Jobless Rising! ~I’ve become a NEET. I acquired lewd skills and lived a life of sex in the other world and in Japan. Before I knew it, I was impregnating a harem of ladies?!~

無職からの成り上がり! 〜ニートになった俺。エロスキルを獲得し、異世界と日本で生ハメ中出しセックス三昧の生活を送る。気づいたらお嬢様たちによる、種付けハーレムが完成していたんだが⁉︎〜

Author: ネコミコズッキーニ (Nekommi Zucchini)

「I can’t do this!」
One day, I, Kougou Touya finally quit the company I was working for. On my way home, I met a white bird on the stairs to my apartment.
What’s with this bird? It talks a lot!
Huh? A contact with me? I can use Lewd skills what?
That day, I began my sex life traveling back and forth between Japan and another world, with the self-proclaimed heroic guide “Cui” as my partner
While having impregnation sex with the noble princess in the other world, I’m also having a good time in Japan with a girl attending a school for the young ladies, and a vocational student at her part-time job.
Today, to release my new lewd skills! I’ll save up money while having sex raw, impregnation, creampie, without restraint!
There are a few battles, but let’s aim for the power of the hero! A fantasy harem life!

Table of Content

Volume 1 Illustrations

1 A story that starts with Harem Sex

2 Lewd skills in another world! Contract with Cui

3 Part-time Job after a long While! Encounter with Kurumi!

4 Come! Into an unseen Another World!

5 The other world city of Kainzberg

6 Capital Search! First Brothel!

7 First-time Sex with an Otherworlder!

8 Contract Benefit! Return to Japan

9 Second Time in the Part-Time Job. Strange Events.

10 Second time in Another World! Encounters in Back Alley.

11 A Tiny Knight Jumping into Wrong Conclusions, Suspecting Me of Being a Spy

12 Time to Release the New Lewd Skill!!

13 Activate! Forced Estrus Lewd Skill! Ritual of Submission

14 Tiny Knight’s Virgin Pussy Penetrated by Heartfelt Service! I’ll be taking a good taste of this! With my Tongue and Dick

15 Time to Violate the Tiny Knight’s Womb! I’m going to seed her Aroused Womb while Digging her Virgin Pussy

16 Fuck and Run Home! An Uncle and a Student(♀)in a certain place in Tokyo

17 A week after Returning, Cui and I went to my Part-time Job

18 Two Rough Men and A Senior Coming in to Help

19 Youth Starts Now?

20 Ten Days After the Incident, the work of Erinabelle, the Strongest Knight

21 Third Time in Another World

22 The Swordsman on the “Flower Vendor” Street

23 Isekai Battle! A sudden Reunion

24 Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

25 First time in the Noble District, and to Erinabelle’s Mansion.

26 I’ll have to Serve this Tiny Pussy Well First

27 Let’s Make sure to use the Tiny Knight’s mouth Clean my Thing, Shall We? Of course, I’ll shove it in.

28 Kissing Sweetly in Missionary Position! When I Gave Her My Dick, the Tiny Knight Was So Into It That She Started Swinging Her Hips in Cowgirl Position. Oh, I’m Finishing It up with Her Crawling on Her Knees

29 From Doggy to Prone Bone Finish! Of course, It’s All Inside

30 Dream World, Erinabelle’s Advance

31 Waking up to Seeding Sex! I’m going to violate your pussy Repeatedly!

32 Isekai Position? Touya’s Circumstances.

33 Old Prophecies And Touya’s Return to Japan.

34 New Lewd Skill Released! The Circumstances of Kokuryoin Minato.

35 Street Playboy, Message from Kuro Minato-san

36 The ones who fight Oni, Minato, and Harakara

37 Minato vs Harakara. A person in a tight spot.

38 Harakara vs. What? Me?! Are you serious?!

39 Those who faced the Oni since Ancient Times: Tenyoushuu

40. No way, Job Hunting? Preparations for the Next Ten Days

41 Minato Returns home, and Touya goes to his Part-time Job.