Evil Prophet Chapter 2

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As Mark fainted due to the loud sound, at the same every single human on earth also fainted to the same loud noise.


Once every single on earth fainted, a light appeared over the planet and split into uncountable number of smaller lights.


Each smaller light then touched one of the fainted humans, and once the lights came in contact with every fainted human on the planet.


Along with that every human disappeared from the planet leaving it behind to the animals from now on.



When Mark fainted he at first all he could think about was how to take revenge on the others when he woke up, but when he did wake up Mark could no longer think about anything close to it.


Because when he opened his eyes what stood in front of him was something that you could never see on earth.


In front of Mark and the group of people around him, was a woman who looked to be in her 30s. With a matured face, and silver hair flowing down her back till her feet. She had a face which once seen no one could ever forget.


Every single part on her body was shining, and though Mark didn’t know why he felt like the woman in front of him was the holiest being ever.


But most importantly she was floating in air!


“Hello humans. I know that most of you are shocked after looking at your which are unfamiliar. But don’t worry since I’ll explain everything.”


When Mark first heard the woman speak about unfamiliar surroundings he looked around and was immediately shocked to the core.


He and the people around him were similarly floating in air, and below them were vast lands filled with nothing but purple colored forest.


Yes, purple colored forest! The trees, soil, and everything below them was purple in color!


But before Mark could start to panic he heard the calm and soothing voice of the lady and no longer cared about them. He only kept on looking at the angelic woman in front of him whose boobs were so big that they could be mistaken for watermelons!


Despite wearing a white long gown which was covering the woman’s whole body, it seemed like her breasts would tear through them at any second.


Just imagining the woman’s breasts popping out of her dress, Mark couldn’t help but gulp loudly and cover the newly forming erection discreetly with his hands.


“Unlike where you came from which is a small star known as Earth, right now we are all on a planet called Asuma, in the Giraki galaxy. The planet Asuma is about 27 times as big as your Earth, and on it living are already 3 trillion species. As for the Giraki galaxy it is one of the only few galaxies in this universe that doesn’t belong to a faction. But enough about the general knowledge, since you will learn more about it in the future anyway.”


However unlike the angel who was speaking calmly as if everything was natural, Mark was so afraid and shocked of what was happening that cold sweat covered him. But he understood two things, one, he and at least everyone in the orphanage were transported to this world. And two, the woman in front of him has the biggest boobs he ever saw.


“I’ll tell you a little more before letting you go out on your adventures. In this world long before Gods like me were alive, the system was created by the universe. And every species in the universe is gifted with a system when they are born, and it remains with them till they die. However since you were all born in one of the lower galaxies, you will be given your system now.”


With that said the angel waved a hand and immediately a type of dialog box appeared in front of Mark which only he could see.


[System activating.. 1%…50%….100%]


Within a matter of seconds the percentage reached 100, and immediately another window appeared in front of Mark, this one bigger than the before.



Race – Human

Class – None


Level – 0


XP – 0/100

Basic Stats –

Strength: 8

Vitality: 6

Intelligence/Mana: 10

Stamina: 9

Agility: 9]


Looking at the so called system showing his stats, Mark’s eyes widened before he returned to his calm self.


‘So this is so called system. It looks like an RPG game interface.’


“I’m sure that all of your systems have been activated by now. You can all obtain a class for yourself once you reach a town, and you increase in level by obtaining XP from doing various things. With each level up, you’ll receive a few bonus stats which can be added to your stats and grow stronger without training. Now walk straight that way and you’ll find a town. Off you go little ones, you stay back.”


Finished saying what she wanted, the angel sent everyone down to the ground other than Mark who she pointed at. While Mark was still floating the other already went down to the ground.


‘For a goddess you sure aren’t polite are you?’


Despite saying that in his heart, Mark kept on looking towards the floating angel with expectation. After all only he was made to stay back, while the others were sent away.


‘Does she want to give me something like a super cheat which will make me the strongest one ever?’


And just like Mark expected the goddess in front of him was planning on treating him specially.

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