Tales of an Enchantress – Chapter 18

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“Killing has become so easy for me.” I tsk’d, wiping the blood off my hands.

Is this just a benefit of high mental resistance? I had never truly killed someone before, at least never directly with my own hands. The closest were the pigmen some time ago. I’d killed other monsters since then as well. However, killing this man didn’t feel much different than killing the monsters.

As the boy started to kiss my neck and fondle my chest in victory over his battle, I finally used the moment of respite to look through my new abilities.

{Lifebringer (Passive) – Potions made by you with semen are more potent and have higher grades.}

{Magical Accentuation (Active) – Use mana to temporarily increase Charisma. Proportional to amount of mana used }

{Title Holder (Passive) -Replaces Many Titled: Allows Three Titles to be set.}

{Immaculate (Active) – Replaces Freshen Up: Can Clean Entire Body of all dirt and debris.}

{BDSM (Passive) – Replaces Masochist: allows you to ignore, redirect, or convert 75% of all pain into pleasure.}

{Phoenix Down (Active) – Restores a lover to perfect health during intercourse.}

{Dreamer (Passive) – Remain in control of your dreams. Easy lucid dreaming. Can earn experience in lucid dreaming equal to challenge.}

{Fragrant Passage (Passive) – Always emit a pleasing smell.}

{Lover’s Trust (passive) – During sexual intercourse, a lover is more likely to believe what you say.}

“It’s more of the same.” I gave a sigh.

Don’t get me wrong, any special skill is usually exemplary. The ones the system picked for me were great. However, most of them were simply an extension of my old abilities. I had read that when someone reached second class, their special abilities could get replaced with a more powerful version of the same ability. It was considered a rare event when most people only have 3-4 skills per class, but it was something that had already happened to me three times.

Once again, to any other person, this would be a blessing. To me, this felt a bit frustrating. Perhaps with the exception of Magical Accentuation and Lover’s Trust, none of the abilities I just gained would help me control my environment. Despite the usefulness of Freshen Up which I only took during a particularly messy point in my life, wasting a point on an upgrade to cleanup magic felt like a point thrown away. I couldn’t even understand the point of Dreamer, and Fragrant Passage was another thing the felt like a waste.

The BDSM ability might have some application. Does ignoring pain mean I don’t have to convert it to pleasure? Always feeling pleasure with pain was quite frustrating, both sexually and mentally. I was beginning to think it was changing the kind of person I was.

“But nothing to help, except perhaps that.”

I could equip three titles. I had Solo player and Dragon Layer equipped normally. As to why I didn’t use the God Killer and The Reborn, there were titles that drew too much attention. Min even recommended that I avoid using any suspicious looking titles. Solo player, despite its name, was my safest bet, while God Killer and The Reborn were genuinely frightening titles.

I gave a gulp and equipped them anyway. My mind instantly calmed. The boost in energy was palpable. It almost felt like a drug. In an instant I felt stronger, calmer, smarter. It was truly a set of cheat titles. My Charisma also exploded by 60 points, almost doubling it in one swoop.

There was a gasp and the boy who had just been roaming his hands all over my body froze. He had a look of wide-eyed wonder over his face.

“What? What is it?’ I asked cautiously.

“You… you’re so beautiful. Are you an angel? A Goddess?”

“No…” I responded, feeling slightly shy at the fervent look he was giving me. “I’m… nobody.”

“That can’t be…” He declared, suddenly falling to his knees. “I love you, my mistress. My heart, body and mind belongs to you!”

“Ah, didn’t you just want my body?” I commented uncomfortably.

His eyes widened and he shook his hands with a shocked look. “Someone as beautiful as you, I dare not sully your imminent beauty. I am ashamed that I allowed my lust to defile you any way. Please punish me accordingly, my mistress!”

His words seemed so genuine, and the only difference was that I had equipped these titles finally. “Um… do you mind if I ask a question?”

“Please ask!” He held a desperate, begging look in his eyes.

“What… um… what happens when a stat exceeds 100.”

The boy nodded excitedly, happy it was a question he could answer. He began to speak, stumbling over his own words to explain things fast enough.

“The highest level a human being can reach is level 100. Similarly, 100 is the highest status it is said that a human can reach and still be considered human. The strongest man alive would have 100 strength, for example. Exceeding it would be considered exceeding what it means to be human. Although I’ve heard some demons exceed 100 strength. You’d need to exceed 100 in every stat to cease to be what we know as human.”

I gave him a nod as my mind worked furiously. While I wasn’t convinced of the idea that exceeding 100 suddenly made someone a god, at the very least, I had an understanding of what this world considered normal. While he used fancy words like exceeding the limits of a human, that was merely noise. Anyone who made it to forth class would already have stats close to if not exceeding 100. Based on who you were, not every stat went up. For me, strength, intelligence, and wisdom didn’t rise very much at all. This only hurt my pride a little bit.

However, the point was that women rarely leveled as high as men, and third class women were unheard of. That means that there were men with 60-90 charisma, but most women didn’t get higher than 60. Breaking 100 is probably a feat for only heroes of stories. Heroes and kings were all usually described as beautiful anyway, it likely had something to do with their charisma. Normally, a third classer’s charisma could be cancelled out by another third classer, who’d have similar charisma.  A third class might be able to overwhelm a first class, but not a fellow third.

However, I’d exceeded the normal limits of the system. With my titles, I had 162 charisma. It was high enough that even third classers wouldn’t be able to ignore my presence. To this low-leveled second class boy who was already beguiled and under the effect of various seductions, it had exceeded to a point where he began to idolize me. While I couldn’t expect this to work with everyone, but at least this boy had great respect for his idols.

“One last thing, boy… take off my collar.” I commanded.

The boy’s face twisted into a look like he was about to cry while his legs twisted. He refused to meet my eyes directly. I gave him a dark stare until he couldb’t take it any longer and blurted some words out.

“I’m sorry, mistress, I can’t! Only Rine, or a sorcerer, can.”


“Boss… um… the Kappa.”

“Ah.” I had never bothered to find out the Kappa’s name. “In that case, we’ll have to convince him to take it off. Jenai!”

A shadow form grew and a moment later Jenai stood in front of me. She wore a somewhat pouty face. The boy’s eyes nearly popped out of his head, but he had the decency to keep his mouth quiet.

“Mistress… you’ve taken so long to summon me. I was getting worried.”

“I was held up.” I responded simply, tapping my collar.

Her eyes widened in shock, “Th-then how was I summoned? Don’t tell me you have a master who ordered…”

“No.” I shake my hands, “I’ve decided to ignore the slave collar.”

“Ignore…” Jenai responded bitterly before shaking her head. “As expected of my mistress who can control life and death. What are your orders?”

“Check on Min. There is a carriage nearby in that direction.” I pointed. “I need you to be my eyes.”

“Check on Min, Check on Min… isn’t that all you ever order me to do?” Jenai snorted, however, she only seemed to be playing.

“It’s okay. We’ll play later.” I offered a boon. “However, for the moment, I must use you in this way.”

Jenai turned and started to leave in the direction I indicated before stopping and looking back. “Don’t you get it mistress? You can always use me in any way you want.”

She gave a wink before her body disappeared, entering whatever ghostly plan that allowed her to move much faster than a human. I turned back to the boy standing in front of me. As soon as my eyes met his he became flustered and lowered his head, inclined in a partial bow. I snorted. I liked it a little better when he was being a little grabby.

It was a few more minutes when Jenai suddenly appeared again, running up to me with some speed.

“Jenai… what is the prob-“

“No time, mistress, Min is in trouble! We must hurry!”

I cursed and immediately moved into a jog. Without asking questions, the boy followed behind me loyally. My feet had faced quite a bit of damage from running around in the forest without shoes. It was at that point where I activated BDSM and ignored it. The pain from splinters and blisters suddenly dissipated substantially. Furthermore, I didn’t experience any pleasure. I also used Immaculate, instantly feeling refreshed. None of this, of course, got me quicker to Min, but I understood now that the only way I could help her was by control. I assumed I’d need to seduce these men.

Unlike the boy with me now, they all had their guards up and were wary of me. I only hoped that control added enough to overcome their suspicions and doubts and let their guards down. It was about five minutes of walking before we had finally reached another area of the forest.

“Shit…” I growled under my breath.

A distance away, two men were descending on Min. Her clothing was partially ripped off, and she was bleeding from various wounds on her body. She was desperately trying to crawl away. However, there was a cliff in the direction she was crawling, and if she kept going she’d just fall to her death. In essence, she was trapped in a corner.

“Where are the rest of them…” I whispered cautiously before shaking my head. “No time. Jenai, you take one, Boy, take the other.”

I was sending this boy to kill his former friends, and at this point, I still didn’t even know his name. It was fine, he was disposable.

“Yes, mistress.” The words came from both of them at the same time, and they turned to each other with a surprised look.

The pair moved out through the forest. Jenai glided without making a sound, her body turning transparent until I couldn’t see her unless I was looking for her. The boy wasn’t nearly as quiet, but as he moved up, the other guys barely took a look, assuming the boy was just joining them.

Meanwhile, I hid behind a nearby tree, poking my head out cautiously to watch. Min was still backing away, but the men were already on top of her. The only reason they hadn’t grabbed her yet had to be some kind of cruel humor.

One of the guy’s finally turned to the boy as he came up, “Hey, Zach, you want to enjoy the taste of an elf who-“

The sword was drawn and went right into the speaker’s gut. The boy, apparently called Zach, immediately started stabbing him ferociously without even an ounce of remorse.

“What the he-“ The other guy stared in absolutely shock, but before he could even finish his line a force came from behind and sliced his throat.

He noiselessly dropped to his knees as Jenai guided him gently to the floor like an assassin. Meanwhile, Zack stabbed away until the form at his feet was nothing but a blood husk of former life. Once he finally stood up, he turned to me and gave a blood-spattered smile. I finally came out from behind the tree and approached them.

Min was staring up at Zack and Jenai’s figures with surprise, but when I emerged from behind them her eyes locked on me. Tears immediately sprung forth.

“Vessë…” She gave a sob.

I smiled awkwardly and held out my hand, offering it to her. She took it, and I helped her stand up. Min was in my arms, and I found myself not really knowing what to say. I had managed to save her. That made me really happy. When I had seen her on the ground, my heart felt like it was being gripped. I had been worrying about her ever since we were captured. Wet drops fell down my cheeks. Was I crying too? I don’t get it. I don’t love Min. So, why am I so happy now? Why do I just want to hold her and never let go?

“Min… I…” Min put her finger up to my mouth, stopping me from talking.

Thunk. Blood splattered across Min’s face. I turned my head to see an arrow sticking through Zack’s eye. He immediately collapsed to the ground. I spun around quickly, keeping myself in front of Min. Two guys were walking towards us, one holding a bow and arrow.

“The Kappa.” I snapped. “Jenai, restrain him, kill the other.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Jenai raced forward, her body fading as she darted towards the man with the arrow as he tried to knock another arrow. As he realized Jenai would reach him first, he cursed. The Kappa tossed his bow to the side and began reciting some strange words. Jenai was only a few more seconds from him when a glow suddenly exploded from his hands. Jenai didn’t move to dodge it, but a look of surprise came on her face as it exploded against her and her spirit form went flying back.

She ended up landing only a few feet from me. She turned towards me and made a pained smile.

“I’m sorry, mistress. It’s a form of spirit attack. He’s already deplenished my energy. I can no longer remain…”

“Dismissed.” I said simply as Jenai disappeared while sporting an apologetic face.

“You, bitch…” the Kappa known as Rine snapped.

He had a sword out, and was now approaching Min and me. I had nothing else I could do to protect the pair of us from a third classer. I raised my hand and started using seduction.

“Stop!” I commanded in a voice.

He sneered and ignored me. While he did motion for the other guy to stay back, he continued to walk forward. Lifting his sword as if he planned to cut me down the second he reached me. Seduction. Seduction. Seduction. Seduction. I didn’t have time for finesse. I needed to gain control of him. I used Magical Accentuation. He was already in front of me. He was too fast. His sword was gleaming in the sun.

“Please, don’t hurt me.” I said using every ounce of manipulation.

His sword stopped dead. Suddenly he pulled back, grabbing at his head and shaking it.

“You, what… are… you doing…”

“N-n-nothing. I just… I just want your love.” I said simply, my foot taking a step forward.

He stepped back. “No-no… stop that.”

Seduction. Seduction. Seduction. Love me. Love me. Follow me. Be mine.

“I love you…” The words came out of my mouth as if they were from someone else. “You said you wanted me to be your wife. We can have that future. We can be together.”

“That is…” The kappa was growing more flustered, more confused.

“Drop the sword, my love.” I asked gently.

He shifted the sword up between us as I took another step forward. “M-my sword?”

“Drop it!” The sword fell to the ground.

“Boss!” The words cut in from behind him, the last remaining soldier. “Don’t listen to her!”


“I love you. Don’t you love me?”

“Ye-ye…” His body was twitching.

“Say it. Tell me you love me. It’ll all be okay.”

“I-I-I love you…” The words came out of him, his body suddenly relaxing, as if by making that admission he lost some kind of pressure on his mind.

“Sweetie, we can’t be together if we’re slaves. Cc-an you remove the slave collar?” I asked, pointing to my neck.

He nodded dumbly. “R-right… of course.”

“Wait!” I stopped him as he took a step towards me. “Remove hers first, please.”

Min was suffering under that collar. She couldn’t resist it like I could. She had to be first. He looked doubtful, but after using some more Magical Accentuation in my voice, he finally succumbed. I started guiding him back to her. We were near the edge of the cliff now, it was a sharp decline at about a 10 degree angel covered with trees and bushes about 20 feet down. I encouraged the man to move up to Min.

He approached her, and while she stiffened as he put his hands around her neck, I gave a breath a moment later when I heard the click as he removed the collar. He turned to me, a n uncertain smile on his face like he was looking for my approval. I gave him a nod and returned a smile. He took a step forward, and then a sword slide right through his chest.

I gave out a cry as he spun around, his face twisting in anger, backing away desperately as the sword slid back out of him. The culprit wasn’t the other guy though, it was Min. She had picked a sword off one of the two men Jenai and Zach had killed and then stabbed Rine in the back.

“Min!” I shouted in confusion.

Min herself seemed surprised by her own actions. She immediately dropped the sword and took a step back, almost slipping off the edge of the cliff.

“You bitch!” the fist striking my face was completely unexpected.

Being injured must have pulled Zach out of his beguiled state. He had recovered enough that he hit me. I fell to the ground as he staggered away. My head was dizzy as I tried to work my way back to standing.

“Min? Why?” I asked desperately.

Min’s eyes shot over at me, her face holding a sad panicked look. A second latter an arrow plunged into her stomach. I let out a cry as I took half a step forward. Min’s hands had grabbed onto the arrow while her eyes met mine, seeming confused and disorientated.


Min fell back, her body disappearing down the cliff. My body turned cold and numb. I turned away to see what had happened. The person holding the bow was the other guard. He had approached while I was focused on Zach and sent one into Min. Zach was still stumbling back, his eyes looking unfocused and confused. However, the other man hadn’t been touched by me before.

“You… killed her.” I said, my voice hollow and dead. “You killed her!”

The guy didn’t speak back, instead he started fumbling for another arrow. I slid my hand into my pants, roughly fingering myself to boost my stamina. Seduction. Seduction. Seduction. Seduction. I put much more magic into Magical Accentuation. Enough that even with my stamina bonus my body started sway.

“Drop the bow.” I ordered.

The bow fell to the ground. The man stared down at the bow in complete shock. He had no intention of dropping it, yet he had no choice.

“Tell me you love me.” I commanded.

“I love you.” His hands went over his mouth, once again, like he could barely help but instantly obey my commands.

I smiled at him sweetly as I approached, my body stumbling as I tried to walk while finger ing myself, not falling over in the process. “Now… kill yourself.”

“Yes…” The hand pulled out a knife and slid into his neck without a moment’s hesitation.

Like before, he put on a surprised look. I finally made it to him, but my stamina gave out and I fell on top of him instead. He was still gagging, holding his throat and staring at me in fear, but I had no power left in my body. The pair of us fell to the ground with me on top.  I had drained every ounce of magic and energy in only a few moments. In fact, it was to a point past that. I had overused my abilities. I’d be injured, perhaps even die, if I didn’t do anything. Without hesitating, my lips touched his as my arms and legs wrapped around his body.


Power surged into me as I consumed his energy. Already dying, he didn’t have much to spare. I could hear him screaming against my lips, but he couldn’t pull away anymore. With his throat cut, it wasn’t like he could probably scream either. Rather, it sent blood splattering up, covering both of our bodies.

When I finally pulled away, his body was nothing but a desiccated corpse, somewhat like a mummy.  I was covered in blood, but still I fingered myself. I needed more stamina. There was a cracking noise and I my eyes shot up. That’s right, the kappa was still here. He was staring at me with eyes wide with fear. He started to back away.

“It’s okay.” I said sweetly, stepping towards him. “I love you. Don’t leave.”

My stamina could barely keep me up, even after consuming the dying man, let alone more seduction, I could barely walk.

“Y-you monster.” He shouted back.

“No…” I responded, then my eyes shot back to the other man. “He was… a necessity. I won’t do the same to you, I promise. I’m not a monster. I love you. Please, tell me you love me too. We can be together… just tell me you love me.”

The words just came out as if that was the thing I must say. I continued to walk towards him, bloody footprints left behind me.

“I-I-I l-lov…” He started to say but then his eyes closed and he shook his head.

“Come on… say it. Love me!” I demanded.

“N-no!” He shouted, his back finally hitting up against a tree.

I smiled gently. “It looks like there is nowhere else to go. Be mine.”

“Go to hell! You bitch!” The Kappa screamed.

Then he did something I didn’t expect. He lifted his head and slammed it against the trunk of the tree. Then he did it again, and again, and again.

“Stop!” I responded, flustered enough that I lost my balance and fell to the ground. “Stop that!”

“AHHHHHHHHhhHHHHHHH!” He screamed at full volume, but didn’t stop.

“I need you! Please. I can’t find my way out of here without someone.”

I could hear the bone cracking, his mushroom carapace giving way as blood began to gush from his face. He still didn’t stop. Over and over again he slammed his face into the tree. The cracking sounds turned to gushing sounds. Blood splattered across the tree and the man alike. By the time the noises stopped, there was nothing even approaching a man standing in front of the tree.

And like that, I was alone again. I had stopped touching myself. Stopped struggling forward. Stopped fighting. The horror of the blood scene around me came crashing home. I had given nothing but blood and death.

“Min… I have to get to Min…” the thought came and left just as quickly.

I finally lost consciousness.

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