Sex Online Chapter 1

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“Jason it’s time.”


Hearing the usual pleasant and soothing voice of Saeko, Jason who was watching the news looked towards her.


Despite being a Chinese beauty, Saeko spoke in an impeccable English which made many doubt what her true heritage was.


She was a tall woman who looked to be in her 30s, and reaching almost 5 feet and 10 inches in height. Her skin looked soft and white, in stark contrast to her short dark black hair which draped only a little longer than her shoulders.


Dressed in a tight short black skirt which covered till her knees, and a similar white tight blouse which struggled to keep her breasts covered. Her clothes perfectly emphasized her curvy figure, making her look even more enticing.


‘I could just keep on looking at her forever and never get tired.’


Not wanting to be caught staring at her again, Jason turned his attention back towards the TV and patted the seat beside him inviting her to sit there, “I know.”


Shaking her head due to being used to how Jason acted, Saeko shook her head and sat down beside Jason on the sofa and rested her head on his strong shoulder, before watching the TV along with him.


On the TV a female reporter was speaking about the launch of the long awaited VRMMORPG Fantasy Online. Behind the reporter was a huge screen on which a timer was displayed.


The time remaining till it reached zero was 4 minutes and 43 seconds.


Fantasy Online the VRMMORPG which just with the release of its trailer had reviewed a huge fan base which were all anxiously awaiting its release.


Despite the fact that today was 31st December and in a few minutes it would be new year, not many youths were out partying but were all at holed up inside their gaming capsule staring at the ticking timer.


The only ones who were not inside their gaming capsule were those who couldn’t afford it, or those who were not old enough to play the game. In the group who weren’t inside their gaming capsule it also included the company staff which were responsible for the management of the game, and those who wanted to await for the review before starting the game.


For the next few minutes neither Jason nor Saeko spoke and kept on watching the TV program.


“…. As you can all see we are now just a 90 seconds away from witnessing an event which will be written down in history. In just a few more moments Fantasy Online will be released and everyone of you who have already purchased the game can begin logging in and enjoying it! To make this event much more memorable me and those behind me are going to shout out the countdown for both the beginning of the new year and the launch of Fantasy Online. 45…44…43…”


Just like the reporter said, she and the mass of people behind her began chanting out the countdown like they always do for the new year, but only this time the more importance was paid towards Fantasy Online.


The game wasn’t special just due to its unimaginably awesome graphics, unforgettable backstory, perfect real time translation of every language, the most realistic feeling of senses, hundreds of hidden classes, total freedom to do as one pleases, but most importantly it was due to being able to enjoy the most basic pleasure through the game.




Yes, sex! In Fantasy Online, along with enjoying the game in its setting, a player could have sex with both NPCs and other players. Something even more special was that sex didn’t even need to be consensual, because the System never interfered with the game regardless of what happened.


Be it sexual harassment, or rape, the System would never interfere or logout the player. Either one player would successfully do what they want to the other player or NPC, or the NPC or player would escape somehow and take the help of other players or the city guards.


Yes, the System didn’t have anything such as putting the players in jail, logging out forcefully or anything else. Everything would depend on how the players and NPCs reacted.


For all the System cares you could even tie a player up and keep him like that for all eternity, and it would never once interfere. That is what the game was most famous for, with such a radical feature which would never punish a player regardless of what they do, it would undoubtedly give the players a feel like they were in the real world.


However it wasn’t that there was no backlash of committing evil deeds. With every evil deed they perform, their names would turn would darker and make every city guard NPC hunt them on sight. And the more darker the name is, the higher the backlash when the player dies.


To make sure that no one abuses this System, Fantasy Online made another feature due to which no player could ever delete their account or have more than one account. This way it would curb the desires of those who planned on acting how they pleased before disappearing.


“… 30…29….”


Like the reporter said it was now only a matter of seconds away from the launch of Fantasy Online.

At this moment Jason wrapped a hand around Saeko’s waits and further pulled her closer. Pressing the side of her body tightly against his own, Jason tilted his head and looked her straight in the eyes.


“You really don’t want to join me?”


“I don’t. Well at least not right now anyway. As you know I’m not that much interested in things like fighting and killing, so I’m more than happy at just watching you play.”


Despite having known that she had already made up her mind, Jason once again tried to talk her into it. But decided to not force her if she wasn’t interested.


Lightly sighing from the fact that he wouldn’t be able to play Fantasy Online together with Saeko, Jason stood up and lifted her too.


By now the timer was only a few seconds away, “9….8….7….6….”


As the seconds kept on decreasing the chanting sound kept on growing louder until it was finally 1.




After the timer went past one, the trailer of Fantasy Online began playing.


The video was filled with all kinds images, starting from sword slashes to blasts happening due to magic. Roars of thousand of people entering a battle, and dragons roaring against them. Just hearing the sounds and watching those images, one could feel their blood flowing faster from excitement.


However neither Jason nor Saeko paid attention towards it, and were immersed in the kiss.


When the timer struck 0, Jason bended and pressed his lips against Saeko’s and kept on kissing her without a stop. Finally after having felt like he kissed her enough, Jason pulled his lips away and just hugged her.


“Happy new year Saeko.”


“Happy new year Jason.”

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