Evil Prophet Chapter 10

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‘I knew that she was strong, but not this much. With her beside me I don’t have to worry about anyone on this whole planet. And her sister hasn’t come yet, who knows how strong she would be.’


Before looking at her level, Mark thought that maybe those who represented the peak of Asuma’s Planet power would be troubling for him. But now with enough time Mark was sure that he could conquer the whole Galaxy with Gabriel and her sister under him. Considering that Gabriel’s sister wasn’t too much weaker than her.


“A long tone back both me and my sister were both Angels belonging to the noble faction. Both of us were praised to be the perfect pair of sisters who would always do justice and those other crap. However neither me nor she was truly happy, because there were many restrictions to continue being an Angel. But the one I most hated was that incest was not allowed.”


Till here Gabriel still had a calm look on her face, but once she began talking about incest her eyes visually brightened up.


“Though neither me or she had any Lesbian tendencies, just thinking about the no incest rule made us keep thinking about it, until we finally did it. In a sense it was like a forbidden fruit that we couldn’t wait to eat. And so we did, and that was the same time our wings turned black and we became Fallen Angels. Later on Mistress Sophia found the two of us and invited us into the Evil Faction. She trained us and made us stronger. And honesty, once we got used to how things worked in the Evil Faction, the both of us felt regret for not having sex with each other sooner, the place was just that enticing. As long as you are strong enough it doesn’t matter who the other one is, cause you can do whatever you want to them Master.”


By the time Gabriel finished speaking her cheeks had a visible blush on them and her breathing was a little rough indicating that she was sexually turned on.


Feeling perplexed as to what Gabriel was thinking about that she was getting turned on Mark finally reached the town entrance.


“You can drop the Master, it’s fine calling me Mark. I’d rather only have my Slaves call me Master.”


“As you wish.”


At the same time as Mark and Gabriel finished their little conversation, one of the two guards who were standing on both sides of the huge gate, began walking towards the duo.


“What business do the two of you have here?”


When the guards first saw two people walking towards the town, they thought more of those who got transported to this wire were coming. However once they noticed Mark’s clothing, and the pair of black wings on Gabriel’s back, they immediately understood that they were from the Evil Faction.


Just as Mark was about to answer the guard, a huge vortex appeared above the town causing a huge disturbance. The vortex was pitch black in color, and just being close to it made people feel as if their souls would be snuffed out by it.


Looking at this vortex Mark understood that it was the doing of someone belonging to the Evil Faction.


“What is happening?!”


“Are we being attacked!!?”


“Someone inform the Town Lord!”


“Look! someone’s hand is coming out of it!”




While the whole town was filled with chaos about the unknown coming out of the vortex, Mark who was similarly lost in thought about who the person stepping out of the vortex could be, was brought back to reality by Gabriel’s voice.


“She’s here!”


Gabriel’s voice was no longer calm but leaking excitement. Her voice was similar to those couples who spent a long time away from each other and were finally reuniting.


Hearing such excitement in her voice Mark was 90% sure of who the person stepping out of the vortex would be, but he still didn’t move any closer to the vortex or the town and just kept on observing.


After the foot, the person itself came out of the vortex and began falling straight down towards the town. But before she fell too far a pair of huge black wings appeared in her back which with a huge flap immediately stopped her falling momentum.


Once the woman stabilized herself above the town, the vortex she stepped out of disappeared leaving behind only the huge winds which were occurring due to the woman flapping her black wings.


“Who is she?!”


“Run away! Look at her black wings! She’s from the Evil Faction!”




While all those who saw the woman began screaming as if they were about to the die, the woman in question didn’t even glance at any of them. She took one look towards Gabriel and immediately rushed in her direction.


Looking at the woman rushing towards the towns boundary the residents were unable to understand what was happening. But the woman didn’t care and she didn’t even bother slowing down once she reached the towns boundary, descending at the same speed she lunged at Gabriel and wrapped her arms around her tightly hugging her.


Once the woman hugged Gabriel she didn’t waste a single second before pressing her lips against Gabriel’s and kissing her immediately.


It was only now when the woman stopped moving did Mark finally manage to get a proper look at her.


Other than her hair and wings the woman looked exactly like Gabriel. While her hair was in a dark blood colored red, she had four wings compared to the two which Gabriel had, and all of them were almost twice as big as Gabriel’s.


After a long sloppy kiss from which both of them were leaking saliva all over each other’s face and dripping onto the ground, the pair of sisters finally stopped kissing each other, but still didn’t stop hugging.


“You came here faster than I expected Seraphine.”


“I just couldn’t wait to be so far away from you, so I rushed out as soon as I heard about where you were sent.” Seraphine stopped speaking and took Gabriel’s tattooed hand in her hand and began observing it closely. Once she looked enough, she turned around and looked towards Mark before nodding her head, “He’s indeed as handsome as Mistress Cecilia said.”

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