NTR System – Chapter 1


“Sayaki, I Love You! Will you go out with me?”

On top of a High school roof, a 17 year old boy was nervously sweating after asking out a girl. Though he couldn’t be described as good looking, he wasn’t particularly bad to look at. At most he would be considered as average.

But in comparison to him, the girl in front of him could be described as a goddess! With natural brown hair draping down till her waist, and her body which was what any man would get turned on by. Her perky B cup breasts which were lightly visible through her clothes as she just finished her sports club and was thus drenched in sweat.

Though Seiji looked average, he was actually very smart. But in this modern society where one only cares about money, no one would care about an orphan like him. In reality Seiji was never an orphan, though his parents passed away soon after he was born, they left behind a huge inheritance for him which could be taken when he reached 18 years.

Despite knowing that he would be very rich by midnight today, he didn’t want anyone to know about his wealth. Seiji wanted others to like him for who he is, and not what he has. And that’s why he proposed to Sayaki Takeda, his crush today and wanted to surprise her tomorrow with his wealth.

Looking back at it his plan was all good, despite not being too handsome Seiji never had any bad habits and was well known as a good and smart guy throughout the school. He was a boy who lived up to his name. (Seiji = Lawful)

But reality was too cruel.

“You an orphan with no money wants to go out with me? Are you kidding me? Just look at yourself you piece of shit, you can’t even buy me a proper pair of shoes and want to date me? TRASH!”


Shocked by what Sayaki said, Seiji wasn’t able to speak for a while. The Sayaki that he saw everyday wasn’t like this at all. Not only was she good at studies, she always helped out others and didn’t treat him differently just because he was poor like the others did. That was one of the reasons why he fell in love with her.

“What? Just because I was acting a bit good towards you, you thought that I would forget that you are poor?! Humph! So what if you are smart? Even if you work every second of your whole life you wouldn’t be able to make even 10% of my family’s wealth! Just so you know, I’m already dating Haruko. It would be better if you run away and don’t disturb me again you trash!”

Saying that, Sayaki turned around and left, leaving behind the dumbfounded Seiji. Though what she said wasn’t wrong, Sayaki’s family clan really was rich. It was so rich that it counted as one of the richest clans in all of Japan! And the boy she was dating Haruko, his family was similar in both standing and wealth with her own. And her marriage was already planned with him a long time back, because it would be influential for both of their families.

Though after receiving his inheritance Seiji would be richer than Sayaki’s family, he still couldn’t compare to the Takeda clan. The Takeda clan wasn’t one of the 8 great clans of Japan for nothing.

But still Seiji couldn’t just accept what happened. His whole thought process brokedown. He who originally didn’t want to be known for something he owned, but something he was couldn’t deal with what was happening. But he understood one thing, that in this world money and power was everything!!!

‘I’ll show her just how wealthy I am tomorrow and make sure that she cries for missing an opportunity to get together with me!’

What he said was indeed true, if Sayaki knew how wealthy he was, she would’ve definitely regretted rejecting him. Because even though her father was one of the direct descendants of the Takeda family, he still couldn’t compare with Seiji’s true wealth!

While thinking about how he would make her cry for rejecting him tomorrow, Seiji began walking towards the schools exit. When he was just about to exit the school, he saw Sayaki who just left him was sucking Haruto’s dick behind a few bushes secretly.

Though he knew that they were together, seeing her sucking him off made him angry.

‘That should’ve been my dick you’re sucking! WHY IS IT HIS!!!’

Not wanting to see the girl he loved suck another guy’s dick Seiji started running and only stopped after reaching his home. Though their parents locked away his inheritance till he was 18, they did leave behind a home for Seiji to live in.

Entering the huge mansion that was filled with dust all over due to being neglected, Seiji went and directly went into his bedroom while still crying about how he would make the both of them regret what they did to him.

After shouting for a few hours he got tired and decided to take a bath first, when

[Ding! Host has activated the NTR System!]

“WHO’S THERE!!!!!”

Just like how any normal man would react, Seiji freaked out for a while before calming down since there were no one around him. After analyzing for a while he discovered that what happened was something that only happened in novels!

“Ummm, System?”

“Maybe I was dreaming?”


Seeing that nothing was happening Seiji was just about to give up when he heard the voice again.

[Host, can you open the door please?]

“The door?”

Even though he didn’t know why it was asking something so weird, Seiji went out of his room and opened the mansions door. Outside the door was a mature woman who seemed to be about 20-30 years. Comparing her with Sayaki was useless, because they were even further apart than Heaven and Earth. Black hair till her neck, and G cup breasts with pink nipples on top of them. Her pussy was also perfectly shaved…….


“Hi, host! I’m the NTR SYSTEM!”

Smiling like a dog who found her owner after a long time, the woman directly jumped and pressed Seiji against her overgrown breasts making him feel as if he was in heaven. Though her breasts were huge, they were still highly soft and very perky.

Finally snapping back to reality Seiji pulled her inside and then closed the door. And pulled her into his bedroom before he started questioning her. Even though she wasn’t speaking her face was still smiling showing how happy she was.

“NTR System?”

“Yes, host! I’m the NTR SYSTEM!”

“No way, aren’t system’s supposed to be artificial and not human?”

“They were like that before, but not anymore host! And also I’m not a human, I’m an angel!”

“An angel, you say? What is an angel like you doing here, and where are your wings?”

Not believing her Seiji looked at her skeptically.

“After god made so many systems which are given out to many users all over the multiverse, an angel is sent to support them however they need host. And if you want to see my wings, you will need to update the NTR System so that I would get stronger along with it!”

“So you grow stronger along with the system?”

“Yes host! Also host can you tell me your name?”

“Ah! I’m Seiji, nice to meet you. And you’re name?”

“I don’t have a name host, you can choose to give me one if you want”

Even though she said it like it wasn’t a major topic, her face was clearly begging for him to give her a name. Looking at such a pleading face even Seiji couldn’t say no.

“Fine from now on I’ll call you Narisa, also don’t call me host. Just Seiji is fine.”

“As you wish Seiji.”

It seemed like Narisa finally calmed down a little and wasn’t as squeaky and excited as before. Observing her change Seiji couldn’t help but wryly smile.

“So Narisa, what is the NTR System?”

“Yes, The NTR System allows you to get NTR points whenever you steal a woman from someone, when you complete a quest, or when you get an achievement”

“NTR points? What are those? And do I only get points the first time I have ntr sex?”

“Seiji can use NTR points to buy various things from the NTR store. You can even exchange it for money if you want. Also you will obtain normal sex points whenever you have sex with others. The conversion rate is 10 sex points = 1 NTR point!”

“Ooooh! So I get one sex point every time I cum?”

“No, you will get different points depending on the type of sex you have Seiji”

Saying that Narisa waved her hand after which a screen appeared in front of Seiji.


[Pussy Sex – 1 Point

Blowjob – 2 Points

Titjob – 3 Points

Anal Sex – 4 Points

Softcore S&M – 5 points

Hardcore S&M – 6 points]


Looking at the list Seiji was shocked first, before turning gleeful. Though he didn’t know what he could buy from the NTR store, he understood that this system was a gods gift which would let him have unlimited sex!

“The list will increase along with the System’s level Seiji.”

“And how do I upgrade the system?”

“Currently the system Level is 1, to upgrade it to Level 2 Seiji needs to use 200 NTR points!”

“So do I need to steal 200 women to obtain so many points?”

“Not really”

Saying that Narisa once again waved her hand.

[Stealing a Girlfriend – 50 NTR Points]

“Huh? How come there’s only one option?”

“That’s because your system is only Level 1 Seiji.”

“That’s fine I’ll upgrade it soon enough anyway. Also what about quests and achievements?”

“Achievements are received when Seiji performs actions which will make the NTR System proud! That doesn’t mean making me feel proud, because I can’t change the NTR System’s rules. And as for quests you can receive them even now”

Saying that she once again waved her hand.


[NTR Quest – Steal Sayaki Takeda from Haruko Abe within one week!

Rewards – Slave Collar, System Update to Level 2, and 100 NTR Points]


Looking at this quest Seiji was first angry before turning gleeful.

‘It seems like quests are personally tailored for me’

“I was going to do that anyway! Also what’s a slave collar, and how come I’m receiving twice the amount than a normal NTR?”

“Ah that, this is because it has been identified as the both of them are engaged since their childhood. And a slave collar will help you in turning any woman into your slave as long as you can properly train her!”

“Train her? The collar doesn’t directly make her my slave?”

“No no no no no. If Seiji wants he can turn anyone into a slave after properly training her, but with this collar it’ll become 50% easier to break them down!”

After listening to Narisa, Seiji began planning about how he would take revenge on Sayaki. But before that there was one more thing he needed to do.

“Say Narisa, I can have sex with you right?”

“If Seiji wants to, then yes!!!”

It seemed like Narisa was waiting for him to ask her that question. Looking at her expression Seiji was confused as to why such a hot woman would be interested in having sex with an average looking guy like him. But he wrote it off thinking that it was because she was his personal angel. But how could he know that she had her own reasons for wanting to sleap with him.

Looking at the naked angel infront of him, Seiji realized that even he was naked, but no longer caring about that he stood up and began walking towards her

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