Evil Prophet Chapter 9

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Thank Michael for this great evil deed!

Evil Glyph, this was something every single member of the Evil Faction has with them. Similar to how the Noble Faction members had the Noble Glyph.


An Evil Glyph in simple terms was an image which showed the closest personified image of them through either an animal or an object. This Glyph gave no special power but the user will always a huge affinity towards what their Glyph signified. If it was fire, then their affinity with fire would be high, and they would be the strongest if they trained in using fire.


But in special cases, the Glyph would resemble the image of the True Gods which inhabited the universe long before the System. Though no one knows what happened to those True Gods, everyone still believes that they are still alive somewhere else because every once in a while they would give a Glyph in their image to those they choose. Just like how it happened with Mark.


Though no one yet knew what the Apophis Glyph would increase Mark’s affinity with, it didn’t matter. Because just having that Glyph showed that Mark had received Apophis’s approval.


However Mark was oblivious to what his Evil Glyph represented, and kept on observing the abysmal snake tattoo on Gabriel’s arm. This was because despite having obtained a little basic and important knowledge true the Serum, it wasn’t enough to let Mark become omnipotent.


While Mark was immersed in observing how his Evil Glyph looked like, Gabriel began feeling as if a real snake was crawling on her body and with a single action would bite down and kill her.


Though the sensation soon disappeared Gabriel understood what it meant. Unlike other Masters who could only kill their Familiars physically, Mark only needed a single thought to kill her regardless of where she was.


Once Gabriel looked up she saw Mark observing the snake image on her hand with curiosity, this once again shocked Gabriel. Because this meant that Mark didn’t do anything to her and everything happened due to the Glyph’s power.


This revelation made her understand that once Mark was strong enough to control the Glyph its power would undoubtedly experience a huge boost in power.


By now the three heads of the Evil Faction were no longer shocked but were brimming with happiness that they made the right choice in choosing Mark as the final Evil Prophet.


Once Mark felt like he observed the abysmal serpent long enough, he moved his eyes away and planned to ask Sophia and the other when he could leave, however before he could Mark’s eyes got stuck at Gabriel’s milk white colored breasts which weren’t much covered.


‘If only those black wings would suddenly fall down.’, despite Mark screaming in his mind and hoping for those wings covering Gabriel’s breasts to fall and reveal the hidden nipples, unfortunately that didn’t happen.


Shaking his head in disappointment Mark finally moved his eyes which were staring at Gabriel’s breasts, ‘Forget about it. She’s my Familiar anyway, it’s only a matter of time before I enjoy her body.’


Looking at Sophia Mark spoke in a calm voice hoping that none of them noticed how he was staring at Gabriel’s breasts, however he didn’t have to worry about it since none of them noticed it, “Could you send me back to the place where you brought me from now? I’m afraid that the more time I spend here, the further my preys would run away.”


Nodding her head Sophia, began condensing black color energy above her palm. And then the black colored energy began covering both Mark and Gabriel.


“You can leave with Mark, Gabriel. I’ll inform your sister to meet the two of you on the planet itself.”


With those words Sophia clapped both of her palms together, and caused the black energy and the duo inside it to disappear from the Evil Faction Throne Room.


“We did a good thing choosing him.”


“Yup. I was a bit doubtful of him at the beginning. But once I saw his Evil Glyph I no longer have such thoughts.”


“Humph! You guys should trust me more often. I was the first one who proposed to make him the Evil Prophet.”


“Give it a rest, you only said that because he was a little handsome.”






Once Sophia clapped her hands, Mark could feel the space around him twisting and soon both he and Gabriel were in the void with nothing around them.


However a second later, the void disappeared and Mark found himself a little further away from a towns entrance and the group of people he was transported into this world with already inside the towns gates.


It seems like Sophia already knew about who Mark wanted to have his revenge on, so she sent him close to them.


Looking at the group of people already inside the town, Mark slightly frowned thinking about what the town’s owner and leader would do to interfere with his plans. But that frown also disappeared once he took a single glance at Gabriel who was still in the same clothing without an ounce of modesty.


While walking forward, Mark decided to learn more about the pair of sisters, “So Gabriel tell me a little about you and your sister.”


At the same time he called for his Stats and from the Familiars options opened Gabriel’s Stats.




Race – Fallen Angel


Class – Water Combat Mage


Level – 561


XP – 1550/36200


Specialization – Sabre]


Unlike Slaves whose stats can be seen to the smallest details, only the important stats of a Familiar can be seen.


Just by the fact that Gabriel was allowed to enter the Throne Room, Mark understood that she definitely was a very strong. However he never in his wildest dreams would’ve thought that her level would be so close to 600.


Reaching the level 600 by the common standards meant that the user in question was strong enough to conquer a low level Universe all by themselves!

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