Hehehehe, Who’s Left?

“I wonder which of your women I’ll enjoy first? Will it be Belle? No one is willing to spare $3 to save you, girl…” I chuckle.

“I-impossible… beast, how could you let me suffer under this filthy man.” Belle struggles as I tie her up in magical restraints, which squeeze her so tightly she lets out a little gasp.

Her boobs nearly pop out the top of her dress, her curvaceous nature being further emphasized by my bindings. I walk up to Belle and move my lips right up to her cheek. She pulls away, a disgusted look on her face. Slowly, my tongue starts to part from my lips. Belle’s eyes widen as her head is slowly turned back to face me, her own mouth starts opening up to take my tongue. You can only watch, with a tiny-dicked erection, as Belle starts to give in to her lust for me.

“Or, on second thought…” I pull away just as my tongue avoids Belle’s mouth. “Cinderella is available as well.”

“Darling will come for me, naturally.” Cinderella explains.

“Really?” I snap my finger, and Cinderella’s dress explodes off of her, bearing her naked form.

Of course, I make it so that she can’t put her hands to cover herself. I role my finger in a circle, and Cinderella starts turning around with jerky movements. I bend my finger down, and Cinderella bends over, showing her beautiful behind. Your tiny dick shrivels, unable to handle the level of beauty of this hot little former ghost mistress. She reaches her hands back, spreading her cheeks, exposing her perfect pussy and ass, just for me. I unzip my pants.

“To think, just $3 would have prevented this…”

“You cheap bastard, how about you bully a real warrior!” Snow White calls out.

I turn to her and snicker. “You wouldn’t mean you, my little goblin queen?”

“Just unleash these restraints, and I’ll show you!”

“Mm… But I thought you liked restraints.” I laugh, moving up behind Snow White, my massive hard member pressing into her backside to the point that even she has to gasp.

“I made you to enjoy the voyeur. You like being shamed, don’t you?” I asked, grabbing Snow White’s chin and turning it toward you, sitting there with your sad pencil dick.

“Maybe… we should show the readers how much of an anal whore you truly can be! I don’t think I’ve tested out your ass nearly enough. My audience likes anal sex, maybe we can start with this hard rod in your tight, green hole.”

“Go to hell!” She cries out, her face yellow from rage as I rubbed my cheek against hers.

I pulled away as I noticed Tiana shivering. “Oh… poor Tiana… abandoned… no one put any money out for you either, huh? No worries… I can find lots of ways for Tiana to bring in money.

“!!! What are you saying?” Tiana demands in a flush.

I shrug, poking her with my fingers as I spoke. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m going to put… you… to… work…”


“Ah… you say that now… but I wrote you… don’t think I don’t understand what excites you… See that, reader? She’s excited by the things I’m going to do to her in your place. She can work the streets for me, giving local men blowjobs for $1. For $5, any hole.”


“Hey… the readers couldn’t spare $3… I got to make back the money somehow, sweetheart.”

“Haven’t you always been whoring us out?” Megara shot.

I look over at her, innocently frozen there, “Oh? My little self-aware girl has something to say?”

“You made us, right? You created all of us… but didn’t you just create us for the readers to jack off and give you money? In the end, didn’t you just whore us out for money!”

“Hehehe… that’s an interesting theory.” I shrug. “Maybe you all are just a bunch of whores. Maybe I should do away with all the formalities. I could delete those of you who aren’t saved. After all, aren’t you all just worthless. You bitches had one job, to earn papa a little dough, and for those of you who haven’t delivered, doesn’t that just make you… dead weight? Nala? Moana? Anna/Elsa? Fuck, won’t even save your own children? Cold… reader… cold…”

“Shove it, you manipulative man!” Wendy cries out.

I glance over at her and smirk,“ You, I actually see being left. But I wouldn’t NTR him with you.”

“Y-you wouldn’t?” Wendy asks nervously.

“No… I’d just get rid of you. I’d unmake you… poof.” I opened my hands and spread them to emphasize the point.

“What about your plan?” Lady cries out. “How does getting rid of us help you?”

I chuckle. “Come on, let’s face it, I may have gotten a little excited in the end there. I made way more sluts than I needed. Some of you barely have a personality at all, let alone any development.”


“You see, when this story is over, I’m still honor bound to hire the illustrator to draw the “better” images of each of you. That costs me $17 an image. No joke. So, you know, you can’t even earn me a buck or two? Gone. I’ll keep that money, thank you very much.”

“Haha… that’s a shame… if you fuck me, it’s the same as fucking his mom!” Cruella laughs in a last ditch effort to save herself.

“You think I need you to fuck his mom?” I roll my eyes, causing Cruella to shut up. “I can summon his mom as easily as saying it.”

Your mom is now giving your pencil dick a lapdance, grinding her shriveled old ass against you while wearing the Princess Leia slave outfit. Get that image out of your head.

“Haha… see? Wasn’t this fun? To think… $26 is all it’d take and all this horribleness goes away, but if it doesn’t happen by the end of tomorrow… say goodbye ladies. You are the weakest links. Does anyone get that reference? That’s so 2000s.” I let out laugh and jump in the air, pausing in freeze frame as upbeat music plays me out.