Tales of a Seductress – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

As I made my way into the main hall, I did not see the brother and sister right away, and before men noticed I was unattached and started tossing their coins my way, I decided to head straight to the right hallway that I had been advised against. With Town Bicycle, I was likely earning ten first-timers for every new guy I fucked, so it was still likely I could make another level tonight, and if that level had some battle skills, all the better.

However, I peeked into the first room in the hall, looking past the curtain. What I saw was not what I had expected. A woman sat on the floor in the middle of the room butt naked. There were several naked men standing around her. I almost thought it was a bukkake, but a second later a stream of liquid shot from his dick and started hitting her in the face. It was not white, and neither was the puddle of liquid at her feet nor what was making her hair drenched wet.

As another man started peeing on her, she opened her mouth while making moaning noises, and I closed the curtain, forever walking away from this event. It was not completely unexpected. As I said, the internet had exposed me to many things, and something of that caliber was not enough to scare me. However, my body thankfully did not see it as sexual, which meant that sexual fortitude did not kick in. I found myself immensely relieved near to the point of giggles as I stood in front of the golden shower room.

Of course, my relief came from the fact that I finally found a limit to sexual fortitude. If I didn’t see it as sexually stimulating, then it could still bother me. Scat play wasn’t sexy to me, so my fear that I would descend into the darkest realms of sex looked like they could be avoided. As long as I never saw being peed on as sexually stimulating, I’d never be okay with it. That didn’t seem like a hard commitment to make, so thankfully, I found my limits.

The next door almost caused me to run as I thought I was looking at the aforementioned scat play, but a moment later I heaved a breath of relief as I realized it was two naked women fighting in a pit of mud while men shouted and took bets. I was actually tempted to jump in there and join them, but it looked really messy and I only had about another hour before this thing ended. I had already wasted time on Richard, I really couldn’t afford to dally.

When I entered the next room, I found what I was looking for. There was a naked man strapped to a wall. He wore a mask, but he had a blindfold on over the mask. However, there seemed to be no one else in the room. It was like he had been tied up there and suddenly abandoned.

On a table in front of him was all the pseudo S&M items that experimental couples treated like S&M. Of course, I knew that it wasn’t true bondage, but it was a close approximation. I looked at the tools at their disposal. There were a few clamps, a feather duster, a chain, a whip, and a stone that after examine was revealed to create a mild electric shock.

I picked up the duster and glided it over the skin. He immediately reacted, letting out gasping sound as he twisted in his restraints.

“Ah… I’m glad you came back. I was worried when you didn’t come back, but I’ve been a good boy and waited.” He said.

I picked up a clamp and immediately clamped one of his nipples.

“Ah!” He made a pained noise. “Not so rough. Take it off!”

I rolled my eyes at him as I pulled it off. If he didn’t want it rough, he probably shouldn’t have let himself get blindfolded and strapped to a wall. I picked up the whip and then tried to give it a lash. It made a cracking sound on the first try, and I wondered if it had some kind of magical enchantment that made this thing easier. The guy jumped at the sound of the crack, a worried looking creasing on his face.

“Wh-wh-what are you going to do with that.”

It wasn’t a real whip, but I still didn’t want to cause him any damage, so instead, I folded it in half and just gave him a good smack on the thigh. He gave a loud cry as there was quite the decent sound of whip on flesh.

“Ah, fuck… that hurts! Don’t do that.”

In annoyance, I reach over and grabbed a second clip, then clipped down on his balls. He made a horrible scream and started shaking in his restraints.

“Ah, no… stop, no! Banana, that’s the safe word, right? Banana!”

As he was having a mental breakdown as I barely touched him, I noticed a woman standing in the door watching me work. She was wearing black leather and had black hair. She was pretty, but quite a bit older than me, perhaps only a few years younger than Melinda. When she noticed that I saw her, she waved me over. I left the man with the clamp still on his testicles as he made cries and pleas. When I got outside, she looked me up and down.

“Aren’t you a pretty one for practicing some pain and pleasure?” Then she gave a nod into the room. “I see you met him. You can see why I gave up on him. He said he wanted to experience pleasure from pain, but it’s clear he has no clue what he wants. However, I can see you’re interested. Giving, or receiving?”

“Oh, well, I’m still just looking too, but giving, I guess,” I spoke up.

She nodded and immediately started walking, taking me with her. “Well, then you’ve come to the right place. The party out there is just a small part of this society. It’s what the local nobles do for sport. However, if you want to know what we’re really about, this is the place. People come far and wide to experience it.”

As she said so, she tapped on a wall at the end of the hallway, and then it peeled back, opening to a stairway that went down. Wait, so the secret underground society had a secret underground society? This was truly started to become strange.

As I followed her down the stairs, the smell of leather, sex, and body odor wafted to my nose. The sounds of whipping, screaming, crying, and moaning could all be heard. To be honest, this was what I had imagined when Julian first started talking about a sex club. This underground room which felt like a cellar was the true sex dungeon.

“Many of the rooms are taken this late in the night. I’ll take you to someone who has been used lightly. I hope you don’t mind that it’s a she. There are more girls taken in.”

I nodded in understanding. It made sense that more women would be open to sexual domination and bondage while more men wanted to take on the pain causing role. At least, it made sense to me. She came up to a door, and I frowned a bit when I noticed that unlike the doors above, this one was closed and locked. She brought out a key, unlocked and opened the door, and then gestured. I gave her one of my princess smiles and then took a step in. The door closed behind me, and it felt like I was genuinely walking into a cell.

That atmosphere was certainly thick, and now and then I could hear the resounding crack of a whip followed by a scream. It felt like one of those medieval dungeons from the dark ages. There was a girl strapped to the wall, and she half had her eyes closed as she hung from two ropes. As soon as my eyes laid on her, I started to get an uncomfortable feeling.

She was not wearing a mask. That was the most obvious thing. The clothing she was wearing was in tatters, but I could still tell that it was not as fine as most of the nobles. In fact, it looked drab and devoid of color, much like the clothing I had seen on a few passing commoners. Her body had a sheen of sweat, and she seemed to be breathing hard. Her clothing had numerous gashes in them, and upon closer inspection, I realized that the skin beyond them was gashed open as well.

I approached the table of tools. They immediately made me feel sick. It was not the nice, silly toys I had seen up top. These things looked more like items from a horror movie. There was a mallet with spikes on its head. Various knives of various sizes were set out, and what looked to be a hot poker was sitting in an apparatus which glowed orange with heat.

At this point, the girl had noticed I was in the room, and even though she was half-delirious, she started fighting against her restraints. “No, no, no… please… no… don’t… not again… please… gods… please…”

She was begging loudly, nearly in a state of panic, and I had to fight back the urge to vomit. I had meant to land in a place of sex, whips, and bondage… and I had sailed right past it into a world of rape and torture. There was nothing sexual in it for my mind. I turned and grabbed a knife and started heading towards her. She immediately began crying.

“Nooo… please… I just want to see my husband… please, don’t hurt me…”

My lips met hers, and that immediately shut her up as her eyes widened. I wasn’t kissing her to shut her up, I had activated my princess kiss. Her mind started to grow more lucid, and my guess was that she was on some kind of drug, which was why she had previously had such a dazed look.

“Look, I’ll try to get you out of here.” I said, “But let me heal your wounds… it’ll be a little weird.”

She didn’t say anything, instead looking down at me with silent and focused eyes. I licked the biggest wounds, and while she twisted to pull away with a disgusted look on her face, a moment later when she saw the wounds closing and the pain fading, she started to relax. I licked the biggest wounds I could see closed using Cat’s Meow, then I pulled up the knife and immediately cut the leather straps holding her.

It was only after she fell off the rack that she suddenly grabbed onto me and started crying. “Oh, thank you… I’m sorry… thank you…”

I stroked her head for a few minutes, wishing I had a way to attach my solo player to her mind. However, without mental resistance, she merely had to cope with the horrific experiences she had seen here.

After a few minutes, I started thinking up an escape route. Basically, as a noble, I could walk right out of here. If I took off her clothing and perhaps covered her head, then everyone would assume she was a noble too. With luck, I could march her right out of here.

When I checked the door, I was relieved to see that it only locked one way, and I was able to leave this awful place. I snuck a look down both hallways, and once I saw the exit was clear, I waved her to me, and the pair of us left the room. She was naked now as well, but unlike me with my mental fortitude or the nobles with their shamelessness, she covered herself and her face was bright red. She showed an extreme amount of embarrassment, and she probably would have been frozen on the spot if I wasn’t pulling her.

We nearly made it to the stairs, and I was about to breathe a sigh of relief when we ended up running face to face with the woman that had brought me down earlier as she was walking back down. Her eyes held a smile until they turned on the woman in my arms, and then they went dark.

“What are you doing?” she snapped.

I immediately grabbed the girl and turned back the other direction. I didn’t know if there was a way out behind us, but the way forward was blocked. However, I barely made it ten feet when a giant burly man took a step out, blocking the hallways beyond. The girl in my arms let out a cry, and I glanced both ways. The burly man was approaching us on one side, and the woman was approaching us on the other.

Rather than cowering, I stood tall. I was a seductress, and the hell if I’d be cowed in a sex dungeon. Even if the contents of that dungeon was deranged, this was still my domain. If push came to shove, I’d seduce them, or possibly use my new frenzy skill.

“Well, well, trying to violate our society’s edicts.” The woman snarled.

With her dark black hair, black leather dress, and pale white skin, she was literally the textbook definition of a dungeon mistress.

“I have my right–“ I started.

“You think you have rights?” She snapped. “How about I shove you on my rack for a while, we’ll see how you talk about rights.”

I’d seen her racks, and even a seductress like me didn’t like the look of them. That was not the kind of thing I expected to survive. Therefore, as the two descended on me, that left only one choice. I had to-

“What is going on here?” A voice suddenly cut in from the stairs.

There was the soft tap-tap of sandals and a man emerged from the top. I immediately gave a breath of relief as Julian emerged into the light.

“Ah, yes…” the woman whom I called mistress seemed to defer to Julian. “There is a woman trying to help one of our crop escape.”

Julian’s eyes flashed to me, although it was difficult to read what emotions were hidden there. “No, no, no, that won’t do.”

The mistress nodded. “I agree. I was just about to throw her on a rack and torture the answers out of-“

Julian’s hand moved out so fast that the mistress couldn’t even register as the back of his hand struck her face. The slap was hard, echoing in the dungeon-like hallway. She fell to the side, completely off guard, her head striking the wall. The other guard, who was still advancing on us stopped in his tracks, a dumbfounded expression on his face.

“You stu-“ Julian’s expression was violently twisted, but a second later he took a breath and the expression faded as he looked up at me with a smile as if he’d never been angry at all. “Ah, my sister, I’m sorry, it seems like a mistake was made this evening. You were not supposed to be brought down here.”

“Ah… that is, I was curious.” I said grudgingly, although I was still a little shaken up by the event.

Julian let out a carefree laugh. “Ah, of course, I knew you would be. I knew your wants would be hard to satisfy. However, this place might not coincide with your particular perversions. Perhaps, we should head back up, and I can introduce you to some interesting men whose company you may enjoy.”

As he spoke, he walked up to me and put his arm around mine, immediately pulling me away. As I started heading for the staircase, the woman I was trying to save let out a cry and grabbed at my arm.

“Julian, wait!” I pleaded. “I promised this girl I’d see her home.”

A look flashed on Julian’s face, but when I looked up at him pleadingly, he put on the same old smile. “Ah, who can say no to my cute little sister? It’s a little unorthodox, but I expected great things from you and you delivered. You’re the talk of the party. I think we can grant you this one little boon. But just this once.”

I nodded eagerly, ready to do anything, even jump on the rack, in order to protect her.

“You,” Julian pointed at the Mistress, who had finally gotten back on her feet, holding a cloth to her mouth to hold back the blood dripping from her cheek. “Process the girl early. Return her to her family.”

Her eyes widened, and she looked like she was about to protest but Julian gave her a dark stare and she immediately quieted. He then turned and pulled me along back up the stairs.

“It’ll be okay, they’ll let you go now,” I told the woman, getting her to let go of me.

She stared up at me with hopeless eyes like her salvation was being taken from her. However, Julian had given the orders. I heard him. However, there was one word that bothered me.

“What do you mean by processing?” I asked.

Julian laughed as we took another step. “Ah… that is what we do with all of our guests. I know you may not approve, but I believe every man has a right to their kink, do you agree?”

Those words so closely reflected my own mantra that it seriously hit close to home. However, this and that were two completely different things. Rape and sexual torture went way beyond butt sex and group orgies.

“I’d normally agree, but…”

Julian waved his hand again. “Then you need not worry. Yes… these commoners are pulled in against their will, and nobles are allowed to have their way with them. I won’t lie to my cute little sister. But after they are done, we process them. That is, we heal all their wounds, we use magic to wipe their memory of the night, and then we return them. It’s a victimless crime.”

“Ah, but… what they’re doing…”

“The commoners get healing by our best doctors. Sometimes they heal diseases or conditions the people couldn’t afford to heal themselves. They’re returned in better shape than they left.”

It still unnerved me, but my brain was shaken I couldn’t seem to come up with a good reason to argue with him.

“And you promise that they don’t remember anything?” I asked. “Oh, and that she will be returned to her family safely and alive?”

We had reached the curtain that returned us back to the main room. He spun around in front of me, taking both of my hands in his. He leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. It was the first time since I had been to that world that he had openly shown me this kind of affection.

“I swear it, my dear, my oath as a prince.”

I finally let myself relax. My deception had not detected any lies in his voice, so I could only choose to believe him. This event had caused a great deal of stress, and now that I knew the woman would be safe, I wanted to get past it. Of course, they were still doing the same torture, likely to many other women, but as Julian said, it didn’t hurt them in the long term. I didn’t approve of it, but I wasn’t in a position to change things either. The only thing I could do was accept it and grow stronger until I was powerful enough that I didn’t need to accept it.

“Ah, and speaking of which…,” Julian said as he led me back into the main room. “I believe you have met these siblings. You didn’t hear it from me, but they are foreign diplomats that came in a bit early for the Harvest, and I’ve heard they’ve had their eye on you.”

The familiar mustached man and the exotic dark skinned woman approached, and I gave a smile, starting to feel normal again.

“Ah, we have been looking for you, has our promised fun come?” The man asked.

“My sister found herself in an off-limits area.” Julian spoke up, “Perhaps you two would like to calm her mind and alleviate her doubts?”

“Ah, yes, that area. My sister and I spent a little time down there earlier, but we prefer to bathe in the sun rather than trudge into the dark. And you my lady, are the most radiant sun, please let me bathe in your lust.” The man laughed as he took my hand and kissed it.

He kissed my wrists, and then my arm, the kisses working their way to my shoulder. The woman also grabbed me by the other arm, and I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face as the two people dragged me away to a nearby pillowtop. I glanced back briefly at Julian, who merely smiled and nodded to me. Well, it was alright if I just continued to enjoy the night, wasn’t it?

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