Evil Prophet Chapter 8

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Satisfied that she didn’t have to teach Mark about the Throne Room and it’s levels, Sophia continued speaking.

“As you already know how the levels work, I’ll explain it to you in simple terms as how to obtain the three of us. Enter the first level, and everyone below it are yours for the picking. Enter the second, and everyone below it are yours. And similarly once your level is high enough to have crossed us and reach the peak of your capability as a transcendent of gods, you can claim your rightful place at the Evil Prophet’s Throne. Only then will you be able to have sex with any one of us.”

Hearing how Sophia explained the basics of how to he could have anyone below his level as his own, Gabriel was utterly shocked.

Because though being at a higher level will let you have more Familiars from the lower levels. It doesn’t let them order someone else’s Familiars.

But Sophia basically let Mark do whatever he wants with anyone as long as he keeps climbing up in the ranks.

However Gabriel soon understood that this wasn’t something out of the norm, because Mark was after all the Evil Prophet. And if he was able to reach the peak of his capabilities, he would become the first ever transcendent being in the whole universe!

Presumed that the Noble Factions Messiah hadn’t become the first one by then.

Once Sophia stopped speaking, Mark continued nodding on the outside while thinking on the inside.

‘Though she has left out most of the major details, with how strong my class, race, and items are I’m sure it won’t be long till I capture planets. But the problem is with becoming a transcendent being. I don’t think it will be easy to become a transcendent being considering the fact that no one has ever become one since the beginning of time… Well, there’s no use in thinking about something which I won’t encounter till many many years in the future.’

With that thought, Mark stopped bobbing his head, and looked Sophia straight in the eye, “Got it, so am I going to be sent back to where I came from now? Or is there anything more we need to talk about?”

Sophia who heard Mark inwardly cheered seeing that he was so enthusiastic to begin, ‘He seems really determined and eager to begin, so there’s no use is keeping him here with us. And travelling the world will be better than training him here.’

“I’ll send you back to the same place you came from. However I can’t let you leave without giving you a parting gift. So, you can have Gabriel and her sister. That’s fine right?”

In response to Sophia, both Cecilia and Liliana nodded their heads showing their consent.

“Yes, sending Gabriel with him, will let Mark develop at a faster pace with no troubles. And her sister, well…” here Liliana paused and looked at Mark for a while before continuing, “…you will know more when you see her anyway.”

“Gabriel, you will be following Mark from now on. Make sure to inform your sister to meet the both of you on that planet.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Bowing down once more towards Cecilia, Gabriel walked up to Mark and got down on one knee. She then pulled extended her right hand forward and bowed her head downwards.

Seeing this Mark due to the minimal knowledge he recieved understood what she wanted him to do, she was waiting for Mark to drop his blood on her and mark her as his familiar.

However Mark didn’t have any sharp object to cut off his skin and cause blood to appear, so he turned and looked towards Sophia, who in response waved her hand and a cut appeared on Marks right palm.

“Once your clothes upgrade to higher levels, you will obtain the weapons from them.”

Nodding his head in response, Mark feeling the stinging pain from the cut which appeared on his right hand, lifted it up and clenched it causing 9 drops of blood to one after the other slowly drip onto to the extended arm of Gabriel.

Once all the 9 drops fell onto her arm, Mark pulled his hand back, and a black light began shining on Gabriel’s arm. Along with the black light, the 9 drops of blood began moving around and formed a figure.

And once the light disappeared, the blood also disappeared leaving behind a tattoo on Gabriel’s arm which went from her wrist to the shoulder.

Near the wrist was a serpent which was hissing, and from there on the snake’s body kept on going round and round her arms and finally stopped near her shoulder where the tail way. Every part of the tattoo was in a similar abysmal dark as Mark’s hair. Looking at this from far it would look like, a snake was coiling on Gabriel’s arm and was hissing at anyone who dared to come near her.

One look at the snake was enough to cause those who were weak at heart to start sweating all over their body, and even those who were comparatively strong would feel fear at an instinctive level.

Once the tattoo appeared it caused Sophia, Liliana, and Cecilia to draw in cold breaths.

“His Evil Glyph is…”

“….Apophis, the Serpent of….”

“……Evil, Chaos, and Destruction….”

Hearing the three strongest women in the Evil Faction explain about Mark’s Evil Glyph, Gabriel understood why all three of them looked both shocked and happy.

Apophis, the Mythical Transcendent Being who once swallowed all the Universe and continuously hunted the Noble Gods. Though no one had yet become a Transcendent Being, it was said that long before the System was even there, True Gods, or in other words Transcendent Beings roamed the whole universe.

A single swipe of their hand would destroy planets, and an angry battle roar would remodel galaxies. And among them was Apophis the one who led the Evil Faction in war against the Noble Faction. The one who once swallowed the whole Universe and all the gods inside it, but had to let them out because even the Evil Faction gods were inside it.

It was said that there wasn’t a single thing which Apophis couldn’t devour if he wanted to. So it was understandable why the three of them were so ecstatic after seeing Mark’s Evil Glyph.

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