Chapter 2 – The Paso Town.

Jay sat on the wooden logs, the sword was plunged inside the ground.

There was a transparent screen in front of him that Agnessa could not see. It was the system screen – it had his name and photo on it.


Name – Jay(Temporary)

Race – Human

Occupation – Fallen Hero

Level – 1(???)(True Level Sealed)

HP 400/400

Strength – 20

Agility – 15

Stamina – 40

Skills – MartialArts Master, Weapons Masters.

Special Skills – Domination.


Would you like to access the system store? Y/N

Jay clicked on the empty air, “Yes.”


Welcome to the store, current worlds available – 0. Broken worlds available – 1.

Jay clicked on the broken world that was available:

Lost Continent,

Food, (Available)

Clothes, (Available)

Items (Not available)

Books (Not available)

Magic Items (Not available)

Magic Books (Not available)


Money – 1 Gold Coin.


Jay glanced at Agnessa, who was warming herself up after having a bath near the well. She was still wearing the cloak, “How does the currency work?”

“Mmm…” Agnessa glanced over, replying with a dignified look on her face, “Ten Bronze make a Silver, Ten Silver make a Gold.”

“How much does a cloth cost in a normal market?”

“Low levels cost around three to four bronze coins. One with better quality could range from one silver to five silver. Those with the best quality, and the ones that usually nobles and royals wear cost one to three golds.”

“You are informative for a noble Duchess.”

Agnessa shrugged, “nobles have to do more than you think. It’s not happy life as people assume it to be.”

“Hmm, one of the people here called the King to be a traitor – what was that about?”

Agnessa chuckled, “straight to the point, aren’t you! Well, It’s not a big secret – the current king wasn’t even numbered when it came to succession. But he betrayed the country, he brought Niverah Kindom into our business, and with their help, he won. After coming to power, he killed all our brothers and married all the sisters away.”

“So he’s a puppet king?”

“Yes, but Niverah don’t really interfere in our affair. They seemed to be busy searching old ruins – the only reason they made such a move was to get access to ruins in our land. Otherwise, they might not have even cared.”

Jay sat there, looking at the terminal. He put his hand on the hilt, his eyes closed, ‘How do I unlock more options?’

It was just a try to communicate with the sword, but it worked.


[Path hasn’t been chosen.]


Jay stood up, tapping the sword, a black dress appeared in front of him. He threw it at Agnessa, “here, wear this, and we are leaving.”

Agnessa rubbed the material of the black dress, “well, this would do for now. Where do you plan to go, My Lord.”

“Nearest Isengard’s village or town, and then go back home.”

Agnessa took off the coak, frowning as she stood naked in the center of the village, “My Lord, can I get some undergarments?”

After a few moments, Jay put a white bra and panty in front of her. It caused her to giggle happily, “My Lord seems to understand my choice.”

She slowly wore the clothes, not worried about the prying eyes, not even trying to hide.

After putting the cloak over it, she straightened her clothing, “How do we plan to travel, My Lord.”

Jay started walking, “On foot.”

Agnessa frowned, running after him, “I hope you are not serious!”

While both of them walked, Jay tried to figure things about the stat systems.

Along the way, from what he figured out, he had a strength of around two-hundred kg. So one stat point would be ten kg. But even he knew that every hundred levels were a qualitative change.

While his speed was around a hundred and fifty meters per second.


But there was one thing that bugged him, the woman behind him was huffing, barely able to drag her legs.

It made him stop and ask, “what level are you?” Although it had been a few hours, she should be that tired.

She tried her best to catch her best, speaking, “Level? You mean Tier?”

“Yeah, whatever you call it.”

“1st Bronze Peak.” From what he figured, it should be level ten.

Jay stopped turned back, scrutinizing her, “You should be stronger than that.”

Agnessa blinked, “I was once, but after the failure of succession, I and other sisters like me, our powers were sealed. To make sure we can’t revolt against our new owners.”

She covered her mouth as if embarrassed about her slip-up, “I mean our husbands.”

Jay looked around, “I’ll collect firewoods.” He couldn’t just push her – she was his ticket to a position to power.


Sometime later, Jay put together a bonfire and a few stones for them to sit. All the while, Agnessa sat near a tree, leaning against the tree, “So? What do you plan?” She asked when Jay sat down.

Jay sat near the fire, staring up at the deary sky, “Not sure, I have decided to kill your brother and become the new king. What I haven’t decided is how.”

Agnessa curled her lips, “he’s better protected than you might think – there are Silver Knights and Magicians around him. Let alone if he’s in a bad spot, Niverah would send Golden Knights and Magicians.”

“As I said, I haven’t decided, but I’ll do it somehow.” Just hearing about the Kingdom wasn’t enough. He needed to see it, meet the people there, see the cracks insides, things, people, culture, economy, anything that he could exploit. Usually, in such backward Kingdoms, there were plenty of those. Especially with Magicians and Knights creating a more extensive class divide than Nobles and Commoners.

But that divide seemed smaller than he would have liked.

The two continued their journey for two more days water, food, and other necessities were mostly available through the system. Allowing a more hygienic trip than Jay or even Agnessa had expected.

When they reached the first town, even Jay couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Agnessa stretched her body, making the cloak strick to her front, revealing her tempestuous figure, “finally, the Paso town.”

It was a small town, with one-story buildings on both sides of a wide road. The design of the building reminded Jay of wild west towns from the USA.

For his second trial – He was sent to a planet called earth. The Dungeon gates appeared in that world – after failing his trail, he was dropped down here. But before that, he lived in that world for a few years. It was a world that offered a wide variety of entertainment – it was his guilty pleasure between the raids. The raids also did take him around the world.

It was early morning when they reached the village – there were barely any people on the road, a few stray sheeps walked around.

Jay looked around, crossing Knights Office, Salon, and a closed Weapon shop. He stopped in front of the Inn, but moments later, Agnessa pulled him from his hand, “not here, My Lord!”

Jay glanced at her happy face until she dragged him in front of the only two-story building in the town, “Every town has a place for Royals and Nobles to stay. This is the one.”

Jay stared at the board – Royal Inn was written in big letters. The moment two stepped inside, two fully armored knights drew out their swords, stopping Jay from entering further.

“Duchess, Welcome back. Forgive my rudeness, but only nobles are allowed to stay in this Inn. Servants are not allowed to enter.” One of the Knights spoke, his eyes glanced at Jay. Well, he was mostly trying not to look at the Duchess, who was not wearing her cloak. Her undergarments were visible from her tight black dress, her figure was enough to make any man stare at her. But they wanted to live, so they could only stare at the boy to distract themselves.

Agnessa shouted in anger, “don’t be rude!!! Lord here is a noble from the Crimson Kingdom!” The two removed their sword in hesitation, “But Duchess…” The knight wanted to say that the boy was conning her when he finally spoke.

“Step down.”

It was the calmest voice that they had heard, but it made them bow their head. Just the thought that this boy was not of a noble lineage seemed so foolhardy now.

“Yes, Lord!” Both of them saluted at Jay’s back as he walked up the stairs with Agnessa.

She showed him to a room -the room in this small town could be said to be too luxurious.

It had a big bed, chairs, and tables made of the finest wood curtails of the finest silk. There was a feeling of shining light piercing his eyes when he stepped inside. It was because of all the luxury put into one room.

Agnessa closed the door behind her, a smile hanging on her lips, “My Lord, do you like the room?”

Jay let out a breath of relief – finally, a smile appeared on his face as he sat down on the comfortable chair, basking in the morning sunlight that sneaked through the window curtains, “Yeah.”

“Oh my, that’s one charming smile you have,” Agnessa said, her cheek slightly blushing. But Jay didn’t care – ninety-nine percent of the time, her expressions were fake.

After seeing the unresponsive Jay – She didn’t stop smiling. Instead, she bowed, “My Lord desires for something? If you might like, you can use a bath – I’ll have the finest women sent to serve you. If you’d want, there might even be a few young virgins that you could keep.”

“Books on Magic, do you have them?”

Angnessa blinked, “Yes, but not many. If you’d like, I can ask someone to get as many as you’d like.”

Jay opened his eyes – his sharp red eyes seemed to peer inside her soul. “Books on Magic – Martial Arts – The Path of Knight – Geography – Religion – Political Situation – Royal History – Noble Families. I want all of them.”

Agnessa’s lips curled into a happier smile, “Yes, My Lord.”

Before she left, Jay spoke again, “Also, a woman, a magician would be preferable.”

“That would be hard, but I’ll have it arranged by tomorrow. I know someone that the Lord would love.” She became even happier as she excitedly left the room.

Jay stood up, opening the curtains. He covered his eyes to protect them from the sudden light before he opened them again, staring out of the window.

From his room, he got a good view of the town, even the entrance of this Inn. He waited until Agnessa finally came out, sending some knights on the errands.

A happy, expecting smile appeared on his face, “I wonder what method you’d use – To try and kill me.”