Evil Prophet Chapter 6

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“Shhh. Don’t resist kid. We’re doing this for your good.”


Not giving Mark any method of resisting, the three women took one step further closer and surrounded Mark from all three sides now making it impossible to even take a step in any direction.


“Here take this and completely drink up when I say so.” saying so Sophia have Mark a test tube which was filled to the brim with a black colored liquid, and at the same time took one step forward.


Her face was now only a few inches away from his, Sophia bent forward and whispered “Drink up.” before bringing her lips and kissing Mark’s forehead.


At the same time Liliana who was standing behind Mark bent forward and pressed her lips exactly on the spot where the neck met with the spinal cord.


Similarly Cecilia squatted down and began kissing Mark between his dick and belly button.


Despite wanting to not do anything to interrupt the most pleasurable thing he ever felt in his life, Mark lightly moaned before bringing the test tube upto his lips and emptying it completely.




The very second Mark drank the black liquid, a cold sensation began flowing into his body through the throat. The cold was unlike anything he ever felt before, wherever the liquid passed by it felt like that place was being frozen.


Mark wanted to scream due to all the pain he was feeling, but was unable to do so because after drinking the liquid his mouth and tongue were also frozen causing them to not function properly.


However before the coldness could spread below the the neck region, the liquid immediately split into three equal parts and went in three directions.


Before Mark lost his conscious the last thing he remembered was being enveloped in warmth all over his body.


After Mark fainted, the liquid which split into three parts reached the head, spinal cord and pelvis region.


Under Sophia’s kiss, the liquid which went towards the head began turning into black energy and purifying everything inside and outside above the spinal cord region.


The same time the liquid which reached the spinal cord was dissolved and spread all over the upper body, as similarly the remaining liquid turned into energy streams and tempered the lower body of Mark.


The dissolved liquid not only strengthened and purified the inside of Mark’s body, it also showed its effect on the outside.


Mark despite looking a little sharp, he couldn’t be considered as a handsome boy. He was around 5 feet and 7 inches in height. With an average sized dick at 5 inches in length.


But once the liquid began taking on effect on Mark’s body, his outsides began changing.


His face was now changing, and turned into a peerless handsome face. But looking at it, one could feel that he would be a bad influence for sure. Along with that his pupils and hair also turned into abyssal black.


At the same time his upper body grew in height and reached 6 feet, also the previously scrawny body disappeared and its place a perfectly well looking tempered body appeared. However it wasn’t like his body was ripping with overgrown muscles. His muscles were well defined and sharp, and his abs region was also looking well with a six pack.


Finally the lower region also grew just enough, to make Mark’s height stay at 6 feet. And then Mark’s 5 inch dick began growing at an alarming rate before finally stopping once it reached 11 inches in size.


Amidst all of this, Mark’s insides also changed completely. The liquid by now was completely depleted and his blood was also now abyssal dark in color.


Once all of this was over, the three women took a step back and held a part of his body before lifting him up and taking him with them.


Walking forward the three woman took Mark up all the levels and finally put him down on the top most black throne in the room.


Resting her eyes on the fainted Mark, Sophia spoke with a tinge of excitement in her eyes, “Do you think our choice in choosing him was the right one?”


“Does it matter now?”


Hearing what Cecilia said, Leliana also spoke out while nodding her head “You’re right. It doesn’t matter anymore. Since we’ve already given him the tri True Evil Bloodline, he is destined to be the last Evil Prophet.”


The three women looked into each other’s eyes and saw how none of them were regretting what they did.


“This might sound ironic coming from a devil but..” lightly grinning in a self mocking way Sophia continued speaking “… he is our only hope if we want to attain complete dominance over the Noble Faction. In a way he might be our salvation.”


Looking towards Sophia who just spoke, Cecilia stepped forth and hugged her. “We won’t know anything for sure till he wakes up and shows how proficient he is.”


Along with her Liliana also hugged Sophia and spoke, “Yup, If he isn’t able to conquer a planet then all would be for naught, as this is our last chance.”


While this was all happening Mark finally woke up. Though he had lost his conscious Mark had heard everything the women said.


As the liquid had completely assimilated with him, along with the increased capabilities both physically and mentally, Mark somehow knew everything about the world he was in now.


Though he didn’t know every exact detail, he had information about all the Factions there were, what an Evil Prophet was, what those thrones in the room represented, the higher ranked species, and finally the system.


Now that Mark knew all about the system, he spoke the word ‘Status’ in his mind and called for his status.




Race – True Devil/ True Kitsune/ True Succubus


Class – Evil Prophet


Level – 0


XP – 0/100


Specialization – Sex


Basic Stats –


Strength: 250


Vitality: 150


Intelligence/Mana: 250


Stamina: 250


Agility: 150


Special Stats –


Evil: 0


Charisma: 25


Seduction: 25


Familiars – 0


Slaves – 0]


‘When did my class change to the Evil Prophet?’


As if she could see through Mark’s thoughts, Sophia looked at the awake Marl and spoke, “Anyone that sits on the Evil Faction’s Leader Throne will have their class forcibly changed into the Evil Prophet.” and then let go of the hugging women before walking closer and inspecting how much Mark changed with her eyes.


Hearing Sophia’s answer Mark slightly nodded his head and asked “Can I have some clothes to put on?”. Glancing at Mark, Liliana answered “Just a sec.”, and then clapped her hands twice.


The very next second a woman with black wings on her back appeared out of nowhere and stood on the carpet where Mark stood before.


Once the woman glimpsed at Mark who was seated at the Leader’s throne her eyes widened but she spoke nothing and once again bent her head down as if waiting for a command.


‘A fallen angel.’


While Mark was lost in thought after looking at the fallen angel who wore almost nothing on her body other than the small patches of black feathers which were stuck on her twin peaks and pussy, keeping them hidden.


Looking at the woman, Liliana ordered her “Get this man some clothes to wear.” to which in response the black winged fallen angel nodded her head and replied “Yes Mistress.”, before once again disappearing the same way she appeared.

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