Evil Prophet Chapter 11

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Finally Seraphine let go of Gabriel and stepped forward. She now retracted her wings and began walking towards Mark who was a few meters away from them.


Though previously Gabriel was less than a foot away from him, due to the ridiculously fast hug from Seraphine who didn’t bother slowing down both of them ended up moving further away from Mark.


When the two sisters first hugged each other it looked so beautiful that it almost resembled a pain tain. However once they began kissing with unconcealable lust and saliva all over their face, the peacefulness completely disappeared and was replaced with pure carnal desires.


Now Mark could clearly see all the differences between the two sisters. Taking one look at how Seraphine was dressed he immediately understood why a sigh appeared when the three heads of the Evil Faction spoke about her.


She was dressed in tight black leather one piece dress which covered from above her breasts till below the waist, and a rolled up whip was hanging on the side of her waist.


Seraphine was a dominatrix!


With how tightly the dress was pressed against her body it highlighted how Seraphine’s body had curves in all the right places. But still looking at her all men would only feel fear and not lust.


However the same wasn’t the case for Mark, from the first time he saw how she was dressed, Mark made his mind up.


‘I’ll definitely tame her and turn her into my obedient little kitty.’


Other than the wings, the hair and eyes color the two women were the exact replica of each other. While Seraphine’s eyes and hair were blood red in color, Gabriel’s were pure silver. The both had light pink colored lips which were always curved up in a sultry smile. Hair which was similarly tied up in a long ponytail which would slap against their supple ass every time they moved.


“So you are the next Evil Prophet. Though you are handsome enough to be my master, it doesn’t matter who tries to force me into it, if I don’t feel like it there’s no way I’ll become your Familiar. Got that?”


In response to the woman who had her hands of her waist and was speaking as if she was looking down on him, Mark for a second couldn’t believe that she would actually say that she wouldn’t be his Familiar regardless of who it is that tells her to.


But with this Mark understood Seraphine character. She was someone who would never bend over regardless of who tried to force her, and would only do something if she felt like it.


“I’m fine with it.”


Hearing Mark so easily agree to her, Seraphine was taken back for a second. Before speaking to him, Seraphine was under the impression that he would act like a spoiled kid and throw a tantrum saying that she would have to do as he said, and if she didn’t he would complain to the Three Goddesses of Evil Faction.


But seeing that nothing close to it happen, Seraphine’s impression of Mark went up a notch from just a handsome hunk of meat, to handsome and not spoiled hunk of meat.


“Good. Now that we’re both in an understanding, what do you want to do in this town? I heard that you wanted to have revenge on people that came from your own world.”


When Mark heard what Seraphine said he turned around and looked at the group of people who were staring at him and the two women behind him with wide eyes.


“Yup, first I’ll have my revenge. After which I’ll conquer this town. Of course with the help of you two gorgeous sisters.”


Hearing Mark compliment the two of them, both Seraphine and Gabriel broke into a natural smile. After all which woman doesn’t like to be complimented.


“So what do you want us to do Mark?”


“Oh, you don’t call him Master even after becoming a Familiar?”


It was natural for Seraphine to question Gabriel that she wasn’t calling Mark as Master. Because almost everyone makes their Familiars treat them with respect to show the difference in their ranks. This included those who were at the peak of Evil Faction too.


“No, Mark said he would rather have only slaves call him as Master.”


With this Gabriel’s opinion of Mark once again increased. This time from handsome and not spoiled hunk of meat, to handsome person.


‘He might indeed be worthy of becoming my Master. However I’d better observe for a few more days and see if the both of us would indeed be compatible like Mistress Cecilia said.’


Oblivious to what Seraphine was thinking Mark was completely focused on the men and women who made his life a living hell on Earth. But what he didn’t know was that just him staring at them made all of their backs get covered in cold sweat.

“Hey Seraphine do you have any slave collars on you?”


“Of course I do. Who do you want to use it on, and how many do you need?”


“Does it matter who I use it on?”


While Mark was perplexed about why it would matter who he put it on, a glow appeared in Seraphine’s eyes visually showing how excited she was.


“Of course it does. Basic slave collars are enough for anyone below Level 100. While higher ranked slave collars are needed for those above Level 100.”


“Oooh! It seems like I have a lot to learn from you. But for now I’ll have 8 basic slave collars.”


If previously only Seraphine’s eyes shining brightly, once she heard what Mark said, her whole face face was now completely lit up.


‘Maybe the both of us are indeed compatible.’


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