Power of Creation – Volume 1 Is Here!

As I’ve mentioned before, Volume 1 covers the first 50 chapters of Power of Creation. The chapters have been reedited, enhanced, and compiled with full color ero images. The book contains two bonus chapters that will not be released on msb. It also contains an Image Gallery which includes high resolution images, concept art, and bloopers.

You can obtain Power of Creation two different ways. The PDF and ePub are available to all Patreon supporters. Simply become a donor with $1 or more, and you’ll be able to download the PDF or ePub to your on desire. I only ask that if you plan to donate, complete one donation, ie the money being taken out at the beginning of each month. I’m going on the honor system here and not requiring up front payment, so it’s up to you if you want to be legit. Please donate to Patreon Here.

The second way you can obtain Power of Creation: Volume 1 is by contacting me. Simply leave my a message on discord and I will send you a paypal request and email the file to you directly. My attempts at a storefront apparently failed. If I actually have a large number of requests and can’t handle requests personally, I’ll consider trying to open a storefront again.