Eromobuseka: Reincarnated as a Mob Villager in an Eroge Fantasy-like Isekai, but since I Can, I’ll Aim for a Harem


Author: Hareyume (晴夢)

This is a story of me, a country boy, who goes to a magic academy, who befriends a girl genius and a noble lady, making a harem.
The first heroine is a tsun-tsun childhood friend from the same village who I disciplined until she became pretty.
Girls of the same age, and even seniors in the school play together and get along!

Table of Content:

1 Prologue – Memories of a Lonely Farming Village

2 Not a Small Fish, but a Small Dragon (Mob)

3 Young Tyrant

4 Childhood Friends and Promises

5 A Girl’s Change

6 The Adult Floor

7 Day of Departure, the start of a new Routine

8 Self Introduction ■ Crest Examination

9 Welcome Party

10 Evening Welcome Party

11 Fun Right in the Morning

12 Welcome to the Zoo

13 Circumstances of the Male Students

14 PE Class

15 Future Time

16 Breaking the Ice

17 The Ice Melts

18 The Day Nasha-chan wasn’t Present

19 Adult Preparation Phase

20 Final Episode! Our fight has just Begun!

21 Episode 1: The Anti-Rule of Fear!

22 The School of Kiryu