NTR System Chapter 15

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This week’s chapter.

“Seiji! Answer me directly, are you going to get away from that woman or not!”


Unable to bear with the fact that Seiji was continuously ignoring what she was saying, Karin finally shouted once again hoping that Seiji would listen if she raised her voice.


But she was bound to be disappointed and Seiji shook his head and moved even closer to Lorelai and rested his head on her breasts which were floating in the water, “I’m not doing anything like that. But if you want to, you are more than welcome to join us.”


Saying so Seiji once again closed his eyes continuing to relax while being embraced by a park of heavenly breasts, and hot water surrounding his body.


Hearing Seiji’s reply Karin almost burst into tears but somehow managed to not do it, as she began thinking about why he was so different today.


‘Why is my Seiji like this? Why is my Seiji acting so different than usual? Is it because of that slut beside him?’


Looking towards Lorelai who was using her hands to massage Seiji’s shoulders which were immersed under water while the sides of her hands were pressed against her breasts causing them to massaging his head, Karin felt that her thoughts were indeed true.


For Karin despite the fact that Seiji became much more handsome wasn’t something that stayed for a long time in her mind, because for her despite how handsome or ugly he became Seiji was the only one she loved.


‘Yes, that’s it! It must be that bitch who is causing my Seiji to act like this! How dare she try and get close to my Seiji? I’ll kill that bitch! Yes, once I kill her I’ll make it seem like she stole many things from my Seiji, and then when he is sad I will be the one who will console him due to which he will fall in love with me and will never leave me. Hahahaha, that’s right no one can take my Seiji away from him. Hahaha….’


Once the idea of getting rid of Lorelai and making Seiji her own entered Karin’s mind her face distorted into a crazy grin which made her look like a sexy serial killer.


However once Karin thought of her plan she figured out that this was all for the future, and if she didn’t do anything soon Lorelai would continue to enjoy her Seiji.


‘I can’t keep letting that bitch enjoy my Seiji’s body as she pleases. He is mine! Mine!’


With that thought in her mind Karin immediately began stripping down the blue jeans and white blouse she was wearing. She only briefly hesitated for a while when she was about to remove her inner wear, because other than Seiji there was an unknown woman who would also see her naked. However her eyes flashed with determination when she continued stripping herself and turned completely naked.


Once Karin removed her plain white panties, her pussy which was covered in short curly brown hair and kept hidden came into view, and soon she removed the white bra which was holding her breasts, causing her milky white balls of heaven and brown nipples to jiggle a little until she used her hand to hold them in place.


With unbreakable resolve Karin picked up her clothes and proudly put them in one of the laundry baskets after which she strutted into the bathroom and like that entered the bathtub sitting right next to Lorelai.


Once she was inside Seiji opened his eyes and looked towards the naked boobs of Karin causing a smile to appear on his relaxed face.


‘Awww look how cute my Seiji is looking while relaxing. From the looks of it he seems to like breasts, and he did say that my breasts are beautiful so he should prefer my breasts compared to this bitch’s!’


Like that Karin used her hands to pull on Seiji’s head which was resting between Lorelai breasts, and put it in between her breasts which were also floating in the water.


Going along with what Karin was doing, Seiji moved his body so that his head would properly fit between those plump and milky globes of heaven.


And once he did, Seiji felt a sense of much more comfort and warmth while being embraced in between Karin’s breasts.


Feeling the warm flesh pressed against the sides of his cheeks Seiji felt like he was literally resting on cloud, and as he used his nose to sniff them a musky feminine smell entered his body causing his already hard dick to grow a little bigger, and a groan of pleasure to leak out of his mouth.


“Ugh.. You’re breasts are so soft that if possible I want to feel them every second for the rest my life.”


Hearing Seiji’s compliment, Karin’s face which had a slight blush on it from the naked contact between her body and Seiji’s distorted into a satisfied smile causing her to look like a woman on the brink of an orgasm.


“Hu hu hu, is that so?”


With a smile, Karin began using her hands to press against the sides of her breasts and massage Seiji’s head just like how Lorelai was doing before, causing Seiji to once again groan from pleasure.


“Ummm, that feels so good.”


Looking at all of this Lorelai was grinning herself stood up, ‘Fufufu, now Seiji only needs to obtain Sakura and I would also be able to enjoy the same service.’


“I’m going to look more into Sayaki and her family Seiji to make sure the information I have is correct. Is there anything else you need me to do?”


Shaking his head which was still between Karin’s breasts, Seiji spoke to Lorelai who stepped out of the tub and was exiting the room, “Nope, information about Sayaki and her family is enough for now Lorelai. Since I don’t have any plans for the whole Abe clan anytime soon, let’s put off obtaining information about them for the time being.”


Nodding her head in response, Lorelai walked away while shaking her naked ass which was covered in water and disappeared from Seiji’s eyes sight.

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