Evil Prophet Chapter 5

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Though the women in front of Mark were definitely the most sexy looking women a man could ever hope to have, not a single man would dare to try and take any liberty with them.


This was because disregarding the fact of how strong they were, there was something and these women which made all men turn pale and run away.


It was said that if a man’s strength and dick wasn’t strong enough and if they had sex with anyone of them, their pussies would clamp down so tightly on their dicks that they would get cut off at the root!


Once Mark spoke out what he wanted the three seated women shared an absurd look. And began laughing in unison.


“Fufufufufu, he wants us!”


“It’s understandable since he hasn’t been here for long.”


“Let me tell you this kid, if you try to have sex with us in your present state you’ll end up dead once your dick snaps off.”


Hearing the laughter Mark felt that maybe his actions looked absurd to them. But once he heard about his dick snapping, Mark’s face cringed with fear.


However he still didn’t try to run away or cover his dick with his hands like a weakling. And instead spoke out with a calm voice.


“But what if I’m strong enough to not die, will you three become mine then?”


“You just don’t understand do you kid?”


“Liliana calm down, maybe he is the one we have been searching for.”


“Are you out of your mind Cecilia? There’s no way I’ll you choose the next Evil Prophet after what you did the last time.”


“Oh come one, you have to admit that his dick was big enough to satisfy all of us.”


“So what if it was big, he ended up dying because of his stupidity.”




Hearing the conversation between the Succubus and Kitsune, Mark figured out two of the three women’s names.


‘So the Kitsune is known as Liliana, and the Succubus is Cecilia. Then what is the humans name?’


As if the Royal Devil seated in the middle throne understood what Mark was thinking when he kept on looking at her, she seductively smiled and spoke.


“I’m Sophia, a Royal Devil.”


Nodding his head to show he understood, Mark introduced himself.


“I’m Mark, a Human.”


‘She’s not a human either. Are everyone in the Evil Faction of different races?’


“So Mark tell me why you rejected the invitation to join the Noble Faction, and that too straight to a Goddess’s face? If I like your answer I’ll make you the next Evil Prophet.”


“If you become a strong enough Evil Prophet then you could have all the three of us just like you wished for Mark.”


Once Sophia asked Mark to tell why he rejected the Pope class, before he could speak Cecilia told him more about the Evil Prophet.


‘Something is strange with that Succubus, I’ve seen her mastubrating since the moment I saw her, but neither is her face red and nor has she moaned a single time. It’s almost as if mastubrating has no effect on her.’


With that thought in mind Mark began speaking about why he did what he did.


“I’m not sure if this answer will be to your liking, but this is what I’ve got. Before I came here, on my previous planet I always believed that good things would happen to me if I’d did good things.”


When Mark spoke till here, all the three women smirked, but didn’t interrupt. Seeing this Mark continued speaking.


“However no such thing ever happened, instead of anything good happening my life just kept on getting more and more pathetic and useless. It was so bad that at one point I couldn’t bear it anymore and decided to kill every single person that ever made my life harder. Unfortunately before I could do that, I was brought to this world and was offered to become a stupid pope who would spread fake things such as peace to others. And so I reacted like anyone in my position would.”


Once Mark finished speaking, there was a huge smile on the face of all the three women as if they found the thing they were looking for.


“So if you give you enough strength and a planet, then what would you do with it?”


Despite feeling the absurdity of the question Liliana asked, Mark chose to answer anyway.


“Other than getting revenge for myself? I’ll drown everyone who dares to go against me in despair. I’ll make sure bitch Leila who cursed me will work as a maid for me. I’ll corrupt every single one of those angels and turn them into my sluts. I’LL…. “


“That’s enough Mark, we understand.”


By now the smile all on the three women were so big that it seemed like they couldn’t contain their happiness anymore.


“So what do the two of you think about making him the Evil Prophet?”


After Sophia posed the question she shared a look with both the Kitsune and the Succubus who in return nodded their head.


Then all three of them got up and began walking, they stepped down level after level and finally stood in front of Mark.


“Let’s make a deal Mark, we will show you the path to how you could make us yours. But in return you will have to be seated on the top most throne over there. Is that okay?”




Mark replied to Sophia in a calm voice.


“You don’t want to know what we want?”


“It doesn’t matter. I’ve already decided to be the one who does the evil, instead of being the one who others use for their evil deeds.”


“That was a good answer.”


Mark gave an answer which made him seem like a third grade mafia villain to Liliana which made her smile a little.


“However you need to know that the path to the top might take a few thousand or even more years, and it won’t be easy.”


“So what? If I’m still alive by them, it means that I’m definitely not going anywhere else.”


Along with the final question from Cecilia it seemed like all the questions were over.


Once all the questions were over, all the three women came closer to Mark, and placed their hands on his clothes turning them into shreds making him naked.

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