Erocom Chapter 67: Kurusu Mia 30


The buttons on Mia’s dress shirt were slowly unbuttoned.
That figure was looking down taking off her clothes as fast as possible like a little kid.

「Somehow, I can’t do it very well」

Mia raised her face seeming embarrassed.
She already had 3 buttons unbuttoned.
I could see the camisole under her dress shirt.

「Do your best」
「You’re not helping」

Pouting her lips, Mia started unbuttoning again on her own seeming a bit displeased.
When she went to unbutton her bottom buttons, she pulled the hem out from her skirt.
Doing that messed up her balance and Mia fell down face up on the bed.

「Are you having issues taking off your clothes?」

Sitting up, Mia looks down on me.

「Somehow, when I think about you looking at me…I end up getting nervous」

I also feel the same.
There was a bit of space that separated the bed and the sofa.
It was the perfect distance where I could immediately stand up and jump and pin her down.
But, there was a strange tension that spread across that distance.

「What would be better first?」

After taking off her dress shirt, Mia asked me.
Camisole or skirt. I wonder what should be first.

「Then, the top」

Mia sucked in a big breath towards my words.
And then, she grabs the hem of her camisole with her arms crossed.

「It’s super embarrassing」
「Do your best」
「You act like your fine but your face is bright red, you know?」

While saying that, Mia took off her camisole.
Her thin hips are visible. Just that made an atheist like me thank God.
Her lovely belly button was shallow and was a pretty skin-color.


Mia let out a sigh.
The bra holding up her breasts also made an appearance.
It was a white bra with frills.
It was some amazing cleavage. I wonder how happy I would get putting my face in between there.
Mia hides her breasts with her arms while sitting cross-legged.

「You’re eyes are lewd, you know?」
「It can’t be helped…」
「Next is my skirt?」
「No, your bra」

Mia frowned seeming confused at my instructions.

「But it feels a bit unbalanced…」

Even so, Mia puts her hands behind her back.
It naturally emphasized her breasts and made the size apparent.
*Boron*, I thought I heard that noise come from them.
The instant she unhooked her bra, Mia’s tits grew in size.
Mia looks at me as if cursing me while she took the straps off her shoulders.

「You should also strip」
「I’m still fine…next, take your panties off」
「Haven’t you become a bit bold?」

While hiding her breasts with her hands, Mia says.
I am also aware of myself getting bolder.

「It’s fine so, go ahead, strip」
「Geez…you’re really perverted」

Mia lifted her knees on top of the bed.
My eyes jump towards her breasts she was hiding with her hands.
Her pair of hills were huge and had a wonderfully perfect shape.
She had pink areola. And then on top of them is her pink nipples.

It hadn’t even been touched yet but my dick was starting to get hard.
It’s still no good. I gotta hold back.
I was telling myself that.
It chipped away at my reason but if we had sex immediately then that would be the end.
Of course, that would be fine but this is the second time.
I calmly look forward to a lot of different things.

With her knees up, Mia put her hands in her skirt.
And then, she slowly pulls down her panties.

「Uwah…this, is erotic」

While nimbly doing it to prevent the inside of her skirt from being seen, Mia slipped her panties off her feet.
And then, she quickly balled them up and put them in her skirt pocket.


Mia looks at me.
Her plump breasts also face my direction.

「You also strip」

Standing up from the sofa, I undo the buttons for my dress shirt.
When I stripped down to my white T-shirt, I quickly took that off too.

「I thought this before but aren’t you quite toned?」
「I mean even though you are in a culture club, your body is quite good」

I wasn’t aware of such things.
I didn’t think I was fat but I didn’t think I was fit either.

「Or rather…it’s standing, isn’t it?」

Mia’s gaze lowers towards my crotch.
It was already pushing up my boxers, and created a tent in my uniform pants.

「Ah, yeah…it’s erect」
「Show me…」

Mia says licking her lips.
Swallowing my saliva I unfastened my belt.
And then, I lowered my zipper.

「You too, together」

Understanding my intentions, Mia stands up from the bed.
Mia already had her panties off.
Right now, she was only wearing her skirt and socks.


I take off my pants and boxers at the same time.
At the same time, Mia unfastens her skirt.
*Jiji jiji*, a terribly obscene sound could be heard.

My stupid erect son jumped out.
When it was exposed to the air, it moved with a twitch.
Mia’s skirt dropped to the ground.

Our eyes met.

And then we mutually look at each other’s crotch.
We were almost completely nude. And there was our two exposed genitals. Man and woman.
Mia’s bush was a chestnut color and shining in the light made it look even thinner.
Her tightly closed labia was also visible and shined as if it was wet.

「Koumei…me too…」1

As I slowly draw near towards the bed, Mia spread out both her hands.
My face hit directly on her stomach.
Her skin was so smooth. As I was rubbing my cheeks against her, she closes her arms and embraces my head.


Mia lets out a deep sigh.
With my cheeks pressed against her stomach, I reach both my hands to rub her ass.


Mia’s butt cheeks tensed up.
However, it still had just the right amount of sexual feel to it as I continually stroked it.
While stroking, I would sometimes squeeze it, enjoying her ass.

「It feels goood, Mia’s butt」
「Pervert, Koumei, you pervert, ahn」

When I separate from Mia’s body, I put my slippers on that were under the bed.

「Mia…let’s get into the bath」
「As you wish」

Smiling, Mia gets off the bed and put on her slippers.
Mia and I held hands as we headed towards the jacuzzi on the veranda.


  1. For those of you unsure of this insanely vague sentence. She’s basically acknowledging they are both thirsty af