NTR System Chapter 16

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“What were the two of you just talking about Seiji? Please don’t tell me she’s making you do something you don’t want to?”


Having heard the conversation between Seiji and Lorelai, Karin immediately understood how big the matter was when Seiji named the Abe clan. However, despite hearing Lorelai asking Seiji for instructions, Karin still decided to act innocent and blame it all on Lorelai.


“Stop with acting dumb Karin. With how smart you are there’s no way you’ve already figured out how I’m ordering her and not the other way around.”


“Sigh…why are you suddenly so different Seiji? The last time I met you, you weren’t like this. You were the sweet boy who would never do anything wrong, and always did good things. What happened in the short while I wasn’t here that you changed so much?”


Hugging Seiji’s head tightly with her hands while still smothering it in between her breasts, Karin decided it was finally time to get serious.


“Some things did happen which caused me to change, but regardless of what it is I’m sure you won’t leave me right?”


Looking upwards while still resting, Seiji looked straight into Karin’s eyes who was looking downwards at him.


For the next few minutes neither of them spoke, and finally the silence was broken when Karin bent forward and kissed Seiji on his forehead.


“Regardless of what you do I’ll never ever leave you Seiji. I love you too much for that.”


Saying that Karin happily smiled as if she got rid of huge burden, after all regardless of how long she spent with Seiji and tried to propose Karin never managed to bring herself to it. But now that she finally did it, even she was surprised at how easily she did it.


‘I said it! I really said it!’


How could Karin possibly know that the reason behind all those radical thoughts of killing Lorelai to make Seiji her own, proudly stripping naked and entering the tub, and even proposing to him were all due to her being affected by the Evil influence Seiji was emitting towards his surrounding.


This was the same as when Sakura almost gave into her desires and had sex with Seiji while cheating on her fiance.


However unlike Sakura, Karin had nothing such as guilt from cheating on anyone because she had for a long time loved Seiji and finally her dreams might all coming true. So there was no way that she would like Sakura look at or remember anything which would cause her to run away.


“So… Do you…Umm love me too?”


Hearing no reply from Seiji, Karin hesitated for a while before she finally spoke though she did stutter.


“Honestly? Before today I never looked at you in that way. To me you were the woman who took me in when my parents died, and there was no way I’d do anything to silly that. But after all the things I’ve experienced looking at you, there’s no way I could say something like I don’t love you. However even now I can’t say something like I’ll never be with another woman if I’m with you. So yes, I do love you. And if possible I’d want you beside me forever. But I can’t give up on other women.”


Throughout the whole speech of Seiji, Karin felt like her emotions were similar to a roller coaster which continuously fluctuated and changed by the second. However despite knowing that she wouldn’t be the only woman in Seiji’s life, by the end of the speech, Karin only felt a single emotion, happiness.


‘He wants me beside him forever.’


Just hearing those words Karin was so happy that she began tearing up a little, however before they could drop down and fall on Seiji she wiped them off and hugged him even harder as if she would never let him go.


After a long time Karin finally stopped hugging Seiji, who in response stood up and pulled Karin to her feet.


With both of them being the same height, Seiji looked straight into Karin’s eyes as he wrapped his hand against her waist and pulled her closer pressing both if their bodies together.


Feeling marinas breasts softly crush against his chest and make it seem like they melted into his body, Seiji’s already hardened and erect dick which was pressed against the brown bush covering her pussy, twitched a little and turned even harder.


At the same time Karim who felt Seiji’s naked body and the sensation of a hot rod against her body from the lower stomach till her pussy, let out a soft moan.


Feeling each other’s bodies both of them said one word each causing the reciprocent to react in different ways.






While Seiji felt proud for having a big dick, Karin once again blushed bearing Seiji say brown. Because brown could have been said concerning either her nipples color or her public hair, both of which were embarrassing when spoken out loud.


However the next words from Seiji got rid off all the embarrassment Karin was feeling.


“You look so much more beautiful up close Karin. You’re soft hair, warm and enticing breasts, those cute public hairs which rub against my dick, your eyes which sparkle when I’m close. Sigh.. If only you told me the truth about how you felt about me sooner, or I wasn’t an idiot who was looking at immature girl, then we could’ve gotten closer to each other much sooner.”


It was true that Seiji only now noticed what a beautiful woman Karin was. Before receiving the NTR System, all Seiji had in his mind was to live a respectable life. And though like every teenager he went through the perverted phase, at no point did he ever think about his aunt in an obscene way, despite how beautiful she was.


And he most likely wouldn’t have ever noticed it if he hadn’t met Lorelai and received the NTR System due to which his whole life would surround women.

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