Chapter 3 – Vivian

The next morning, Jay sat on the chair, reading an old book. It was a book on magic and told about how to cast the spells, but there was nothing on how to master magical energy.

It was something he already expected – it must be a knowledge that the magicians guarded with all their might.

Agnessa didn’t exactly have too much power, despite being the Duchess. Even though he was sure she’d make her move and try to kill him, but before that, she would try her best to make sure he wasn’t suspicious. Or all his demands were met to her best ability.

While he read, the town outside had started to bustle about.

The people were out on the road, ready for their everyday work. The miners had taken up their equipment, moving towards the hills in front of the town. The direction from where he and Agnessa came from was the forest – there were small hills and mountains in the opposite direction.

You had to cross them to reach the deeper area of the kingdom. These were the outskirts with only a few mining towns.

Paso Town was one of them, the closest to the criminal village.



“Come,” Jay said, closing the book. His eyes glanced towards the door – a young girl around his age stepped inside. She had blue hairs, blue eyes that were frightened even as she came. A smile appeared on Jay’s face – although he didn’t know how the magic worked in fallen worlds, he could feel it, the energy around the girl.

Well, there was also that teardrop face of hers, pink lips, and the vibrant, youthful vibe she was giving off. She was tall – around a hundred and seventy centimeters. Wearing a red-colored robe over a teal blue asymmetrical long dress.

She tightened her fist nervously, watching Jay’s eyes, closely watching her, seeing her squirm made Jay’s eyes narrowed in a smile. With a dress like that, he was expecting her to more mature.

Just as he stood up, the girl stumbled farther into the room. It was apparent she was pushed from behind. But she tightened her fist, even more, shivering.

Agnessa’s face popped up from behind her, “My Lord, this is Vivian – do you like her?”

Jay walked over near Vivian, even as he was a few inches away from her. He looked over at Agnessa’s grinning face, “Yeah, she’d do. Good Work.”

Agnessa clapped her hands, “thank you for the praise, My Lord. I am happy to be at your service.”

Agnessa left the room, closing the door behind her. But the smile on her face didn’t falter for a moment.

“Do you know why you are here?”

Vivian trembled, her blue eyes turning up to stare at him, “Yes, To Serve You, My Lord.”

Jay stared in her eyes, the defiant look that she wouldn’t lose herself no matter what. He walked back, taking up a book on magic, “teach me how to master magical energy.”

Vivian stared at him for a few moments, “what?”

Jay waved the book in his hand, “I want to become a magician – how do I do it?”

Vivian widened her eyes even more, “what?!!”

The first time Jay thought it was because she wasn’t expecting it. But the second time, he felt it might be something else.

“How did you become a magician?”

“I was born with magical powers, like all other magicians,” Vivian said, a little confused – this was supposed to be common sense.

“Oh, is that so,” Jay threw the book back on the table, sighing. If this was the rule this broken world followed, then the only system might help him get over it. But there was that Path has not been chosen thing.

As someone who had used the system before – he knew the system only reacted to actions, not words. Mostly.

He must have been lost in thought for a while. Because when he turned around, Vivian was sitting at the edge of the bed.

She stood up the moment he turned, even shifting to hide the few bed sheet. Trying to hide the fact that she sat down on the bed.

Jay sat down, taking the jug from the table, pouring some tea from himself and her, “Here, have some tea.”

Vivian was caught off guard again, “No need.”

“You will be here for a long time, have some. I need to ask you a few things you can’t keep standing up?”

Vivian hesitantly nodded, slowly moving to sit down on the chair in front of him. She held the cup with both her hands, taking a small sip, trying to taste for heat.

Finding it at the perfect heat, she chugged down the whole cup of tea in one go.

Jay refilled her cup after she slammed it down on the table.

“Thank you.”

Jay nodded, his eyes staring at her profile, “So, what is your story?”

Vivian shook her head, “it is nothing that would interest you, My Lord.”

Jay glanced at her before taking up a book that talked about knights and their training regimes.

He silently turned pages, reading at a steady rate. But even as he peacefully read, there was the sound of an impatient foot tapping.

Vivian rose up from her chair, “My Lord!”


“Is there something you’d like me to do?”

Jay stopped, looking up, “I already asked you, what is your story?”

Vivian bit her lips – her breasts heaved up and down before she finally couldn’t take the way he was gazing at her.

She shouted, “I WAS BORN WITH MAGICAL POWERS – MY REAL PARENTS SOLD ME AWAY TO A WITCH BECAUSE OF THAT. SHE RAISED ME…” She sat down on the chair, her voice also became lower, remembering something, “I and the others grew up like sisters. Mother was really kind to us – she taught us everything she knew.”

She paused, “A few months back, she was killed by an assassin. None of us were strong enough to protect the tower from the mercenaries. We were scattered – I had been hiding in a nearby small town, practicing magic, hoping to become more powerful. Hoping to help my sisters and take back our tower. Also, find out who killed our mother and take revenge. Not long after that, there were wanted posters of my sisters and me.”

She bit her lips, looking down, “But yesterday, the Knights came, they brought me here to that woman. She dressed me up and told me to serve you in the best way I can. In return, she wouldn’t hand me to the nobles who put out a reward on my sisters and me.”


“They were the ones that hired mercenary, the nobles of Palmer Territory. It was where Mother magic tower was. She didn’t have good relations with the Palmer Family. They must be the ones behind her death.” She had her clenched fist – even though her voice had slowly turned low and calm, Jay could feel the energy pulsing around her. It had started to cause a mini poltergeist.

Jay silently drank tea even after hearing her story, “Hmm.”

Vivian puffed her face, standing up – she stared down at Jay, “I just told you my life story!! And ‘Hmm’ is that all you have to say?”

Jay stood up, walking to her. She stepped back, waving her hands, “wait, sorry, okay? Hmm, is alright? Whatever you -” She widened her eyes when her lips were stolen by him. Her legs stumbled back, but soon her back was against the wall. She wanted to push him away, but he held her arm against the wall. Kissing her, taking her lips as if he owned them.

Jay watched her face, going red, her on hand trying to struggle against his chest, her legs squirming. But slowly, her struggles were dying down – she closed her eyes, not moving.

Jay untied her wrap dress the moment his arm touched her naked skin. She trembled – there was a red blush on her face as his hands roamed around her skin. She slowly started kissed back, her hands wrapped around his body, pulling him closer.

Jay pulled back, her face followed him, wanting to continue the kiss, “I thought she made a mistake…it seems she chose really well.”

“Ah…” Vivian embarrassedly wanted to say something, but Jay took her lips again. Her legs started rubbing against his legs – she finally climbed on him, her legs wrapped around his waist.

Jay pushed her hair back, kissing her neck, making Vivian moan. She raised her chin, her hand wrapped around his head, her lower body slowly started to grind against him.

Jay moved to hold her body in the air, putting her down the bed. His eyes swept across her body. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Agnessa made sure Vivian was effortlessly available.

Towering over her, he took off his t-shirt. Adjusting herself on the bed, Vivian held his head, pulling him closer – her other hand roamed over his abdomen, chest.

Kissing, she suddenly stopped, looking away, “I…never had it in me before.”

Jay gave her a single long kiss, his red eyes stared deep in her eyes, “let me take care of it.”