Evil Prophet Chapter 3

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Looking at Mark who was staring at her boobs since the moment he was transported here, Leila was grinning inside her heart.


‘He is just like the other men, all I need to do is act a little considerate of his pathetic past, and tell him to do as I say if he doesn’t want the same thing that happened to him happen to others, and he’ll definitely turn into another one of my blind followers. Fufufufu, with fools like this it wouldn’t be long before this planet becomes mine.’



“Unnn. Is there something you want from me?”


Hesitating for a while, Mark finally built up a little courage and asked the woman in front of him. It had already been almost a minute since she sent away everyone other than him, and since then she just kept on looking at him with a weird smile on her face making the situation more and more awkward by the second.


Understanding what was happening, Leila lightly coughed and began speaking.


“Ughu! I was just looking at your past and found how tragic it was. It was so sad, that I couldn’t bear to look at it after a while. However that all ends now Mark. Unlike those who tormented you, you are a pure soul who would never harm others. And for being a pure and noble human, I’m willing to make you my follower and give you this class as a gift.”


With the end of her words, new notifications appeared in front of Mark.


[Goddess Leila has given you the opportunity to become one of her followers!


If you accept, your class will be changed to Pope, and your race will turn into Half Angel and Half Human.


Pope – This is a special class, which has no combat abilities. The user of this class will be revered by every single species which isn’t a member of the Evil Faction.

With this class the user can spread the path of peace and love to the whole universe.


If you become a Pope you can never physically harm anyone else.


Will you accept?]


Leila was looking at Mark who was reading the notifications as if it was only a matter of time before he broke into tears and accepted, but she never expected that he would react the way he did.


“Screw you! You think I would accept this? I don’t care if you are a goddess or not, I’m not going to be a fucking Pope even if you kill me!!!”


‘Humph! You think I’m an idiot to turn into your follower and act like an idiot for the rest of my life?! Spread love and peace to the world? Are you fucking kidding me? I can’t wait to have my revenge, and you want me to be a pope?!’


“What th….. Did you just reject me, Leila, a Goddess of the Noble Faction?!”


Unlike before, Leila no longer spoke with a serene voice, but with a bone chilling tone. Hearing the angel in front of him speak like that Mark felt like something very bad was going to happen now, however he still didn’t regret what he did.


Unable to harm others, if he became a pope then what would happen to his revenge?! Looking down Mark saw those from his orphanage talking to each other and once again felt the urge to kill them as soon as possible.


With such hatred how could he ever accept and become a Pope who didn’t even have any combat capabilities. Becoming a Pope was right now was definitely not something Mark would want.


As such Mark didn’t even mind dying after offending the Goddess in front of him, but there was no way would he accept becoming a fucking useless Pope!


“Yes I did.”


Despite feeling afraid of what might happen Mark still answered back to her.


“Good, good. It seem like I misjudged you, but since you dared to talk back and reject me, I should punish you. I, Leila, a Goddess of the Noble Faction curse you to never obtain any class in the Noble Faction!”


Once Leila finished speaking Mark once again received new notifications.


[Goddess Leila is angry with you and has cursed you to never obtain a class in the Noble Faction. Due to this curse along with being unable to receive a class, if you ever enter a location owned by the Noble Faction everyone there will be hostile towards you.]


‘The fuck, isn’t this the same as giving me a prolonged death sentence? Instead of this she should’ve just killed me.’


Once he read this Mark immediately knew that he was screwed. The curse was so bad that even if he didn’t offend anyone in the Noble Faction, they would still hunt him down if he entered any place which was under their control.


“I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m cursing you, instead of directly killing you. It’s actually very simple, as a Goddess of the Noble Faction I can’t attack you unless you attack me first, and so I can only curse you. But with the curse I put on you, even if you don’t die immediately I’m sure that you’re death will be very pathetic.”


With that Leila coldly smirked and disappeared from in front of Mark, at the same time she pushed him down to the ground.


‘Guess I was a fool to expect something good to happen to me anyway…’


While Mark was slowly descending to the ground while sighing from resignation at his pathetic life even after coming into another world, suddenly a black cortex appeared out of nowhere and sucked him in.

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