her a little bit of time to get used to it, but once she’s gotten the gist of it, she begins to speed up and maintains it at a steady pace.

She only keeps the same movement up during the next five, ten minutes, and my head begins to feel funny.

At this point, it feels like she’s sucking all the life force right out of me. The core of my hips is tingling like crazy. Even I, myself, can feel that my breathing is getting out of control.

I let out a groan:

– Ahh… You’re actually good at this.

That moment, the Queen notices my dick twitching in her mouth and plunges it in deeply. Catching me off guard, she switches to deep, twisting strokes with more suction. My vision whites out for a second as I suddenly ejaculates inside her mouth.

– Mmf…

– …I didn’t quite expect that.

Making one last slurp on the head of my dick, the Queen separates her face from my crotch and spits the semen out in the trash can. Her face doesn’t look like she hates it, though. In anything, her breathing has also become hot along with her feverish eyes.

– Ahem… So how was it? – After coughing a few times, the Queen clears her throat and asks.

– Yeah, that was great. – I nod, wiping my dick with a towel.

– Then…

– Sure. Let’s go kill him now.

I’m in high spirits after that blowjob, so I’m feeling like working off some sweat.

– He’s sleeping in his bedroom with a concubine. – The Queen casually says, tidying up her clothes.

I ponder for a minute and ask:

– Who’s going to take over the country if he’s dead?

– The crown prince. He’s not my son, but he’s, at least, a lot more competent than the pig.

– There’s no problem, then. – I nod.

My target is the filthy fat King, not this country. The people are innocent, so I’d be troubled if the fall of the King becomes a disaster for the citizens. They’re unrelated, so I’d like to leave them out of this as much as possible.

That said, it would be a different story if they were being such a dick toward me that I have to overturn them, but, for now, my target is the fat King only.

– What’s your plan? – The Queen asks.

– Hm… Let’s see…

I close my eyes and come up with something which I believe could make both me and her happy.

After telling her the details, I head over to the King’s bedroom while the Queen goes to a certain place in which she suggests we carry out the plan.


Having arrived at the pig’s bedroom, I quietly destroy the lock with the Dark Dragonblade and sneak in. The pig is still snoring noisily without knowing what’s about to happen to him.

When I take a quick glance at his concubine, it’s a woman with heavy makeup and saggy tits.

I almost vomit…

Ignoring the hag, I tie the pig up with a rope which I pull out from my Item Box.

Yes, Item Box is one of the things I can do with Dragon Magic.

When I lift the fat King off the bed, he wakes up, but I sock him in the face to put him back to sleep and carry him over to our rendezvous.

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