Evil Prophet Chapter 15

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While Sarah loudly screamed for having almost turned naked in public in front of so many strangers, Mark calmly spoke to her, “As a pet who dared to cross her boundary isn’t there something you have to say?”


By now Sarah had truly accepted her new position and though for a second, before deeply bowing to Mark and apologizing, “I’m very sorry for crossing my boundary… Master…”


Feeling happy at how Sarah wasn’t an idiot Mark stepped forward and began patting her head like one does with an animal, “Apology accepted little pet. Now come on show me inside the mansion. Seraphine follow me and make sure you bring them all inside.”


Saying so Mark began walking ahead and entered the mansion, leaving behind the slightly blushing Sarah.


Strangely enough for a second back when Mark was patting her head Sarah felt really happy as if she did something good.


Collecting herself Sarah turned around, ignoring the fact at how her dress was torn and that her body was almost naked she began running towards Mark who was a little further from her.


“Where do you want me to guide you to Master?”


“Let’s go to the living room first.”


“As you wish Master!”


Nodding her head with a bright smile on her face Sarah began walking in front of Mark and pointing out the direction.


‘Why does calling him Master feel so right?’


While Sarah was still a little perplexed at how fast she was adapting to the situation, Seraphine was hugely grinning.


Turning around she hugged Gabriel who was beside her, “I really like Mark. It really is just as Mistress Cecilia said, he and I are really compatible.”


“Does that mean you’ll become his Familiar too?”


“Of course I will. But not right away. Come on let’s go inside, you bunch follow me inside and don’t you dare try anything funny or whatever I already have in plan for you will be made hundreds of time worse. And trust me you don’t want that.”


Saying so Seraphine with Gabriel in tow began walking inside the mansion following, and soon the group of scared Earthlings and a dark faced Ron also followed them.


Ron still didn’t know why but even after having made up his mind that he threw away Sarah, when he saw how jumped on Mark and tried to kiss him, and how she apologized and called him Master, he felt both humiliated and angry at himself and Sarah.


While walking behind Sarah, Mark took his time to observe how sexy Sarah truly was.


5,7” tall, orange hair that went lower than her waist, black pupils which contrasted her hair, a 40 inch sized breast which even Mark was tempted to jump and give a squueze, and an ass which bounced with every step she took. The woman truly was something which no man would reject.


And further adding onto all of these, a cute baby like face which didn’t one would expect to see along with the seductive body like her’s but still made it seem like it was perfect together. Even someone like Mark who had looked at the Three Evil Goddesses couldn’t bear to throw her away. So he decided to turn her into a pet for himself.


Though she couldn’t stand much against women like the Fallen Angel sisters like Gabriel and Seraphine, she sure wasn’t much further away from them in pure looks.


Deciding to see how long Sarah could keep acting chirpy Mark decided to keep pushing her limits, so he went ahead and ripped off the remaining dress causing her to almost scream but finally controlled herself.


Now Sarah was completely naked other than orange colored the bra and panty she wore which covered her breasts and pussy. But still her breasts seemed like they would pop out at any second and get freed from the tight confines of the bra, and a few orange colored hairs were also peeking out from her panty.


Looking below once Sarah noticed how her public hair was visible from the sides of her panty she furiously blushed and almost used her hand to cover it. But somehow managed to not do it and continued walking as if she didn’t take any notice of the hair.


‘Let’s see if you can still stay calm after this.’


With that though Mark pulled out one of the 8 Slave Collars he was given by Seraphine. Previously he had stored them inside his inventory to make sure that he didn’t lose them when being teleported, and now it was finally the time to use one of them.


“Sarah as a pet of mine aren’t you supposed to have a collar?”




Once she heard the word collar Sarah was almost sure that Mark would be putting a slave collar on her, but weirdly enough she didn’t feel any dissatisfaction but only felt curious as to how her life would be after she wore it.


Feeling perplexed at how her voice somehow seemed even more excited than before, Mark showed the collar in his hand to Sarah who turned around.


Once Sarah saw the collar in Mark’s hand, her eyes immediately widened and breathing turned hard, it truly was a Slave Collar like she expected.

However unlike what Mark expected she didn’t reject or anything but went down on her knees and looked expectantly towards Mark causing him to be taken back for a moment.


But he still went ahead and put the collar on her like he had planned.


What Mark didn’t know was that as an Evil Prophet everywhere he went due to the Evil energy leaking out of him, many people would react in many various ways. While a few would give into despair like Ron did, some might choose to focus on revenge and become angry. However Sarah was affected in a way which wouldn’t have been possible if not for her boring sex life, Sarah had her emotions slowly turning more and more focused on lust.


So as someone who was giving into her lust Sarah didn’t mind doing anything for the man who would be the source of fulfilling her lust. And thus she readily accepted the idea of Mark putting a slave collar on her.


Because even though it was degrading to treated as a pet, deep down Sarah was slowly feeling more and more horny from how she was being turned into a sex outlet by her new master.

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