NTR System – Chapter 3


Even though Seiji tried to fall asleep as soon as possible, it just didn’t happen. If it was just another normal day it would’ve been possible, but today was for from ordinary.


First his heart got broken completely changing his way of thinking, later he found himself a devil called Lorelai along with an NTR System which would let him become a devil, and finally his first sexual experience was written off as BAD!!!


Just thinking about what Lorelai said, Seiji just couldn’t fall asleep. He was fine with stealing women who were in a relationship. And actually he was secretly looking forward to becoming a devil, since he could possibly live forever if he becomes a devil. Now lets be frank, who in their right mind would reject immortality?


The only thing that kept Seiji from falling asleep was thinking about what Lorelai said about his sex.


‘Sigh….Was it really that bad? NO! It doesn’t matter anymore! Once she wakes up I’ll show her just how great I am! HUMPH!’


Remembering about the Sex Serum he took a few minutes back, Seiji was filled with expectation. After about a few hours Seiji finally fell asleep.




It was around 5 A.M that Seiji suddenly woke up due to a blinding headache, and huge pain coming from his dick!


“Aaaaaahhhhh! What is happening?!”



[Level 1 Sex Serum has been completely consumed!]





Not a moment later than the prompt came, Seiji felt a huge amount of information enter his mind. Information ranging from, how to find a few basic erogenous zones on a woman’s body, till which positions would be best for which situation. Along with this Seiji also understood why his dick was hurting so badly. It seems that the serum not only increases his knowledge regarding sex, but it even increased his dicks size and potency!


Once the information transfer was completed, and the pain in his dick resided. An evil smile emerged on Seiji’s face as he looked towards the still sleeping Lorelai.


“Tsk tsk. I’ll show you what true pleasure feels like Lorelai.”


Saying that, Seiji got down from the bed and started stretching.


‘Since I just woke up, its best if I get some stretching done before I fuck her senseless!’


After a few more minutes Seiji felt that he was ready and pulled away the quilt which was covering Lorelai’s sexy body. Once he removed the quilt, Seiji involuntarily got mesmerized. Those perky breasts which didn’t droop even while she was sleeping, and her tight ass which was more than enough to turn any man on despite the situation.




As if Lorelai heard him gulp from looking at her body, she turned over and spread her legs which made her pussy visible. Just looking at her thin waist which felt like it was inviting him to hug it, Seiji could no longer control himself and started walking towards her.


Once he got on the bed, Seiji started crawling and only stopped once his dick was right in front of perfectly shaved pussy. But he didn’t push it inside hastily like a virgin would do. And instead he brought his hand close to it and started rubbing it.


If it was the Seiji who didn’t take the serum he would’ve undoubtedly pushed his dick inside the dry vagina and awkwardly started humping it. But now with his new found information, he knew just what to do.


Once he felt that he rubbed her pussy enough, he pushed one finger inside it and began moving it around. Sometimes he was fingering it, while sometimes he was scratching her soft insides. It looked like Seiji was trying out all the new fingering techniques he learnt on the sleeping Lorelai.




Even though she was sleeping a moan leaked out of her mouth which made Seiji feel better. This was because he could now differentiate between true and fake moans. Also because there was no way that the sleeping Lorelai could release fake moans!


At first Seiji just wanted to make Lorelai’s pussy a little wet from her juices so that it won’t be too rough when he begins pistoning. But once he heard her moaning, he decided to try out all the new techniques he learned.


His original one finger turned into two, while his other hand was squeezing and rubbing her clitoris. Along with the increase of fingers, Lorelai’s moaning also started increasing. And by the time Seiji put his third finger inside her, a faint red blush started covering Lorelai’s face from her body feeling pleasured.


This was when Seiji noticed that the time now was 6 A.M! He had unknowingly been fingering Lorelai for more than 40 minutes! Regaining his sense Seiji realized that her pussy was wet and ready for use.


‘Sigh…..even now I’m acting like a virgin….’


Turning her body so that she would face upwards, Seiji first spread her legs and started moving his dick until it was right in front of her pussy. Feeling the warmth from her hot overflowing pussy, Seiji’s hard dick got a little harder once more. Looking at his dick whose size increased Seiji didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. If his previous dick was already enough to make even a devil like Lorelai call it big, his present size and girth both increased by an inch!


Though an increase in a single inch can’t be counted of as much, the serum was Level 1! Just thinking about consuming the higher tier serums and making his giant dick into a dragon dick made Seiji turn giddy. One has to know that all men hope for their dick to be big, because hearing a girl say that their dick was huge would undoubtedly fulfill their vanity.


As for Seiji who would be stealing women from other men, his dick size would be an important factor. Just think about how it would be, when Seiji recorded an NTR’ed woman saying that his dick was bigger than her lovers, and let them hear it. Just the thought was enough to make him feel that it was worth spending such an exorbitant amount of NTR points on the serum.


‘HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Tremble in pleasure from just looking at my DICK!’


While feeling good about himself, Seiji finally pushed his dick inside Lorelai’s pussy. Unlike his first time, now he clearly felt her vagina clamping down on his dick. The hot and moist meat walls covering his dick gave him a pleasure which he previously never knew.


Enjoying the sensation for a little while, he began moving while pushing her legs and clamping them behind his back. Now with her legs out of the way, he could move even more freely. As he began moving faster, moans began leaking out of the still sleeping Lorelai’s mouth.


It was unknown how a devil could sleep so senselessly, that even when she was being fucked she still didn’t wake up!




After noticing that she still didn’t wake up, Seiji began moving more and more fast. Though a part of him did feel a bit sad that Lorelai didn’t wake up despite his huge dick entering her, he didn’t think too much about it. And it wasn’t long before Lorelai’s breathing turned rough, and her voice increased.




“Hahahahahahahaha, weren’t you acting all high and mighty last time?”


Looking at the girl below him moaning from him, all of his previous sadness was completely washed away. And now he turned more and more brazen.


Squeezing her breasts, and pinching her nipples. Lightly spanking her ass once in a while, Seiji slowly began discovering the pleasure of dominating a woman. And also learnt about how it felt to look at a woman moaning from your dick.




Looking at Lorelai, Seiji understood that it wouldn’t be long before she woke up. So he came up with a plan to make Lorelai wake up along with a huge orgasm.


Slowing down his movement, Seiji lightly lifted her body and aligned it so that her ass wouldn’t fall on the bed. While one hand was holding her body from falling down, he brought his second hand near her ass.


Pushing one finger against her asshole, he struggled but finally pushed it inside it. But unlike her pussy which was soft and moist, her ass was hot and tight. It felt like her ass was trying to cut off his finger.


Now with one finger inside her ass, he increased his pistoning speed, and began moving his finger in and out of her ass.






Even though she still didn’t wake up, Lorelai’s voice undoubtedly increased. As if he understood something from her moans, Seiji slightly smiled before pushing another finger inside her ass. And now feeling that everything was right in place, Seiji bent forward and tightly bit on her right nipple waking Lorelai up from her sleep while screaming.




But before she could figure out what was happening, Seiji moved forward and tightly kissed her on the lips and pushed his tongue inside of her small mouth. As she thought that she understood what was happening, Seiji tightly slapped her ass and began moving faster.




Feeling that she would orgasm at any moment Lorelai wanted to make sure that Seiji would cum before her. But before she could do or even say anything, she felt a hard slap on her ass which led to an involuntary moan leak out her throat.


Seiji also understood that Lorelai would cum soon from her twitching pussy which was leaking more and more by the second. Knowing what to do, Seiji began moving faster while rubbing one of her breast, and pushed one more finger inside her pussy.


Feeling all of her holes filled with something or the other she didn’t know what to do. Knowing that she didn’t have the upper hand in this situation she chose to just enjoy the special experience she was having.


‘Did his dick become bigger?’ – Lorelai’s thoughts


And finally just like Seiji expected Lorelai began cumming. Unlike what he expected it wasn’t like a little warm water leaking out of her pussy. It felt like a tide of hot and slightly thick liquid was hitting his dick before overflowing from her pussy.


“More!!!!!! MOREEEEEEEEE!”


Turning hysterical Lorelai started screaming from pleasure. Even though Seiji was shocked from the sudden change, he felt even better about himself. It was only after a while that he realized that it wasn’t just her cum, but she was also urinating! Lorelai started pissing from pleasure! Feeling content with himself Seiji no longer held himself back while lightly grunting, he also released his semen deep inside her pussy.






Feeling Seiji’s hot cum deep inside her pussy along with her present orgasm, she felt a strong amount of pleasure which she didn’t feel for a long time. Only after a long time did Lorelai finally stop twitching from pleasure and recovered her natural seductive self.


[Obtained 1 Sex Point]


[Achievement! You’ve made a Lower Level Devil urinate from excess pleasure! Obtained 1000 Sex Points!]


“It seems like that serum performed miracles on you boy. Fufufufufufu, it wasn’t a bad thing to buy it right? But you will need to move away now, though I don’t mind sleeping with a dick inside me. I really hate it to be awake and have an exhausted dick inside me.”


Saying that, Lorelai tried to push Seiji away, when he stopped her and said something that shocked her.


“Who says that we’re done? I’m just getting started! And I won’t stop until you realize my greatness and start calling me Master!”


Saying that Seiji first pulled his dick out of her and then turned her over so that her ass would face up.


Then he brought his dick which was covered in Lorelai’s vaginal lubricants and pressed it against her asshole which he previously used his fingers to stretch and make it ready to be used.


“From now on, you’ll call me Master!”


Saying that Seiji rammed in his dick completely at once until all of his dick was covered till the root!




Not minding the screaming Lorelai, Seiji began moving faster disregarding the resistance he felt from her ass being too tight.


“Call me Master, and maybe I’ll think of it.”


Saying that he moved even harder and started spanking her ass even harder than before.


Laughing like a maniac Seiji kept on thrusting with an intention of placing Lorelai in her rightful place, as a Slave!


Even though she tried to resist lightly in the beginning, along with time her body got used to the pleasure. And began moving her waist so that it would let Seiji’s dick enter even deeper!


“Yesssss! Don’t stop! I’ll call you Master from now on! AAAAAAAANNNNNNN!”


And finally after 30 minutes of rough anal sex along with spanking!


[Obtained 4 Sex Points]


[Achievement! You’ve made a Lower Level Devil submit to you through pleasure! Obtained 2500 Sex Points!]


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