NTR System – Chapter 13


While Seiji and Lorelai were immersed in their sexual experience, on the other side of the door Karin Shiba was furiously blushing.


‘What does he think he is doing?! He is still too young enough to have sexual relations with others, and that woman is also too old for him! She is most likely doing this for Seiji’s money, I can’t let this keep on happening! Once Seiji comes out I’ll make sure to properly talk to him…..And was Seiji always that good looking?’


Oblivious to what his Karin was thinking, Seiji continued his pistoning, while Lorelai kept bouncing up and down.




“Ugh..I’m cumming!”


Along with a huge moan Lorelai tightened her grip on Seiji’s face further pressing it against her breasts before convulsing in pleasure, at the same time even Seiji grunted and began cumming inside her.


“Soooo hooottttt….”


Feeling the huge amount of hot liquid squirting inside her, Lorelai who was already cumming, felt even her pleasure further increasing.


While still cumming, Seiji continued moving his hips to obtain as much pleasure as possible during this ejaculation. And now that his face was being smothered in between those huge white breasts of Lorelai, Seiji decided to make her feel even better.


So he turned his face lightly and brought it near those perfect pink colored nipples which looked too big for a woman who wasn’t lactating, and bit down on them.




Once Lorelai’s nipple was inside his mouth, Seiji began using his tongue to lightly flick it from time to time.


Feeling Seiji playing with her nipple while he still kept on fucking her, Lorelai thought for a second and stopped pushing against his body and humping on his dick. Instead she rested her pussy on his dick which was still ejaculating and began grinding her pussy on it.


At the same time she began tightening and loosening her pussy as if she was milking his dick of all the cum it was squirting.




‘So tight…’, looking down Seiji saw what Lorelai was doing, and decided to not continue pistoning because this was giving him much more pleasure than before.


With one last squirt from his dick Seiji stopped cumming and pulled his mouth away from Lorelai’s nipple. But before he did he gave it one hard bite causing teeth marks to appear on her breasts.


[Obtained 1 Sex Point]


At the same time Lorelai’s pussy was filled to the brim and looked like it would burst out as soon as Seiji pulled his dick away which was acting as a stopper by keeping his semen from flowing out.


Still immersed in how good it felt, Lorelai didn’t want to end it so soon. So she brought her mouth down and began kissing Seiji while moving her hips at the same time.


However, Seiji placed his hands around her hips and stopped her from moving, but still continued kissing her.


Pushing his tongue inside her mouth, Seiji began roughly rampaging it inside her mouth before pulling it out.


Despite being stopped by Seiji, Lorelai didn’t want to stop, “How about another round Seiji?”


Saying so Lorelai once again tightened her pussy.


Feeling Lorelai’s warm and slobbering pussy once again tighten around his dick, Seiji understood that she wanted to keep on having sex, but he shook his head.


“You really are insatiable aren’t you?”


In reply to what Seiji said, Lorelai lightly smirked and spoke condescendingly, “So what, don’t tell me you’re already all spent up and can’t continue…”


Despite hearing the mockingness in Lorelai’s voice, Seiji didn’t care about it.


“Regardless of how much I want to have sex with you, I’d rather do it when there’s no one spying on us. And you might as well give it a rest with trying to hurt my pride and egg me on.”


With that said, Seiji began pulling out his dick which was a little withered out, but still looked big enough to continue. Once Seiji’s dick exited Lorelai’s pussy’s tight grasp which seemed to not want to let go, huge amounts of white liquid began seeping out of the hole.


“Oh no! Why did you cum inside me Seiji?!”


Feeling perplexed at the weird question from Lorelai, Seiji tilted his head to show that he didn’t understand what she was saying.


“Did you forget that soap entered my pussy when we had sex?”


Once again Seiji didn’t reply and only kept on looking at her to show that he wanted her to continue speaking.


“Sigh…Now that your semen is mixed with the soap inside my pussy I can no longer taste it, much less eat it.”


Saying so Lorelai scooped up the thick white semen which was dripping down her pussy and brought it near her face.


Looking at Lorelai who was looking at the scooped up semen with a depressed face that she couldn’t eat it, Seiji didn’t know what to say.


Standing up Seiji began washing himself, and once he made sure that he didn’t have anymore soap on him. He walked towards the huge bathtub which was filled with hot water, and slowly got into it.


“Haaaa…It feels so relaxing…”


Lightly sighing from how good the hot water was feeling, Seiji further immersed himself in the water leaving only his head on the outside.


But despite having spread his legs widely, Seiji still didn’t feel even a little constricted due to the tub’s size. The tub itself was 7×7 feet in size due to which during his childhood Seiji would spend a few hours sometime only playing in it.


While Seiji was relaxing his body in the hot water, Lorelai sighed from the fact that his semen couldn’t be tasted and brought a hand shower to wash her pussy cleanly.


Spraying hot water inside her pussy which was a little numb from the orgasm she had a while back, Lorelai used her fingers to scrape out the remaining semen inside her pussy.


By now, Karin who was on the other side of the door was getting more and more and impatient by the second. At first thought it was loud moans she could still hear sounds, but now other than flowing water sound she couldn’t hear anything else.


‘How come it’s so silent all of a sudden? Did that woman do something to Seiji?! No no no, I’m probably overthinking it. But still…’


Karin finally could no longer keep herself in control. Opening the door she looked straight at the floor below her and shouted.


“Seiji you should get away from that woman, she is definitely a gold digger who’s only having sex with you for your money!”


For the next few moments Karin heard no response, other than the sound of water flowing like before.


“How long do you plan on staring at the floor?”


From the voice, Karin understood that it was the woman who was loudly moaning without any shame.


Moving her eyes away from the floor Karin looked towards the direction from where the sound came. Looking at Lorelai who was using a hand shower to wash the insides of her pussy, Karin’s face which finally stopped blushing once again turned into a bright red.





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