NTR System – Chapter 4


After enjoying Lorelai’s body to its limits, Seiji was feeling quite satisfied. Just looking at the girl below him who was continuously twitching and drooling, a sense of pride began swelling up inside oh him.


“How was it Lorelai? You better start calling me Master from now on, understand?”


Saying that Seiji once again spanked Lorelai’s soft ass which now had a dark red handprint from all the spankings he gave her.


“Aaaaaaa! Yes Master!”


Chuckling lightly Seiji got out of the bed and into the bathroom to get ready for school. Once Seiji left the room, Lorelai who was twitching immediately got up and turned back into her seductive self.


“It looks like I’ve got myself quite the Master. Who would’ve though that he would be able to make me submit so quickly?”


Lightly smirking, Lorelai fished out the white cum which was dripping from her ass and spread it all inside her mouth.


“Mmmmmmmmm. Even his cum taste so good! Who knows how good it would be once he starts infusing various serums and turns into a devil? Fufufufufufufu, just thinking about it is making me wet again!”


Saying that, Lorelai also got off the bed and waved her hand once. Immediately her body was completely cleaned removing all the marks of saliva and sperm on her, even the spanking mark which was on her body completely disappeared.


“My Master is quite the S! I can’t wait to see what kind of bondage plays there will be in the future!”


Giggling like a fool, Lorelai began dressing up herself. With a tight black skirt, and black stockings covering from her waist till her legs. And a black jacket on top of a white shirt, she looked like an OL. There wouldn’t be a single CEO who wouldn’t want a secretary like her!


“This look would properly suit my position when I stand beside my Master.”




“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It feels so good hearing her call me Master!”


Not knowing that Lorelai’s twitching and drooling was all a drama, Seiji grew complacent of himself. He began imagining what all he should do from now on. Even though he did consume a Level 1 Sex Serum, it wouldn’t turn him omnipotent after all.


‘System show me all the serums I can buy’


Understanding the usefulness of serums, Seiji understood that the more serums he uses, the greater he would become. Unable to contain his curiosity Seiji opened the system interface to look at the various serums.


If it was before Seiji wouldn’t have been able to properly use the system, but after consuming a Level 1 serum he understood all the basics about how to use a system.



[Level 1 Serums –


Sex Serum – 50 NTR Points


Mind Serum – 50 NTR Points


Soul Serum – 50 NTR Points


Body Serum – 50 NTR Points


Charm Serum – 50 NTR Points


Devil Serum – 50 NTR Points]



“That’s it? I thought there would be more. System show me my stats.”



[Name -Seiji


Age – 18 Years


Sex – Male


Systems – NTR System (Level 1)


Species – Human / High Level Devil


Points – 60 (600 NTR Points)]



“Hmmmm, so I’ve got 600 NTR points. Since I need not bother about upgrading the system, I can spend my points as lavishly as I want! Which all serums should I buy now? ”


[Level 1 Mind Serum (50 NTR Points) – Consuming this will increase your mental capabilities.]


[Level 1 Soul Serum (50 NTR Points) – Consuming this will increase your soul’s size.]


[Level 1 Body Serum (50 NTR Points) – Consuming this will increase your physical capabilities.]


[Level 1 Charm Serum (50 NTR Points) – Consuming this will increase your charm and make the opposite sex more infatuated with you.]


[Level 1 Devil Serum (50 NTR Points) – Consuming this will increase and purify your devil bloodline.]



“Since there won’t be any further benefits in consuming the Sex Serum again, I’ll purchase one of every other serum!”


With a flash 2500 Sex points were reduced and five serums appeared in Seiji’s hand. Just like the Sex Serum they were also in a test tube with a cork on top of them.


Seiji acted similar to someone who has been starving for many months, uncorking each test tube he began drowning them down one after the other. Once he finished drinking all of them, Seiji threw away all five test tubes and turned on the shower to clean himself.


He knew that the headache and body pains were caused because it was his first time consuming a serum, and so it won’t occur again. Unlike before, Seiji could clearly observe the changes happening to him.


His body which had additional fat here and there was constantly being toned, and impurities were being pushed out. His mind felt clear, as if a long lasting fog was no longer there. If before the world was perceived as white as black, it was now looking like a rainbow!


His facial features became more and more sharp turning him so handsome, that it was comparable to a local celebrity. And he could clearly feel evil thoughts and ideas converging all around him, which were inciting him to do bad things.


By the time his shower was over, Seiji was completely reborn! It felt like he could rule the whole world if he wanted! Now Seiji was confident that it wouldn’t take as much effort as before to please Lorelai!


Walking out of the shower Seiji began dabbing himself dry and began observing all the changes on his physical body.



[Level 1 Mind Serum has been completely consumed!]


[Level 1 Soul Serum has been completely consumed!]


[Level 1 Body Serum has been completely consumed!]


[Level 1 Charm Serum has been completely consumed!]


[Level 1 Devil Serum has been completely consumed!]



Along with the new notifications, Seiji grasped everything that happened to him.


“Hmmmmm. The mind serum helped me tune my mind making it far more capable than a so called human genius. Soul serum changed my perspective of this world and my life expectancy. My body got physically enhanced by the body serum. The charm serum made me attractive, and my evil tendencies have been increased by the devil serum.”


Looking down Seiji felt glad that he consumed the serums. Not only did his life expectancy increase, he became more charming! And looking towards the well toned muscles and his 6 pack abs, Seiji felt like these serums were worth all the points he spent.


Clearing his mind, Seiji walked inside his room and started dressing himself in his school uniform. Once he finished dressing himself, Seiji looked towards the mirror and was pleasantly surprised with his new self.


Along with his 18th birthday Seiji completely changed. Just looking at himself Seiji was sure that he would be able to NTR as many as he wants!


Walking out of his room, Seiji began walking towards the kitchen. While walking Seiji was shocked to discover his old and dusty house, was now looking like it was completely renovated!


Though all the old things were just like before, they were still sparkling on the outside! Looking at this Seiji decided to renovate all the things inside the house.


Unknowingly Seiji was now thinking like a devil. Living in luxury was never something the previous Seiji cared about.


Stepping into the kitchen Seiji remembered that the fridge was empty! Deciding to buy something on his way to school, Seiji turned his phone on. Opening his bank app, Seiji began bursting with happiness because all of his inheritance money was there!


“HAHAHAHAHAHA! Daddy here is a rich guy from now on!”


Despite having consumed the Level 1 Serums and upgrading all about him, Seiji still couldn’t control his emotions looking at the huge sum of money in his account.


Though he knew that as a Devil things like money wouldn’t be of much use, it was always better to have more money in the current world.


“Lorelai I’m leaving!”


Saying his goodbye Seiji stepped out of the main door, and was completely shocked. Looking at the OL lady in front of him, Seiji’s dick started turning hard.


Her black haired tied into a pony tail, and black stockings with a tight skirt which emphasized her ass. Finally glasses which made her look like a professional. Lorelai looked like the perfect secretary.


Sighing from how perfect Lorelai looked regardless of the situation, Seiji felt that he was lucky obtaining such a devil for himself.


“You’re looking like a girl who’s begging to be pushed down, Lorelai.”


Saying that, Seiji stepped forward and placed a hand on Lorelai’s waist and pulled her close to him pressing his body against her.


“If Master wants to do it, I don’t mind it even if we are in public.”


Licking her lips, Lorelai kissed Seiji, who reciprocated by pressing his tongue into her mouth and sucking on her fragrant tongue.


“I should buy a car soon, so that I’ll be able to know how a blow job while driving feels!”


Spanking Lorelai’s ass once again, Seiji began imagining Lorelai sucking his dick and looked upwards towards him, while he drives.


“If you want to buy a car, you can do it through the system Master. All the legal formalities will be done by the system too!”


Along with a wave of Lorelai’s hand, new information appeared in front of Seiji.


Looking at the prices Seiji was completely shocked! Most of the luxuries cars were only 5 NTR points, while Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita which costs 5 million dollars is only 50 NTR Points!


“There’s no need to be shocked Master. The general exchange rate of 1 NTR point is roughly 100,000 dollars.”


Once he heard that Seiji felt cold sweat forming on his back. He drank 30 million dollars worth of serums!


But deep down, Seiji knew that no amount of money was capable of buying the things he consumed. Calming down Seiji decided to buy the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita for 50 NTR Points, along with the Level 0 Serum ‘Universal Driving Techniques’, which taught Seiji everything from driving to stunts of all vehicles.


Looking at the splendid car in front of him, Seiji began lamenting about how NTR points would never be enough regardless of how many he earns.


Getting inside the car, Seiji unzipped and removed his dick outside.


“I paid so much for a car and learning how to drive a car, since I want to feel your mouth techniques. So you better make sure that I’m satisfied!”


Like that Seiji began driving while waiting in anticipation thinking about how good Lorelia’s mouth would feel.


“I’ll definitely satisfy you Master.”


Saying that Lorelai bended over bringing her pink lips near Seiji’s monstrous dick.


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