Chapter 9 – Lady Sierra of Sercenasse


Jay stepped back, breathing heavily, “Come on, go easy on me…” His face was full of sweat, so was his body. His white t-shirt was stuck to his body because it was wet.

Emily stopped slashing her blunt sword at him, “You are better than I thought…”

“Yeah…Hah…Quick Learner…me…” Jay said, trying to put words together to make a sentence.

Emily walked closer to him, her long ashen hair waving with every step. Her bright blue eyes stared at him – her thin fingers touching his body, “I still can’t get used to that body of yours…It’s so good.”

Although Jay knew the context was completely different – He still said, “Sexual Harassment much?”

She took the little mass that she could get near his abdomen, pinching it, “don’t push it!”

“Ouch! Ok! Hurt!!” Jay stumbled back a few steps, falling on his butt. He lay down on the floor, his head fell on something soft, and it smelled good. A moan resounded from the body beneath him.

“Ughhh…leave me alone…I’m tired…” Jay heard the thing beneath him speak.

Emily rubbed her forehead, “the two of you…” Her eyes fell on Vivian, lying on the floor. She was wearing some clothes that Jay had with him. It made her wonder why he even had those. But they were tight, something he called (sexy) yoga suit.

Although they were a bit exposing, tight, but from what she saw, they were really comfortable.

She even planned on asking for one, if possible.

Emily tapped Jay’s abdomen with the blunt sword, “get up – there is much training left to do.”

Jay yawned, “I am a Physician – why do I have to do this?”

“Because you are gifted, it would be a waste to not train with that body of yours.”

Jay raised his hand, staring at his palm, “I feel stronger – how does this work?”

Emily raised her eyebrows, “You don’t know?” She didn’t wait for him to answer and walked towards the only cabinet in this nearly empty room.

She pulled open a drawer, taking out a card.

Walking back, she threw it at him, “put your blood on it…”

Jay stared at the card in all seriousness, watching Emily’s sharp observing eyes. He put his blood on it, “Ok?”

Shortly, information appeared on it.


Name – [] It was blank since Jay didn’t fill it.

Race – Human

Occupation – ??? (None)

Level – 10

Strength – 110

Agility – 110

Stamina – 110

Magic – 10


Skills – None

Special Skills – ???


At the same time, the system interface popped up.

# Stats have been updated.


The sudden change made him blink blankly, but Emily snatched it away from him.

She turned it, watching, “Ohh…I was sure you weren’t human…but those stats explain it.”

She soon knit brows, “You really are special.”

“Why do you say that?” Jay asked. He thought it might be because of skills that weren’t showing.

But it was different, “All four of your stats increase with every level you gain.”

“He does what?!!” Vivian nearly jumped up, making Jay’s head get struck against the ground, “Damn!!!”

Vivian stared at him before snatching the card from Emily, “How is that possible!!”

Jay yawned, adjusting himself to fall asleep on this comfortable floor. As a Hero, he had seen thousands of people getting shocked by his absurdness. It was getting boring now.

“This is not fair!!!” Vivian shouted.

“What’s the big deal?” Jay muttered.

Vivian pointed at herself, “People only get two stat points with every level up!!! And it depends on what kind of training helped in leveling us up. How the points are assigned!! But you get an increase in all four!! You even have magic.”

“Pitiful Magic.” Emily corrected. It was as if she was trying to hit him down.

“Oh, Cool.” Jay took the card back, putting it in his pocket. “Well, my training is over – I am going to ogle at Dames.”

Emily held his collar from behind, pulling him back, “we are not done with your training!”

“Nooooo!!!!” Jay sulked, shouting in defiance.

Suddenly he ducked, dodging the blunt sword that missed him by an inch, “than Die.”

Jay pushed Vivian in front, using her as a shield, “No way!! I have important work to do!!!”

Vivian struggled to get free, “Other than playing with that little maid of yours!! What do you have to do?!!”

“Laze around, of course!!!” Jay dodged Emily’s strikes.

“You Dog!!!” Vivian shouted when the sword hit her. Jay pushed her at Emily, running out of the room.

After running outside, mansion, he finally let out a breath, “that woman is crazy!!”

He went and sat down on the bench, watching the dames train, their breasts shaking, sweating bodies, “Yeah…much better.”


Like every other ordinary day, after ogling the dames. Jay went to the office to work with Emily. But, today, Lam was sitting on the main seat.

Jay greeted him with a warm smile, “Lord Lam.”

“Mr. Jay, please have a seat.” He said, pointing at the chair on the left of the table. While Emily was silently sitting on the right side.

Jay took a book from shelves and silently sat there reading it. After a while, Lam Egerton spoke, “Mr. Jay, are you comfortable here?”

“Yeah? It’s better than being in the town…I hate the smell, so I never stay long in one place.”

“Haha…I understand – commoners have no sense of neatness. They could be like that.”

Jay curled his lips, “Yeah…”

Lam Egerton coughed, “So? Did you like any maid? There are some beautiful ones.”

“Hmm…not really. I like watching the dames train, though.”

“Haha, yeah, that is a hobby many nobles have,” Lam said, rubbing his short white beard.

“If you are looking for a partner to relieve stress, how about Emily?”

Jay blinked at the straightforward approach, “Your wife?”

Emily’s pen faltered for a moment, but she continued writing as if her husband wasn’t talking about her.

“Yes, As you know, being old, I can’t satisfy her. But she has a voracious sexual hunger. She would love to be your partner.”

“Uhhh…” Jay’s eyes darted between Lam and Emily, who didn’t react.

Lam waved his hand, “if you have some reservation, then don’t – Emily can’t stop talking about you. She has talked about it so many times…Right, Emily?”

“Yes, Dear…” Emily glanced at Jay shyly, “I would love to be his partner if Jay doesn’t mind it.”

She pulled down her gown a little, letting more of her cleavage show. It made Jay wonder if it would fall off the next moment.

Jay stood up, “I am flattered…but I am not sure. I am comfortable with this.” He darted out of the room, but after a few moments, he tiptoed back.

“Why haven’t you slept with him yet?”

“He’s slippery, Dear…” Emily said in a soft-spoken voice.

“My health is worsening – I think he’s not curing me properly! Ask him!!”

“But Dear…I can’t be brazen?”

Suddenly, there were sounds of things falling, “I don’t care if you walk naked in the house!!! I want to get better!!! *Cough*Cough* Make him talk!!”



The next day was different because the first of Vivian’s sisters reached Egerton’s mansion.

“You could have mentioned she is an elf?” Jay said, observing the woman in front of him while she scanned every part of his body with her eyes.

Woman, No, maybe he should call her a girl. She was petite, dark-skinned, hazel-colored eyes. Wearing a white sundress and without slippers or shoes. Yet, her feet were clean and clear, with not a speck of dust on her body.

The most eye-catching thing was those elven pointy ears on her head.

“So it was you…who took Lil Vivian’s first.”

“Big sis!!” Vivian shouted with a blushing face. But completely ignoring her, the little girl held put her hands between his legs, “Hmm…I see you are packing something good.”

Trembling, Jay took a few tens of step back, “Look, Ms. Creepy Girl, Lady, whatever you are. Can you not molest me?”

Vivian’s sister sighed, “Oh, you humans…You should be more like us, Elves.”

“What does that mean?” Suddenly, her words caught Jay’s interest.

The little girl blinked, “You don’t know?”

“Know what?”

“Elves are famous for roaming around their villages naked. They are free-spirited, so they have many partners and rarely settle down with one. If someone gets pregnant, then after the birth, Mother has a choice, giving her choice to the Elven Royal Court for grooming, or nature herself.” A third voice gave the explanation.

Jay glanced back at Emily, walking over as she explained.

“It’s a mother’s choice if she wants the father to be a part of child’s life or not. Sometimes when the mother gives up her claim to the child, the fathers can claim them.” The little girl spoke. She looked at Jay suspiciously, “But this is common knowledge.”

Vivian took Jay’s arm, “Oh! He is always so busy, and he hates going out in town. So, Jay is missing a bit of common sense.” Jay smiled wryly, rubbing the back of his head.

The little girl looked even more suspicious, but Emily interrupted her thought, “Please, Lady Sierra of the Sercenasse Village. You are most welcomed in the Noble house of Egertons.”

Emily bowed in front of her, inviting her inside.

Chapter 3 – Vivian

The next morning, Jay sat on the chair, reading an old book. It was a book on magic and told about how to cast the spells, but there was nothing on how to master magical energy.

It was something he already expected – it must be a knowledge that the magicians guarded with all their might.

Agnessa didn’t exactly have too much power, despite being the Duchess. Even though he was sure she’d make her move and try to kill him, but before that, she would try her best to make sure he wasn’t suspicious. Or all his demands were met to her best ability.

While he read, the town outside had started to bustle about.

The people were out on the road, ready for their everyday work. The miners had taken up their equipment, moving towards the hills in front of the town. The direction from where he and Agnessa came from was the forest – there were small hills and mountains in the opposite direction.

You had to cross them to reach the deeper area of the kingdom. These were the outskirts with only a few mining towns.

Paso Town was one of them, the closest to the criminal village.



“Come,” Jay said, closing the book. His eyes glanced towards the door – a young girl around his age stepped inside. She had blue hairs, blue eyes that were frightened even as she came. A smile appeared on Jay’s face – although he didn’t know how the magic worked in fallen worlds, he could feel it, the energy around the girl.

Well, there was also that teardrop face of hers, pink lips, and the vibrant, youthful vibe she was giving off. She was tall – around a hundred and seventy centimeters. Wearing a red-colored robe over a teal blue asymmetrical long dress.

She tightened her fist nervously, watching Jay’s eyes, closely watching her, seeing her squirm made Jay’s eyes narrowed in a smile. With a dress like that, he was expecting her to more mature.

Just as he stood up, the girl stumbled farther into the room. It was apparent she was pushed from behind. But she tightened her fist, even more, shivering.

Agnessa’s face popped up from behind her, “My Lord, this is Vivian – do you like her?”

Jay walked over near Vivian, even as he was a few inches away from her. He looked over at Agnessa’s grinning face, “Yeah, she’d do. Good Work.”

Agnessa clapped her hands, “thank you for the praise, My Lord. I am happy to be at your service.”

Agnessa left the room, closing the door behind her. But the smile on her face didn’t falter for a moment.

“Do you know why you are here?”

Vivian trembled, her blue eyes turning up to stare at him, “Yes, To Serve You, My Lord.”

Jay stared in her eyes, the defiant look that she wouldn’t lose herself no matter what. He walked back, taking up a book on magic, “teach me how to master magical energy.”

Vivian stared at him for a few moments, “what?”

Jay waved the book in his hand, “I want to become a magician – how do I do it?”

Vivian widened her eyes even more, “what?!!”

The first time Jay thought it was because she wasn’t expecting it. But the second time, he felt it might be something else.

“How did you become a magician?”

“I was born with magical powers, like all other magicians,” Vivian said, a little confused – this was supposed to be common sense.

“Oh, is that so,” Jay threw the book back on the table, sighing. If this was the rule this broken world followed, then the only system might help him get over it. But there was that Path has not been chosen thing.

As someone who had used the system before – he knew the system only reacted to actions, not words. Mostly.

He must have been lost in thought for a while. Because when he turned around, Vivian was sitting at the edge of the bed.

She stood up the moment he turned, even shifting to hide the few bed sheet. Trying to hide the fact that she sat down on the bed.

Jay sat down, taking the jug from the table, pouring some tea from himself and her, “Here, have some tea.”

Vivian was caught off guard again, “No need.”

“You will be here for a long time, have some. I need to ask you a few things you can’t keep standing up?”

Vivian hesitantly nodded, slowly moving to sit down on the chair in front of him. She held the cup with both her hands, taking a small sip, trying to taste for heat.

Finding it at the perfect heat, she chugged down the whole cup of tea in one go.

Jay refilled her cup after she slammed it down on the table.

“Thank you.”

Jay nodded, his eyes staring at her profile, “So, what is your story?”

Vivian shook her head, “it is nothing that would interest you, My Lord.”

Jay glanced at her before taking up a book that talked about knights and their training regimes.

He silently turned pages, reading at a steady rate. But even as he peacefully read, there was the sound of an impatient foot tapping.

Vivian rose up from her chair, “My Lord!”


“Is there something you’d like me to do?”

Jay stopped, looking up, “I already asked you, what is your story?”

Vivian bit her lips – her breasts heaved up and down before she finally couldn’t take the way he was gazing at her.

She shouted, “I WAS BORN WITH MAGICAL POWERS – MY REAL PARENTS SOLD ME AWAY TO A WITCH BECAUSE OF THAT. SHE RAISED ME…” She sat down on the chair, her voice also became lower, remembering something, “I and the others grew up like sisters. Mother was really kind to us – she taught us everything she knew.”

She paused, “A few months back, she was killed by an assassin. None of us were strong enough to protect the tower from the mercenaries. We were scattered – I had been hiding in a nearby small town, practicing magic, hoping to become more powerful. Hoping to help my sisters and take back our tower. Also, find out who killed our mother and take revenge. Not long after that, there were wanted posters of my sisters and me.”

She bit her lips, looking down, “But yesterday, the Knights came, they brought me here to that woman. She dressed me up and told me to serve you in the best way I can. In return, she wouldn’t hand me to the nobles who put out a reward on my sisters and me.”


“They were the ones that hired mercenary, the nobles of Palmer Territory. It was where Mother magic tower was. She didn’t have good relations with the Palmer Family. They must be the ones behind her death.” She had her clenched fist – even though her voice had slowly turned low and calm, Jay could feel the energy pulsing around her. It had started to cause a mini poltergeist.

Jay silently drank tea even after hearing her story, “Hmm.”

Vivian puffed her face, standing up – she stared down at Jay, “I just told you my life story!! And ‘Hmm’ is that all you have to say?”

Jay stood up, walking to her. She stepped back, waving her hands, “wait, sorry, okay? Hmm, is alright? Whatever you -” She widened her eyes when her lips were stolen by him. Her legs stumbled back, but soon her back was against the wall. She wanted to push him away, but he held her arm against the wall. Kissing her, taking her lips as if he owned them.

Jay watched her face, going red, her on hand trying to struggle against his chest, her legs squirming. But slowly, her struggles were dying down – she closed her eyes, not moving.

Jay untied her wrap dress the moment his arm touched her naked skin. She trembled – there was a red blush on her face as his hands roamed around her skin. She slowly started kissed back, her hands wrapped around his body, pulling him closer.

Jay pulled back, her face followed him, wanting to continue the kiss, “I thought she made a mistake…it seems she chose really well.”

“Ah…” Vivian embarrassedly wanted to say something, but Jay took her lips again. Her legs started rubbing against his legs – she finally climbed on him, her legs wrapped around his waist.

Jay pushed her hair back, kissing her neck, making Vivian moan. She raised her chin, her hand wrapped around his head, her lower body slowly started to grind against him.

Jay moved to hold her body in the air, putting her down the bed. His eyes swept across her body. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Agnessa made sure Vivian was effortlessly available.

Towering over her, he took off his t-shirt. Adjusting herself on the bed, Vivian held his head, pulling him closer – her other hand roamed over his abdomen, chest.

Kissing, she suddenly stopped, looking away, “I…never had it in me before.”

Jay gave her a single long kiss, his red eyes stared deep in her eyes, “let me take care of it.”

Chapter 2 – The Paso Town.

Jay sat on the wooden logs, the sword was plunged inside the ground.

There was a transparent screen in front of him that Agnessa could not see. It was the system screen – it had his name and photo on it.


Name – Jay(Temporary)

Race – Human

Occupation – Fallen Hero

Level – 1(???)(True Level Sealed)

HP 400/400

Strength – 20

Agility – 15

Stamina – 40

Skills – MartialArts Master, Weapons Masters.

Special Skills – Domination.


Would you like to access the system store? Y/N

Jay clicked on the empty air, “Yes.”


Welcome to the store, current worlds available – 0. Broken worlds available – 1.

Jay clicked on the broken world that was available:

Lost Continent,

Food, (Available)

Clothes, (Available)

Items (Not available)

Books (Not available)

Magic Items (Not available)

Magic Books (Not available)


Money – 1 Gold Coin.


Jay glanced at Agnessa, who was warming herself up after having a bath near the well. She was still wearing the cloak, “How does the currency work?”

“Mmm…” Agnessa glanced over, replying with a dignified look on her face, “Ten Bronze make a Silver, Ten Silver make a Gold.”

“How much does a cloth cost in a normal market?”

“Low levels cost around three to four bronze coins. One with better quality could range from one silver to five silver. Those with the best quality, and the ones that usually nobles and royals wear cost one to three golds.”

“You are informative for a noble Duchess.”

Agnessa shrugged, “nobles have to do more than you think. It’s not happy life as people assume it to be.”

“Hmm, one of the people here called the King to be a traitor – what was that about?”

Agnessa chuckled, “straight to the point, aren’t you! Well, It’s not a big secret – the current king wasn’t even numbered when it came to succession. But he betrayed the country, he brought Niverah Kindom into our business, and with their help, he won. After coming to power, he killed all our brothers and married all the sisters away.”

“So he’s a puppet king?”

“Yes, but Niverah don’t really interfere in our affair. They seemed to be busy searching old ruins – the only reason they made such a move was to get access to ruins in our land. Otherwise, they might not have even cared.”

Jay sat there, looking at the terminal. He put his hand on the hilt, his eyes closed, ‘How do I unlock more options?’

It was just a try to communicate with the sword, but it worked.


[Path hasn’t been chosen.]


Jay stood up, tapping the sword, a black dress appeared in front of him. He threw it at Agnessa, “here, wear this, and we are leaving.”

Agnessa rubbed the material of the black dress, “well, this would do for now. Where do you plan to go, My Lord.”

“Nearest Isengard’s village or town, and then go back home.”

Agnessa took off the coak, frowning as she stood naked in the center of the village, “My Lord, can I get some undergarments?”

After a few moments, Jay put a white bra and panty in front of her. It caused her to giggle happily, “My Lord seems to understand my choice.”

She slowly wore the clothes, not worried about the prying eyes, not even trying to hide.

After putting the cloak over it, she straightened her clothing, “How do we plan to travel, My Lord.”

Jay started walking, “On foot.”

Agnessa frowned, running after him, “I hope you are not serious!”

While both of them walked, Jay tried to figure things about the stat systems.

Along the way, from what he figured out, he had a strength of around two-hundred kg. So one stat point would be ten kg. But even he knew that every hundred levels were a qualitative change.

While his speed was around a hundred and fifty meters per second.


But there was one thing that bugged him, the woman behind him was huffing, barely able to drag her legs.

It made him stop and ask, “what level are you?” Although it had been a few hours, she should be that tired.

She tried her best to catch her best, speaking, “Level? You mean Tier?”

“Yeah, whatever you call it.”

“1st Bronze Peak.” From what he figured, it should be level ten.

Jay stopped turned back, scrutinizing her, “You should be stronger than that.”

Agnessa blinked, “I was once, but after the failure of succession, I and other sisters like me, our powers were sealed. To make sure we can’t revolt against our new owners.”

She covered her mouth as if embarrassed about her slip-up, “I mean our husbands.”

Jay looked around, “I’ll collect firewoods.” He couldn’t just push her – she was his ticket to a position to power.


Sometime later, Jay put together a bonfire and a few stones for them to sit. All the while, Agnessa sat near a tree, leaning against the tree, “So? What do you plan?” She asked when Jay sat down.

Jay sat near the fire, staring up at the deary sky, “Not sure, I have decided to kill your brother and become the new king. What I haven’t decided is how.”

Agnessa curled her lips, “he’s better protected than you might think – there are Silver Knights and Magicians around him. Let alone if he’s in a bad spot, Niverah would send Golden Knights and Magicians.”

“As I said, I haven’t decided, but I’ll do it somehow.” Just hearing about the Kingdom wasn’t enough. He needed to see it, meet the people there, see the cracks insides, things, people, culture, economy, anything that he could exploit. Usually, in such backward Kingdoms, there were plenty of those. Especially with Magicians and Knights creating a more extensive class divide than Nobles and Commoners.

But that divide seemed smaller than he would have liked.

The two continued their journey for two more days water, food, and other necessities were mostly available through the system. Allowing a more hygienic trip than Jay or even Agnessa had expected.

When they reached the first town, even Jay couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Agnessa stretched her body, making the cloak strick to her front, revealing her tempestuous figure, “finally, the Paso town.”

It was a small town, with one-story buildings on both sides of a wide road. The design of the building reminded Jay of wild west towns from the USA.

For his second trial – He was sent to a planet called earth. The Dungeon gates appeared in that world – after failing his trail, he was dropped down here. But before that, he lived in that world for a few years. It was a world that offered a wide variety of entertainment – it was his guilty pleasure between the raids. The raids also did take him around the world.

It was early morning when they reached the village – there were barely any people on the road, a few stray sheeps walked around.

Jay looked around, crossing Knights Office, Salon, and a closed Weapon shop. He stopped in front of the Inn, but moments later, Agnessa pulled him from his hand, “not here, My Lord!”

Jay glanced at her happy face until she dragged him in front of the only two-story building in the town, “Every town has a place for Royals and Nobles to stay. This is the one.”

Jay stared at the board – Royal Inn was written in big letters. The moment two stepped inside, two fully armored knights drew out their swords, stopping Jay from entering further.

“Duchess, Welcome back. Forgive my rudeness, but only nobles are allowed to stay in this Inn. Servants are not allowed to enter.” One of the Knights spoke, his eyes glanced at Jay. Well, he was mostly trying not to look at the Duchess, who was not wearing her cloak. Her undergarments were visible from her tight black dress, her figure was enough to make any man stare at her. But they wanted to live, so they could only stare at the boy to distract themselves.

Agnessa shouted in anger, “don’t be rude!!! Lord here is a noble from the Crimson Kingdom!” The two removed their sword in hesitation, “But Duchess…” The knight wanted to say that the boy was conning her when he finally spoke.

“Step down.”

It was the calmest voice that they had heard, but it made them bow their head. Just the thought that this boy was not of a noble lineage seemed so foolhardy now.

“Yes, Lord!” Both of them saluted at Jay’s back as he walked up the stairs with Agnessa.

She showed him to a room -the room in this small town could be said to be too luxurious.

It had a big bed, chairs, and tables made of the finest wood curtails of the finest silk. There was a feeling of shining light piercing his eyes when he stepped inside. It was because of all the luxury put into one room.

Agnessa closed the door behind her, a smile hanging on her lips, “My Lord, do you like the room?”

Jay let out a breath of relief – finally, a smile appeared on his face as he sat down on the comfortable chair, basking in the morning sunlight that sneaked through the window curtains, “Yeah.”

“Oh my, that’s one charming smile you have,” Agnessa said, her cheek slightly blushing. But Jay didn’t care – ninety-nine percent of the time, her expressions were fake.

After seeing the unresponsive Jay – She didn’t stop smiling. Instead, she bowed, “My Lord desires for something? If you might like, you can use a bath – I’ll have the finest women sent to serve you. If you’d want, there might even be a few young virgins that you could keep.”

“Books on Magic, do you have them?”

Angnessa blinked, “Yes, but not many. If you’d like, I can ask someone to get as many as you’d like.”

Jay opened his eyes – his sharp red eyes seemed to peer inside her soul. “Books on Magic – Martial Arts – The Path of Knight – Geography – Religion – Political Situation – Royal History – Noble Families. I want all of them.”

Agnessa’s lips curled into a happier smile, “Yes, My Lord.”

Before she left, Jay spoke again, “Also, a woman, a magician would be preferable.”

“That would be hard, but I’ll have it arranged by tomorrow. I know someone that the Lord would love.” She became even happier as she excitedly left the room.

Jay stood up, opening the curtains. He covered his eyes to protect them from the sudden light before he opened them again, staring out of the window.

From his room, he got a good view of the town, even the entrance of this Inn. He waited until Agnessa finally came out, sending some knights on the errands.

A happy, expecting smile appeared on his face, “I wonder what method you’d use – To try and kill me.”

Chapter 1 – The Sword and the Woman.

Under a dark, dreary sky, the light crept from beyond the dark cloud that covered the sky.

One ray of light sneaked across the dark trees and fell on the boy lay on the shining blue glass.

He stared towards the dull, cloudy sky – the eighteen or nineteen-year-old boy raised his hand as if trying to stop the few rays of light from falling on his face.

“So the legend was true…” He muttered.

The boy raised his body, sitting up – his smooth spiky black hairs shook as he stood up. His red eyes stared down at his body – there was just one piece of clothing covering his body, an old cloak black cloak with a few holes in it.

He randomly chose a direction and started walking; the boy wasn’t sure how long he walked. He walked a while before reaching the edge of the forest – stepping out of it, his red eyes fell on burning lights in the distance.

The boy walked towards the light, reaching a village. The village had few arrows and rusty weapons lying around. The houses were broken, some people were fetching water from a well.

There weren’t many people in the village, around twenty or thirty. A few men and women were wearing old broken clothes, sitting around the bonfire.

The boy went around the fire, sitting on the empty place on the wooden logs that the few men and women were sitting on.

One of the women glanced in his way, “Oh, we get fresh blood after so long, and all we get is a pretty boy?” On the surface, she seemed to be an ordinary village’s housewife, but there was an air of warrior around her.

“Don’t be so harsh on him – Boy! which Kingdom are you exiled from?” A man came sitting beside him, patting his back.

The boy raised his hand, pointing forward in a random direction.

“Isengard…the Kingdom of the Traitor King.”

One of the men, the one with the scar, spoke, staring in that direction, “I am also from there.” He suddenly laughed, “I was sent here for killing the bar owner. He dared asked me for money!!”

Crazed laughter rose from the people that surrounded the fire – it was as if they heard the funniest joke ever.

The boy stared at them before turning his eyes towards other villagers; the few other tens of people looked at this group with nervous eyes.

The boy watched them, his eyes darting between their faces. He stared at the fire, hearing them brag about their crimes and the reason why they were sent to this place.

He soaked information from them as they tried to brag – this world seemed to have three human kingdoms. But there were also monster races that kept the three kingdoms on their toes and stopped them from expanding.

The broken village where they were – it was close to the area that the Goblins ruled over.

Because there were so many monsters to fight and protect their kingdom from, criminals weren’t killed. They were put under a dark magic contract and sent to the boundary areas to survive. If you could stay alive long enough and kill enough monsters, then not only you’d be forgiven, but you’d get a title for nobility. But well, no one ever survived long enough.

The scar-faced man, who seemed to be the leader of the group, said, “Boy do you know how to wield a weapon?”

The boy gave a brief nod looking at the man.

The scar-faced man laughed, “Good! Don’t end up like the girl that came last week!”

The boy didn’t ask anything – he kept staring at the fire. It seemed to have caused the others to lose interest. There were these kinds of people. People like him found it too hard to face reality, so they mostly stayed silent.

Slowly, they stood up, leaving to sleep. When the moon was at its highest, the boy rose to his feet. He walked out of the village, following the wreckage of bows, arrows, scorch marks, water puddles.

When the moon moved away from its highest point, the boy reached a territory where he finally saw the small footsteps. Even in the shadows, behind the trees, a few presences were moving around.

He stopped walking after reaching an area with a few broken trees. He stood there waiting for a while when suddenly he heard a cackling sound behind him. He took a step to his left, dodging the club that struck the ground where he stood.

The boy put his leg on the club, balancing his body on the top of the club, rotating and kicking the green, rough-skinned humanoid. It had pointy ears, claws, fangs, and a long nose – it held its broken nose, trying to scamper away. But before it could run away, the boy picked up the club and slammed it on the goblin’s head from behind. The strike had so much power and skill behind it that it blasted the goblin’s head to pieces without breaking the club.

The boy kept walking in the same direction – there were a few goblins who tried to sneak attack but ended up getting killed with a swing of the club. He arrived at a cave with bones splattered outside. He bent down to look at the bones before confirming them to be human bones.

The boy glanced at them and walked inside – it didn’t take long before there were sounds of clattering and cackling.

Numerous footsteps came from all around, the boy exhaled. Moments later, he dashed towards the left – behind a stone pillar was a few goblins. They held hand-made spears and axes – the moment the boy’s towering appearance appeared in front of them, they tried to attack him. But before they could even move, the club hit the faces of the two in front, blasting them.

The boy snatched the spear from the hands of one of the dead ones piercing the eye of one of the goblins. The spear went inside his brain even as he screamed.

The boy dodged the attack from the fourth and last one, picking up the club, slamming it down on the goblins head, breaking it and the club.

With blood splashed all over his broken cloak, the boy bent down, picking up the two axes that two of them carried. He closed his eyes for a moment before rushing in the other direction, soon he began slaughtering the goblins as they came.

After a long time, the boy stopped, surrounded by goblins dead bodies – the boy looked around, “nothing useful…”

He walked deeper inside the cave, reaching what seemed to be an inner area. As he got closer, he could hear panting voices – the voices of goblins were most prominent.

Without hesitation, he entered the inner area – inside, there were goblins fucking a beautiful woman with blond hair. As roughly as they were using her, it made the boy wonder how she was still alive.

The goblins were too indulged in the woman to notice him – he walked over and killed one of them. The blood from its broken head splattered all over the woman and other goblins surrounding her.

Making strange voices, saying something in a language that only a goblin would understand, they backed away. But the boy didn’t let go – he slashed the ax, killing the weaponless goblins.

The boy stopped there and looked around the room, trying to search for something, when something caught the bottom of his cloak.

“Thank you…thank you…” He glanced back to see the woman with a round face, blonde hair, broad nose, grey eyes, whimpering. You couldn’t tell that this woman had been moaning with her face twisted in pleasure a few moments ago.

The boy stared at her eyes, she seemed to be genuinely upset, but there was one direction she wouldn’t glance. A smile appeared on the boy’s face – it was a hollow smile that reflected a bit of happiness. He pulled away from the woman, but she didn’t seem to want to let go. Causing the only broken cloak covering his body to fall. He was a tall man, muscles sculpted so well that it seemed they were carved by god, itself. He didn’t seem to be mind being naked as he walked towards the wall. Standing at one corner, the boy touched the rock until he finally found a way to open it. He moved the door made up of multiple rocks – it was perfect camouflage, without the woman’s hint, he wouldn’t have found it this easily. He used force to push away six feet high rocks away, revealing a little pool. It was only a few meters in diameter – at the center was a rusty sword, stabbed in the ground.

It was a silver sword with a golden handguard and black hilt. It had ancient golden ruins carved at the center of the blade. But it was rusted, only an image of what it was.

The boy watched it before looking back at the woman, who was also watching the sword with intense fascination in her eyes.

The boy gestured towards her, “come here.”

“Me? Young Master?” The woman snapped of her daze, innocently pointing at herself.

She didn’t wait for the boy to answer but came running, her breasts bounced with every step she took. The boy pointed at the sword, “pick it.”

It was a command that made the woman step back, biting her lips. But it made the boy blink, “You can’t?” She must have already tried it. It made him wonder for a moment why she stayed for so many days if she already knew this was a dead end.

“Young master…” She said in a soft voice that was on the edge of breaking down in the sobs.

But the boy didn’t seem to notice, “you know what it is?”

The woman looked down, her shoulders shivered, “An ancient artifact?”

The boy looked at the sword, “there is a legend on the infinite ladder – it says that when a hero fails to save the world, he and the broken world fall into the shadows of the infinite ladder. But if the Hero fails the gatekeeper’s trail, he is sent to the first broken world. He must make up, atone and overcome the reasons that made him fail the trail, and then and only then can he pick the sword that no one else in the world could.”

“What happens when he picks up the sword?” The woman asked in a calm, intrigued voice – her head was still staring down at the ground.

The boy smiled, not surprised by the change, “he’d be given another chance to pass the gatekeeper’s trail and climb the infinite ladder.”

“And you planned to pick the sword?”

The boy glanced back, his smile turned warm, “atone? Overcome the desires that made me fall into this world? I don’t give a damn!”

His voice turned louder, laughing, he walked over to the sword.

“I will relish them, enjoy everything that these worlds have to offer. I will enjoy myself, live all my dark desires, amass powers, conquer all the broken worlds that lie in the shadow of Infinite Ladder.”

When he put the hand on the sword, blue thunder and lightning shone, rejecting him. But the boy’s eyes shined, his hand holding the sword’s handle, “I will climb the Infine Ladder, but my way!!!”

The lightning and thunder became even bigger, but slowly it turned into black-red thunder and lightning.

The sword moved, slowly sliding out of the floor.

The thunder and lightning covered the boy’s body, turning into the black shirt and pants, with a long black coat over it. A brown hilt appeared on his waist, stuck to the belt. When the light disappeared, the rust from the sword was also gone.

The boy put the sword back in the sheathe, turned around to look at the woman, who had been blown away when he was picking it up.

She raised her body, panting when the boy walked towards her. Her heartbeat became even faster when he came closer when he crouched down in front of her. She could feel her body trembling, her stomach churning, “are you going to kill me?” It wasn’t like she wasn’t trying to kill him. She had tried to think of so many ways to kill this boy, but the moment she even tried to move, she could sense death an inch away from her.

The boy smiled as if she had asked a stupid question, “Will you be useful to me?”

She glanced at him in surprise, “I will do everything to please master!”

But the boy stared at her and asked again, “will you be useful?”

The woman blinked, her lips curving in a smile, “What do you want.”


She blinked, “you were serious about conquering this world?”


A twisted smile appeared on her face as she stood up, clapping “that sounds fun!! But are you sure you want a tainted woman like me to help?”

The boy tapped the sword, a cloak appeared in thin air, “you enjoy being raped by monsters. That is your thing – I don’t care. As long as you are useful to me.”

The woman wrapped the cloak around her body, giggling, “To think you figured it out! The men who usually save me don’t figure it out.”

She fixed her hairs, bowing, “My name is Agnessa Von Isengard, the sister of the current king and wife of Duke Rusell Grey. And what should I call you?”

The boy paused for a moment, “I left behind everything when I fell to this realm…Just call me J. for now. I’ll think of a name later.” His sight turned towards the sword – this sword was much more than a ticket back. Right now, he wanted to see how useful it could be.

Agnessa followed the boy as he walked outside the cave, “Jay?”


“Yes, Jay? Right?”

“J and a dot.”

“Mmm, Jay is better. Anyway, they seem the same…”

“Whatever, it’s just a temporary name.”


“What is it?”

Angnessa stared at his side profile, “Lord should give up so easily, especially when he plans to rule worlds.”

Jay glanced at her, “Stubbornly holding on to something that is not important is foolhardy. It serves no purpose.”

Angnessa’s eyes twinkled, “but my lord, a name is an important thing. You must have one that matches your majesty.”

Jay waved his hand, “I’ll think about it…”

Arriving outside the cave, the boy looked at the deary sky. His eyes seemed to pass through the heaven, crossing the void, and a sea of nothingness, until four shadows appeared in front of his eyes, “we will meet one day…Heroes.” He whispered with a refreshed smile on his face.

Prologue – The Fallen One’s

There was a tale that was famous on the Infinite Ladder – it was the one that told of its origins.

Long before the Infinite Ladder was created, the worlds used to be separated by the sea on the nothingness that not even all transcending, omniscient, and omnipresent beings cross over.

They presided over their own worlds until one day, two such beings came into contact.

Their encounter created a ripple in the sea of nothingness, allowing other beings of such caliber.

Those beings were the ones that created Infinite Ladder and put Infinite Worlds on it.

Their purpose still remained unknown, but since that time, the trails started.

Chosen ones were given a chance to climb the ladder.

To become a chosen one, you needed to fulfill two conditions – You had to save a world and then pass the gatekeepers test.

Those who fulfilled these conditions were the heroes that got to climb the Infinite Ladders.

But this is not the story about the chosen ones. It is about the Hero who failed to pass the gatekeeper’s tests.

What happened to the world if the Hero failed to save it? What happened to those who failed to become the chosen ones?

The fallen ones, where did they go?