Evil Prophet Chapter 14

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‘That’s wight despair at the fact about how you have lost everything but still can’t have revenge, the more you drown in those evil feelings the more I can feel my body and equipments becoming stronger.’


Just like Mark was thinking, as the Evil Prophet his body and equipment were made to absorb the Evil Aura caused directly or indirectly by him, and with this Aura not only would his equipment upgrade in level, his XP would also fill up causing his level to increase.


Mark had already received 50 XP by just causing Ron to despair, and just imagining about how much XP he would receive after remodeling the town and turning it into a place where Evil Deeds flourished.


Lightly chuckling from thinking about the future mark started walking towards the pale faced beauty.


Though Sarah wanted to turn and run away she didn’t know why but felt like her life would turn even more worse if she did so. And thus she just stood there, and didn’t try anything.


Standing in front of Sarah who was looking down at the ground and didn’t even dare look at him, Mark felt like his soul was getting more and more satisfied by the second.


Just the power he had which made a man give up his town, life, and even his wife. And the same power which made a married woman silently stand there and not even speak a single word while he started at her body in public made him feel a thrill which he never felt in his whole life.


“What’s your name?”


Feeling shocked at how the man didn’t touch and abuse her, but begin speaking, Sarah felt a little perplexed but spoke.




“Sarah….quite a nice name. I’m Mark. So Sarah do you hate me?”




“Really? You don’t have the fact at how I stole everything from your husband, and how I obtained you who I would use as I like for the rest of your life? You don’t hate the fact that your life will no longer belong to you but belong to me? You really don’t hate the fact at how I could just throw you naked in the streets at let any man fuck you?”


Every single word Mark spoke was like a sharp needle puncturing her heart, but even then Sarah shook her head, “I don’t blame you in the least. I only blame myself. I blame myself for having chosen such a weak man as my husband

I blame myself for not having the courage to just kill myself and escape from this. And I truly blame myself for how weirdly my body is turning horny by the second just looking at you despite knowing what all bad things you’ll do to me.”


Once Sarah finished speaking the whole place turned silent, while Seraphine had a curious look on her face looking at Sarah who spoke in such a way. At the same time tears were slowly forming in Ron’s eyes when he heard how his wife blamed herself for marrying him.


Out of everyone there it was only Mark who had a happy smile on his face, because he had just leveled two times before Sarah completed her speech.


Just the amount of negative feelings she was feeling towards her and those around her had caused even Ron and the group from his orphanage to dwell deeper into negative thoughts which caused his XP to receive a huge boost. And even caused his Evil Stat to increase by 2 points.


It seemed like unlike his Basic Stats which could be increased by training and allocating the stats he receives due to leveling up, his special Stats could only be increased when special actions are performed like now where his Evil actions caused a husband to give up his wife.


“That was quite a speech, but it still wouldn’t change your fate. Because starting from today, you are mine.” after this Mark bent forward and whispered in Sarah’s ear so that only she could hear, “My personal toy who I’ll fuck wherever I want and however I want.”


Saying so he turned his head and pressed his lips onto hers and began ravishing her mouth with his tongue.


Despite the fact that this was his first time he ever was in such close contact with a woman, the Incubus genes he had inside him made Mark a natural expert at everything from seduction to pleasing a woman.


While shocked Sarah didn’t respond and only let Mark do as he pleases because she truly didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t push him away because she was was afraid of what Mark would do in return, and at the same time she didn’t want to return the kiss as that would turn her into nothing more than a slut.


Regardless of the fact at how she was thrown away by her husband to turn into Mark’s subordinate, Sarah still considered herself as a married woman belonging to the Noble Faction, so she didn’t want to reciprocate Mark’s kiss.


However feeling how skilfully Mark was using his tongue inside her mouth, Sarah slowly felt her body feeling more and more hot and she finally couldn’t take it anymore as she held onto Mark’s head and began deeply kissing him.


The whole time she was kissing Mark she was scolding herself inside her mind for being a slut who was getting involved with another man while still being a married woman, but her body just didn’t stop as soon she didn’t care anymore about where she was and immediately like a koala hugged Mark’s body and began even more furiously kissing him.


Pressing her tongue against the one inside her mouth, Sarah began leaking saliva from her mouth which began dripping down her mouth.


‘I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I really don’t want to do this, but just his tongue is so good. I really can’t stop myself anymore.’


While still apologizing to God knows who, Sarah picked up a notch and began trying to strip Mark by unbuttoning his shirt, but was stopped when Mark slapped her hand and pushed her off causing her to once again stand on the ground.


“You are just a toy for me to enjoy, don’t you dare get ahead of yourself.”


Saying so Mark used his hand and with a single movement tore off the blue long gown Sarah was wearing from near her breasts causing it to rip straight down to the bottom and show Sarah’s breasts and pussy which were hidden behind two pieces of fabrics.

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