NTR System – Chapter 2


Even though Seiji never had sex, or for that matter even kissed a girl he still knew what to do all thanks to the internet. Walking near her he pulled her by her waist and then lightly kissed her on the lips first.


As if trying to figure out she tasted, he began licking her lips with tongue before inserting it into her mouth. Being the rookie he was it was a bit awkward at first before Narisa’s tongue also began entwining with his and showing how it was done.


If Seiji was in his right mind he would have already found out that something was wrong about Narisa. Forgetting about the fact that she was so eager to have sex with him, if he properly focused he would discover that he doesn’t even remember how she looks like! Either voluntarily, or involuntarily all Seiji focused on was having sex with her as soon as possible.


‘Why does it feel like what I do next will affect my whole life? Am I just over thinking it? Yeah that should be it.’


Even though Seiji felt like something was wrong he just wrote it off as being nervous since this was his first time. Looking at Seiji’s eyes which no longer had even a little hesitation, Narisa’s face which was a little tense since the beginning, was completely relaxed.


Not knowing what he should do next, Seiji was contemplating when Narisa pulled one of his hands towards her breasts and the other one towards her pussy. Being the intoxicated idiot he was, Seiji failed to notice the faint anger which appeared on Narisa’s face when he was stuck doing nothing for a while. Even though he could be considered a genius during normal times, right now he was nothing more than an excited and anxious virgin.


Looking gratefully towards her, Seiji began kneading one of her breasts and pushed one of his finger awkwardly towards her pussy and began rubbing it.


“Aaaaahhhhh YESSSS!”


If it was someone who was experienced in sex, they would definitely be able to tell that Narisa was faking it. But Seiji thinking that he was so great with women began rubbing her pussy even faster.


He kept doing this for almost an hour during which Narisa kept on moaning more and more loudly by the minute. It was full of fake excitement in the beginning, but as time went on even though the voice got louder it was filled with helplessness.


Unable to bear with the idiot in front of her anymore, Narisa decided to do something else.


“Ahhhhh Seiji, put your dick inside of me!!! I can’t wait anymoreEE!!!!”


This was Narisa’s last hope; she made up her mind that if he still wouldn’t put his dick inside her she would just rape him by herself!


‘Once this is all over, I’ll have him buy the Sex Serum. If it stays like this I definitely won’t be able live with him!!!’ – Narisa’s thoughts


Even the sex virgin Seiji could understand that this was his queue to thrust his dick inside her pussy. Only now did Seiji discover that not only her pussy was wet but it was overflowing till her knees!


‘WOW! My hands are even better than I thought that they were! HAHAHAHAHAHA!’


Not waiting any longer, Seiji pushed his dick inside her pussy and began pistoning as fast as he could. Even though his movement was a bit awkward he was immersed in the pleasure of sex for the first time in his life that he didn’t seem to notice his weird actions himself. And not too long after he began, he already reached his limits.


“Aaaa Narisa, I’m about to cum!”


When Seiji tried to pull his dick out Narisa didn’t let him and wrapped her legs around his back to make sure that his cum would enter her and not fall outside. Just thinking about Seiji cumming outside of her pussy made her angry.


‘Like I’d let you cum outside after everything I just went through’ – Narisa’s thoughts


Even though Narisa didn’t speak Seiji understood that she wanted to cum inside her. Felling that he reached his limits he no longer cared and began pouring his load inside her. As Seiji was waiting to hear Narisa scream from pleasure just like every other woman in a porn video does, he heard different things which completely changed his life.


“Haaaah, its finally over! Other than your huge dick there isn’t anything good about you during sex!”



[Achievement: You’ve had sex with a Devil! Obtained 500 Sex Points!]



“Whaaaatttt!? Narisa is a DEVIL!!!?”


“Fufufufu, you seem to have found out about my true self little boy”


Unlike before where she seemed like an honest middle aged woman, the way she spoke was similar to an expert seductress who was capable of turning anyone on with just her voice.


“Who….WHO ARE YOU!?”


“How could you not recognize your cute little Narisa Master?”


This time her voice once again turned back into the same one she had before. But Seiji didn’t give up and set his mind to find out the truth about her.


“No more games Narisa, tell me who you are!”


Either due to Seiji’s order, or because she had her fun Narisa chose to reveal her true from and began talking.


“My name is Lorelei, and I’m a devil.”


“A devil…..”


It wasn’t that Seiji wasn’t paying attention to her words. But looking at Narisa’s, no Loerlei’s real body he wasn’t able to pay attention to anything else. Unlike before where she looked like a mature older sister type, she was now looking like a born seductress.


With green pupils, and black hair down to her waist, she was just as tall he was. With a perfectly proportioned body, and a thin waist which looked like it would snap if pressured too much, just looking at her body made his dick which just finished a round immediately ready to go again. The only thing which didn’t change about her was her humongous breasts, which still looked the same.


“Yes, I’m a devil little boy. I really can’t believe that a smart person like you couldn’t find out that something was wrong about me and the system.”


Now that she said that Seiji began thinking back to how everything took place and immediately found so many loop holes!


‘If she didn’t know my name, how did the quest know Sayaki’s name? Also how come the voice I heard was inorganic while she claimed to be the system herself? Sigh…. I was definitely played by her’


“Fine, now that you’ve got what you want, would you mind telling me what you really want from me?”


Once he figured out that he was played like a fool, Seiji was no longer overly immersed in her beauty and went back to his natural calm self trying to figure out what she wanted from a guy like him.


“Sure, why not? Actually the reason that I needed to have you come inside me to finish the contract between us.”




“Yes, a contract. With this contract now established the both of our fates are entwined until death do us apart. This means that along with your achievements I will grow stronger, and with me becoming stronger you will have more protection and freedom to grow yourself.”


“Grow into what?”


“What else? A Devil of course”


Even though Lorelalei said it like it was nothing, for Seiji this was something far beyond his imaginations.


“Let me guess, I can’t back away even if i want to right?”


“Thank God, you are at least as smart as the system said.”


“Just like I thought, you aren’t the system, but a link between me and the system right?”


“Right again!”


Even though he was right, Seiji didn’t feel even a little bit good about what was happening around him.


“Wait a second, you’re a devil aren’t you?  I don’t believe that you would serve me just because I could grow into a devil.”


A look of appreciation appeared in Lorelei’s eyes once she heard the question.


“Of course you won’t grow into a lower level devil like me, but instead you will begin your journey as a high level devil! You might not know this, but a lot of humans and even devils would not mind doing anything in exchange for being able to become a high level devil! While that is your starting point!”


“You don’t need to worry so much. Even though life as a devil sounds way too dangerous, if I can become stronger through sex I don’t mind trying it out. That is, if the NTR System is real. It is real, isn’t it?”


“Of course it is Master! Unless you NTR someone we can’t absorb more despair and pain than what is in the atmosphere! And if we don’t absorb more negative energy we can’t grow stronger! So you will need to NTR as many as possible Master!”


“I’ve more or less understood everything I need to know for now. Let’s sleep for now, I’ll think about how I can finish the quest and earn more NTR points.”


“Master you earned a few sex points right? I suggest that you buy this with those points.”


This time unlike before Lorelei didn’t wave her hand, but a screen popped up in front of Seiji.



[Level 1 Sex Serum (50 NTR Points) – Consuming this will increase your sexual prowess both physically and mentally.]


“Both physically and mentally?”


“Though your dick size is big, you suck at having sex master. After drinking this not only will you be able to have sex longer than before, information regarding different kinds of sex will be transferred into your mind so that your actions won’t be awkward anymore.”


Listening to what Lorelei said reminded Seiji of how he acted during his first time, which caused his face to burn up with shame.


Not wanting to repeat such a thing he decided to buy this drug even though it would completely empty his points.


Just when Seiji thought about purchasing it, more information appeared in front of him.


[Purchase 1 x Level 1 Sex Serum for 50 NTR points?]


Once again Seiji just thought about it  And the drug appeared in front of him. It was a test tube filled to the brim with a clear liquid and sealed with a cork on top of it.


Though it looked like water even after removing the cork. Seiji checked and found that all of his points were deducted, this proved that this was indeed the serum he purchased.


Just when it looked like Lorelei was about to speak and clarify his doubts. Seiji remembered what she said about him.


Not wanting to speak with Lorelei anymore he gulped down the serum and jumped into his bed and started sleeping.


Looking at his actions, Lorelei giggled and then entered the bed herself and slept while hugging her new Master tightly from his behind.


Like this began Seiji’s journey of NTR’ing!


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