Evil Prophet Chapter 7

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If it was before Mark fused with the Tri True Evil Bloodline, he would’ve been flustered being naked in front of three sexy women.

But now, with his head as smart, evil, and cunning as a True Devil. A Body as strong as a True Kitsune, combined with the attitude of a True Incubus, he no longer was the same as before.

Despite feeling a multitude of emotions on the inside, Mark acted calm and collected on the outside.

No one spoke for a while, and before anyone could make up their minds to speak the Fallen Angel returned with clothes in her hands.

However the Fallen Angel was still standing on the lowest most level and didn’t climb onto any of the higher levels.

“Come up Gabriel, you don’t expect the Evil Prophet to come to you, do you?”

“Of course not Mistress.”

Shaking her head with a few sweat droplets on her face which weren’t there before, and indicating that she didn’t dare have any such thoughts, Gabriel hurriedly stood up and began walking.

While Gabriel was walking up, Mark was a little curious as to why she didn’t use her powers like before to climb up faster. However he shrugged it off as respect towards the thrones.

Finally Gabriel reached the highest level, she first bowed towards the three women and then bowed towards Mark.

While Mark was feeling perplexed as to why she wasn’t giving him those clothes, Liliana spoke out.

“She won’t be giving you the clothes, Mark. Unlike on your previous planet, here your subordinates dress you up.”

Nodding with understanding, Mark stood up. Once he stood up Gabriel got close to him and began dressing him up.

She first made him step onto the pants, before pulling them up. After she pulled up the pants, it automatically began tightening and loosening around Mark and finally stopped when it perfectly fit him.

Similarly she dressed him up in a shirt, and a long coat which went till his feet on top of it. The common fact between all these clothes was that they were all abysmal black in color.

Once all those clothes perfectly arranged them to Mark’s size, he immediately felt that his body further became stronger.

Wanting to check it out, Mark looked towards his clothes and said identify in his mind. Immediately information regarding his clothes popped up.

Identify was a basic skill which every single species could use. Identify would help anyone look into the details of any item that is in front of them. However this doesn’t work on any sealed or special items.

[Evil Prophet’s Incubus Pants

Rank – F (Growth Type)

Requirements – Evil Prophet Class

+30 to All Stats

Additional 20 Stats to Stamina, 5 to Seduction

Special Skills (Sealed)

The pants will evolve automatically along with the Evil deeds performed]

[Evil Prophet’s Kitsune Shirt

Rank – F (Growth Type)

Requirements – Evil Prophet Class

+30 to All Stats

Additional 20 Stats to Strength, 5 to Charm

Special Skills (Sealed)

The shirt will evolve automatically along with the Evil deeds performed]

[Evil Prophet’s Devil Cloak

Rank – F (Growth Type)

Requirements – Evil Prophet Class

+30 to All Stats

Additional 20 Stats to Stamina, 5 to Evil

Special Skills (Sealed)

The cloak will evolve automatically along with the Evil deeds performed]

Looking at how strong these clothes were already at F rank, Mark couldn’t wait to see how strong he would be once they level up.

The only thing which Mark felt disappointed about those clothes was the fact that it didn’t quantify the evil deeds required for them to level up.

While Mark was immersed in his thoughts, the four women were looking at him with various emotions.

Gabriel felt utmost veneration when looking at the white Mark in such abysmal black clothes. On the other hand, Cecilia’s eyes were now overflowing with so much more lust than before. Similarly Liliana was admiring how similar Mark’s pupils and hair looked to his clothes.

It was only Sophia who was calmly looking at Mark while comparing him to the previous Evil Prophet. And when she did Sophia found that the current Mark was many times better than the previous Evil Prophet in every single aspect.

Oblivious to how he was already being evaluated by Sophia, Mark stopped observing his clothes and looked towards the women in front of him.

“Now that I’m the Evil Prophet what is it that you want me to do?”

“You’re straightforward. That’s a good thing.”

While lightly complementing Mark, Sophia continued speaking, “It’s really simple. I’m sure you already know what this room and the thrones are. Right?”

In response to Sophia’s question, Mark nodded and showed that he did know about it. Due to the Serum he took in, Mark already knew about a few things here and there.

And the room he was in right now, was also included in them.

The place where he was right now is known as,  ‘The Evil Faction Throne Room’ and to stand on the lowest level, or sit on any one of those thrones they needed to have completed the basic requirements.

To stand in the lowest level, one needs to have conquered a planet, or be capable of conquering a planet single handedly, like Gabriel

To sit on one of the 18 thrones, they needed to have already conquered at least 3 planets.

To sit one of the 9 thrones, one needs to have completely conquered at least a single galaxy.

And finally to be seated on the top most 3 thrones, the person will have to be at least at Level 800, like the three women Mark met.

If someone has met the requirement for any place, but it is already conquered then they may challenge that one to a duel where the winner will get the higher seat.

However there was one seat which no one could challenge or try to obtain through power, it was the Evil Prophet’s throne which was situated at the highest level.

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