Lesbian Society – Chapter 2


Amanda had lived her whole life for others. At the beginning it was for her family, later it was for her husband. And after her husband passed away Amanda took care of her young daughter Chloe.


Like this Amanda spent her life taking care of someone or the other, but never did she ask for something. Even when her husband died, all Amanda wanted was to safely and happily raise her daughter. She never once thought about marrying again, or for that matter she never even considered dating!


Despite being blessed with a great body and a perfect face, Amanda didn’t put it to much use. Even now when she stood beside Chloe the both of them would look like a pair f sisters and not mother and daughter.


Both Chloe and Amanda looked really similar to each other. Other than the facial features and their height, the mother daughter duo were similar in even their body measurements!


While Amanda looked like a refined and mature lady, Chloe looked like a wild seductress girl. She was only a few inches short of Chloe’s height, making her sometimes look like the younger sister. Since Amanda had Chloe when she was 16 years old, she wasn’t too old yet, and was only in her 30s.


If there was any regret Amanda had it was with her daughter’s sexual orientation! She didn’t regret her husband passing away, since she never truly felt like he was special. For Amanda her husband was only someone who gave her a daughter and money to live lavishly.


Despite not wanting for much in her life, Amanda truly wanted her daughter to marry a man and settle down. Because only then was it that she could leave the house and explore her sexuality, and enjoy the pleasures of being a woman.


After all even Amanda herself was a woman! Living for so many years without any contact with her sexuality made her more and more frustrated by the day. Though at the beginning all she cared about was her daughter, along with time she began discovering a need to satisfy her body.


But if ever push comes to shove, she would undoubtedly choose her daughter over her body!


Just like everyday Amanda woke up today and entered the kitchen in only her nightwear. Since she just woke up, her nipples very standing stiff and pressing against her nightdress, and because it was only the two of them who lived in the house, she never bothered dressing herself up.


With her huge breasts swaying every time she took a step, it looked like her breasts might pop out of her nightwear at any moment. Looking down at her nightwear which covered her body minimally, Amanda didn’t know what to think of it.


Despite being short, Amanda always loved wearing it. If possible Amanda would like to sleep naked, but since she couldn’t she wore this nightwear which only kept the bare minimum hidden.


It seems like along with the growing frustration, Amanda began discovering her inner desires. Along with regular masturbation sessions, she slowly began dressing herself sexily inside the house. This was also how Chloe got infatuated with her mother and decided to turn her into a cunt muncher,


She had just opened the fridge when she felt a pair of hand slithering against her waist and pulling her. Lightly startled she turned around to find her daughter Chloe tightly hugging her.


Thinking of it as Chloe showing affection towards her Amanda felt happy for giving birth to such a good daughter, and began smiling.


But how could poor Amanda know that her life would completely change starting this very moment!





Once she looked at her mother who was dressed in such a sexy black nightwear Chloe no longer hesitated. Walking forth in huge strides she pressed her naked body against her mother, and pulled her towards her by coiling her hands around Amanda’s waist.


When she looked at how her mother was smiling and didn’t mind what she did, Chloe was first shocked but then broke out into a grin. It seemed like Amanda hasn’t noticed that her sweet daughter was completely naked!


Feeling even more confident in her plan, Chloe further tightened her grip and brought Amanda’s body even closer to her. With her naked pussy pressed against the nightwear, Chloe bent forwards pressing her hard nipples against her moms back and rested her head on Amanda’s shoulder.


While lightly sniffing her mom’s hair, Chloe used one hand to lightly lift the nightwear exposing the naked ass behind it. Once she enjoyed how the ass looked from behind, Chloe began moving her waist back and forth rubbing her bare pussy against Amanda’s bare ass!


“Good morning hone…….”


Feeling Chloe’s pussy moving against her ass Amanda was deeply shocked and didn’t know what to do.


Despite being a sexually inactive person, it would be impossible for Amanda to not notice what was happening. But even after feeling her daughter’s pussy hump her ass cheeks, Amanda still didn’t want to move.


Either due to the fear of losing her daughter, or maybe from feeling excited because of feeling another persons body in a sexual way after a long time, Amanda didn’t want to stop right away.


While Amanda was thinking of savoring the feeling of sexual skin contact, Chloe was growing more and more confident. Despite having conquered many women throughout her lesbian career, Chloe was still nervous. Though she knew that she could force her mother into becoming a slut, Chloe didn’t want to do that.


Chloe wanted Amanda to become her pet without using much force. And she would later use all kinds of things on her mother and experience pleasure together. But if her mother pushed her away, Chloe wouldn’t mind using force and train her into a properly submissive pet!


“Mom will you become my pet and serve me however and whenever I want forever?”


Filled with expectations, Chloe asked her mom something, which no daughter would ask her mother! And at the same time she began reaching out towards her moms silky breasts, and furry pussy….

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